Cjf Dec 2016
you told me of stars shooting across the skies in bright burst

but you never told me about the kind of stars that plummet into the earths atmosphere

you never described the gravitational pull towards something that goes beyond description

maybe it isn't that simple maybe a catastrophe is meant to happen in order for something beautiful to exist

but goddamnit you're a fucking asteroid in my sky of shooting stars

you lit up this colorful earth with technicolors of your own making

I always knew coloring in the lines wasn't for you

maybe this is a poem about how you snuck your way into my body or better yet drilled a hole into my heart where you plummeted into at full speed and force

maybe it isn't a poem about love
maybe its a poem about how much I hate the person in my skin

and I never told you out of place I felt in my own skin and the words you say make me wanna tear myself out of mine and into yours

and you make me wanna commit sins and write them across the hell written skies

you make me wanna forget my name and only scream yours into the night

you're an astroid that got pulled into my sirens call of angst and desperation

you answered my call and idk what to do when I'm done with you

but fuck if it doesn't hurt not talking to you
it doesn't hurt like a bitch knowing that I see the best of you and still take it for granted
it doesn't kill me inside and twist everything in horrifying ways knowing I want more from you
I want to lie you the fuck down
I want to kiss you and never come up for air
I want to make sure you never forget my mark stained indigo and red on your neck
I want to scratch my name into your back with passion in the lines of every letter

*I want you

and that's the difference between us babe
I don't need you to breathe
to feel
I only want you
but shit
fuck if this is more than I aimed for
fuck if breaking your heart doesn't tear mine out with yours

I need you too.
I struggle to hold myself up
(to a standard, to an ideal,
of self-care, self-respect,
and protection of heart)
But this is a slide
that I have no power over.
This force that pulls me -
(yes, this very idea has gravity)
- This force is unrelenting,
gnawing, sneaky, persistent,
not intentional or malicious,
simply inevitable.
It is a slow erosion
taking a mountain out to sea
when I look,
and a great landslide
swiftly collapsing
when I turn my back.
Where once,
I hung precariously,
I was at least secured
in a temporary equilibrium.
But now
just one cord snaps
and I am swinging,
a safety net not yet woven.
Crown Shyness Feb 27
Fiercely standing
while gravity pushes me to the ground
every sound reminds me of
velocity I do not match.

Why catching butterflies
concenctrating to enlight
powdering the ones
who might be willing
to radiate them
who are caged behind bars
of their own minds ?

nearly fading
hatching birds
which will not be disturbed
by hurting worlds.
Exert what will allow healing
under a ceiling
under the sun!

Free the stunned with anti-weapons
take a step in
where many never go
remove essence
what flattens
Never got to attach...

Why catching butterflies
concenctrating to enlight
powdering the ones
who might be willing
to radiate them
who are caged behind bars
of their own minds ?

Entwine duality
to stop mankind
before the big decline
hits the leftovers!
Burn hellishly
burn a thousand times
       fall and fall
to crawl on the only
you will ever have!
"Everything's falling apart."
I thought you said, or
"Everything's coming apart."

You were so brave,
just a few little tears
for all your fears.
I was impressed
how you hid
your distress.

You told me the story
of the fall,
how gravity
got you after all.

After all your days
of walking on this earth,
it was gravity
that got you -
held you fast
to the ground,
while people
all around
carried on.

A car started up
near your head,
you couldn't move,
couldn't roll over,
you thought you were

The world was spinning
with you on the ground,
waiting for the sound
of a wheel turning
in your direction.

Did you cry out?
You didn't say.
I didn't ask.

© 2011 Verlie Burroughs
This is really personal. A moment in the emergency room at the hospital with my Mom. Yes this really happened. I was in total shock and disbelief. So I tried to write it just the way it happened. Still not over it. Gravity is a powerful force, but love is stronger. She lived for a few months longer, but the fall, a broken hip, and all the ensuing complications took its toll, and she died in hospital. The companion piece to this is 'Desultory' a villanelle which is published here also on my page.
Mystic Ink Feb 17
Accept the limelight,
When the time feel content
Knowing you all are just like me
Reached the edge of 2017.

On the way,
So far, treasuring hope
Fortunate to land on 2018
Yes, We will gain insight
Holding memories, a constant companion
Gravity of 2017,
Imbedded within heart and mind
We will never be apart,
Singing a new melody
All we were, All we will be…..

All we were, All we will be……
The same,
Joining a human race,
Trying for a comfortable breathe
Warm embrace of happy new year.
Let’s wish,
A beautiful sunshine in await.
Happy New Year 2018.
Mystic Ink Feb 7
If given me the universe,    
With culture of humanity,  
I will be searching a divine soul  
A fallen angel,    
With a gravity of morality    
Godly creature of fantasy  

Defying the maternal laws  
Causing emotions standstill  
Echoes oscillate  
Echoes oscillate
Lastly, heard a whisper  
Confessing Love  
Philosophy of Completion  

When, 1+1=1  
Here, Chemistry defy Mathematics  
Gravity of love
Gravity of Love. Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections. 2018.
sunprincess Feb 6
I'm thankful for gravity
and all that is
I'm thankful for flowers and trees,
Birds and bees, you and me
I'm thankful for poets
writing beautiful poetry,
I'm thankful for their pen
and their golden ink
I'm thankful for the soil,
and so much more
I'm thankful for gravity,
and all that is
Steve Page Feb 3
The full, bloody moon
didn't feel that super.
It's powers of persuasion,
the pull of its personality
had ebbed to an all time low.
Oh, how it ached to make
its return journey,
to head back to the light,
to resist the draw
of this lesser sphere
and to answer
the greater solar call.
Each crator craved
to add that greater gravity
to its own
and together give rise
to the highest tides,
to monster surfs
that would daunt
the most arrogant of Canutes.
No amount of talk of waning
would deny this moon
it's rightful place,
turning it's far, dark side
to face the warmth of the sun,
and orbiting on,
into a crescent
of nocturnal renewal.
Prompted by recent blood moons.
Sam Miller Jan 23
Daisy remind me of when i
A reminence of a more peaceful place
A world created from what we bury to deep
A good way to hide whats
truely on the face
But the problem with daisys is there the same as dreams
They die maybe in a few years or even a few days
Reviling the demons and what they mean

Poppies remind me of the war thats been
The hidding of a horrible tradgerdy and the millions it destroys
The mothers and fathers who will Miss there teens
Just to protect the rich's
choir boy
Popies remind me of a world of war
And the millions of people distraught

Roses remind me of
Beautiful on top with thorns underneath
Rips at your skin just to pull you down, with gravity
Picked from the crowed slowly destroyed to make someone else care free
Roses reminded me of society destroying you slowly till your unseen
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