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Like the weeds uninvited
In a meadow near perfect
Violence and envy
Cloud over our minds seamlessly
We bicker - We brawl
Pouring out an endless stream
Of slurs from our mouths
Staining our hearts crimson
With hatred and deceit
Dividing the indivisible
Into shallow factions and ideologies
So often we split
Our hearts into two
One trying to relinquish
Over the other
Like broken pieces of glass
Trying to mend
Perspectives - distorted

Boged down by apathy
To nurture joy is a struggle
It is a struggle
For the flower of compassion
To bloom in hearts - barren
Rife with selfishness
In absolute darkness
A lonesome light
Whispers hope
into ears - parched
Jana Pelzom May 29
There was a time where flowers were for gods
And songs for heroes
And courage that’s hard to mirror,
Now it seems that everything in this world
Is for someone we barely know
We must hold hands, write love songs
Kiss under the rain
Have our heart beat to a rhythm
That to me, made no sense
I had to live for someone else
And die for the same
Had to be the perfect person
For flaws we’re doomed to fail.
Romance is throwing rocks at window tops
Coding your thoughts,
It isn’t sitting in silence
Knowing the that even at different beats
We’re lucky enough
To have met the other,
It isn’t understanding the other with a single touch
And romance is not love.
Romance ©️2021 Jana Pelzom

Being romantic and being in love are quite often defined as synonyms. I’m not sure if I entirely agree.
Simon May 13
I tend to follow the key notion of something that balances on a single harmless 'tightrope.' Something that can't look down (even in the slightest of quick 'desirable' glimpses). Because if you do...then you will pay the price of simply having then seen something that has yet to make proper sense. This idea, hints at a single notion...that had yet to fully introduce itself to the main issue at hand...that starts with one thing and one single thing, only... You become entirely something that you’re not, when and only have seen what that single notion truly speaks about. And what the very idea truly speaks of (once you know this...), you can then fully begin to not feel scared anymore. Because being scared when up high on a single piece of material (that definitely, regardless of what it looks, or seems like, fully resembles without a doubt… A harmless…tightrope.) Now, you all the sudden start randomly walking forward on that seemingly harmless tightrope, and suddenly as by no far-stretch of the imagination to handle, properly, and appropriately), you start immediately using your incredible creativity to simply imagine the straightest line, imaginable. All so that very creativity could then of course help you align a single (properly hopeful) imaginary linear line (for your own line of sight to slow down your own pace of everything in your entire self). Slow down concentration (to help you see more visuals and the insights that piece together faster, where you'd find the pattern a lot quicker, then before). Even going as far as to simply (also) slow-down your own focus (where that will fully determine the very readiness in itself, you reacted upon), just so you could then better prepare yourself accordingly (ahead of time). While now VASTLY concentrating on not single-handedly falling for your dear life! Then you have yet to properly read between the lines. If you succeed in doing that very thing... You will see (not just why 'I write'...) But how you succeed in finding the missing key (inside your very self), that actually makes you witness the very dynamic meaning simply as too... ‘Why Do You Write?’”
We all write for the same number of reasons as for why we simply..."write whatever comes to our minds", or even more simple... "We write whatever comes from the truest depths of our souls!" (As they say....)
My Dear Poet Apr 28
A poets dream
is made up
of a million things
from fairies,
and angels
almost everything
with wings
as the poet sleeps
thoughts take flight
words like birds
are born
and caged
at night
to be set free
by morning
for the poems sake
that will awaken
the world
when the poet
Norman Crane Apr 25
we regurgitate
ideas with which we grew
acid worlds we knew
ce-walalang Apr 17 a worn-out field notes the post-it you hid inside your field notes
...inside your head
...inside your head at 6PM the slides that took forever to create your bookmarks folder your untitled folder between deadlines meeting targets ‘on second thoughts’ fear of letting go
...don’t let them die
...these are the most likely places
Simon Mar 31
Patience isn't truly the walk of life. Or even the shame for not convincing yourself that everything up until this very point in how it is supposedly meant to be.
But this is the first example towards not telling yourself the truth about the very illusion you've been living this entire time.

