Mr Uku 1h

Today I went out for a walk,
I went all round the park.
I went out in the daytime
Cos I hates it when it’s dark.
I saw a lot of walking dogs
And trees and birds as well.
I even saw a heron
Eat a whole crab in its shell.
The park has lots of spaces
Where you can have a run.
Or benches where us fat arse types
Sit down to eat a bun.
So go and have an explore
of your local friendly park.
I’m sure that you will love it.
Go out and have a lark.

Parks are ace! If you have a park, go and use it before someone decides to charge entry. And for feck's sake, look after the damn thing!

Just cross the road,
At number twenty four
Lives this single man,
Who has me troubled for sure?

The other day,
As he climbed out of his car
He dropped what looked like,
A sample jar.
Haven’t quite worked out,
What he does for a living,
Possibly something in that pot,
He could be giving,

I said Sam,
What’s that?
There on the floor,
it just fell out,
From under,
Your door.

He said,
I get forty quid,
For giving a sample,
Providing in this pot,
That there is ample,

A sample!
I said!
Sam said guess.

Bodily fluids?
Sam replied yes,
Just doing my bit to support fellow man,
So that’s why I called him Sperm Donor Sam

Strange some people,
But it just goes to show!

Hard to believe you get!
Forty quid a go!


when it came to the tags had me stumped
Lori 1d

i used to have cravings for you,
6:30am in the market, i purchase you
500 riels a piece, the seller smiles
with a tip and the chip on her teeth.

i used to slice you up and savor you,
i managed to keep you for days in the
fridge, swimming in water to keep fresh
as if I knew our moments won't last.

i used to heat up the pan for you
just right and prep it with oil for your
comfort, i pop you in till you get
crisp brown then i add some salt.

i used to let the oil absorb the heat
for you as you lay ready for a dash
of powdered chili, you are finally ready
for my mouth to discover.

i used to eat so much of you, i couldn't
stop, i watched you from a far, i desired
your company because of the taste for
life you give me though its fried and spicy.

i've stopped having cravings for you
i used to cry because i couldn't have you
you choose another to stick you into their
tongue, i moved on, now you taste like bile.

replaced, i flair in the taste of spicy tuna.

taste prompt. tried to input some dramatic things i want to say to a person. I don't know if it worked.

Warning signs when the eyes,
Don’t seem what they were,
Maybe trying to read,
Yet most words look like a blur?
So off to Opticians,
For an optical test,
Basically just going
To put your mind at rest,

Off to get those blighters,
Finally checked out,
But also to take away,
All that self doubt,

On the wall a load of letters,
Which they politely ask you to read,
Stumbling through the second line,
Quite clear its glasses you need,

When you can’t tell the difference,
Between a P and a Q,
And is that a C or a D,
Or could it be a U,

So it’s now established,
That you now need glasses,
Time to get some advice,
From those ever helpful lasses,
Try these frames on love;
Let’s see what they are like,
What do you think?
Do they feel alright?
Not too sure,
Try these,
Are they any better?
All this because,
You couldn’t see that letter,

Then they say those words,
You never expect them to say,
Have a look in the mirror love;
Do they look OK?

I have no heartbeat,no eyes or brain.
All metabolic activity had ceased long ago.
So how am I writing this?
Simple:I'm a work of fiction,
a lie in lines if you will.
So, such a feat is easy for me.

One more sunset;
what does it matter?
There n' gone,
unborn reborn.
Over and over.
Without a lick of sense,
or the luck of a four leaf clover.

I love the voices
the cheer
the madness
the love
the rage
the rush
There is nothing quite like being cheered for.
Like when me and my band play their favorite song.
And I soak it up.
The ultimate cure to depression?
Join a band
and Scream

To my band: Bleeding Diamonds
Babe Apr 20

The best kinds of kisses are the ones that you don't think about.
The ones that take a look into your eyes to get the mood right.
The ones that cut off your thoughts, your words, your mind
But don't make you stress about doing it right.

I was never much of a kisser,
No one wanted to kiss me like that.
That is until I just bit the bullet and took matters into my own hands.
I just did it, for once.
And, for once, that was enough.

It was just a little kiss.
I'm sure it lasted a second.
You told me your name and shook my hand and said 'I think you deserve a kiss for that'
After duetting with you on karaoke.
How millennial!
How divine!
I just looked up at you and it happened just like in the movies
And I pulled away because I had to leave.
You kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye to me.
But I wish I could kiss you again.

When you fall in lust on a night out.
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