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The last time
I was having fun,
I was not sober enough
to know what I did.
I'm here
No knock, knock
Just a text
Come on in
Up the Stairs
Get comfortable
on the bed

Hey, by the way,
"What's your name?"
"Want a drink?"
“Come here”
Tongues meet
The radio playing
Today's hits

Pull em down low
Play hard
Think fun
Time’s up
Back on
Down the stairs
And out the door
Twisting the cap off that first beer;
Always the best but made so much better by
Sounds of Purple Rain,
And those you hold most dear
Talking about
Music and food and
Times in their youth.
The crickets cheer as we
Reminisce in the 'here
And now'-
Relaxed smiles
Clear the skies as
Night falls, whilst
Stars appear;
Lightly dappled on the ground.
A poem about my favourite place in the world
My daughter joined a
slimming club , then she came home
with chicken and chips

The joys of a diet lol bless my lovely daughter she made me laugh. ** <3
How many colours fit in your hand?
Is this a question you'd understand?
How many palm trees obey your command?
Unless you are dreaming, I'd dare to say none.

How can a word go swimming in land?
That makes less sense than a musicless band.
Lightly drawn bridges, which taste naught but bland.
Don't trust your own words, unless they are fun.

A desert will bake you with deafening sand,
As much as a cloud will make you less tanned.
That's more than a cockroach could ever withstand.
The words on your tongue would melt in the sun.
Arke 5d
your discomfort is my greatest pleasure
I smirk when you shiver
shift uncomfortably just a sliver
don't worry honey, I'm a giver

your silence is my favourite sound
I giggle when I catch you off guard
or plant quiet kisses on your lips, hard
you look at me with eyes starred

your pain is my happiest feeling
I am warmed when I give you an ache
and I can feel you underneath me, quake
it's my thirst you always slake

and honey, you're a giver
this morning I drove to get my lot
the antique fair and love what I got
great day for a fair
one thing I must share
ten thousand people and one porta ***
Put this in poetry for me

Play me a beautiful tune

Plant a seed in the ground

Expand our world - create something new

Turn on all the lights and make a magikal feeling of lightness

Describe how the world tastes and feels

Let's dive into the ocean of forever

And never let go!!!

Rewrite the books on how to

Create something that lasts longer than now

Fix the broken pieces

All this is ours to feel, to breathe, to do.

See the meaning behind the spaces

Render me speechless

Drive me, float me there

I want it all - nothing less
When you really want to embrace everything there is to learn on this wonderful planet with someone you really care about - be it a lover, parent, friend, pet.
Fire fire fire fire
I have to reach higher
Can't stand still any longer

My heart cries out to leave
Can't keep my cards under my sleeve
My dreams can't fulfill themselves
It's time to be myself

No more depression
No more anger
No more resentment
No more hate

Nothing but fire
Fire so hot
You can feel it through my words
Fire so hot
You can feel it through my thoughts
Fire so hot
You can feel it through your seat
Fire so hot
Turns cool a/c too 100 degrees
Fire so hot
It burns through pain
Fire so hot
It cuts through sorrows
Fire so hot
It rushes to tomorrow
Can I get a super tab of acid liquid at some psychedelic doses
And we can crush our noses snorting osteoporosis
Time to process psychosis
I don't know if you know this or you've noticed
But I'm certainly not the oldest or the wisest
But the surprise is that the thing that made me write this was that little bit of happiness that lives inside us
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