My heart is debilitated.

My cardiologist informs me
that a faint blue light shines

from within the myocardial muscle
at the base of its left ventricle,

and that it is slowly turning into
a tiny, melancholy dwarf star

whose gravity will weaken all those
who dare enter its orbit.

My heart is so feeble, methinks,
because it pumps within
a particularly toxic part of the Milky Way.

It suffocates for breath amid a smog of cheap counterfeits—
vacuous “love” reactions on Instagram,

big-business ad campaigns that attempt to beautify naked greed
by hastily coating it with a thin veneer of oxytocin—

baby secure in back seat,
family memories to last a lifetime at Walt Disney World in Orlando,
A trip to the ballpark with your son: Priceless,
empowering people by building real communities on Twitter—


  ­      bills,

that numb the mind
and the soul and the spirit.

How can the heart thrive
when continuously surrounded by
these falsehoods,

these outrageous forgeries,

that dilute and inflate and cheapen
the meaning,

the incomprehensible,
celestial tonnage
of real Love?

Idly we sit by
while Love is maimed,





at its conceptual core

by corporate marketing,
social media,
by the people who control the flow of information now.

I ask: Why are you
not enraged by this—
this insane violation
of the very core of our semantics?

You do not “love” your co-worker’s new shirt.
You do not “love” the new season of Game of Thrones.
You do not “love” that artisanal donut that you just ate.
You do not “love” Taylor Swift’s latest single.

You do not “love” vacationing in Cabo San Lucas.
You do not “love” the current iPhone.
You do not “love” being on a gluten-free diet.
You do not “love” the United States of America.

So stop saying that you do.

And try to
reach deep inside your heart
past that sickly,
faint pale blue light
that’s by now infected your whole being,

and remember where you come from,

remember who you are,

and remember how profound

your Love actually is.

Madam X Nov 6

The candle's flame is still in the night.
The silence should scare me but it feels just right.
There is no wind. There is no fear.
There's only the candle standing there.
I hear the music, it's amazing sounds.
My feet feel so light upon the ground.
If I wanted to, I could fly.
I would sleep on clouds and dance in the sky.
If gravity stopped right where you were standing,
would you have any intention in the future of landing?
Some might hang on to a leaf or a branch,
to make sure they don't stray to far from their path.
Im not sure what I would do.
I don't know if I would hang on. Would you?

I'm new at this. Be kind :)

Wrestling with the rifts within,
Fraught with an inner turmoil,
I stagger down to the sea,
Seeking to uncoil.
Standing out on the pier,
Alone with the song of the shore
And the sea around me,
The bitter questions dissipate,
The draining weight lifts free.

Waves crash and currents move
Like gravity made plain;
A watery force droning as voices
The sound of this presence pulls me
Into a trance of fate.  
My revelry foments, my mind drifts
And my thoughts fly
Like sea spray.

Inside, I am dancing, daring, flirting with
Danger and teasing the tides!
Soon, I feel like I am floating above
The deluge,
Yet my courage abides.

I am in that place
In the midst of a constantly flowing
But I am steady,
Held within its reach.
I am not lashed by the elements
Nor tattered by the winds…
I feel immersed in this dynamic
Field of hydro-power
And showering sonic sheets.  

This place has become a part of me,
For my heart has joined with it
And the two become one:
Pulse and flow,
Flesh and wet,
Water and blood
It’s the rise and fall of
Centrifugal churning
(beneath the waves and within this body),
It’s the crack of a quickening surge!

In this bracing instant, we hum
In sympathetic harmony,
At this moment, at once, I am
Vulnerable and victorious,
Pallid and empowered,
Passing and present;
All of these combined.

With the lurking land mass of my life behind
And this mysterious, epic depth before,
My soul hangs suspended
And separate from those on the ships and
Those who tread
Beyond the shore.  

Behind, in the earth, I have been fashioned
For a life like the teeming masses
I see every day.
With so many years gone by, under
The wandering sun and the
Waning moon,
I have journeyed in vain.  
With the taste of dust in my mouth,
My feet are blistered by
The fractured terrain.

I am yoked with the weight of
Bruised memories, still unresolved
Conflicts in my mind.
That earth realm leaves me weary,
In black and sullen confusion, blind.

Yet something is calling me back
To forth,
Out from and above those wasted years,
Like so many fingers
Clutched around my neck!
I sense my flight and my future are found before me.
I feel girded for the trek.

There is an overwhelming need
For a desperate DEPARTURETURN!  
To evolve…

Then, within my soul and with
The salt of my saliva,
I gasp at a realization...Yes!
This is a chance to chart my course!
To start my life anew!
To face the epic depth of
This fearful moment!

To descend and rise….to baptize.  

There seems to be mercury in my
Blood stream for it swells until
My eyes swim!
There is a cataclysm in my psyche
As the crashing ricochets

My soul, my fears, my hopes and my heart
Are fluxing and flying wildly, like sea spray!

