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Falling, falling, falling,
or is this
                           ­     T
                          ­   O
towar­ds a shimmer in the distance
like a wind that carries a dead leaf
whispering through the chimes
that fall upon deaf ears
as if the message was sent
and it just wasn't heard

No, this is f
off                    l
    the                  i
precipice  ­           n

as I watch the sky
march round in a funeral procession
of our history

in this disorienting gravity

in this magnetic propinquity

in this psychosomatic schism

every storm proceeds an epoch
                                              of pleasure
as if pleasure
                    is an
Grecian artifact
                        in the backdrop of Ovid

The caterpillar
                       of Like
                       of Love
                       of Hate
cocoons into insouciant

            ­                           Y.
                        ­         W                                
but refuses to fly A
A grain of sand on the beach, a puff of air in space.
Carried on the waves, drifting further out. Reaching.
Until the stars align in it's destination.
It's in orbit of what it travels so far to reach.
Carried by attraction, unknown that the smallest decimal-
Rewrites the whole system in unforeseeable ways.

Magic is real.
Alexis Jul 12
and if we were in the endless exosphere
i'm sure I would've fallen for you even then,
despite not having gravity.
Oh falling star
How you fall without me
A perfect world among the many
Yet I still take you for granted
If tomorrow never rises
And we spin out of control
It’s all my fault,
For never understanding
The complex schemes
That complete your world

I live among my flaws
My greed
Won’t allow such luxury to love myself
Better you than me
To be consumed by this fallacy
I won’t allow the cracks on my walls
To show the mess behind me
But you can’t lay your righteousness
When I fall apart
When you hide behind your walls
Just like me

But nevermind the past
Just focus on the future,
Just focus on the now
Because the day we forgive ourselves
Is the day that we defy gravity
And all the anomalies within our world
Will make sense
Erian Sep 13
He walked past skyscrapers and city lights
Passing the school every night.
"I'll still be here," He mumbled into the dusk
While asteroids blazed overhead.
Days followed by
In a solar system, running down.
The more he looked up -
The more he felt like gravity was letting loose
"Someday, somehow, we'll collide."
Forever hoping,
It was who they were.
They were on a collision course.
ChrisYellow Sep 11
Oh, treacherous pull of endless floor
under our light inconsequential trample,
in equal measure, the feather is won
cursed by thee, to its inevitable fall.

Thy naked invisible attraction
sways the seas in moonlight dates,
holds north and south feet kissin',
and has us visiting the sun from west!

Force that collects from all distance
a grip the scale takes the measure,
I miss ye largely drifting in space.

Ye are a tango between bodies,
from a bang that predates time,
sculpting atomic dust into planets.
Gale L Mccoy Sep 10
made up of wind over wind over earth fueling fire
no water to smooth the edges and clean out the soot
flow down with gravity instead of float to the head
so soak, let the lake fill cracks in the psyche
permeable skin, drink through feet
push off from banks
become the moon in the water
Kate S Sep 9
just like gravity
you pulled me close

and just like the sun
you burned me alive

sometimes i wish
i was never in your orbit

but just like a comet
i couldn't resist the pull
The soul
Guides the way

Silence, understood
Vulnerability, honored
Symphony, functions

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Genre: Observational
Theme: Paths
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