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Amanda 3d
It starts with only a sip
Turns to a chug
Shot is soon to follow

Next have a drink
What damage could one do?
First wasn't bad
Why not two?

A beer switches to six-packs
Twelve-pack to a keg
Before you know
You are on your last leg

A glass of wine daily is fine
Til glass grows into a bottle
Coasting gently one second
Next speeding wide-open

What begins as play and fun
Soon escalates to live-or-die
Stops being casual
You partake without knowing why

The line between both are fuzzy
Tipping point never clear
Problem is you cannot see it
After you approach near

Once you have crossed there's no going back
Life becomes a sinking ship
Pause a minute and ask yourself
"Is it worth the cost?"
Before choosing to take that "harmless" sip
I got a typewriter for my birthday and this is the first poem I wrote using it
Donna May 19
Pigeons flew in sky
One land upon a tv view :))
I thought of this one a few weeks ago I’m always seeing pigeons where I live funny little things they are , anyway just a fun one hope it makes u smile 👍😊
Stay safe take care **
Rox90 May 19
This universe has a billion stars
In our lives we see a billion stars
Each of them close together
You wish you would look at them forever
However there is one moon in the sky
All alone as the birds fly
There universe only has one moon
In our lives we see only one moon
I wish I would be the moon in your life
Nolan Willett May 18
Truth is found when one can
Reconcile the irreconcilable
That’s why it’s so elusive
And Illusive
Because you can’t,not completely,
At least not humanity,
Paradoxes obscure, but also vindicate,
The all
And everything.
And creation is a scientist
And we are its Petri dish,
And creation is a mystic,
And we are its parish.
Science the soul
InkHarted May 17
a man wonders why
like a cage a single meaning is trapped
to a symbol of many faces
like moonshine being time for a romance
for it is also when the predators hunt,
a man wonders why like a fox the world is written
and like a rabbit we fall for its snares
people ignore to see our symbol of peace
murdering a wee lil worm,
how is it a prison is meant to keep things locked inside
when its actually keeping people out of our reach
how religion breaks war
and love fosters hate
why are we blinded like bats
and why are we deafer than snakes.
by showing forth even the poets blindness to his own usage of symbolism as he uses similes and metaphors to show there are no such things proves the theme of the poem as a paradox and self-contradictory piece
Jace Joesph May 16
You can attempt to live your whole life perfectly, try your best and show commitment in everything you're passionate about, spend years planning your future and setting up your life.
But it's really scary to know everything you ever strived for can be lost in one unfortune day.
Just one day is all it takes.
saranade May 15
I know I can't be everything to you
But I can be something
That something is the best thing
It's the thing you'll love
You'll love to have

I don't want to be your everything
I want to be a golden something
The one thing you love
And more of that one thing
Is the everything I offer

That one magic thing you want
It's everything I am
It's everything I want to be
It's everything to be that one thing
It's everything for me

If I give you my everything
I know I can be that something
That beautiful thing
That you need in your life
It's my everything
It's me
I want to be the one who gives you that first kiss.
I want to be the one who puts that ring on your finger.
I want to be the one who loves you all night.
I want to be the one who you first see in the morning.
I want to be the one who makes you that cup of coffee with a kiss on your lips.
The one who wants to love you all my life.
Don't live in hope for a better future. The better future we hope for is a farce. Live now, love now, love fiercely. Make each moment count.
Advice to a friend in love
Maria Etre May 4
It's a change of words
that leads to a change of worlds
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