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Sassy 13h
When I don't know what to write my mind tends to take flight
I think about what surrounds me the birds and tress over done on repeat
All cliche no matter the display I draw a blank and that's how the page stays
So much has happened where do you start when you pick up a pen your brain has a ****
So here I am letting it out so the next page will be good no doubt
This is what happens when my mind wonders hope you enjoyed this and it helps you ponder...
At the art of nagging she will excel;
With her – heaven is earth and earth is hell.
Much in quantity, I venture to tell,
Is her absurdity – enough to sell.

Quick to censure, quick to chide,
As a teacher, than to guide;
A loud voice her single pride,
Both to condemn and deride.
I'm only having fun!
I said.
I'm dancing in the street.
Little bolts of lightning
Are charging up my feet.
Oh! But it's the morning?
Well, what is that to me?
What does it affect you
If I'm dancing until Three?
New experiences are all around,
And surprisingly, most are free.
I have the urge to feel them all
Before it's my time to flee.
I have the urge to make a mess
And let my wild be.
I just want to feel the movement
Of the swaying of the trees.
And I want to feel the rhythmic tides
Of the seven seas.
But all I have for now
Is a hazy yellow, red, and green
Above my head, now Four A.M.
Not a car that I can see,
But if one stopped,
I'd have to ask,
"Wouldn't you like to dance with me?"
We worry.
We wonder why.
We wake, we wait, we work
We worry.

We whine wuthering
Whispers, wavering, wasted,
Wishing while wishing
Wanting while wanting,
Wondering why.

We work well,
Well, we work,
While wizardly weaving
Wispy wavelengths,
Weedy wasps of
Wanton whimsy,
Wired well within.

We will warmongers
Without wonder
Who wreak
Widespread waste,
Welcome Wasteland,
Washing with war the
Wounded World.

We will war
War wills we
We wage war
With weird weapons.
We wrestle with will.

We wait whole
Weekdays, weekends. A
Ways away, the waning
Winter winds of men's
Wisdom's wavering.

Withering winks from
Wistful women,
Widening wingspans,
Wads of we, we,
Wandering westwards
Where suns wane,
Wait out wear of weather ,
Wondering why.

Warm waters will wash us,
We will wake up well.
Five seven five you know
Tells you secrets for real
Or a game may be
A little fun with haikus
Panda Nov 13
Sweat trickles down my nose
And onto my gasping lips
Begging for a gulp of air,
Begging for sweet relief
As my legs start to go numb
And my ears ring, head pounds
But I keep going and going...
Until I hear it cry out
“2 miles, Workout Complete”
Manan sheel Nov 12
I will do
these amazing
things, just for you...

I will go to the nearby garden
of my neighbour, and steal the juiciest
fruits, the tastes of which contain
the wondrous tales of the trees,
you will be so excited to listen to
the tale of the mother parrot, who tasted
every Guava, and took the bite only from
the sweetest part to share with her children.
This neighbour might come after me carrying
his stick, but any risk can be taken, for our fruity
moments of togetherness, when we will sit cuddled,
and munch on fruits making surpy-surpy sounds...

I will make an orchestra
consisting of singing bulbuls,
koyals, pigeons and sparrows,
and will not say no to any
bird or animal who wants to join in.
For example, crickets and monkeys,
can join in, and even happy wolves with
their hoo-hoos. We should not say no
to anyone, because although our orchestra
may not sound well, but everyone
should be happy, everyone has a heart
which must not be broken...

Then, there will also be a dancing DJ for
the Sur-Suri Dance of the snakes,
for the Halli Dance of the dogs,
(originated from Hallaq Kuttaq,
their great-grandfather),
also some monkeys will be allowed
to swing their hips, all for your entertainment,
Some hyenas may also do yip-yip-yip,
and cry and laugh, laugh and cry,
but you mustn't be afraid then,
for these hyenas are also pals...

for you see for this day everyone
is our friend, the whole universe
is our friend, love flows like a waterfall,
for we are in love...

© Manan sheel.
If he was with the Queen,
he would be her majestic Cleveland Bay.
But he was with me and
just as regal.

Knowing where to go,
speeding through the meadows in a flow,
judging when to stop with a whoa,
appearing to satisfy my ego,
jumping around the ponds and puddles to forego,
there was no turning or needing to go slow.

I didn’t have to tell him,
he didn’t have to ask me,
I wasn’t heavy for him,
He had a lightness around him.

He wandered,
pondered and
He just did.

Riding for a lifetime,
bonding for a good time,
just know it’s not summertime,
Cos my whitehorse
will be here in no time.

Come, run with me!
A Harris Nov 12
A hand on your face
Lips wet to the touch
Smudging you with kisses
I love you so much..
Short but fun, outside of my spectrum of writing! Feel free to add on! Love to collab!
Renee Danes Nov 8
While waiting
For the time to pass
Waiting for a time
With mine craft skills
Then arcade games

Just around the corner :)
I am going to Craigs cruisers tonight, and me and my bf are going to be playing a lot of mine craft before we go, fun Friday yyyeeeeeeeee!!!!
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