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New ideas
My mind expanding
Better skills
My reach outstanding

New ideas
Success demanding
With my weakness

New ideas
For understanding
I now act
My powers commanding

With new ideas
Help I’m handing
For all longstanding
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EmVidar Apr 12
For each new promise made
we broke the one before

-em vidar
A big part of who we are,
A major ingredient of our life,
Without, ideas, we would always be the same,
Something needs to be adjusted, in our life
Only ideas, with plans, and the right resources,
Can create, positive change, we never know,
The value of our ideas, until we release them,
Take action, play with them, like a game,
As we examine a situation, with an
Attitude, to rearrange.

                                                               The Original: Tom Maxwell ©
                                                               10/21/2021 AD 4:20 am
I had an idea, wrote about it..
"Sometimes the greatest ideas can be born out from an old crumbling napkin.."
The greatest ideas are simple as a
Note it down everything , no matter where it is.... Maybe it can turn out to be the world's greatest ideas!!!
My tongue stays tied around my throat.
It forms an unbreakable noose around my neck.
I choke on my words.
Hanging the sentences I've not yet found.

Thoughts race past like speeding cars.
Yet I remain speechless...
I can't speak...

How can my mind hold all these questions but no answers.
All these new ideas, but no idea how to execute them.
I remain speechless.

I grab at the air in hopes of better days,
'cause all I seem to get is bitter days.
I am too young to grow cold...
This noose tightens the more I dissolve and suppress.
I need to find words for that which troubles me and show no neglect.
I must find the voice that has evaded me.
I have not written in many years. Starting up again. some of the things I will post are works in progress and will be tweaked...
Karijinbba Sep 2021
Our ideas are bullet proof
they can't be shot nor destroyed
our ideas eject upwards like fireworks from special volcanic places releasing pressure creating new places in nature and being magnetic with our treasures found we manifest
our true nature with lovers imaginations;
for in love and war all is valid,
if love is the means the beginning
and the end.
There's no room for shyness
maybe a bit self consciousness
and we never feel pressured..

Sometimes after the honey moon
the groom becomes shy
with the brides implossive ideas.

And who knows what the loss
if we can't decifer it nor read
its melancholic kinesis
radiance timely.
I surrender only to true love.
By An- Karijinbba.
Johnson Oyeniran Aug 2021
Vivid fantasies from a gifted mind  
One of a kind; witnessed once in a
I stumble not on writers block,
Dancing around plagiarism.
Cut me open you'll see,
Nothing besides originality,
Dwells within me.
Jammit Janet Jul 2021
I put my ideas in places no one would ever look
I hide them well
Marinate them
Until I’m shook
With words like laughter
That erupt
From the joy
Of frolicking
Through the pastures
Of love and light
That spread like wildfire
Day and night
Simon May 2021
I tend to follow the key notion of something that balances on a single harmless 'tightrope.' Something that can't look down (even in the slightest of quick 'desirable' glimpses). Because if you do...then you will pay the price of simply having then seen something that has yet to make proper sense. This idea, hints at a single notion...that had yet to fully introduce itself to the main issue at hand...that starts with one thing and one single thing, only... You become entirely something that you’re not, when and only have seen what that single notion truly speaks about. And what the very idea truly speaks of (once you know this...), you can then fully begin to not feel scared anymore. Because being scared when up high on a single piece of material (that definitely, regardless of what it looks, or seems like, fully resembles without a doubt… A harmless…tightrope.) Now, you all the sudden start randomly walking forward on that seemingly harmless tightrope, and suddenly as by no far-stretch of the imagination to handle, properly, and appropriately), you start immediately using your incredible creativity to simply imagine the straightest line, imaginable. All so that very creativity could then of course help you align a single (properly hopeful) imaginary linear line (for your own line of sight to slow down your own pace of everything in your entire self). Slow down concentration (to help you see more visuals and the insights that piece together faster, where you'd find the pattern a lot quicker, then before). Even going as far as to simply (also) slow-down your own focus (where that will fully determine the very readiness in itself, you reacted upon), just so you could then better prepare yourself accordingly (ahead of time). While now VASTLY concentrating on not single-handedly falling for your dear life! Then you have yet to properly read between the lines. If you succeed in doing that very thing... You will see (not just why 'I write'...) But how you succeed in finding the missing key (inside your very self), that actually makes you witness the very dynamic meaning simply as too... ‘Why Do You Write?’”
We all write for the same number of reasons as for why we simply..."write whatever comes to our minds", or even more simple... "We write whatever comes from the truest depths of our souls!" (As they say....)
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