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Amanda Sep 6
I wish for things to get better
But wishes don't come true
Birthday candles
Shooting stars
I've tried them all

Upon a friend I wished one day that they would never leave
Yet I look around me presently and that friend is nowhere to be found

If only to escape my disappointment I have boycotted wishing altogether

I do not put faith in people
Or objects anymore

Instead if wanting something
I go out there and make it happen myself
I used to wish on 11:11 every night I even had an alarm set for it but those days are forever gone
Tony Tweedy Aug 30
I come here to purge my words and thought.
To cast off webs in which my mind is caught.

To mend a soul defeated by life's battles fought.
To understand the lessons that experience has taught.

Where others say that life is much too short.
My mind just asks why I go on multiplying nought.

Lessons learned but so very dearly bought.
Isolated mind my safety and protective fort.

Ideas and frustrations my writings have tried to sort.
And sorted through I conclude I did it all for naught.
Circular thinking comes from isolation. Feedback and the thoughts and ideas of others... so important to purpose of life. We need others. Its why I am here on this site.
Why are you here
Born, lost and bred
See some ideas to an end
The aim to do more often begets form

A middle depends
When identity strikes down the spine
Life will heal or harm
A day in this age generates pace
Prepare before to reinforce fate
as luck can change
If there's space on the stage
Search for the answers that your question relates

Catch the gaze of another
When they dazzle and charm
Turn in on yourself as we show our face
Segregated ways often reflect mixed intent
Does everything begin with the opportunity cost of regret
Review how you start before we depart and are spent
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Þis world ain’t so vast and different
From þose found in what’s written
             We write grand and tremendous of all þings
Þat we’ve imagined and delved deeply
              to try oh so potently tu give revealing
Yet when we look about and just see unobscured and clearly
       Unperceiving and wiðout þinking
             Giving þe world its chance to speak frankly
                   It’ll display tragic n pretty
                         for you n me þose þings most true
                                 Beyond suggestion ann interpreting
                                       Just simply incessant beauty
                                            in an unceasing locomotion
Þþ = Thorn ergo, Th, ð = Eth ergo, Th. It is not exactly in any sense perhaps as the ol' Anglo-Saxons and others of that time used those old letters. But call it trying with reinvention bring about resurrection.
Alicia Moore Aug 9
In the beginning of the dawn,
beings alike waited for their brains to mature.
The brain labelled itself,
and followed with alike ideas thereafter...

Oh, aren’t you as glad as I
to possess such poetic beauty now
that freely flows from
the matured control centre?
Ces Jul 28
Arched back
aching knees
pinpricks in my right leg
a thousand questions
running in my head
as I navigate this vast
of the Internet

A world where ideas

and where people lose
Amazing how the venom glows
So easy on the eyes
I'll poison myself with your touch
And breathe my last in sighs

Burn my veins in place of the warmth
I thought would be my prize
How sweet the bile that's killing me
How tender my demise
Inspiration, pouring now,
into the *** of my own head,
An idea is formed, one drop,
eventually,i overflow,
but inspiration's slow-
and so-
i'll wait some more, and then i'll go.
my conceptualization of forming ideas is something like those fancy fountains you see in hotels.
Ideas flow freely
You remember you forget
They fail they succeed
How many good ideas
Have been forgotten
See the mind is a crazy thing
Its to keep you alive
Yet it harms you
Its to benefit you
Yet it makes you fail
It protects you yet
It attacks you
It is the most unknown
Yet it does everything
Its strange how much it controls
Everything really
Dante Rocío Jul 19
Giornale is
Always a tad different matter
And texture
Depending which readings
Or circumstances
It comes to be paired
That Journal truly a companion is.
Your thought beholder giving a reflection itself?
That’s something!
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