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my feet were grounded till you held
the world in your hands

shook it hard in your palms
i could no longer stand

and i fell so fast with nowhere to grip
slipping through my fingertips

nowhere to go but down,
tumbling, sliding, trying to find ground

gravity's pulling me faster
it's been disaster after disaster.
is this what it feels like to fall for someone
Norman Crane Oct 1
by brightness
you are my second sun
though your gravity is such
you are
my only one
eden Sep 30
our bodies are
tied to the earth
if we jump,
we return to the earth
what goes up must also
come down

we have weight because
we have gravity
we have weight because
we have bodies tied to
the earth
if we jump, we must
return to it
a reminder that you are more than the pull gravity has on you. i struggle to remember this, but it is true :) and i love you
chi Sep 17
you are a celestial body
a natural phenomenon
a beauty hidden so far away
but look closer; you tell a fascinating story in your own way

you are a galaxy
a gravitational system of stars
you emanate light and wake me up from fallacy
you remind me that somethings are bizarre
but thats just how things are meant to be
you emenate light stronger than darkness
because you choose to see the good regardless

just like how we choose to watch a movie so cliché even when we know its going to end in a certain way. just like how we try to stay even when things are not at bay. just like how we try to see the good in every day without worrying about dismay.

you are a galaxy
you have undergone stellar evolution
changes happened and it will always be the reality
you are a galaxy
you are made of stellar fragments
a massive remnant of what was once there to see

you changed over the course of time but what was once there will last for a lifetime. you will always evolve, you get better every time.

you are a galaxy
you have black holes; dark energy
but no let me tell you, you are anything but empty
you are a matter packed in that body
your gravity is so strong i cannot flee

you are so much more than darkness
you are my galaxy.
—g. l
another poem that I wrote for someone who broke my heart.
Amanda Hawk Sep 9
A lonely star
Isolated in space
And I dream
Of planets
Touching their atmospheres
Feeling them
Slip smoothly between fingers
Isn’t that love
To gather fingers
In an embrace
To pull someone close
Into your gravity
Whisper them a lullaby
Absorbing their opulence
Falling away into darkness
Constellations of rendezvouses
And this is how
Comets are made
Aashi Sinha Sep 4
breathing quickening, pillow over the head, eyes open, brain dead

alive yet dead

black wings, pretty eyes, thick thighs, wide cheeky smiles, can chuck out people's lungs for soft words in return

hardened, dark, dusty, wrapped in shiny black clothes with secrets, scars and threads

brain so colourful will get colourblind soon

hands catching gentle water kisses, losers they are
failing to gravity, failing
put the feet on the floor, forgot to tell--****
gravity they call

hot, hot, cold, cold, cold, cold

volcanic, explosive, misguided conversations, orange fingertips, blue knuckles, purple lips, green heart and round hips
Aashi Sinha Sep 4
red eyes, green wine, weak smiles, hollow cheeks, shallow drips.

Dark, not Black.

a desire to be linear, now crowded with curves
sickly sweet
sarcastically sour
no longer sweet, just sour

hot on cold, cold on hot, sweet and sour but sour and sour
tick tick tick, did it feel?
tick tick tick, did you feel?
failed when born, how can change it all, before dawn?
Gravity has me in its pull once again you see

Anytime I feel myself start to orbit and feel free

Newton's laws have no problem reminding me
Loosing gravity, I hovered above,
The fields and woods, hills and dales,
Egrets and cranes sensing  a competetor
Near gave a chase, that was nice though.

'Just a metaphor that means a search
For beauty and lasting meaning' I heard,
Who said it; unknown commentator viewing
Every movement, each moment, of universe!

What a mystery, I thought for a moment,
Not the 'I' before, but one that is aggragated,
Above the narrow limits of me,my and mine,
The cranes and herons keeping me company
Had bid goodbye, I saw palms wave  hands.

Feeling comfortable with the new fecility
I flew high easy, couldn't find where I end
And the multiverse of wonders takes me over
"Aĺl I thought of me was as a visitor to this
Island of time and space, part of a whole,
But I have  my sweetheart close to my heart
Near and dear, friends all over the world
Many of us never met but neighbours of
My heart, I hear them from afar and their
Heartbeat I felt mine; was an adventure this,
Love prompted, a lilting poem  in progress,
Now  a flow with the wind circling universe
I am ecstacy itself, time is the essence in this
Tale, told  by many eyes" whispered I to
My invisible companions, winging with me.

And loomed large in my being my beloved
Moon with whom I fell madly in love in an
Age of unreason and wild infatuation.
She felt compelled to hold me close to her
***** and kissed my sweaty brows gently
A moment of oblivion, now I am one with
The sprit of universe, in thought and deed
When being becomes nothingness, bliss!

The starry nights, embellished in darkness
And light  is my domain till eternity, I have
No loss or gain, what 'I was' cherished is not
Taken from me a bit, in this wingless flight

The stars, a billions lighted souls dancing
In time line far near and eternal began
To hum a celestial tune that becomes all,
That makes the universe, it moves in waves
Holds all together with love and compassion
All the rest are just tales,elements create
You and I, all the rest are myths illusory
Apparition of one and only music eternal.
Gabs Aug 6
What goes up must come down.

It's the law of gravity.

You throw a ball up into the air and what does it do?

It falls right back down towards the ground at the acceleration of 9.81m/s2

It’s the exact acceleration of anything in freefall,
Despite its weight or mass
Despite its shape or value
It falls right back to the ground at 9.81m/s2

So specific.

Well yes.
Yes, because it is important for you to understand this principle of behavior.

You see, the same law occurs in life.

Let’s pretend you were a ball, and I threw you up in the air…

I threw you up so high that you could see the birds and touch the clouds.
I threw you so high that you were gathered up in a breeze, taken across the entirety of the city.
I threw you so high that you were enveloped into a storm, tossed and turned in the wind and rain.
I threw you so high that you emerged from the chaos and floated above the atmosphere.

At this point, you’ve stopped.

For the briefest of moments, you're exposed to one of the most stunning of natural masterpieces.
The sky is painted a pretty titian shade spotted with drops of fuchsia and indigo
The sun shines and sparkles in your peripheral view, glinting and gleaming off of your rounded form.
A heavenly phenomenon.

Yet what goes up, must always come down
And after the briefest of moments, you fall.

You fall right back through the treacherous storms, being pushed forcefully by the wind
You fall right back down towards the heart of the city, tumbling in the breeze
You fall right back down through the clouds and past the birds
You fall right back down until you reach the ground and your journey comes to an end.

Your life comes to an end.

While in the air, you were exposed to a multitude of different situations and scenarios.
You saw beauty and chaos
You were really living.

But in the end, gravity takes its course.

Life takes its course.

Because all that lives must die,

And all that goes up must come down.
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