There is a feeling of being drawn out,
Like a force of gravity
On a current of inevitability.
At this moment, at last, I am one.

We burn like meteors:
Hot, fast, and bright
Screaming through the atmosphere
Hearts afire, souls alight
Each trip
One small skip for heart,
One giant leap for meteorite.

But there are two inevitabilities:
Time, and with it, gravity.

We break apart
Losing light
We extinguish
Losing sight
But after it's over -
After you're gone
I'm still

Replays shooting through my mind -
I'm starting to suffocate on oxygen.

Then I desperately search
For a laugh, or a sound,
Hoping a new voyage
Soon will be found
Grasping at wind
All the way down
Just a stone in thin air
Plummeting to the ground.

10/28 Inktober prompt: Fall
No edits allowed.
Sara Mares Oct 28

It's like time has stopped and every frozen second belongs to him
Gravity pulls at my chest, begging me to find him, somewhere, somehow
But I feel him in my veins providing oxygen to every cell, weaving his way through the twists and turns of me until he is everything 
And when I'm not close to him I can't breathe, I can't think, I can't eat, because the whole earth holds its breath, anxious for his return and I am at the epicenter of it grasping for familiarity

You're a lure for the impure
When its half past nine and you knock on my door
She asks, "Do you mind if I see you once more?"
I'm like..."I''m not sure. I'm fine 'til you're in my sight"
This break gave me time, so my mind wondered away and took flight
I think I have vertigo now because:
When the image of you pops into my headspace,
I know i'll start falling for you again and hit the floor
I can't remove you from my mind; I can't erase
But then again, I don't stop falling for you
The height of my love for thee is infinite so,
I'm forever suspended in a space with no place to go

Odious Wench Oct 16

Two object
That influences
Other people within reach
A connection made stronger
By accepting yourself, and being honest and open

harlon rivers Sep 28

The fleeing clouds have cleansed the tawny earthen meadows
Migrating sun doth steal away waning light of summer’s glee
High atop fir boughs bow in wind whispered homage
To the sapience the coloured leaves hath gleaned

The sweet scent of auburn brindled pinecone clusters
Ooze of  glistening pitchy resinous fruit
Sticky figured squirrels chatter while they gather,
Stashing a survival cache of acorns and spinner seeds,
For another moment in sleepy winter tide dreams

A swirling eddy of spiraling leaves whirl beneath the tall timber
Fluttering gracefully with a gravity only falling leaves embolden
Enchanting like the evanescent timbre poignant piano notes decay
Writhing silent as summer Jasmine’s fragrant final bloom

Dandelion wishes soaring higher to kiss the fleeting winged skies
Lazily adrift up and over Cascade Mountain Crest
Fuzzy treetop flyers ascending far beyond darting dragonflies below

The sliver of golden harvest moon’s blossom aglow ,…
While wishing upon a shooting star's paling gleams
Serendipity sown about whimsically in the blustery wind
For to sow the will of untamed heart’s desires                                    

A festive troop of Chickadees clinging like tiny acrobats
Foraging on ripened ginger hued fir-cone seeds
Wings to the sky wave goodbye to the deciduous cadence
Softly wafting with a pungent Lavender potion scented breeze

There is a secret place where memories go to hide deeply alive
Amongst the wild wood and impending leafless trees,
The only place on earth I've ever understood a sense of belonging

Where Autumn coloured leaves whisper in the gentle breeze ,…
                  “I would do it all over again”

Come September ,..when the leaves come falling down

                      © ... September 15th, 2016

if … we will be remembered by our poetry;
It would be my hope to be recollected
for an intimately personal love and respect of all creation
Although there has not always been an emboldened sense of belonging with others, I have come to understand I've always belonged to the untamed wilderness of myself, still understanding that love is the eternal purpose I'll strive ―

Sometimes we sense that we feel too much
Being highly sensitive is not an imperfection but a gift - -
not a misunderstood, stigmatized, dark &  broken star
befallen a Sky  full of  Stars

always believe a poem can make a difference -- even if it is only a difference within you-- rivers

Come September ,..when the leaves come falling down
Written by:  h.a. rivers
Binx Sep 24

Tragedy is heavy
It rests upon a gradient of scraped knees and broken hearts
Only those with tenacity will ever see the light

ㅡjatm Sep 21

And tonight we sit on a rooftop,
Sharing each other's beautiful soul,
Understanding the undivided silence,
As we fill the gaps with small laughter,
And I will watch your silhouette,
Slowly devour the moonlight,
While you tell me stories of places,
We have never been,
And I will watch your mouth,
Form words as you explain,
The universe to me.

You make me smile in a garden,
So you could watch all the flowers bloom,
I want to hold you tight,
And create our own gravity,
Darling, you are just so made for me.

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