They're super annoying,
But you love them still.
No matter how much you hate them,
You'll always do anything for them.

THEY YELL! At the top of their lungs.
You can never have parties with them around.
Never hang out with your friends alone.
But still if you look at those days you'll realize
how much more fun everything was
when they were around.

Sometimes I feel better with them around
even when I am mad at them.
And I would hate it if
I never had enough loudness to fill the quiet house.

Their called sisters.
When I feel down they always lift me up.
So I am thankful for my sisters.
Even thought I don' show it.

Doing a moony
in night sky , I think god is
in a cheeky mood

Fun one :)

recycling bag
rustles in bellowing wind
ready for a change

Inspired by recycling bag and breezy winds x

And it’s coming.
It’s going to come around.
The night is getting shorter
and our attentions' getting narrower.
The moon is getting brighter.
The eastern’s presence is getting closer.

And we’ll search and search
in cup of gold seas.
And we’ll search and search
in camel sand dunes;
in moments all alone
with aplomb, long gone
Ancient crews.

Then the coming
Glaring sunrise.
They’ll see us and hate us.
But mostly they’ll have
unwavering awe, respect, and fear of us.

Loving all the space
The moon highly recommends
To go IKEA

IKEA is a big furniture store that caters for saving space , just my sense of humour being silly and dipsey but hey it was fun to imagine and write :)

I baked a jacket
potato but the jacket
was to small for me

I need to bake a lot more potatoes for jacket to fit me :) silly fun one xx inspired silliness from cooking jacket potatoes for dinner x
Tricia 7d

Know this- I do-
Not everyone will like you.

And why should you care
for there is beauty in the rare.

Enjoy it- love it.
For you divine misfit,
Is just what the world is questing for.

Tricia 7d

With pesto and chocolate breathe I lay
Topless contemplating today.

14 de Juliet.

Why am I not thinking about this moment,
this second, this sensation, this exploration?

The feeling of the carpet on my naked skin,
the feeling of my silk undies of sin.
The wetness of my vulva as I lay against the earth
Tightening loosening faster faster I need some girth.

Aren't we created to pulsate, ruminate, procreate?
Then why does this feel so wrong?
After all its only natural to want to love yourself
please yourself feel yourself to get along.

Yes I'm turned-on turned on by the thought of the act of the motion of the ocean of the reality that I could get off.
But frightened when it's all done and even fun.
A fear to release, let go, lose control and roll.

no, It's about me it's about you.
Loving you and getting you to cum a rum dum dum.
For so long you don't know how or why but you just knew you almost died.
in a good way
Rub me
touch me
lick me
stick me
Just be gentle,
Just be free.

Arcassin B Jul 14

By Arcassin Burnham

This is that all of a sudden my grandpa got diabetes
That Chemo can fight all types of cancers type of
I love you but i think i need space for some time
I want my virginity taken like everybody in my class
I'm gonna  complain and complain to anger my husband even more
she told me I had to be big down there to please her good
At the end of the day you think I'm your friend, on some back stabbing
I don't know why people listen to television
this that eat everything in the fridge and leave everybody nothing
What are you gonna do shit,
the world ain't what it seems and just you blind bullshit,
I rather raise money to move to another country and get a passport


In all honesty.
I think what I truly desired was to be put on a plate.
And be devoured piece by piece.
My attention, all my free time.
Everything that no one else could see.
With knife and fork.
T be taken apart and devoured tastefully.
With nothing left except the juice of where I laid.
The tough parts that take time to cut,
Revealed in an instant.
To be desired in mutual attraction, a certain craving.
Covered in salt, pepper, a slice of butter.
All of my interests, my habits.
The anticipation of being sizzled and flipped on a cast iron skillet.
Served fresh on a plate.
A baked potato on the side to bring out the taste.
In all honesty.
I think I'll have a steak

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