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J 1d
Love is a **** of a drink.
One sip and it makes
you brave enough to
think you can win
against the world.
It also makes you
paranoid and panic
out of your wits as
you stare into the
eyes of obliteration.
But that’s what love does;
it musters courage and
summons the monsters,
then mixes it into a terrifying
concoction called risk.

I know you’re scared.
I am scared shitless, too.
What do you say we
get drunk together?
What do you say we
get drunk together?
How do you know
if you never have tried?
pushing limitations
or just along for the ride?

Have you ever done
a hundred and ten?
the lines look like dots
**** hinting, just when?

Have you ever bluffed out
and pushed to the end?
burned every card
every dollar, too spend?

Have you failed
and learned from the tale?
felt death at your shoulder
like your coffin's been nailed?

And have you truly lived
the thrill of each day?
or my dear friend
have you let safety
get in the way?
The world used to let you make mistakes to learn from, today, your life is so precious they will crucify you for risking it :/ (At least in the US)
I grew up without bicycle helmets, seat-belts, safety warnings, they used to just tell us, "don't be ******" and if you were, that was all on you! I guess, that could be my generation's motto ;D
Yes, I have pushed my limitations, that's how I know, they exist ;D
Take a chance on me
I'll show you respect
and love,
the beauty
of the azure skies,
you're still worth
figthing for,
hold my hands
and we'll turn
sad memories
into butterflies.

Take a risk on me
I'll be the remedy
to your pain,
the silence
of a moonlit evening,
you're still worth
the wait,
for all changes
are in chaos
and now he's gone,
you'll realize
you've chosen
the wrong one.
Copyright © 2018
Check - work nine-to-five, eat, sleep, draw again.
Surviving the day, nothing more, c'est bien.

Or call - easy choice for the hand you were dealt.
Just settle for average; win, lose; both unfelt.

If you need to, just quit; to accept it, just fold.
Be resigned to your fate; easy just isn't bold.

If not, you might lose, see pain, heartbreak, and death.
Bracing for blows that will knock out your breath.

So you didn't call a bluff, didn't sees players who cheat?
Or they raised you too much, now you're feeling the heat.

And life may be a *****, she deals hands unfair.
She's the muscle who beats you; detached, doesn't care.

But here's the kicker, dear life's only tell -
There's so much more out there; fight right to the bell!

'Cuz quitting the game after one bad beat?
You'd risk every win, for fear of defeat?

Not even one pair? Means no partner for life?
No falling in love, no taking the dive.

I guess if you're scared, that's a dangerous risk
Probably not worth the bet.

No three of a kind? No partners in crime?
No best friends for life, no slowing down time?

I guess that you're busy, with your job, for your cheque.
Probably not worth the bet.

And no full house? Means no family to kiss...
No building your future, no dogs, and no kids?

I guess it's hard work to lay down those bricks;
Probably not worth the bet.

No royal flush? No laughter, no tears?
No joy and no sorrow, no fun and no fears?

I guess if the bad scares you more than the good,
Probably not worth the bet.

For you, at least, that all may be fact.
You'll hold back your gambles, buy-in if you're backed.

You save up your chips for just the right hand,
And don't see that they are all equally grand.

For life may be cruel, but she gives loans for chips,
So keep playing the game until your luck flips.

So, me? Hit me, life. I'll stick out my chin.  
In this game we're playing?
****, I'm all in.
I can't believe                      
        letting you
    do this
to me.

                                              I can't believe
                                     letting me
                               do this
                          to me.
Calamity is coming and I know I will be in ruins. She will refuse me. And go after her desired one. And I will be lacerated. Inspired by Static X - Love Dump
without risk, there is no reward,
with no reward, there is no motivation,
with no motivation, there's no risk.
it's a vicious cycle of nothing
Anya Nov 30
Shall I leap
Or step back

Retain the blanket of security
Or explore the uncharted waters of uncertainty

Say what comes will come,
Or grasp the minimal control

Free fall?
Or use the stairs?

One is riskier,
The other is safer,


Then, she says something to me
that makes me realize
my foolishness

We're in the age of computers and technology
If I'm facing a risky proposition,

Why not look it up?
Sometimes we make a big deal out of nothing.
B Sonia K Nov 28
How do you trust someone?
How do you take such heavy risk?
Putting your whole world on hold
Banking on someone's good intentions
And their conscience
Even when you know they are human
And we're inately decietful.
Just how?

Right now I'm afriad
Afraid that I'll loose
Loose it all
All that i invested
Invested in a human.

But this time, I'll chose to trust.
Or should I?

©2018 Busola S. kolade
Calliope Nov 23
You used the oldest play in the book,
But I’m a sucker for antiques and I’m optimistic to a fault.
You said don’t be worried,
But why is this time different?
We’ve always ruined it with our vicious cycle,
And the venom is just sweet enough that even though we are rotting, we still want seconds.
Please don’t let this be poison disguised as nectar.
Next time, I won’t come back.
O Imagination!
Fond of mysterious ways
In my heart ensconced
You opt to stay ensnared
By the web of complexities
You have devised,
I am not surprised.
Now, you cannot be free,
You cannot soar high,
And that will make me weak.
Complications unnerve my mind,
Thinking becomes difficult,
Sanity shivers
And this much I cannot risk.
Brighten your colours
And stay spread far and wide;
My heart cannot be your refuge.
Let not my mind play with you.
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