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I dance in the fire
And never burn.
The flames
Roll off my skin.

Like in a dark room
He sees me.
Spinning like a ball of fire.

His breath, shallow.
His shirt, wet.
His eyes, red, with my image.

He stands and walks
Round flames.

But as he leans in for a kiss
He catches fire
And goes
From black to ash

I laugh
As I watch
The wind carry his ashes
Because, I never burn.
Rob 3d
I am now an Honorary Fellow of a college somewhere,
But nobody tells me what I am to do! ******!
Best that I swan about, quietly munching on a pear,
Hang on! already do that, not giving a ****!

Too many pears, however, give me colic,
I double up in pain, that lasts all morning,
And bang goes my next naked frolic!
Perhaps swanning about needs a health warning?

No! what I lack is money, and possibly a purpose in life,
For sale! a barely used yak herder’s tent,
Mmm lovely! but not really me, better find a rich wife!
Then give up pears! and swan about, so smug and content.
Sometimes I torture myself finding the right word or rhyme. The opposite with this.  A news item piqued my interest and I fired this straight off. Have not changed a word. Perhaps some will argue that I should! But such a relief to get something down on paper without too much stress or agony.
300 nights I’ve been here a-pacin’,
I’ve got clothes, all shiny and new!
This whole year, my time’s been a-wastin',
someday this endless virus will be through.

On the news, they say there’s a serum,
soon I’ll have to take one or two.
Crowded clubs, where music’s a-playin’,
I bet I can get into one or two.

There are boys, out there just for kissin',
and someday, I’ll kiss one or two.
I’ll find out, just what I’ve been missin',
I’ll bet I won’t get home 'til one or two.

There are guys, of nineteen or twenty,
and they know, just what to do.
Shiny toys, just waitin’ for choosin’,
maybe I’ll pick one... or two!
*ok, funny note. I post my poems on several websites and on Quora, several of my readers lobbied me to change the last line of this poem - to follow the "one or two" theme. So, in a way, the last line is "crowd sourced" - and I must say also much improved  =]
Thanks to those guys!
*tapping lacquered finger nails impatiently on the table*
M C 3d
I want to retreat from the reality I created.
Hide in an old, faded memory.
Out of all the worn, stuffed animals that surround me
my truest friends are the ones that can found me.
Burning bright
Tears shining
From within

What have you done?
Picking up fun,
Enjoy your laughter.

Oh dearest
Why would you attack me?
Enjoying your sorrows?
You're probably not wrong.
© All rights Reserved Theodora Oniceanu
Iyallo 5d
Spinning around the world,
living life on the top,
making me high like a spinning top
discovering a dreamworld.

The love that remains,
are the lost ruins,
of a shelter once called home,
a refugee camp? No more of a gnome

To the top of my abilities,
I fly exploring the universalities
of places far away from the single
and individual angle.
you were just having fun,
within a day your feelings were undone,
happiness is a warm gun.
How does it feel 'killing' your feelings every night?
Is it almost the same as avoiding get in too deep all the time?
Do the residual feelings influence you anymore?
Anais Vionet Nov 26
Happiness isn’t forbidden, so reach for it.
Look for missing love, or sip the wine of love.
If love demands, pay the price and rejoice, delight,
enjoy - this holiday, put your heart into it.
Reach out and Zoom with friends far away from home.
Have a happy turkey day, let nothing take your joy away.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Sabika H Nov 24
One step - two stepping me,
Swirling around me in a spiral,
And I twirl,
And orbit in a cycle,
Gaining momentum,
I shine bright
As I try to catch up to your speed
And you run me down!
When did you become so sinister?

Never fixed in a fixture,
Never got the whole picture,
Because you're constantly on the move.
So move!
Are you getting into the groove?

Don't hold your breath
In fear that you'll never breathe again
When the difference between
Reality and a projection
Is the ink in the pen and
The lines in a book
And even then,
You cannot catch up to the speed of his

Finished before you even started,
Cycle after cycle
I am reminded.
mjad Nov 21
Oh what I would pay
For a flashback video of every happy day
Before it all went away
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