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LC Apr 20
their fingers twist around strings
that are tethered to firm balloons.
whenever we see them,
they fly above everyone else,
their taunts trailing behind them.
but when their balloons deflate,
they crash into the rocky earth,
and their taunts are buried.
air always escapes.
Escapril Day 19! Prompt: vanity.
To be honest, this prompt stumped me for a while, and this is what I came up with. Thank you all for reading :)
dailythoughts Oct 2021
who wouldn't do whatever it takes to be fine
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2021
Protecting heart with armor of steel
Advances don't break through
Is safer not being able to feel
Than risk allowing to be hurt by you

Yes I enjoy time we spend
(At least I like it so far)
Part of me is genuinely scared when
It is because I don't know who you are

And even with best intentions
Odds are we will not last
I may have captured your attention
Things can change so fast

Growing smarter the older I get
Scars teaching lessons to keep
I view everyone as a potential threat
Refusing to wade deep
I don't want to get over my head again
onyx Aug 2021
i wish you would share a piece of your soul with me
and i wish you would let me share a piece of my soul with you

i wish you knew that ive never wanted to give my soul to anyone
but i want you to know my soul better than everyone
Raven Feels Aug 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, find peace but don't forget your journey to that---old draft :-:

being no one is embarrassing
everyone becomes null in everything
put the mean
in a meaning to steam
but nothingness is a two edged sword
when levitating a meaningless world

adopting the faces into my timeline for glasses to erupt in aware
speak for themselves my thoughts of clears and fair
notice my dares and hesitates
when it comes to the memories of them fades and unfades
want the roses to bloom
for the awake of the kills and dooms

take a breath
shake life's hand against death
tongues speak
although aimless word disguise is chic
an invisible devotion
about surviving chaotic commotion

                                                      ­                                  -----ravenfeels
Snipes Jul 2021
Prisons won’t last forever
Death is something everyone meets
Prisons won’t last forever
The past is something everyone leaves
Alexa Genesis Jun 2021
anyone can lose
anyone an lose their hope
anyone can lose their faith
anyone can lose their inspirations
to create that you inspired

everybody can lose their self by
locking the door and not letting
anyone to come in.
everybody has a choice in their life.
when no body is looking and your back
to yourself you still the person who lock
the door and hate the sun to rise.

no body knows the behind story of everyone scars.
                     except you and yourself.

anyone can lose their self.
everybody has a choice.
everyone can lose their
keep the door open and let the sun rise
Yousra Amatullah Jun 2021
Today I am art
Organised from top to bottom
Grew out of a seed
Like a dandelion
Unable to keep for myself
Charitably organised
Carefully timed
Strongly rooted

For when my tongue turns into fertile soil
My words will balance life's circle
My thoughts will be rained upon
Feeding seeds of a language
Many are blind to hear
Yet recognised by whole of history
For you to endlessly pluck and blow
Spreading all of today's art
Melody Mann May 2021
They come in a myriad of sizes,
Their skin ranges beyond the rainbow of complexions,
With hair graciously flowing amid an array of textures,
They are beautiful as they are,
For who they are,
& what they represent.
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