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Melody Mann May 24
They come in a myriad of sizes,
Their skin ranges beyond the rainbow of complexions,
With hair graciously flowing amid an array of textures,
They are beautiful as they are,
For who they are,
& what they represent.
Maria Mitea May 13
Heavenly goodness,
I come to you like a fanatical believer
thirsty for confession in prayer,
I come to touch you with God”s words;
- my heart burns like an unquenchable fire,
light from light,
feel the trembling of the burning fire,
- from shore to shore I will be your horizont
wearing a candlestick with a hundred arms,
- when the nights sleep one in each other,
come to me, - comfort the heavenly vault,
let your hungry eyes feed on the ******* devoted to white milk,
- blade of grass,
that trembles at the first breeze, - dream born at the window,
-untamed goodness,
feel my breath,
let me be your healing chrism,
throw your arrey on me,
- come,
I will caress you in the valley of the thigh,
as a skilled architect mark my skin with kisses,
play with my holy adornments, - overindulge,
mix me with your blood,
with your holy good wake me up from the deep sleep,
conquer my hips as they swim in the trembling of temptation,
life”s ocean, -  drink and  open the gates of heaven
unleash in the fainting circles,
- healing power,
anoint me with chrism,

The Man of the Woman of God
you are the healer of the seed.
Love is the true power of healing Everyone!
Aaina khan Mar 9
That moment in life,
When you feel like, You are losing everything.
And all you can do is,
Just Stand there and watch.
Claire Jan 29
what's wrong with everyone?
cutting others down
doesn't bring you up.
does it put food on your plate
to see others decline?
do you have that much time
to waste thinking of others?

Keep your thoughts to yourself.

what's wrong with you?
spitting on your face.
why are you trying so hard
when they don't care about you?
you're already beautiful:
you don't see that.
but you see it so easily in others.

For once, put yourself first.
Betty Jan 27
Paradise is a free flying bird
with feathers to trim a hat
made especially for you
Zack Ripley Jan 14
Everyone is someone
In some way, shape, or form.
And everyone has been through hell
Or survived a storm.
Some made it out better than others.
Some didn't make it out at all.
Some were thanked for their bravery
By immortalizing their names on walls
But even if their names
Aren't on display for the world to see,
Everyone has someone
live in their hearts.
Even you and me.
Gidgette Nov 2020
I slept for just a bit. As I tend to do. Where are all the great poets I knew and loved. Where is Wordvango? Where is Jennie? Where is Mr WCA?
Lucid Nov 2020
I am two parts. One part is still a child. She is immature and lazy. She knows only to do, never to think. She never got to grow up. The other part grew up too fast. She is strict and wise. All she does is think and think and think. She never got to be a child.

Why does my husband only love me when it doesn’t interfere with his career?

Why does my mom only love me when people are watching?

I keep having this nightmare where I talk to people, but no one hears me because I’ve lost my voice. I’ll scream at them and they won’t even spare me a glance. You know, it’s crazy because it happens sometimes when I’m awake, too.

My dad is dying. I want to go to sleep.

My brother is dying. I would gladly take his place.

Caught somewhere between “I don’t need anyone” and “please come back to me."

He started hiding the liquor in the house. I don’t know whether to hug him or hit him.

I often think about my life. I’ve worked so hard to build a happy, healthy routine for myself - something safe. But I don’t feel safe. I feel like I can’t ******* breathe.

Why does 3 AM come and go so quickly?

Last year I cracked and gave my mom the link to my poetry page in hopes that maybe she'd start to see and feel things the way I do. The other day, I asked if she had kept up with it. She said she didn't know what I was talking about.

The holidays are upon us and I cannot go home. I cannot face it.

My youngest sister is getting baptized on Sunday. She wants me to be there for her. I would rather bleed myself dry than go…but I will go. This is what I do.

My writing is **** recently.

My therapist tells me to imagine that I'm in a room. I'm safe and no one can hurt me. No one is around, I am alone. Nothing can touch me. I feel nothing. I open my eyes but I'm still in that room. I'm still in that ******* room.

I was 4 years old. FOUR YEARS OLD. And it took years for me to realize my childhood had ended when I was just 4 years old.
idk why I keep posting here like it ******* matters. nothing matters
George Krokos Nov 2020
There’s something for everyone here in this world of ours
and all that anyone really has to do is to put in the hours.
So as to get whatever they may desire or perhaps wish to be;
it’s the same for those who in their efforts try to become free.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
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