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Though both were born of cosmic flame
They fought too much for both were the same
And so they split night from day
So the other may always have their way...

But the cosmic ties that bond their hearts
Could never truly be pulled apart
So once in a blue moon, and every other red sun
The sky becomes dark...and the two become one.
olujimi Feb 4
Loving her was like  
A one ticket straight to deathūüė≠
Thousands of murderers in this world
People curse their existence
They wish to eliminate them
One only murders only one
The number of murderers
Remains constant
If the process goes on indefinitely
Whole population of the world would be wiped out
Except the murderers!
Murderers wouldn't be eliminated
Their number stays constant!
Read in conjunction with "WRONG FOCUS".
V Jan 23
Staring, unblinking oblivious in thought
She yearns for someone, for anyone,
Yet relieved no-one is there,
For it is easier to mourn alone.

She tumbles and swirls inconspicuous to all,
Through turbulent cascades of grief.
Sleepless nights have become sleep fuelled days
Haunting memories of how a loved one left.

Neither had found courage to say farewell
To reminisce one’s life so full
For death enveloped their every thought
Til one final breath and..........

Now orphaned in her world so raw
Tears help unleash the pain within
As sobs subside amidst disbelief,
she slides bereft upon the floor.  
And lies quite still, a last deep breath, 
as eyelids choose to close once more.
Armand Jan 22
The last time I saw you
I had too many pieces
For you to try and glue

The last time I heard your voice
Was when they picked up your phone
And sent that voice message

"I want us to work, I'm sorry I walked away. I panicked, I think I'm pregnant"

My eyes were red
My heart was dead
My tears were shed
My arms have bled
My soul has cried

Now I don't know, if it was the drugs
Or if they really were thugs

It really happened so quick
I still have our ***** mugs
Sitting in the kitchen for nearly a week

"I want us to work, I'm sorry I walked away. I panicked, I think I'm pregnant"

If I just wanted to listen
Or answer your calls
Maybe you'd still be alive     (d)

Yeah baby I want us to work, but they say regret comes too late
I don't want us to be over, but they told me it was fate
I don't want
To believe
Fate could've taken you
There was no reason

"I want us to work, I'm sorry I walked away. I panicked, I think I'm pregnant"

My eyes are red
My pupils are dead
All week my liver has bled
No tears were shed,
But my soul has cried
A little song I wrote in memory a while ago
Christina Dec 2020

He was a wonderful, gentle soul
Always had everything under control
Born one of many
Back in nineteen twenty

Enemies weren't ever  made
He fought as a Master sergeant, facing the dark crusade
With people he saved

Went home after the war
To his wife, who he adored
Was a father of two
Who was very close to

Mr. Fix- it
Which he never once quit
Had four jobs to progress in life
His wife never once left his side

A Simple man, at best
Never had the chance to take a rest
Loved his hot, cozy comfort food
Never once saw him in a foul mood
Always robust with happiness and soaring energy
But time passed on and began to get elderly

As the years grew closer
And he got older
His health was at risk with his heart
Not wanting to begin to fall apart

He slipped away on Christmas Eve morning
Not giving us any warning
In nineteen ninety-seven
Now he resides in heaven

The only time he comes back alive
Is in my mind, fast asleep
When at times, I can hear his ghost creep
Silently into my room
And then suddenly wake up feeling in a slight gloom
Even though I can't see him I can feel his spirit all around
Wishing how he could’ve lived in our small Tennessee town

Albert left a legacy
Of how people should act and be
But those kinds of ways are all gone
He would've loved his life, living on Saint John
It's been Twenty-three years since he's passed
It's crazy how one's life can be gone in a flash
Tooba Dec 2020
you got a girlfriend
but you say you love me
you got a girlfriend
but you say you need me

what is this behavior?

you always talk to me
whenever you are free
but you yourself
want to be
my topmost priority
now darling tell me

what is this behavior?
james nordlund Dec 2020
Starshine, I delight in, even if you're all
that's left of brilliant one, traveling
100,000's of years to this eye,
your shine will e'er be, for all eternity,
for I see you, now, you're being me too.

Ne'er a false-flag upon this brow, e'er bowed,
never cowered, humility's task at hand,
basking in the grind, as darkness must abound
light, just another body on la machine's
gears, blood may be no more than grease,

a tease, possibly, as I'm love, always will be,
to their delight, as they only strike
while the iron's hot, every moment,
as I must be not.  While their might
might make right, it e'er makes wrong, so

fraternity's song, shadows mimic whilst
speaking of light, rules, to the wee's
delight, as their dance of dark/light,
like agua uncontainably articulating,
sprouts wings, alights, takes flight.
Happy HanKwanMas.  Inspired by line, " tilted brain found a home in your lapis skies...", by JCA.  Thanx for the great contest and all you All do.  Have a good day   :)   reality
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
You and I are one
Love deep, true, and strong like stone
Always together
Written 1-2-20
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