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she will crash the party
and leave in haste
she will bring riches
and bleed you dry
she will take one form 
and depart in another 
she is lady luck 
and she will keep you alive today
but extinguish your life tomorrow
Yes, I'm 65, now elderly,
That's the term, officially,
One day, shopped locally,
Bought a lotto, luckily?
Someone wins tonight, says she,
Dear God, why can't it be me?
Yes, yes, this lotto is lucky,
Wait for the draw, breathlessly,
Anticipate now I am elderly,
Old folk can be winners too, says she,
This is going to be my lucky night,
If I win, I can sort the bill for the light,
Getting old is not for hissy fits,
Come on, lotto, let's have a bit!
Feedback welcome.
If you are
Lucky enough

The wondering soul
Will find

To live by
Genre: Romantic
Theme: When everything matters
Ainnoot Sep 19
I walked alone one spring,
It was a cold March.
How lucky does that make me knowing
April was on the way?
Another year to you, but May I say that the month of June knows why the way July came about wasn’t such a surprise after August came to life.
So yes, “Wake me up when September ends” because when we don’t want the blues we take anyone else’s Green Day.
We don’t know what we want ‘til it’s over.
We do it to ourselves.
Ask yourself.
If three’s a crowd, why do we always seek the four leaf clover?
liv bennet Sep 15
only the luckiest of lovers
with their painted lips
and golden eyes.

the rest of us will
fall apart,
with our hateful words
and broken hearts.
original poetry written in august of 2019
izzn Aug 10
Will this misery end,
like a four-leaf clover?

Will I get
my replenishment,
for all the times
I've been a loner?

Will there be green grass,
when I'm finally
become sober?

Will this storm pass,
or will it
remain forever?
There's no storm in this world that won't last.
Mine will, yours will,
even when the odds
are against our own will.
So, chin up,
and have faith,
'cause this storm,
it lasts,
it will pass.
(ps: my state had been struck with really bad and disastrous storm lately due to Typhoon Lekima, keep us in your prayers, thx)
wc Jul 29
you are my whole world
yet i cannot describe you
the way i know best

you make me feel whole
why you make me feel that way,
i struggle to say

i'm so lucky to
have someone like you, but still
i can't explain why
i've never been able to describe my love for my significant other, i thought these haikus could express my struggles.
Carl D'Souza Jul 28
Is luck
Destiny bringing situations
which provide opportunities
for achieving
joy and happiness?
Äŧül Jul 27
All this cuteness,
I don't really deserve.
All this fondness,
I didn't ever reserve.
All this naughtiness,
I happily observe.
All this womanliness,
I watch with all the nerve.
But all this happiness,
I shall always preserve.
My HP Poem #1753
©Atul Kaushal
Shiloh Grey Jul 23
You are the
First and last
thought of mine
When I enter and leave
this realm of time
Hoping my dream comes to life
To how it appears within my mind
You and I
within a lucid thought
that continues to fast forward and rewind
Re-playing the highs and lows
Where eventually we find that our home
Is being at each other's side
We pause
Look at each other direct
To reflect
On the time spent as we
All the events that made us believe
That true love was actually something
That could be achieved
When two individuals have
A true understanding
one another
Never in wonder
Just in awe
That we're lucky enough to have created such a bond
This is my first poem, that I am publishing. Let me know what you think. -S.G.
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