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Summer winds will sweetly sing
of fresh ideas that grew in Spring
Autumn winds will heave a sigh
to bid ideas of youth goodbye
Winter winds will cry and moan
they face the coldest months alone
with old ideas set hard as stone
Anais Vionet Feb 17
Let politicians claim virtue,
and abandon honest men.

Let the poor inherit promises,
and be comfortable servants.

Let the famous enjoy advantage,
and carry no favors in heaven.

Let physicians prescribe hope,
and a worthy price be paid.

Let education forge solutions,
and notorious liars lose favor.

Let simple humanity be rewarded,
and tyranny reap the sorrow of death.
Rei Nikolai Jul 2022
It all starts with an idea, that you can
Feelings come between now and then
Thoughts come running through your head
All the time is ripened for what could be said
Then it takes what was yours
It just breaks all your core
And you'll never know why
You gave in just for more
All the sights and the sores
Painful cries as they court
And you'll never know why
You take in, lust yet torn

Sometimes I fear the feeling of contentment
Of completion and accomplishment
Because afterwards I'll never know
If the passion dies, or if I'll still grow
Then it stops what you start
It just drops from the heart
And you'll never take back
What you gave just for art
All the lies and the lores
Faithful eyes now they tore
And you'll never know why
As you come back for more

And it starts as it the ends
The idea that you can't
As you say one goodnight
The last of all goodbyes
To the brush, to your pen
To all books that you've read
To the lovers that come
To the letters you've read
As you'll never come back
To create, you just can't
One last time, one last sigh
Close your eyes, one last breath
All the doors closing in
Right where we all begin

Our dreams come pure with uncertainty
When all doors are closed as answers can be
When everyone has turned their back on you
While the chance is null and you have no clue
That dream you have is yours alone
It only comes once, yet with you it's grown
It all starts with an idea, that you can
You were passionate once, embrace dreams once again
this poem is for the poets, writers, artists who have lost their passion;
may you find hope and inspiration and pick up that pen (or keyboard) again.
New ideas
My mind expanding
Better skills
My reach outstanding

New ideas
Success demanding
With my weakness

New ideas
For understanding
I now act
My powers commanding

With new ideas
Help I’m handing
For all longstanding
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EmVidar Apr 2022
For each new promise made
we broke the one before

-em vidar
A big part of who we are,
A major ingredient of our life,
Without, ideas, we would always be the same,
Something needs to be adjusted, in our life
Only ideas, with plans, and the right resources,
Can create, positive change, we never know,
The value of our ideas, until we release them,
Take action, play with them, like a game,
As we examine a situation, with an
Attitude, to rearrange.

                                                               The Original: Tom Maxwell ©
                                                               10/21/2021 AD 4:20 am
I had an idea, wrote about it..
"Sometimes the greatest ideas can be born out from an old crumbling napkin.."
The greatest ideas are simple as a
Note it down everything , no matter where it is.... Maybe it can turn out to be the world's greatest ideas!!!
My tongue stays tied around my throat.
It forms an unbreakable noose around my neck.
I choke on my words.
Hanging the sentences I've not yet found.

Thoughts race past like speeding cars.
Yet I remain speechless...
I can't speak...

How can my mind hold all these questions but no answers.
All these new ideas, but no idea how to execute them.
I remain speechless.

I grab at the air in hopes of better days,
'cause all I seem to get is bitter days.
I am too young to grow cold...
This noose tightens the more I dissolve and suppress.
I need to find words for that which troubles me and show no neglect.
I must find the voice that has evaded me.
I have not written in many years. Starting up again. some of the things I will post are works in progress and will be tweaked...
Karijinbba Sep 2021
Our ideas are bullet proof
they can't be shot nor destroyed
our ideas eject upwards like fireworks from special volcanic places releasing pressure creating new places in nature and being magnetic with our treasures found we manifest
our true nature with lovers imaginations;
for in love and war all is valid,
if love is the means the beginning
and the end.
There's no room for shyness
maybe a bit self consciousness
and we never feel pressured..

Sometimes after the honey moon
the groom becomes shy
with the brides implossive ideas.

And who knows what the loss
if we can't decifer it nor read
its melancholic kinesis
radiance timely.
I surrender only to true love.
By An- Karijinbba.
Johnson Oyeniran Aug 2021
Vivid fantasies from a
Gifted mind, one of a kind,
Designed to bring dreams to life.

I stumble not on writers block,
And dance around thievery.

Cut me open you'll see,
Nothing besides originality,
Dwells within me.
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