Thank people for sharing their thoughts with you.
Giving voice to those jumbled lines inside the mind is one of the most precious gifts a person can offer.
"A penny for your thoughts."
As if a monetary value could be placed on those silent ideas that so rarely escape the confines of their prison.
Those seemingly unimportant thoughts are sacred.
When a person shares aloud their inner dialogue, they are speaking less of their ideas and more of their trust in you.
Thank people for sharing their thoughts with you.

I store my ideas in bottles and jars.
When an idea pops up, I make sure to quickly put
it in a bottle or a jar.
My jars line up nicely on my shelf.
Within these jars are also my feelings.
Feelings of enthusiasm,
and trust.
I bring these jars to everyone
I'm sure they'll love them!
Once placing them on the table, I describe each and one of them.
I wait for their reply.
It'll be good,

One of them takes a jar and drops it on the ground.
Another throws a bottle against the wall.
They laugh.
I cry.
I ask.
They say

"We don't need them."

“poets nowadays sound so shallow.” writer’s block has become my mind’s best friend, i have lost my poetry and creativity has slipped from my fingers. i had to choose between being honest in my thoughts and simply being relatable. “it’s like you write poems for no bigger purpose.” i know, i know. i’m trying. those loud ideas pounding against the back of my head have quietened down to a whisper, because i'm still looking for the right words.

no. instead, let me crush your criticism into words of my own. i will hang my head and heart at the end of every sentence, like a mobile with the sweet taste of originality dripping from it.

Svode 6d

Wasted parts of space.
Lost in thought and in uses;
a blank canvas without any muses.

A friend of mine claimed that the hardest part to writing poetry was finding a topic, so I made this for them.
Star BG Nov 8

I dip my mind into
creative grid of consciousness,
as if a pool of chocolate
is waiting with sweet ideas
to launch an artistic

Energetic waves strike senses,
as deep breath aligns.
Colorful visions swells caressing mind
as I soak it up
in an instant.

Imagination is catapulted into
visions grand.
as I dive inside true freedom.

Every breath of trust is coated
with my opportunity to connect
a receive more jargon.

And tout de suite,
a visionary writing
is ready for a readers eyes.

StarBG © 2017

Here is my process. LOL
Vexren4000 Nov 2

Ideas of concepts,
From dreams and forgotten nights,
Conversations with people,
Faded into the ether of reality,
Ideas pulled from the other places,
Forgotten by man,
Ideas that fly by like birds,
Or flutter slowly as butterflies.
Hoping to find a place to perch.


I felt so UNINSPIRED  
With this writer's block of mine!
I felt as if I was
Living in Poverty!
So,  I decided to follow the example of the Homeless,
And sift  the Trash
In search of ideas.
I walked into Downtown Denver,
And found a note in a Trashcan at 20th and Welton,
"I want you!"
"I need you!"
"I love you!
"I desperately need"
"To feel your touch!"
"Meet me at our usual hangout in Confluence Park"
"And we'll go find a secluded spot for sex."
"I'll bring the tamales."
"Your man, Arthur."
I didn't feel that this note had any subtlety.
It was so tacky!
There was nothing romantic about it at all!
People nowadays treat relationships
Like buying M&M's from a vending machine.
Just stick in the quarters
And get your orgasm.
I didn't like It.
I threw the note back in the Trash.
So, I wandered to  17th and Wazee,
I found another note in a Trashcan there.
"This is the last you're gonna' hear from me."
"I came here to Colorado from Alabama,"
"Thinkin' I could get rich selling weed,"
"But no one hired me"
"Cause my southern accent is too thick,"
"And I refuse to serve faggots."
"So, I'm gonna'  commit suicide"
"In dramatic fashion on Christmas Day"
"By leaping into an oncoming truck on Interstate 25."
"Keep your eyes peeled to CNN that day"
"And videotape the report of my death"
"So, my niece, Melissa, can see it."
"I want her to know that her uncle Dave"
"Did something important in his life."
This note didn't make any sense at all!
What a Narcissist!
People nowadays just  seem
To live for their "five minutes of fame."
Once they've gotten on TV,
They have no  reason to live anymore.
They've "accomplished their mission".
I threw that crummy note in the Trash
And began heading towards the Mercury Cafe
'Cause I was getting hungry.
Near 19th and Stout Street,
I found one more note
"This is The Holy Commando of Christ's Sacred Militia"
"With a warning for the citizens"
"Of the People's Republic of Denver"
"Judgement Day is near!"
"All those attending New Year's Festivities"
"On Denver's 16th Street Mall"
"Will be wiped out in and act of Divine Retribution!"
"I have superior firepower"
"To any Police or Military"
"And God is on completely my side."
"Abandon your evil ways, Denver."
"I plan to personally carry out God's punishment for your sins!"
This was more horrible literature.
Acting out "The Will of God"!
These Domestic Terrorists are  totally unoriginal!
This whole plan was probably borrowed
From Jemaah Islamiyah's Bali Bombing in 2002.
I didn't feel that it revealed  any creativity at all!
I threw that note back in the Trash too.
As I moped northeast on Stout Street
Towards the Mercury Cafe,
I still didn't feel that I had conquered
My writer's block
But I was somewhat comforted by the fact
That  other writers came up with ideas
That are much worse
Than Nothing!