...It's called the decline in acceptance to oneself...for not telling yourself you have more in your general self-worth...then what kind of self-contempt you've been blocking away in hopes of accepting your very own disillusioned artificially created...self-resolve.

That being said, the actual chances that you have been living your own life (free of charge) from feeling you have defeated the such negativity in your very lifestyle... Is nothing more than a shower of benign social ramblings (from within yourself) that will sentence you too a psychological error in your very reasoning for illogical decision-making.

Which means, in the very end, choices don't matter in the long run.
Since you already know what you want... Even if reality (outside your very self), isn't what is truly best for you (especially when it wouldn't agree with your very options) first and foremost.
The very basics of life is the turning point for disaster! If or if not, you have already made a good enough paid sentence (full of such processing power) that demands reconciliation on the spot (for how you have evaluated your very life up until this very point in time). Then your fruitful for misguided tendencies. Or even better... Misinformed logic that doesn't sell itself short in the slightest.
****** fools
Foolishness is in your blood
No way in sight, I regret
To remove it
Would genetic engineering ever do it?
A popular figure on social media
Sings paeans on Indian forefathers
They knew of God particle over thousands years
God is in every particle
Our religion tells us
Problem is we don't admit it
Until foreigners tell us
What is God?
What is particle?
Have you ever understood these?
Don't equate God with physicality
And a particle made of God
Know the difference between
The Creator and the created
Know God getting meditated
Know particle studying
Scientific literature
For scientists when it
Comes to explain and predict
Planetary motion
Sun, Moon, Earth...
Are particles
When it comes to
Structure of matter and fundamentals
Atoms, electrons, protons, Higgs Boson...
Are particles
There are particles within particles
There are elementary particles
Within which no particles
Quarks, Leptons, Bosons types of elementary particles
Of Bosons, Higgs Boson one such particle
Predicted by Peter Higgs sixty years ago
It took long fifty years
Of strenuous thinking and efforts
Besides billions of dollars
To detect and confirm its existence
A Nobel laureate, Lederman
Wrote a book on it in 1990 with the title
"******* PARTICLE"
Poking fun how difficult it was to detect it
Publishers are shrewd people
They made the title of the book fascinating and fashionable
So that wildly it sells
It is their business
But many scientists do grudge it
They are against this nickname
As Higgs Boson has nothing to do with God
Peter Higgs himself is an atheist
This is just for your brief
There's no dearth of ****** fools
And majority inclined to be fooled!
s1mpl3po3t Mar 5
Genius that I am
At nonsense creation,
I've had a hundred business ideas
Without organization,
I proposed making dog jewelry
But we never got to it,
We tried hot spicy dog bones
But they wouldn't chew it,
Let's make puppy clothing
But I don't know how to sew,
I'm just a creator of ideas
And that's all I know.

I have a new concept
But I can't share it with you,
You might figure out the process
Then I wouldn't get my due,
So my clever ideas
Are kept hidden in a box,
And eventually they are gone
Like the keys for the locks.
tree Jan 23
everything is temporary, so enjoy it while you can.
2. life is too short to spend it worried and anticipating the right moment. you won’t always have time in life to make the right choice and that’s always okay.
3. your body is beautiful the way it is.
4. no one cares how big the fish is until it’s out of the water.
5. feelings hurt so so much but they also feel so so good and they make life worth living, although they often do the opposite.
6. i learned how to ask for help and it was the best thing i’ve ever done.
7. but i still never learned how to say no.
8. if i was given the chance i don’t know what i would have done.
9. your friends aren’t worth your life but they are worthy of your heart.
10. everything is difficult, but nothing is impossible.
11. doing half of your work is better than doing none at all.
12. falling is the most blissful thing in life.
13. the thing that frightens me the most is death, the fact that i will cease to exist, the fact that i will never see any loved ones or anyone again, the fact that i know nothing about it.
14. in a world of temporary things the only permanent things come from your heart and mind. ideas are more valuable than things.
15. loving yourself makes the world seem impossibly big and beautiful and makes life easier to live.
inspired by natalia vela's 'some truths'
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