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Jeremy Betts Jun 1
I try to show 'em how it's done, no one's there to hold my beer
I wonder why I really care
I know it's never gonna matter
I would bet money I don't have on the fact it'll never get better
So I never concern myself with later
After the first couple pages flipped through a calendar
You'll never find me there
Most I know will cheer
Saying, "I told you so dear"
Now everyone's a future seer
Go figure

Jeremy Betts May 31
0kay fiπe,
I'm an @sshole 0ut§ide®,
¥ou are...what ¥ou are,
Life's a j@g0ff
And £veryone §u¢ks
F0r one r£asoπ
0r anothe®
That §hould just @bout c0ver !t

Jeremy Betts May 5
Oh, you hate me?
Well don't worry
Cause see, I also hate me
More than you could ever hate me
Trust me
The line starts back there at mile marker three

"So, why do you hate you?"
Seemed like the popular thing to do
I mean, what was I supposed do, just stew?
When everyone hates you
The problem is probably you
And it's just easier to go with the crowd
Who knew?

Zack Ripley Apr 21
Everyone's been hurt.
Everyone's hurt someone.
Everyone's been angry.
Everyone's been scared.
Everyone's cried.
In that way, we have more in common
Than we'd like to admit sometimes.
But at the end of the day, none of that matters. What matters Is what happens after.
Jeremy Betts Apr 17
Everyone thinks,
"It'll get easier when I get older"
Then you get older
And you find no one's there,
No one to share,
No one to say,
I stay because I care"
"Let's get through this together"
Making it harder than ever before
Not wanting to remember
Not even a single chapter
Though at one point,
When I was younger,
I think I use to matter
I don't know why
But those are always the memories that shatter

A cake shared with everybody
Except me

Everyone anticipating slices

So no wishes

No blowing out tiny fires in vain

No spitty frosting
Little traces of yourself embedded deep into the pits of other's stomachs

Instead tie a balloon to wrist

Showing age in slow shuffling

Open ribbon
Unwrap the gift I painstakingly chose for you this year-
When someone else has their cake, eats it, and then proceeds to eat your slice as well.
It's always for a good cause, until you see the massive hole in the middle of the floor no one can see.

And it's going to **** in everyone you know, but you don't want to say because you caused it.

You don't want them to worry because how else do you enjoy life.

You don't want to die, you just want to stop existing. It's not good but what is a better way than this.

Close your eyes, wade into the hole absorbing the room and everyone and everything you know. We all have our time to go.

It won't be too long.
LC Apr 2022
their fingers twist around strings
that are tethered to firm balloons.
whenever we see them,
they fly above everyone else,
their taunts trailing behind them.
but when their balloons deflate,
they crash into the rocky earth,
and their taunts are buried.
air always escapes.
Escapril Day 19! Prompt: vanity.
To be honest, this prompt stumped me for a while, and this is what I came up with. Thank you all for reading :)
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