chipped tooth Jul 12

Grief is not a feeling, but a force.
Like a boulder, I am confident in my place on Earth.
But after many setting suns, I start to feel the weight of time
under thousands of feet of
There's a push, and a pull
and I go falling.
A fragment of a fragment,
I tumble somewhere unfamiliar-
and it takes eons to reconnect to something bigger
than my pieces.

someone stole something around the colour of your eyes
burglarized, the tears that you readily gave away

we are made of such flimsy corporeality
and some days gravity is too much to carry

i want so much for birds to teach me how to dream
and the wind to tell me how to break free

your desire since you were a child was to be a singer,
The world gave you cigarettes.
You also wanted to be an astronaut,
The world gave you gravity,

Eventually you grew content enough to lay down on the grass, smoke your mind away, and stare at the stars.

It's never too late to quit.

are a
Rare Spectacle
To and From
which celestial bodies
Can't deviate

Orbiting and Angling
Celestial bodies
planetary movements
The one with reflective light
Deprived of light, in an orbit
Obscures the source
Falling In a line
Gravity at play
Celestial bodies bound

Time a factor
Always a charter

Orbiting and Angling
celestial bodies
Planetary movements
The reflective one Aglow
Shadowed by The Planet
Obscuring the source
All in a line
Gravity at play
Celestial bodies bound

Reaching to the Mars
For a life beyond
Defying gravity
Celestial bodies bound

Eclipses are a Rare Spectacle
Celestial bodies have Eternal Glow

Solar and Lunar eclipse ,
And a probability of life on Mars .
Shanath Jun 16

Who'll you blame for the falling stars
When you're the one picking at them?

       But I only tried to rescue the moon
       He was stuck after the sun.

How did the Earth get here!
Sanny Jun 12

One step, deep breaths.
Two steps, body starts to shake.
Three steps, getting tense.
Four steps, legs are heavy.
Five steps, getting dizzy.
Six steps, can't feel my hands.
Seven steps, breath gets shorter.
Eight steps, pulse is rising.
Nine steps, I feel sick.
Ten steps, can't feel the ground.

I feel someone coming up behind me.
The scent of a man.
Fear, panic, everything happens fast.
I can't breathe! I want to run but my legs won't work.
Losing touch with reality. I'm gonna faint, I'm gonna puke, someone help me..
A silent scream.
Memory loss.

Life walking the streets with PTSD

I know you're supposed to be that thing
That thing that keeps me grounded.
That thing that keeps my feet on the floor.
That thing that keeps me from drifting away.
But lately I've been floating.
And I don't know if you know what that feels like.
It feels timeless
     and weightless
     and sunless
     and empty.
I feel empty.
My days melt to weeks and my weeks melt to months.
My body feels like a crisp breeze of air that I just can't inhale.
My eyes only see through a cloudy, dismal, forsaken lense.
And well gravity,
It's all because you seem to be absent.
Now I need you to understand that I'm not asking you to hold me down.
Because I'd rather float aimlessly than be trapped under your hold.
But I just know that if we work together,
We can create a beautiful compromise of flying and crawling
And I think normal people just call that living.
Don't get me wrong the blood is pumping through my veins so I know i'm alive
But if your lips can no longer muster the energy to smile
And your eyes can no longer muster the energy to cry
And if the forces of attraction are no longer attracted to you
Are you really living?

Nathan Wells May 29

i had a dream that gravity stopped working,
and everyone was pulled from the ground.
away from their lives, their money, their loves,
their homes and everything they'd found,
and as they started to float upwards
towards the great big whatever
people started to cry and shouted never,
you're never gonna take me away from my things,
my life, my loves, my houses, my rings.
they held on to doorframes and buildings and trees
and some of them begged their god they said please
they said why are you doing this? they said i love you
they said i'll live life below you and never above you,
but no-one listened because no-one was there
and if there was it didn't look like he cared
so they came up crying and screaming
and they came up pleading and weeping.
some people said they could see heaven,
and angels with halos gleaming
and some people could see fuck all but clouds
and realised life has fuck all meaning
but no matter what we thought was happening,
and how we dealt with it in our heads
the same thing happened to every one of us,
we came up, lost oxygen and then we were dead.
but when we were getting higher
something started to happen,
people clung to eachother,
with human emotion and passion.
friends embracing friends
lovers embracing lovers
strangers embracing strangers
everyone embracing eachother.
no-one cared who they were holding,
no judgement, no supremacy,
everyone was on the same level,
the sky a tangled mess of scared ecstasy.
it was the ultimate display of emotion,
no-one wanted to face it alone,
i didn't see one single person float
all the way to the top on their own

proud of this

Breaking on a weathered shore
The waves of time in tempest rhyme
Relentless through the open space
They’ve left my mind in a scattered state

The winds of change have blown this way
Across the void into my dreams
Upon the mountains of my mind
And through the valleys they do whine

The trembling earth beneath my feet
Shakes me up and all around
Gravity’s tremors wrestle with me
To pull me down into the ground

A raging flame roars in my ears
I turn around to face the sound
That fire that burns inside of me
I hold it close but carefully

The churning vortex draws me in
Its clutch is great and the goal is clear
I spin and spin till the daylight’s gone
And find no end to its endless song

There’s nothing mentioned that can’t be said
But the wheels of fortune can’t be read
The mind of matter can’t be defied
And the rains from heaven will not be denied

When rain comes down to quench my flame
When the earth turns round and pulls me down
There’s very little that I can say
But I choose to take it my very own way

This was a fun write in a serious sort of way. It started with a simple line a just grew from there. By the end of the first verse, there was a roadmap in mind but that roadmap kept changing right up to the last verse.

'I have never started a poem yet whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering.' –  Robert Frost

I cannot kiss your forehead,
Until the mass of my love
Satisfies your Gravity...

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