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Ziya mansoor May 2019
Not only the racers in competition
but there are also racers ,
In the competition of life
we compete for happiness
and sometimes the losers get
awarded with sadness,
We compete for sucess and pleasure
and sometimes the losers get failure and gloom
but this game has no winners either losers  
the game of the life is a tie
we all get happiness
we all become sad
we get success
we even fail
but there is no one who had never gone through any particular section in this ,
we all are winners at the same time loosers
so never feel bad if you are loosing
because as this life is a draw competition
you will also win
at the same time we can even fail
Jack L Martin Aug 2018
truth pretender
parents send her
life defender

he's a ******
slimy maggot
feeling ragged
bag and tag it

hurting words
spitting herds
cheezy curds
stupid nerds

mental case
dizzy space
ugly face
**** my race

Time to kneel
grab a feel
scary tweel
innocence steal

Eat a steak
garden rake
veggie snake
life forsake

Not pretend
we defend
savior send
the end
Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will ALWAYS hurt me!
are my bullets
they pull my finger
letters an words

they are beggard

thief style is complete

me as an freak

they copy my style
and say they

me myself and i

never mind

freaking idiots
Jayantee Khare Jul 2017
Not only the winner,
but the one
knowing that,
when to be a loser,
is also
What others might see it as a Mexican game,
In my eyes it means so much more.
It symbolizes the unity and bond between family
Each loteria card reminds me of someond
Like la valiente reprents my mother,
Strong and brave
It also reminds me of how life works.
Sometimes it may look like you are winning
But end up losing. Or vise versa.
When you you thougth you have lose it all,
A sudden turn happens and win.
Styles Apr 2016
I see it in your eyes
the fear that is its there
you trying to hide
but its written clear.

you act like you don't care
but its just your way of
trying to make it all go away

Acting like a man,
but a boy at heart.
Too scared to really try,
the thought of failing,
just tears you apart.

Driven by jealously
blacken your heart
the darken by fear
success of others
eroding your rotten heart.

You thrive off of illusions,
all mixed win with confusion.
You hide under excuses, that
just playing a role, and acting a part.

Using deflection, as something
you have mastered like an art.

You can run,
and you can hide,but
karma sees through the dark.
And Life will catch up to you
when things are looking up.
and all the things you never thought matter
are the things that mess you up.
like that people that help
when you were down,
they were the crutches you used,
to help yourself back up.
Henry Brooke Jun 2015
**** it,
I'm done.
I can't take this **** anymore
someone is playing a trick on me
it's like the world was made
mean for the purpose of my own personal torture.
Too much suffering for one man,
surely this isn't just
my life was made to rust.
I am deceived by everyone,
those who speak the alien toungue
of hate, ***, and pride
those who aren't alive.
I've been tourmented
I've been ******
False hope given
then driven back down
to suffocate
in an abyss of black ink
as if to make me long the
smell of the deserved air.

To whatever is pulling those
on behalf of a simple
mortal being who
dosen't know your ugly face:
I will not laugh.
I shall not cry.
But you are dreaming if you think
I'll give up on my dreams.
Numbers are numbers,
and I'm not on a scale.
So come back where you came
cause I'm gonna try
twice as ******* your ***.

I forgive myself of the pain I am,
having always believed I wasn't a man
and though I feel
the darkness rise to conquer
I will always believe
that light is stronger.
I need some air. This is an open window. I posted this a long time ago but needed to rewrite it just to get over some bitter bitter feelings.
vikas chauhan May 2015
My Words Ruined me..
But You Ruined my life.
You(God ) provides everything for other ,but not for me.
You(God)always  take me away from my real happiness.
You(God) never makes me complete.
I have Nothing in pocket ,if it have you steal it away
You(God) looks happy when I am sad.
You(God)makes me sad without any reason.
You(God) always makes me looser every time.
I become a victim of your this kind of act

My Hearts cry when you(God )Such thing with me
God loves me alot
vikas chauhan May 2015
I am Cruel for every one.
I make fool every one.
How I accept you by knowing that truth
I am not  for you.
The God play Vital role in that he select me
and make me imperfect.
By this way i become a looser once more
My real life story.I know I am imperfect
Asa D Bruss Feb 2015
It's one of those days; those days when you feel like a looser.
You feel like there's a pressure pushing in
from people who are busy;
who are better by their busy bodies
budding and boiling over,
filling the life you try to look through with steam,
and as the pressure builds, you
sit and sweat and worry,
trying so hard to hurry.
"What to do?"
You'll say,
and in the end you'll stay;
stay in that sultry salty sweaty *****-up that you are.
Cuz on that day you feel like a looser. You realize
you built your life like a pressure cooker,
not a steam-engine like you wanted.
Am I just a lazy ***? Am I normal? Am I behind? It's like I'm chasing a bell curve, just trying to hang onto the tail end of it.
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