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No matter what we think
No matter what we do
The truth is all things, all places, all people,
All are a reflection of everything
That exists, a melting *** of universal life,
Dreams and you.
lake 6d
i walked down an empty road
it felt so free and open
i wondered why no one took it
but then the pavements were crooked
and i could see the flickering lights
turning the dust into a glimmering sight
i walked halfway only to realize something
that all these paths, they led to nothing
and i'm not the first to notice it
for all intents and purposes, there were red flags
i just didn't want to be dead last
You should write a poem...
About the things you always do,
About waking up and tying your shoe
About your classes at school galore
About not wanted to do your chores
About not really knowing if you’re good enough,
About being weak and acting tough
About that joke you just said,
About that conversation inside your head.
About your cat
About that hat
About this, about that...
Yeah, you should write a poem about that.
Shoutout to all the people in my life who I sincerely love who constantly suggest poem ideas... Which I never take.
Quinn Adaire Sep 16
There is a lightbulb
In my brain
That is cracked
Not working
And is barely not shattering.

There is an idea factory
In my brain
That is shut down
And barely standing up.

I am out of ideas
My brain is not working
My mind has become catatonic.

My ideas have called sick
My good words have taken a day off
And my rhyme quit its job.

My rythym is on vacation
My inspiration failed the interview,
And my structure decided to collapse.

I don’t know what to write
So I write nothing
Unless nothing turns into something
And my sick tree bears fruit.
Because I wanted to write, but had nothing in mind.
Matthew Aug 19
How can we say that we care of life,
if the purest of "good" dictates that the young's blood must spill.
Tony Tweedy Aug 18
I write poems to chase rotting ghosts from my soul.
To clear thoughts, voice ideas and to make myself whole.

I'm not here to write classics or tell of epic events.
Just to gather thoughts, clear my head and hope to make sense.

I read what you write and hear your point of view.
I learn from your lessons and I search what is true.

If just one word in return that I write should make you reflect.
I am honored you found some meaning and reason to connect.
Sometimes I read and hear the echoes of myself.... sometimes you just say it better than I could hope to.
Osiria Melody Aug 17
How do you write?
I improvise
Let my imagination
and ideas coincide

I tend to rhyme,
Should be a crime
Don't ask me why
I bother to try

I barely edit
Craft some lines,
Then shred it
And tether it to
form a stanza

As I write, I pay
a visit to a
word bonanza

Similes, figurative
language and

Common themes
include love,
curiosity and

I imagine myself
in a fictional situation
Usually the kind
that involves

I insert the key
into my creative
And drive myself
wild with ideas that
come into fruition

Ideas that stem
from branches of
a lucid dream,
Repeating and
changing each

From the morning's
coffee made black
with no cream or
sugar or anything,
To the afternoon tea
that complements

To the evening's arrival
that's comforting

My desire to write
Is an evergreen

I've been so sing-songy lately.
Plant a tree,
Water a flower,
Preserve nature,
Have a purpose!

Feed a bird,
Cuddle a pet,
Be humane to animals,
Have a purpose!

Save a life,
Nurture an orphan,
Stand up with the oppressed,
Have a purpose!

Count your blessings,
Recite your prayers,
Contemplate the universe,
Have a purpose!

Nurture your mind with ideas,
Fill your heart with the wine of love,
Dress your soul with the garment of kindness,
Have a purpose!

Hussein Dekmak

rebecca yong Aug 7
ideas fill your head to the brim until your chest is aching, wanting to burst open with all the love and light of the galaxies. the world is burning and you hold the matchstick. your heart heaves and bears the weight of your burning ambition, but it is so paper thin. its walls crumble apart as quickly as you built them up, a slight jab is all it takes to tear you open, gutting you of all faith. has the universe not moved for you to take your rightful place on a throne, on a beautiful crater on the moon? why do you let yourself fall at the hands of strangers, whose words ought to be nothing more than winds passing through your hair?
reading through my previous posts again and reflecting.
The lies go hand in hand
Minds break like mountains to sand
I'm breathing deep while wishing on a star
Freedom and truth set a burning in my heart
Healing hope from a feeling of life
Remember the essence don't try
Beauty in sight and strength
Tired of playing whack-a-mole
Looking for solutions on a global scale
Will determination prevail?
I fight on the side of the light
While restlessness questions my might
And all the fatigue of an endless night
We used to dream of bigger hearts
Now we dream of running away
If only it could be said clearly
Then more could share the burden
And that suffering would be light
Lies keep streaming live
Keep singing we'll be alright
Poppin bottles, cheers to steady decline
Where is the essential honor to it all
I seek that non shall fall
Yet nature gives not a ****
Let dissociation continue as if deception is not evil
Allow the epic to be forgotten as if there is no good
I ride along in indifference, music playing to set a tone
A tone of eternity and an acceptance of death
Go ahead call me crazy, but I might look into your soul
And find an amusing coincidence, too which you'd have no control
I fly through life like an eagle, seeing it all
Yet confined to repetitions
What is it all anyways?
So I invest in knowledge and relationships
and let the day go on
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