i'm sorry i took over
she said don't be sorry
pressure you to sing
and now you are
because i am writing this
so you can sing


elin my baby
we will sing together
so soon
and i cant wait


EveryONE needs someONE
to love and hold
to talk and laugh
to smile and
make memories with
After all
We all have ONE life
to live
There will only ever be
ONE of us
So treasure every second of it.

it does not matter

please take my hand
i'll show you light
in st ives

do what's right

just love no threat i promise now
D A N E Jul 18

A month ago,
life was so predictable.
A never-ending routines thinking,
for how long am I going to be like this?
But then you came along,
and I finally found where I belong.

We had our own separate worlds,
but a same life where it's still dull and grey.
Felt like something was missing,
we didn't know what it was yet.
when we still didn't know what to say,
I found a lost soul like my own.

Then comes the second day,
we talked for hours straight.
Endless stories and jokes were said.
At one point you caught me off guard,
with the three special words you've said.
I love you, so random and out there.
Still made me smile nonetheless.

In a span of three days,
you already took my heart away.
Within three days,
I knew I had to meet  you one day.
For three days,
I was falling slowly every single day.
I finally called you mine on a Sunday.

A month have passed,
though it feels like only a week.
And every time you're the one I seek.
We talked, cried, argued, and laughed.
I've never felt like this, so loved.
You became my life, my love.
The best one I'll ever have.

Shofi Ahmed Jul 17

Throw anything around us  
either way as you please.
But not even a single grain of salt
us all stuck in a single wound.
What we want is not more than one
Our eyes don't blink just watch.
Any how any way  
east, west, south, north is fine.
Goodness knows
we all got caught
just for one single reason.
Just the one, that's all.

You and I
an easiest lie
we shouldn't even try
nothing to justify

we may lie
but cannot deny
we are the one , never to unify

Zani Jul 15

Sometimes I sit around and talk to myself
Then I choose to write it down
I’m trying to figure out if I’ve gone crazy
Because I’m addicted to the sound

The music wont stop
Because when the beat drops
Its what makes the culture come around
It doesn’t matter if they think you’re lazy
They’ll be crazy about your sound

When you see the whole is much greater than the sum
We are all breed of many colours as one

Bless this mess
There’s too many confessions to make
The last mistake I made
Was to underestimate

That there’s a limit to the past though
It stops with what we choose
To put our clever mind on
So if you’re living in the past dear
I suggest you come along

When you see the whole is much greater than the sum
We are all breed of many colours as one

Sometimes I sit around and talk to myself
And when I say it all out loud
It starts to feel more like that I’m awakening
Its the awakening of the sound
Yes there is no mistaking
Its the awakening of the sound

Lyrics written to a rhythmic guitar piece. Topic is inspiration, community, art and creativity which is often mistaken for craziness. <3

It isn't real
just a story you
keep telling
yourself as if
you haven't a clue

And it's true
we are all connected by
some kind of bonded
reality that provokes us
to feed into

weep for all the days
you've forgotten that for now
you are located between
the skin and the bones

you are one of many like
a singular pattern in the
wavelength of God

We are One below the Sun even if you believe in None
Sun Jul 14

I wish I could be the colors
on your canvas
Whom you touch gently
to make something more beautiful;
like the enigmatic clouds
keep dancing
with the last ray of Sunshine
to please the grace of soil

When you nurture
with so much love
Don't you believe....
all you have is today
but no tomorrows for another thoughts!?

You skip your heart beats
when your vibes get mingled
with the lyrics of the wishes
intertwined with the painting brushes

I wish I could be so....
What you hold with so much caress
And never let go....

I wish I could be the winds that passing through your windows
Touching your veins
making you sway

I wish I could be the roads you come across each day
I would turn myself into green grasses
where you would rest upon
to live in the moments

I wish we were the distance
only in dreams
Why's & What if's
are rising to the ceiling
What is "One day" to you
Is that my Lifetime
or endless waiting !?

Notes were taken ;-)
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