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LSD 2d
It has been a while in time

-—However not out of reach

I was trying to climb highs

-—I’d dared not before dream

The whisper that followed

-—My every step into more sorrow

Softening with thy gentle hum

-—The less of the hollow i become

Not in view but within my range

-—I’ve settled a life within a place

Stiller, the quieter the strange

-—A hymn has me filled my gaze

Covering the eyes, i have them closed

-—For it’s in the heartbeat, ye old drum

The beat swung with wings that started to sing

—I thought i recognized the song

Laying still, bathed, i bask in your suns—-

—-I absorb thy lights and the winds blow in my back

All so i can let them move me as one—-
A visit from the nightingale
One hundred years ago
There was silence
We hoped it was forever
Forever is a short time historically
But, it stopped
For a while
And there was peace
For a while

The silence was loud
It was heard around the world
For a while
Soon, the silence faded
But there was silence
For a while

One hundred years ago
The war ended
It was the war to end all others
For a while
One hundred years ago
There was silence
Except for the wind in the poppies
For a while
Remember WWI. Remember it was the war to end all wars. It didn't. May all those who died be thought of this November 11.
You know, I haven't written in a while.
It's been hard, because I don't know what makes me smile
anymore. I see one's eyes, feel his fingers through my hair,
while, on another note, I cannot forget how another one cared.
I thought love was something that I once knew,
until my love for my best friend suddenly grew.
I fought and I argued and I justified the means,
but now my heart hurts from hearing my head's screams.
I'm torn, I'm broken, and my heart has been shattered.
I don't know what to think, as my romantic thoughts scatter.
I can't help that one is so close of the two,
but also can't help but wonder if the One is You.
Eenie, meenie, miney, mo;
why were you the one to go?
Why is another one so close by?
How can you both cause my heart's cry?
The time is not now, so I'll wait for it's end,
but it's difficult when some want to be more than friends.
I wonder if this collision is sometimes inevitable,
but if this is it, how could I feel so terrible?
I don't hate the kindness or subtle ways of affection,
but it feels like that's the surface of this overwhelming infection.
One overtakes me completely, working hard with great intention,
while another barely speaks, and he has all of my attention.
Which love is greater? Is there such a love as this
that can take my breath away with a subtle little miss,
or is it of another, the one who gives me all his time
to sweep me off my feet while the ground is one my mind?
Am I falling in love or caught in it's memory?
Can I call it quits now, or still wait for my legacy?
If I knew, I wouldn't be ranting in a poem.
I just wish I had closure, so I could better know Him.

Love is scary for the impatient ones, as there is danger in the unknown... but why is this unknown?

I don't know.
How do you tell someone that you miss them,
but without hurting them again?
How do you tell someone that means the world to you,
How do I tell you that I miss you without using words?

You always told me I would regret this, but what I regret the most is not being able to share my life with you anymore.

She isn't the one that got away, but
she's the one I pushed away. I'll always be sorry,
I hope you are happy because your smile will forever be tattooed in the back of my mind.
So much pain in the bottom of a seally bag
And it reminds me of the life I could of really had
For every scar on my arm it never made me stay clam
Left my head ringing like alarm
The itch always burning like its ******
A need that I just couldn't run away from
And when I look around today and wonder where the **** have all my mates gone
Shackled up in chains I can't see they will ever break from
An this is only take one
But there's no take two
So I'll have to make do
Knowing there's a part of me that loves and a part that really hates you
I never meant to hate you
I never meant to hate you
Can't be won easily by someone,
But can be easily shattered in pieces by THE ONE;
It is a game of mind where some are **** good,
And some give up because they are misunderstood;
Many relate this to a thin piece of a wood,
Who would break it for their own good;
No one care about trust of somebody,
They won't even care to help someone drinking Bacardi;
Some stay away from this mess,
and they also stay away from having stress;
Some have it on anybody disregarding who they are,
And in the end they all wanna go away very far;
Read the instruction before entering in this GAME,
Because everybody in this game is going to divert you from your aim;
I suggest you to trust only a mirror,
Because he is the one who shows whether you are superior or inferior.
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