Are you my muse?
Well, are You?

Every time we talk
ideas crop up

Sometimes crazy
sometimes not so much

But little flicks of light
like a runway

along the synapses
of my
frontal lobe

Or a light bulb might
show up
in a bubble
above my head

No matter how
No matter where

They insist on follow through

even though some fizzle
and some just outright die


So are you my muse?
I need someone to blame!
jas 4d
living in the present
remembering the past
reminiscing in thoughts of the last glance
in pursuing the future

- past-

you used to live but a few houses down
"together forever", yet you were nowhere to be found
drunk in love nonetheless stuck in a funk
dreamt of a life , where two wrongs make a right
but the future to be deemed was never in sight

- present day -

hearts beating simultaneously
the stars sparkle throughout the night sky
as daylight seems to pass on by
pieces of me were scrambled in the world
but you put me back together and made me your girl

-  contemplating -

this man i met
resembles a part of the past
i cannot seem to fathom
struggling to grasp
the concept of love


imagine the day, a few houses distanced
imagine the day i knew of your existence
imagine love, without resistance
But all the ideas have turned stagnant
In the little idea lake in my mind

And the little idea fishermen are all sitting there, waiting and waiting
and waiting, for a little idea fish to come along

But the idea lake is stagnant,
and stinky, and rotten.

And there's a little legend going around
About a monster that lurks near the idea lake

Who eats the little idea fishermen if they stay
For too long, so..

They don't stay for long.
So they never catch any idea fish.

So, that's why I couldn't write a little something.
But I thought I'd write a little nothing instead.
Silly little nothing a wrote a few years ago (2014 maybe?)
Nel Apr 14
I want to crawl out on a roof
During a warm summer’s night
And stargaze
With you

I want to lay on a hammock
During spring
And read books
With you

I want to go
To a carnival
And just walk
With you

I want to go
To a zoo
And watch you get really excited

I want to sleep
Next to you
All night

I want to
Watch movies
All day
With you

I want to be there
When you break down
So I can help

I want to be there
At your lows
So I can help

I just want to be with you

For everything and anything
Recently I was told that I need to sell my best aspects
My personal growth, what I can do and that I'm really worth it
Put it on a plate, feed them your brilliance that you’re the right cog for their kit
But I am not that way inclined, I’d rather watch the world go by, as sitting on the wall is where I fit

I don’t mean to be quiet, I have a lot to say but sometimes can be a little shy
Do my words make sense, I’ll just sit on the fence and dream of my bigger fish to fry
But I am told I can make it, don’t just try and fake it, step into this world and be seen
Don’t bottle it up, you have words to be said, all tied down since you was a teen

So where do I start, with these words of mine, in talk or best left written
Do I turn to poetry, or comedy on stage, is this more to chew than I have bitten
What if I’m a failure, looked down upon as a man without a cause
I think this is what has stopped me for years, my life always stuck on pause

There is a word for us that has crept into modern speech, that word being procrastination
I’ll do it tomorrow, never boarding that train, always left wondering at the station
Okay, so maybe that’s too strong a word, I’m a bolder man than an introvert
Just do as you say, step into that pit and stop scratching around in the dirt

For you have ideas, some larger than life
And that one that you always ponder
Roll it out on show, it’s a dead cert
And the world will gasp in wonder

The Introvert

“In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone.” ~ Rollo May

“I am a minimalist. I like saying the most with the least.” ~ Bob Newhart

“I talked to a calzone for fifteen minutes last night before I realized it was just an introverted pizza. I wish all my acquaintances were so tasty.” ~ Jarod Kintz
Body just a reminder of our physical existence
Our mind a creation of simple electrics
Bodies become a barrier for mental fortification
Escape it and we’ll achieve God as a creation not imagination
If we stay locked we will become ghosts in shells
Surpass that and you won’t experience mundanity hell
Crossing wire connects our minds not bodies
It’s time to reevaluate our conception of what is humanity.

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the anime Serial Experiments Lain and Ghost in the Shell.
Alex Apr 3
the shadows the sun cast when it rises,
way beyond down
there I am

stuck as a soul can be on a plane not meant for the unsure,
I grab onto other souls who know what to do with their existence,
and ask, is this for me too?

no, no
it doesn't feel right
breathing here doesn't feel right
every breath feels forced, just to survive, because i need to.
but they breathe because they've found it

the purpose of their souls,

I think mine was lost.
Sky Apr 2
your eyes,
waxy and chromatic
seeped through my clothes and
soaked my skin,
bent my bones and
dyed my concrete spine
blue magenta.

forgive me, forgive me
my revolving-door mouth,
my pendulum heart,
my clammy hands.

my religion is jazz but
i swear to God,
I'm Roman Catholic.

and so I brought you some tulips,

cause I can't lose you
to New York.
baby give me a chance
Sam Mar 31
He wrote line after line
Filling pages with words of ink
Storms alive in his eyes
Pen grasping paper, barely breathing from letter to letter

Ideas swarm his mind
Like sharks in an ocean
Preying on anything they can find
Growing from a sea filled with life

He couldn't sleep at night
Because the same sheep he counted
Told him stories ever beautiful
Stories that needed to be shared
Captured in the fleeting moments they're spoken
Or lost to slumber for eternity

As his journal filled, he was humbled
Thirst quenched by words that didn't get away
With his words archived securely
He could finally close his eyes
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