I think I'll write a silly dribble
Which you can read and maybe quibble
Pens of color write
Words on paper bright
Could be considered brilliant scribble
We are young
We love the idea that someone wants us
I told you last night I didn't want to be mean
You hold my hand I let you touch me
I'm trying to be kind
Because this would never work in real life
But the night is different from that isn't it?
My son is back from
holiday,  I'm so happy
The banter begins
My son conner as just come back from his 10 day holiday with his gf in Tenerife I've missed him lots , we share such silly fun banter ''tis so lovely makes my heart bloom and my laughter echo ever so loudly xxx
I saw a camel
But I didn't talk to it
It had the right hump
Silly one x
if you're in control of an addiction,
it's not really an addiction.
it's only an addiction,
if it controls you!
As colours fade from familiar halls
And graffiti messily takes its place
The gentle murmurs, now lost in walls
Chatter no more in empty space

I colour a new place as I leave
Of vibrant paint for heavenly dreams
To ride the memories that I weave
And hear voices at blissful streams
Freddie Ruiz Jun 5
This ain’t just a poem, it’s my every Friday with my homies.
Stuck in traffic that’s not flowing,
I’m just a guy with a hidden talent,
but this time around I’m gonna show it.
Kept it hidden since ’95 when I was 15,
but it’s 2006 and it’s Friday and this is how it’s gonna be.
So I call Liah and Minguez,
“Get ready, pick you up at 7:30”.
I tell Gina to come over
and Yippee not to be a party pooper.
Tonight we’re hitting the scene.
Whoever gets in our way there’s no escaping.
Who you are is irrelevant to us, ‘cause we’re the ones stealing the show.
We’re here to eat, drink and have fun, so let the haters drown in their own flow.
When we all get together the destruction is imminent.
Have a long Island if you’re feeling impotent.
I’m trying to make these lyrics flow like the waves.
When Minguez gets a few drinks, she speaks in languages.
Liah’s about to tear up that restroom, so leave for your own sake.
I feel pity for whoever goes after her, ‘cause their lives are at stake.
I see two over there that need to get a room so they can score
and Liah on the newspaper with her tongue out and on all four.
Can someone get the car? I think somebody’s drunk.
If she doesn’t shut up, we’ll just put her in the trunk.
We all ride in one car, how we do it? Don’t ask.
We’re leaving people, but like the Terminator, we’ll be back.
So good night cruel world, I’m about to hit the sack
and this was ladies and gentlemen another typical Friday night with the pack.
Written on July 12, 2006
Composition number: 242
Eat a plate of food
Heinz alphabet spaghetti  
Is full of knowledge
:-) :-)
Aa Harvey Jul 9
Young and famous

Yeah!  We’re young and we are famous!
We’ve got money and we can love and laugh.
Yeah!  We’re young and famous!
Everyone knows us and they all want our autograph.
Yeah! We’re young and we are famous!
We are super stars who hang out in the famous bars.
Yeah! We’re young and we are famous!
We are on the T.V. and we drive fast cars.

They all want us and they all want to be us.
We have so many friends and an endless amount of love.
Happy every day and no day is ever the same;
You wish you could have my life but I would never throw this away.

I guess it beats working for a living.
All my life on screen and we are winning!
Fame and fortune; surrounded by angels and stars.
We used to see celebrities on the magazines, now that is what we are.

We’re touring the States and every other place;
We are globetrotters; we are young and we are famous!  
They all know my name
And they all want my fame.
My face is everywhere; I have a stylist for my hair
And a fashion designer gives me clothes for free to wear.

We will live forever!  Under the spotlight.
We party hard from morning, straight through to the end of the night.
Yeah, we have made it and we’re getting paid to say things;
We love our lives and this dream will never end…
We are able to buy everything.

Who needs a normal job?
I’ve got the best one.
I’m young and I am famous!
I’m a movie star, a T.V. star, a rock ‘n’ roll star
And I am having so much fun!

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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