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He builds you a cage
making the walls out of honey and dew to lure you inside  
Putting in windows only to then glue them shut
He shouts “you can leave whenever you **** well please.”
Relishes in punishing you with black magic-
that leaves you dizzy for days whenever you try
Wilts the flowers you grow for company
Convincing you it’s your fault they always die to begin with
“If you would just be good maybe I wouldn’t have to do this.”
laces you up with ribbons and spider silk
Reworks you until you are docile just in his image
He’s a dead ***** necromancer and you're the best of both his worlds
always on the cusp of being half alive
He takes to placing bouquets of your dead flowers on the windowsill
his voice renaming and whispering spells to them
He does this every time he visits you
until they are gleaming once again
Eventually you see this act for the warning it is
Sitting pretty and doe eyed
You now only shimmer and shine if it means he will let you stay

- You’ll learn one day that this is not  happiness
I am afraid of punctuation
very sorry
selina 2d
laughs carried down by an ocean breeze
we spin beach umbrellas like strip poles
as the world spins beneath our feet
your smile is contagious, and i know

i have the worst tanline in a history of tanlines
but this is the best time i've had in a long time
good summer vibes :)

My Love
Your dreams are all made of war-
forged straight from your heart
You claim iron does not bend-
Only darling
I see you choking on the sulphur
Why do you give yourself to something so hateful?

My shining light
My dreams are all made of war-
forged straight from my soul
And it’s far easier to swing swords
never second guessing-
whose on the other end of the blade
If everyone is the enemy
then who do you have to mourn-
When you're standing alone on a killing field of your own making  
Dear heart
How could I not give it everything I have?
Zoe Mae 4d
Aphrodite broke my mirror
then she stole my lipstick
So if you happen to see her
tell her to just keep it
I got a secret room in the ceiling
where she sleeps sometimes
when the shelter is reeling
I don't mind it once in awhile
But I don't want a goddess around all the time
Yeah, Aphrodite broke my mirror
Tell her I'm sorry if you see her
My mirror could not withstand her beauty. Have fun.
Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the most non-human trafficked animal for my keratin hair.

In the west Philippines, born and raised
In the burrows of hollow trees is where I spent most of my days,
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all young
Eatin' some bugs with my elongated tongue.

When a couple of guys who were up to no good
Started poachin' everythin' in my neighborhood.
My homie got hunted, but my mom made it through
She said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in the zoo.'

I whistled for a conservationist and when they came near
Their license plate said “IUCN” and they had brothers in the rear.
If anything I could say they should drive me too,
So I hopped in the back - 'Yo, homes to the zoo.'

                       up to a building about seven or eight
And I yelled to my savior 'Yo homes, smell ya late'
I looked at my kingdom,
Where the poachers couldn’t get to,
As I sat in my enclosure as the Pangolin of the zoo.
Fresh Prince theme but It's a pangolin.  Pretty self-explanatory, I think.
Balance, moderation, discipline,
all necessities for a healthy life,
but from time to time,
it's fun to exceed limits,
give in to new sensations,
as long as you know where to draw the line.
Kassan Jahmal Jul 14
If life is a movie,
I never got the picture.
And if it's a game,
I'm not the one pitching.
Don't know what's cooking in life,
I burnt down the kitchen.
What if you couldn't find yourself,
because your self worth was missing?

Ask yourself, what's my position,
when I fall off with friends, was I the one tripping?
You swear everything is impossible,
till you complete the mission.
Swear you follow your own vision,
with your eyes stuck on a television.
Swear you don't start with people on the
daily. But you got the keys to the ignition.

I think I'm running out of rhymes that my pen has written.
I'm not really rapping, but I do believe I'm spitting.

I couldn't help penning like this, it was so hard resisting.
Take a thought out on a piece of paper of what I'm thinking.
A touch of my lip and tongue, in between words on paper. I may be kissing.

I know it's written words,
but I do hope you're listening.

This structured rhyme was fun to me,
as it was being written.
And if it pleases your eyes, I hope you enjoyed the reading.

And for this night, I'm done. I best be sleeping.
Thought I'd have a little fun tonight.
Greet with love the morning sun
It shines for you and everyone
Rise in strength for work and fun
Arise and start to get things done

Get it done
While having fun
With everyone
In the morning sun

Don’t let your daily goals await
While sunshine sees you sleeping late
You’ll not reach prosperity’s gate
But dreams pass by, for lesser fate

Claim your fate
Prosperity’s gate
You’ll not be late
When your dreams await

Imagine energy passing through
Your body now, and strength renew
The morning sun holds power for you
Success in everything you do

You can do
What’s here for you
When you daily renew
As the sun shines through
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I love the morning sun, and I'm always aware of when it first shines in our yard.  I go out to greet it.  We live near some high mountains to the East of us, so it's light for a couple hours before the actual sun rays shine on our house.  

The morning sun actually helps "condition" your skin so that you are less likely to sunburn later in the day.  The morning sun rays are special in a lot of ways - scientifically.  However, this poem is mostly about the mental and spiritual benefits of arising early to greet the morning sun.
Michael H Jul 8
The problem is I start things,
But never seem to finish.
As soon as I put pen to paper
words start to deminish.
Motivation nor determination
never seem to lend
me the gumption or the grit
to ever reach...
Zoe Mae Jul 4
This poem starts with A
The name of it is A
I thought of trying B
But that's second place you see
And never mind C D E F or G
H had a decent ring to it
I seemed self-indulged a bit
J well I thought someone might think this was a joke
K...this letter never had much hope
L reminds me too much of loss
And M reminds me of my boss
N sounded negative, and so unlike me
O screams optimism, which is for idiots you see
I've had two boyfriends named Paul, so P was surely out
Q's always been useless and R never had a viable route
S is for ****, like most of what I write
T reminds me of a cross, which seems so freaking trite
U stands for useless, which this poem certainly is
And V stands for violence, I heard somewhere it's his
There's plenty of Why's so W was my second choice
And X I realize never found its true voice
Y stands for you, which is never why I write
And Z seemed to sound good, but only at night
So that brings me back to the letter A, that was a lot of fun
No seriously I enjoyed that...thank you everyone ( all two of you)
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