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Louise May 7
While I return and slow down
to the classics;
the film analog cameras,
vinyl records,
silent movies,
worn-out pocketbooks,
and other novelties
of the old world charm...

I also enjoy the convenience
of the contemporary;
my phone's one-click camera,
spotify premium,
notes app,
and other niceties
that the here and now has to offer...

And while I rev back
to the retro and vintage,
I also race forward
to the excitement and danger
brought about by the internet,
of chatting with a familiar stranger.
of exchanging laughters in electronic.
of feeling emotions from a vague, distant, technical, difficult source.
Oh, the thrill and tragedy of technology.
New age romance
Mrs Timetable Apr 25
Accidental events

Unconsciously drawn
To a peril
You can control

Engendering loss

Unresolved grief

Is data
Created equally
Coping with any loss isn't the same for everyone. Trying to understand.
Do you consider not being able to have something you desire a loss? Is the loss itself worse than the coping?
Zywa Apr 17
An automatic

pilot does not make mistakes --

fatal ones at most.
Collection "Half The Work"
My Dear Poet Apr 15
There’s a hundred and one ways
to impress

and a one in a hundred chance
to pass her test

but I counted on my only chance
and gave it my best

and what do you know
she said, yes.
Rhan Vincent Mar 19
I think I can handle not being your friend anymore.
I think I can live by without talking to you.

Not seeing you is fine, ignoring me? I guess I can live with that?
I stopped because my friends liked you before.

But now, so what if our friends have a history?
Doesn’t matter, I don’t care. What I really care about is you.

And you don’t have to tell me. You look busy.
But no matter how busy. Please take care of your health too.

It’s important for me to know whether you get sick or not.
If you are sick, I don’t feel good. Well, I don't know.

You keep appearing in my daydreams and dreams.
I’d say you’re the girl in my dreams, but that’s just overused.

And to be honest, we almost met face to face before.
I saw you from afar and I just couldn’t bring myself to look at you.

I stopped and crossed to the other street.
Waited a bit just to see you in person and that was worth it.

Maybe because we didn’t know each other; perhaps it was because you are a stranger. I kept being busy trying to forget about it.

Yes, perhaps because we are strangers; but when I opened my eyes.
Every morning, I still thought the same thing.

I thought as much, but what if? You can’t forget that person?
What if it keeps glimmering in front of your eyes and keeps appearing in your mind?

I don’t know. I didn’t want to admit it.
I thought it couldn’t have been the case.

Something I’ve been denying for months, turned out to be true.
My heart races because of you.

I like you.
no, not just that.

I truly like you.
Confession part 2, but this time, it's real and longer.
Steve Page Mar 19
Like buying Irish tea bags in the 'World Food' aisle
I like to take my jeopardy close to my native Isles

I do buy silky underwear, but only M&S
- trying something sexier will only cause me stress

I stick to those experiments with familiar ingredients
You'll never mistaken me for some sort of deviant

I like to take my journeys only slightly off track
I like it when the menu includes a Big Mac

Don't judge me for my caution,
you’ve no idea what it's like
when my mother keeps on telling me,
cosmopolitan is hype
another re-working - forgive me
My Dear Poet Jan 31
“lay low”,
said the lilo
and stay slow
till the wind blow
go down
don’t drown

go on
slip along
stay afloat
in this boat
be brave
stay strong

drift and glide
hover and rest
ain’t it lovely
ride and slide
feeling alive
without a guide
or safety vest
Life is such and so
Don Bouchard Nov 2021
A skater lone soars on new ice.
I hold my breath as I observe
His every pirouette and swerve.

Yesterday, the water lapped a chilling shore;
Today a brilliant skin holds sway.
Thickening hourly though it may,

I wonder at the nature of the glider there;
Does he consider life and death,
Or think beyond exultant breath

To be the first upon new winter's ice?
He sails along an ice-blade track,
Never falt'ring, never looking back.

Oh, I was young upon a time and flew
The way this skater now does fly,
But fear and "wisdom" hinder twice
While others soar above thin ice.
New Ice! Is it safe? Take a Risk! Take a nap....
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