Is a heart ever truely locked away,
Or can it slip through walls just waiting for someone worth taking a chance for.
Risking exposure to the type of pain that most of us were wired to run away from.
Now some of us,
We’re a lot more fucked up in the head.

We see the heartache before it comes;
But the sweet rush of ectasy from holding the right person’s hand,
Is always worth the torment that follows.

Leaving us broken and scared,
Because we still haven’t fully grasped what are minds are capable of doing to our bodies.


Did you enjoy
Stepping into the Crossfire?
Did you enjoy
Your flirtation
With Death?

You're waving your arms. You're trying to convince me that words are more than words. You're cracking open peach pits and looking for flies.
You're wrecking the car, darling.

We're finding places in the pavement to rest our heads, and all I can hear is: I told you so.

I'll risk the dying. I'll risk the trouble. I'll risk the risk. I'll take the keyboard and smash it against the wall. I'll call it a poem, and I'll miss you anyways.

Here, from the cracking ribs rattling toward something so close, so cutthroat, to the moment where you finally get to watch the bliss bleed out.

It's all just one big blood-pumping, give-me-now balancing act, and the things that see the walls of your fist are the feeling you can't shake.

So I will hold you tight and make a lunatic's prayer of you, the world in gloss and the rum you said made you holy. It's useless, but I still try.

Our hells may have been the same, but our heavens weren't.

Pete King May 5

Doing something that truly scares you,
Although you fear the worst for the outcome.
Realizing there's worse shit you could do,
Everything's okay when all's said and done.

Emily Dunigan Apr 27

i don't smoke but i'll take a drags of your cigarettes
just to know what your lips tastes like
and when you ask me if i want my own i'll say no
cause i don't smoke

i thought this would get you hooked on my lips
but they only touch through your blue american spirits
they say cigarettes take years off your life
but i'd risk one of mine for a moment of your time

so i'll smoke of one your cigarettes
just to spend more time with you
then i'll smoke another cigarette
cause one always turns to two

i thought this would get you hooked on my lips
but they only touch through your blue american spirits
they say cigarettes take years off your life
but i'd risk one of mine for a moment of your time

now i've got a pack in my back pocket
cause now i'm addicted to
so would you like to smoke one of me cigarettes
cause i owe this addiction to you

That's why I walked right into her
While I knew she would change
Because change is so natural
She just stepped in my life
And pupate out one fine day
But she will not come back here
Whatever that was thought or said!

For she is just another butterfly,
And I'm not looking for insects.

My HP Poem #1508
©Atul Kaushal

Feeling free with the warm sand under my feet
A playful warm energy fills the air with a relaxing summer breeze
Waves relentlessly crashing into the shore with a passionate roar
Just to retreat in a peacefully silent murmur
Kids running around in pure glee
Charging into the waves so care free without fear of being dragged out to sea
While others tip toe around while the water grazes their feet
The brave ones jump into the sea just to feel complete
A feeling of being with themselves and the sea
A feeling that terrifies many but those that want to feel complete
Once you jump there’s no way to return without fighting the sea
If you are lucky you will feel complete without a concern of being dragged out to sea

Now I sit here staring out into the sea
Occasionally dancing around the edge of the sea
Sometimes I will walk waist deep into the sea
But always return to the safety of this beach
Feeling free after I fought to get back to this sandy beach
Afraid to jump in so care free because I don’t think I got another fight left in me to get back to this beach
I just hope when I get the courage to jump back into the sea
That I will get swept off my feet and taken with ease

Megan Apr 2

You’ve been playing this every day since you stopped being happy.
Your chances are one in six but you haven’t fired,
ever, you waited for the right moment to play the game right.
There are rules in everything, you know,
and you’ve been waiting for this.

But now you’re doing it.
You’re drunk and you’re doing it, you resigned yourself to that
even before you picked up the bottle of vodka
and the gun.
You’ve come close a few times, to loading it,
but you just end up smoking a few cigarettes and telling yourself to
calm down; calm down.

Calm down.
Calm down.
Calm down.
You wouldn’t be doing this if you didn’t want it.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Think about cups of cold coffee and morning shifts at work.
Calm down.

You’re not calm.
Remember the everyday of sadness,
the restlessness; the loneliness,
the drives to the shops just to spend money just to do something just to get out of your room.
Calm down. You’re in your room.
Pull it like you’re used to it.


Are things better now that you’re dead?
Are you happier, wiser, more meaningful?
Are you calm?
Are you calm?
Are you calm?
Are you calm?
Are you calm?
Are you calm?

Kasey Wheeler Mar 24

We let each other go
With the wisp in the silence that was in between
You had hurt me so deeply
But you'll never know
For it was time to let go

There are no hard feelings,
No second guesses,
You did what you said
For the first time ever

And trust me
It was a breath of relief knowing that we were free
From these bounds that we once called home

I'm sorry that it didn't work out how we wanted it to
Or how we imagined it would be
But that was for the best

I wasn't made to be in your life forever
And that's okay
People change

However the world still stays the same
It'll still rotate on its axis
And the world would move on

This isn't such a bad thing,
We left a mark together in our own worlds
In our own way
That's what matters most

Our time has come to a close
But that is not such a bad thing
It was for the best, my long lost friend

I wouldn't change a thing

This is goodbye, my friend

I wish you the best

Talked to her, she understood. Now we have been parted

Sparrows in brisk flight,
divide, avoid the tower
their reunion seamless!

Nature teaches every creature the laws of avoiding conflict
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