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Nothing ever felt so full
As our universes colliding in the void.
Nothing ever felt softer
Than your voice gliding through me.

So you’re off to find your guiding light.
Yours imbued me with love like gravity.
Oh lighthouse burning out, wherever shall I go?
Whoever shines for you; luckier than charm!

Know this:
Nowhere ever felt like home
Until I was invited into yours.
No one ever delighted as I did,
In searching the depths of your heart.
The death of mine in turn. Imagine it as I cannot.
No soul ever yearned for yours more than mine.
My eyes for yours full of life, now forlorn.
I can never picture this again if they don’t return.
United In Death
tumbledry Aug 5
I feel the gravitational pull
The tiredness that seeps deep in the bones
I feel the center of the Earth
Calling for my descent.
A sluggish state of living
Where things must churn forward
But rip bits of me off as I attempt to resist
Being swallowed by despair.
Seemingly impossible to make it anywhere
This downward force, my greatest enemy,  
As it’s the only thing keeping me grounded.
Danielle Jul 29
There are two opposing things that define me: a poignant in eulogy, a melancholia in a deep blue sky and
a parallel and current;
it is boundless.

My love is an empty cage, grown in an innocent body, tearing flesh by flesh,
yearning mouth by mouth, a chest is a garden full of butterflies, my veins is a vial of momentary currents and curves molded to each caresses of something that lingers.

These parallels are a loose thread that bounds a brokenness, and on each pull of the gravity, I would ache to skin and bone.

                                        It is boundless.
Drenches half music blues
Paints my eyes his drips of two's
Like a software of compliance
Superior-what's inside

Anxiety you can tell
  at a glance
In a state of anxiety  
Nature calls cleansing
A world of society

What is at state?
No greener pasture
Present the future

Craziness high anxiety fire
More jobs to hire
Paints- birthstone- sapphire
Picture memories
  to capture  
Anxiety like sanity
Paints wellness next to

Eyes weaken but your heart
We are living in a world with different ailment a lot of people have anxiety and other things I hope this helps
I want the moon that captures your gaze and leaves you breathless
I want the stars that fall from the skies to your tongue
I want to swirl around the galaxies within your eyes and fly through the voids of your drifting to sleep
I want the suns of your afternoons that bring your smile
I want the orbits of our memories to complete fast revolutions
I want the comets that soar to face us in the same direction
I want the planets to align for you
I want the gravity to bring us closer
Yee haw I haven’t written anything in a HOT minute so here we go
Zack Ripley Jan 10
Gravity and reality are one and the same. Both will bring you down regardless of your name. But staying grounded isn't the worst thing to happen in a world where people can clip your wings as they make you think they're help you fly to the heavens.
Sarah Nov 2022
the sheer force of gravity
when two galaxies collide

their arms become entangled
like two lovers holding hands

and the laws of physics are certain
by design they were destined to meet

this moment was
quite literally
written in the stars
Douglas Balmain Oct 2022
Here is an exercise
to help you learn a little bit
more about where we are
and what acts on us:

Pour yourself a bath,
as luxurious as can be.
Put in the salts, the oils,
the fragrances, the bubbles…

Make sure you pour
it hot, as hot as you can
handle when you dip in that
first cautious toe…

Slide in up to your chin and
soak in quietude while
your muscles untie their knots
and you lose yourself to that dreary
form of half-awake relaxation.

After a time, your tranquil state
will become a quiet form
of discomfort. The body
will begin to simulate a rising fever
as your temperature moves upward
towards equilibrium with the water,
the stomach will start to feel
unsettled and you
will have had enough.

Now, here comes the test:

Remove the drain plug and
remain motionless, unresponsive,
as the water slurps down
around you.

Your body will fall
as the water drains,
folding and bending
gravity packing you down
molding you into cast of the
tub you are laying in.
When the water is fully
drained and your rubbery,
warm muscles are stripped
of their recent buoyant freedoms,
you will feel with full awareness
the immensity of that Universal force
that acts on us without rest.

It’s amazing that we aren’t
all in exceptional shape.
Rama Krsna Apr 2022
singularity is
when you hold me tight
on a sapphire night,
magic made
twisted under satin sheets
beneath the nonchalant moon
your intent gaze,
cuts through mist of illusion,
gently whispering “detachment”
from a banausic existence
love and pain
swell deep inside my fragile body,
as i sink
into the infinity of spacetime,
where the gravity of your love alone
bends my aching heart

© 2022
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