You're light and bubbly.
You are intoxicating.
I drink you in,
and it goes straight to my head.
I inhale your breath
and I'm higher than
the mountains I would climb to
get my fix of you.
Your side of the bed hasn't even cooled
and I need more of you,
just one more kiss,
one more minute,
just one more.

the day will come
when I wont feel the need
to check up on you

sooner than I could have hoped

Sam 2d



who are you

there is no reconciliation between the 2

"Our Heavenly Father Jehovah. May your name be forever sanctified. May your Kingdom come, and your Will be done on Earth as it has already passed in Heaven"

Zan Balmore Apr 18

Words meant to hear
now float in aether.
The taut bowstring
of progress murders
growth. Did I speak right?
I'm interfaced. No words
were misspoken.

Analog dreams
sink below radio
active energies.
A face for a name,
a name to a face.
Several worlds await
my input.

I wear more faces
that I own by proxy
than I show my own.
If the skin doesn't fit,
I have other names
and more skin.
I'm interfaced.

cosima Apr 15

we write because no one listens

no one ever wants to listen to a sad girl.
Katli Mathobela Apr 15

We held each other up
Only to see us let go
We built each other up
Only to tear each other down
You lost yourself,
Trying not to take me down with you
You let me go
So that you wouldn't hurt me
I wanted to help find you
But this is a journey that you must travel alone
Patient is what I have to be
Because you cant get over love easily
Til you have found yourself
I will wait
So that I can finally utter the words
I love you

© Katli Mathobela 2017

They enjoy so many women throughout the weeks and months

And here I am thinking about the same one throughout all that time.

Why be in a palace of princesses when you can have one with a Queen?

One that impacts my moods and inspires my dreams

Somebody that is on your team

Until the end of time itself

Why would you want a drove of women who don't really care about you like that?

I want to be able to do what I love and come home to whom I love so deeply

She makes me joyful and easy to act weeply

What a wonderful heart that's steeply

Into hers.

A sensible man

Will long for who he loves forever.

Nateive Son Apr 13

Let it be said,
That big chief Eliot,
Is a man of his word.

Perhaps you'll notice,
Big green lock in left hand browser bar,
Huh huh!

Big Chief Eliot keeping us safe,
Guiding the fire in our hearts,
Or at least trying his very best.

I feel all fuzzy inside.

So imagine if the dollar you found under your bed,
Or out on Blueberry Avenue,
Went into his wallet,
And then fueled this channel,

It can be done,
We have the technology.

All it takes is a dollar,
To make me holler.

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EM MacKenzie Apr 13

If I could do it all, know that I would,
but I can't, and I'm not sure what to even do,
but I've figured out that you can't be misunderstood,
if everyone knows they can't understand you.

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