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pradipsingh Aug 28
How can I feel you
When I am not the bee
To kiss your flower

How I can love you
When I am not the
Lover of your life

But none was needed
To be a one sided love
Thay say whole world is your canvas
Paint whatever you want
But no one's tell you
It has to be
Straight n perfect
Be my beautiful reader
PS Aug 10
They say that love is blind
The truth is just, love is pure.
She is patient, she is kind,
She’s unrefined and yet, demure.

Through her looking glass she sees
Spots of flaws and marks of pain
Why do you cry so much, darling?
How can I never make you feel that way again?

Love should know that beauty fades,
She should know that looks are weak
But love cannot be easily stuck in place
Not all who claim to find can truly seek.

Are you the measure of the man?
So wonderful in writing
But is your face too faithless
Shockingly unbeguiling.

Is love so shallow that she can’t see
How you give her the world?
But is it her prerogative to be
After those who make the heart twirl?

Will love be another one with a seven
With plenty of zeros to his name?
How does her nature suffer
When it is love you seek to tame?
She is personified.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 4
One half
is one in two.

The other half
is one’s dream
comes true!
Laokos Jun 20
if you think that you are
no better than your
current circumstances
then you are right

if you think that you are
better than your
current circumstances
then you are right

two keys
one locks your cage
one opens it

which one will
you use
Ylzm Jun 4
The Other—Tolerate, don't show your hate
Turn away the Eye and Feet but not the other Cheek
The Weak's in Power now, but we're Strong
Rights we have even to Defend them in Blood
Intimidate, in Silence, or Not, but Legal
History's on our side, Evil shall not prevail
Greater we shall be, only a Foretaste we've had
We shall be One, and no Other, and by Choice
I wouldn't have changed
Variegated cloaks birth after birth
If I weren't born
The population of the world
Would've been less by one
If I weren't born
An engineer would've been less
If I weren't born
One son would've been less
One husband would've been less
One father would've been less
One brother would've been less
One brother-in-law would've been less
And of course one petty poet on HelloPoetry would've been less
If I weren't born
Would it have been of any consequence?
In this world of 7.9 billion population
Surely of no consequence for them
In the journey of eternal quest of mankind
For me it would've been of infinitely huge consequence
All Is would've been I
I would've been God!
If I weren't born
Raven Feels Jun 1
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, this is my revival:p

this time I fluctuate

I breathe annihilation

what got rid of me I got rid of liberation

the hurt carried on the pearl as seen before

makes me moon the past a perfect doom not ignore

more I find reckless but in good tenders

bile arisen comes to a chocolate cake remembers

something for me for once and all

the apart rejoined from the great unregretted fall

said suffer time on the twentieth last of year

a June not ought for my happiness not dear

not a remnant

since then but not worth the resentment

other than a rapid eye above buried graves

let be dreaded for my save

mentioned a one to hurt one to dream

a revival knows the uniqueness that beams

now one to petty one to go

one to memory one to soon

my compass is to be found in dune

Snipes May 9
One day
I’m gonna have to
Open up a door
To a bright light
Or a dark escape
I’m gonna have to
Walk through
One day
Wake up too
A door
Ready for
What’s afterwards
One day
I’m gonna have to
What’s afterlife
mark soltero Apr 30
sometimes i am not the one
you taught me that

narcissistic to my core i will admit
i never thought that i could do what we've done

you get to know me on the same level as god
because i have allowed you to

you have kept and created spots in my heart
that only you could fill

you make me feel like bag on the freeway
floating, fast and melting at the seam
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