RBWhite 5h
I loved it how you move in me,
I love it how you touch me,
My only,
When we're done,
I do believe,God is a Woman,
I feel it in the moonlight,
I can't fight my feelings,
When you say and do,
I do believe,God is a Woman,
In a one time space,
You keep on flourishing,
When its not how it should be for me,
Between your lungs,I see all I need,
I should know what I can't,
Whenever feelings get in my hands,
It will only take your blessing to save my saying,
And believe,that God is A Woman,
In your warmth, I find my light,
My will for sins will save me from loosing,
God is in you,
God is in my one,
God is in your lungs,
Its within your dissolve,
I believe,indeed,
God is a Woman.
Ariana Grande deserves the recognition she is getting. And I declare my life to be in favor of all the women who feel less than they are. Love and passion will always win. Don't fucking give the fuck up!!!
Step into my room and close the door behind you
Slowly undress me while I undress you
Kiss me all over as I lose my breath
Take me into your mouth as I take you into mine
Moans fill the room, hickies are left, scratches are made
Tie my hands above my head
Blindfold me
Please me the release me
Let me take control
I love this tie it's my favorite
Let me use it
Round after round, explosion after explosion
Sweat drips, out of breath and damn near dehydrated
Now just laying in wet spots in each other arms
Kissing and becoming one
I know this is a little risky but I wanted to post something a little different.
I've read that No Man is an Island, (John Donne),

I believe it true.
One loss,
diminishes the whole.


Like you, I am just one,
doing my part to be Me.
Just like You.


Joining together,
We strive.
Lifting up one other.

"That's a small thing."

Not to Me.
To Me it is the World.

"They don't matter."

They do,
They are all there is.

"It won't change anything."

Not for Us,
We do not travel alone.

Every breath,
unwiped tear.

Solitary fear.

Fleeting Solidarity.

                                                   ­                                  rthompson
Send not to know,
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.  (John Donne)
I imagine kissing you
Feels like the take off
In an airplane shuttle,
Pressure in my mind
Blood racing
Through my veins,
My senses disappear
Leaving me
With only instinct
And my hands to work with,

My legs give out
To the pressured cabin

As my eyes begin
to open
I’ll see

The thing is

I don’t know who you are

This isn’t real

I’m still searching for this moment

Memories in my thoughts roam

Stuff that hasn’t happened before

I’m still searching for someone
That will make my heart tremble
And rumble my thoughts
A rumble so powerful
That will close my eyes
And dilate my pupils

Butterflies in my stomach will dwell

And nothing,
I tell you,

Will be better than flying with you.
Save me from this battle
That I have declared
It is fierce and bloody
I am trembling and scared

A knife pierces my side
An arrow reaches my heart
Please clean my wounds
Or from this life I must part

Save me from this war
This tidal wave of death
I am no longer my own ally
I'm breathing my last breath

Save me

Save me from myself
PiLomus 3d
Identifying this domain, naming it life,
Thinking am I the main, just hiding in disguise,
Exploring the world gaining in size,
Singing endless stories to my side,
Working for the day when answer will become one,

Myriad possibilities are there to come,
Questioning will this is the one or someone else has to hum,

The dream becoming reality,
when life will be calling and acceptance will come.
All will fathom one and one will fathom all.
A journey will welcome a journey in rise.
One will start understanding the blunder,
And never will the veracity of a dream be in plunder,
A proliferating uncovering will arise,
And Sapiens will ask Is this world suffice?
Life is full of possibilities if you are possible.  A heartly tribute to Chester Bennington
Someone hands me a problem
All wrapped in distress
Packaged in pain
"Can you carry this"

I see the hurt in their eyes
From carrying everything so long
I take the parcel with a smile
"Don't worry at all"

"Can you carry this?"
Another asks
Holding out a bag of sorrow
Laced with depression

"Of course"
I say
Without another thought

They relax
As the pack goes from their back
To mine

I sink lower to the ground

"Can you carry this"
Holding out a burden of self resentment
Tied with a ribbon of anxiety

A little more won't kill me

The burden is set down on my shoulders
I get a little heavier
My bones aching with the weight
My feet digging cracks in the pavement

I paste a smile on my face

Then you come around
"Can you carry this?"

I took one look in your eyes

Your sack was the heaviest of them all

My very essence trembled
Under the weight
Of your burden

I was close to the breaking point

But you needed me,
So I carried on

Pretending that I could bear it all
They say
Growing old
Is hard.
That the
Years beyond
Are the single
Most terrfiying
Thing anyone
Could encounter.
Knowing you'll
Be with me
Makes me
A little less

             (p.p) 7/15/16 10:31pm
She stares in my nervous eyes
Her steady hand touches mine.
Im breathing her in, the air's getting thin.
Im open wide.

She presses her lips to mine,
My hands climbing up her thighs.
And all I could see was pure ecstacy
Oh, my head wont stop spinning,
No, my heart won’t stay still.
Oh, nothing can be better...no,
She has only begun.

She's laying inside my arms
While she seduces me with charm.
My emotions sway, I beg her to stay
Recover my beating heart
So naive from the start.  
I know that she'll leave once she's done with me

Oh, this room won’t stop spinning
No, what have I become?
Oh, the fantasy's over...no,
I am coming undone.
Do you ever think about me
The way I think about you?

Do you ever feel
The sound of the fuse
As you turn the lights off,
It’s like the light switch
It’s the start to it all.

Impure thoughts
Roam my mind,
Those horrible thoughts
I’m addicted to,
That I should leave behind

And think about you
The light of day
The electricity in my mind
That roams Wild
Without a fuse box,

You drive away
These demons that
In my eyes stay,

They made a home
Not just a house,
Or an apartment,
At this point
I’m someone they can call home
As fast as I know
The name of every last
One of them

You don’t know how much you matter,
How much you help
When you actually decide to stay

Thank you.

Thank you for not knowing
How I see you in my mind

Thank you for being there
Without knowing I needed you

Thank you
Just, thank you.

Plain and simple
You are the light
That scares the dark away
And will always
Protect me
From the demons
I should be drowning,
But drown me instead.

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