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Amanda 45m
Crushing gravity;
Knowing that I crave human
intimate moments.
Rain loves Earth
every time
'             '            '        '
      '      ' '      '         ''       '
' '      ''      ''''      '         '
Your worlds
Far from here
And close to anywhere
I’d hold my breath
In hopes to see you there  
From dawn to dusk
In hopes to catch a glimpse
Of you anywhere

You shine so bright
Brighter than a Quasar in celestial skies
I’m the darkness that fills the void
I feel so empty inside
But your light
Finds my line
You can’t escape my gravity
So hold my hand
And live this life with me in my proximity
Gaze upon the hidden
an impossibility
light is forbidden
in this distorted intangibility

But we see
we see
general relativity
I am an asteroid
Stunned by the effects of your gravity
I lose myself in your atmosphere
But you hardly notice as I crash and burn
Dawn Mar 29
Eyes are full,
hugging mine
held without
a touch.
Gravity keeps me
a press of flesh,
a pull through the chest
magnets *******
deeper than skin.
a force unlike,
but it still holds you close.
Ruther Cabral Mar 29
I am a force
To be reckoned with
But I can't help
But be pulled
By your gravity

Are you the Earth
And I, the moon?
Orbiting for eternity
Close but not quite touching
Near yet so far

Am I an asteroid?
Speeding across the galaxy
Burning brightly in your sky
And then crashing into you
My remains only a blemish
On your beautiful face

Are we twin stars?
Revolving around a common point
A dance perfected across millenia
Our audience, the planets
Our witness, the constellations

Or are you a black hole?
Devouring everything in sight
Slowly seeping away at my light
I grow weaker and weaker
Still entirely devoted
Until I am no more
Sparrow Mar 26
Love is a phenomenon
Not dissimilar to gravity
Like an ignoramus
The stoic heart denies it

Until it falls.
My dear friends,
should you fall,
I hope the surface is soft.
SMS Mar 24
Take me to the mountains
Drop me from the peak
Let my sadness be my gravity
And your love be the ground.
Gale L Mccoy Mar 24
and the laws say
you must be heavy
weight down and burdened
or else you'll float
and to float means to
pop pop pop
when you get to close
to the sun

and the mother says
you must hold on
for if you slip
you'll know loss
and as you let go
they tell you "we warned you"
spinning the thoughts
of sky to how far away
the ground is going to be

and your hands say
this isn't meant
to be held with such
an iron grip
the burning sun
can't possible hurt more
than the weight of gravity

and your eyes say
who's to say the sun
is even the destination
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