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please don't make me to commit , for i've got none to cheer me to live

please don't make me cry again and again , for i've got none to wipe those tears

please don't remind me that you are nearer , for i still haven't started living my own life..
Inside the shoes of a hopeless person..
If u see someone who desperately need some care/affection/friendship,
just give them plenty when they got not many..
grave Jun 19
well, insurance won’t cover my therapy anymore, but at least writing is free.
i mean. it’s not free in the sense that one needs writing supplies but hey, you get the point.
Khoi Apr 8
Friends, foes
afford me a word
this is the truth
yet to others
Freedom owns no skin
Freedom owns no land
this simple message
with the racist
on the oval called the third.
Ren Sturgis Jan 25
I looked at you and I knew,
that my day had just begun.
You looked at me with that smile,
loaded with tons of fun.
We looked at each other,
and together we became one.
pradipsingh Oct 2021
Love doesn't require any explanation to love
Valya Oct 2021
I breath in and out
Taking back control over myself
It's been a month since I actually started posting and I'm really happy that I did :)
Mark Wanless Oct 2021
can there be a one
conqueror of time knowing
i do not think so
Cara Anne Sep 2021
I'm terrible at this!
But aren't we all?
How does one successful say goodbye to one of the biggest portions of their life?

Do we treat it as a ****** in our life story?
Or is it simply just a new chapter featuring a dingy blank page?
If so, how does one keep clicking away on the keys of their typewriter in hopes that it won't jam.
To build the strength and aspirations that one will not have to face the frustration and sorrow of restarting a page that was difficult to begin with.

Could this writing journey be boldly stated as an example underneath the definition for the grieving process.
Clearly stating and defining one's inability to keep moving forward, and one's refusal and disbelief to accept that a chapter in one's life is ending.
But truly, how does one simply try to move on from love, happiness, and laughter?

How does one extinguish the fire that is burning a ******* hole in their story?
What does one do to fill the void of a missing soul?
I guess I will just have to let you know as I navigate this uncharted storyline, but I am dreading the day I have to wave my final farewell.  

One of the hardest days will be when I have to mournfully watch our pages softly close.
Closely followed by the weeks, months, and years that it takes for the once crisp white pages to turn crinkled and yellowed.
Just remember that I'll always love you lots and lots and lots, and that I'll always carry my beautifully bound book with all the lessons and stories that you told!
Rainswood Sep 2021
You said your address is 7773
Come out to the country and see me.
I launch myself into your open arms.
You catch me midair, as you always do.
Mine is 3777.
Same side of the mountains as you
Surprised, but I don’t know why.
Our numbers consistently align
We should be used to the subtle reminders
of the inner workings of the universe
By now
It’s been happening to us for years.
So interesting how numbers appear to us if we’re paying attention. I don’t think it’s random
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