Saint Audrey Oct 26

Hardly seems real
Staring straight, eyes dilated slightly
Finding that the back of my throat
Is constricting

The light is shining through
Its burning up this trash
That clouds my better judgement
And I'm left choking on fumes

Just one word too far it seems
I just watched you dash my deepest dreams
With a callous disregard reserved
For the ignorant

Now I stand before you here
Everything I once held dear
You've broken in my hands

Left speechless
You know I tried to mend every loose end
But there's no coming back from this

Left empty
You trashed my only plan
The words we held onto
Are falling from my grip as the cracks begin to show

The reflection
Of the truth i used to know
You're every little seam that deep inside of me
Kept the rest from showing

We unravel
Even as you start to scream,
traitor to the cause, I guess that's how you see me
Then that's what I have to become

And you don't notice
What we've both become
Nothing we loved changed at all
It's us with wandering hearts
And now we've strayed too far

I won't go on

Alan S Bailey Oct 17

Emotions, words, ideas, feelings
We live in a time period where
We shoot ourselves in the foot
Stating how a person feels.
This is it, we are all being mind
Controlled, forced into trusting
That everyone is perfectly fine.
This is your life now, if you don't
Feel everything is fine, you're
Completely out of line...
Good luck finding what is left of
Your actual rights, even in your heart.
They were on it right from the start,
When being in charge of your life
Meant saying what you don't believe,
Because you're no longer needed
So long as you are not what they
Now perceive as a beautiful thing
Because you don't fit in with the public's
Current popular day dream.

Sell out-and you will be a big "success,"
Don't want to become a living lie...? Goodbye...

     <DUN-Dun-dini-Dun-Din-DUN-Dun-Dini Dun Din>


I try to keep them to my-self...
<DUN-Dun-dini-Dun-Din-DUN-Dun-Dini Dun Din>
<DUN-Dun-dini-Dun-Din-DUN-Dun-Dini Dun Din>
<DUN-Dun-dini-Dun-Din-DUN-Dun-Dini Dun Din>

Walking out in streets of Day-eh!
I try to keep them to my-self...
Never felt a price to pay-eh!
I try to keep them to my-self...
Always got to minimize.
I try to keep them to my-self...
I'm a smart guy in disguise...
I try to keep them to my-self...
No one seems to re-al-lize...
I try to keep them to my-self...
These are not just CON-VER-SATIONS!
I try to keep them to my-self...
Cause flowers wilt and flowers die.
I try to keep them to my-self...
Always got to minimize.
I try to keep them to my-self...
These are not just CON-VER-SATIONS!
I try to keep them to my-self...

soft spoken

Ideas, big and bold...
I try to keep them to my-self...
Ideas, big and bold...
I try to keep them to my-self...
Ideas, big and bold...
I try to keep them to my-self...

<musical break>
<DUN-Dun-dini-Dun-Din-DUN-Dun-Dini Dun Din>
<DUN-Dun-dini-Dun-Din-DUN-Dun-Dini Dun Din>
<DUN-Dun-dini-Dun-Din-DUN-Dun-Dini Dun Din>
<DUN-Dun-dini-Dun-Din-DUN-Dun-Dini Dun Din>
<DUN-Dun-dini-Dun-Din-DUN-Dun-Dini Dun Din>

Ideas, big and bold...
I try to keep them to my-self...

soft spoken
Ideas, big and bold...

<DUN-Dun-dini-Dun-Din-DUN-Dun-Dini Dun Din>
<DUN-Dun-dini-Dun-Din-DUN-Dun-Dini Dun Din>

...never matter till their sold.

Ideas, big and bold...
I try to keep them to my-self...

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