Golden goblet fills itself with sparkling water
Granting eternal life to one who sips slowly
Quenches thirst, giving more light years-
To the deserving drinker who stumbles upon it

Unsatisying and insatiable
Taking away all your days-
To the undeserving drinker hungry for power

Its magical grandeour versus its life sucking curse-
Is a fate determined by the living, luminous vessel.

Sparkle sparkle sparkle...

12:23 am . Monday, 21st , August, 2017.
J Aug 18

For a slightest chance,
All chips are in, all cards, drawn.
Some say I'm foolish;
Yes, maybe, but I don't care.
Happiness is just too rare.

Life is too short. Risk it. Take the chance.
seluring Aug 17

she is the kind of a girl who is keen,
like a foxglove flower that i've never seen,
beautiful and elegant on its looks,
but seems to be very poisonous.

a bell-shaped highly toxic flower,
a life ruiner and a happiness killer,
a flower that is very dangerous,
that love requires you to be very cautious.

she can cause irregular heart function,
severe pain and hallucination,
that's the reason why it's hard to love,
a girl that's like a foxglove.

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In a field
School kids
go to war,
In the field
go to work.

Morn after morn, He awoke alone
And prayed for her return
Until the truth made itself known
That to have her heart, He'd have to learn

To gather up all of his strength
And fly away from here
To let love carry him any length
And not be driven by fear

If I stayed the same and did not move,
By the world I'd be left behind
I'd be static in my opinions and views
And be cast from others' minds

So I must evolve in my character
And the things I do and don't believe
Not so much to please another,
But in order to shape my higher self, and make that higher self, me

With this He made a promise, for today, and not tomorrow
To not be frightened by how the wind blew
To not be kept back by regret and sorrow

And so to his dreams, He flew

Each move intrepid.
So much could be lost, but oh
How much could be won...

- p. winter

Demonatachick Jun 17

House collapsing around me, fragile foundations surrounding.

Worries revolving
Walls dissolving

DIY russian roulette, take a shot, pull the trigger, it's not as if you're worries can get any bigger.

Follow the pipes, plug the leak, watch out for mice, fear the squeak.

Nests in the attic, hungry chicks craving all, but if this rot continues, both our houses shall fall.

Risk, a pipe burst in my friends house and know they need to rip out an entire wall as it's rotted, it gave me inspiration to write this

or, alternatively
i can 180 it
and try it with you

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