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“It’s not you,” You tell me.
But I can’t make you see that security is always fleeting. But I will not be. And I just want that to be enough.

I just want to be enough.
I think I’ve calmed your mind on this subject, now. I hope I have.
Nina Sep 29
I knew
That i would fall for him
When i first saw him
And at that moment
I knew
I would get hurt
But i didn't mind the pain
I didn't  mind
Killing myself
For him
He was like a poison to me
Something so dangerous
Yet I'd risk my life for
R Sep 26
Puedes tener a todas las mujeres que quieras

Pero si las tienes a todas,



será tuya
Anastasia Sep 16
i risk
my existence
as i fall
into you
sophia Sep 9
Sometimes in order to
See the light,
You have to risk the dark.
Owen Cafe Sep 6
How do you know.
How should I know.
How do they know,
and they do know.

Forward or back.
Leap or linger,
Gift or a curse.

Fear of falling.
Questions of the over analyser.
Lyda M Sourne Aug 31
I won't write you a poem
Because I know that when I do
I'll fall in love with you
And I can't risk that
Pursuing ardent fervor
Lured toward peaceful obscurity
Freedom's abandon
Enticingly treacherous
Elusive assurance
I let down my walls for you--
a complete stranger with sad eyes,
hunched figure, face down,
back plastered in dimly lit corners.

We held hands as we toured through galleries,
artificial sceneries, and slopes overlooking the city.
I let you sit beside me in craters other people dug up
just to see if you could fill in the spaces they left.

But you dug your own,
left me wondering how you could
claim love, promise me new planets
and then leave
just as they did.

I let down my walls for you--
even when I knew I'd risk drowning
for people whose words slowly turned into lies
once they decide to abandon ship.

I let down myself,
in hopes that maybe you wouldn't.
But you did,
the worst part was all of you did.

Now my walls aren't the only ones left crumbling
but my deteriorating furnished interiors
barely holding up the framework
of what the people I love keep tearing down.
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