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Every day, without fail
My heart beats for you, but to no avail
Youve never looked my way, never cared
Always worried about the way other people stare
So I sit in the back of the room
Broken, dying, vying to be with you
The lights are dimming on the outskirts of my vision
Why was I the one given this mission?
I take out my anger and saddness in ways
That honestly no one would be able to name
I cry in bathrooms, pound on walls
Scream in silence, drown them all
All the feelings I felt for you
Died fighting for breath in the pool that is you
So I sit in silence at the back of the room
Numb to it all, unknown to you
Its funny (not really) how emotions work
That as soon as you notice me, ive already been hurt
Your feelings for me are unreceprocated now
Well, it ***** to be you, feel my pain now.
Love really *****
Ella Feb 20
Cats eyes of illuminated dust scan the walls of the dark
If you’re lucky
Maybe cars will mumble and murmur outside longer this time
If you’re lucky
And possibly the street lamp will stand like a spotlight through the window
If you’re lucky
Fingers of wood could become impatient on the glasses
If you’re lucky.
But if you are unlucky
There will be the deafening hiss of silence.
ZS Jan 18
This is not about The Woman on an episode of Sherlock Holmes.

This is about a woman who I thought, felt like home.

Unlike the woman, this woman didn't need to make me solve puzzles or crimes to know what she feels.

Later on, I realised for her I'm head over heels.

And if you're lucky enough, you'll get to be with her and keep her.

If you're wondering if I'm one of the lucky or the unlucky ones, I'm the latter.
Johnny walker Jan 11
I had a love never once
did I think It could be taken from me quite as cruelly as It
She never got to enjoy
our retirement together after all those years my wife had given to
and giving birth to her children at least she deserved was retirement not to be In pain and illness as she was
My poor Helen was robbed of every thing she had with the disabilities
she suffered her quality of life being so very poor my dearest darling Helen should never suffered the way she did just shows how cruel this world can really
Live can be Incredibly cruel so many people who suffer untold stories of pain and suffering and then to die young not even having retirement this world cruel place for the unlucky
Emily Lawson Sep 2018
To whomever is the next unlucky boy to momentarily fall in love with me,
     You should know, that when I fall, I do not simply slip down a step on the stairs. I plunge into the depths of the ocean, sink to the bottom of the mariana trench.
     I will relinquish my heart, body, and soul to you. Whether you reciprocate or not, I will give myself to you completely, let you see my soft spots and my rough patches, the lines around my eyes and the fat on my thighs, the scars on my wrist and the hair on my arms.
     You will give me an inch in return for my mile, but it will be the most precious inch I have ever seen.
     I will say I love you too soon, but I will mean it with every fiber of my being.
     When you lie through your teeth I will believe you, because you will have told me that you will not lie. I will always believe you.
     For a few months everything will be perfect. Then I will try to formally gift you my soul, unpatch it to show you my all. You will look at it with pity, refuse to meet my eyes for a week. Eventually, I will find it buried in the trash, between moldy red apples and an empty box.
     You will say that you love me. I will quietly beg you to show me, to prove yourself. You will pretend not to hear, and I will believe it is my fault for screaming so loud that you went deaf. You will silently agree.

To the next unlucky boy who briefly falls in love with me,
     You will say that you've fallen out of love.
     I will cry,
     say I hate you, I will never speak to you again.
     Sometimes we will pass each other, I will do my best to avoid it, but I will look you in the eyes. For a moment I will feel the chords between us that I cut connect again. I will have to cut them again.
     I will tell myself I do not love you, that I never did,
     But I will never stop.

I have a collection full of every unlucky boy who has ever had the misfortune of falling in love with me. If I was to fall off a building  like humpty dumpty you would see their names are tattooed on the grey matter inside my skull, engraved on every bone in my body. My body will move on, but the memory will never leave me.
"It's a bop, I recommend, 10/10." ~Tyler Borges
Work In Progress
Ollie Bee Jun 2018
His skin is peeling away from the structure of his face the fire burns so hot he will never be recognized as him again I don't know why they bothered to re cremate him when by the end he was already a burnt out husk anyways.
2 a.m on Friday the 13th his tires slid and he wrapped himself around a tree something ignited and it's clear he never had a chance from the beginning
I thought he was careful.
I see his bloodcurdling screams on a movie screen in my head the soundwaves look like never coming home except in a box with a flag handed to his two sons I think the irony is that he made it through the war and not down the highway.
I thought he was careful.
I sat in the 4th row and couldn't stop staring at a beautiful blue box it held this man bigger than life inside of it everybody is crying around me and I just want him to hug me again but i feel so selfish as if his sons don't want that too.
I thought he was careful.
Everynight on the back of my eyelids they replay the crash I never saw but can only imagine in full color surround sound I could almost feel the seismic impact his death left on the world when the tree did not give way and I hope that you were lucky enough to get into heaven but I've got to say that burning up on Friday the 13th doesn't sound very lucky to me.
In the nightmares that haven't stopped in 2 months and one week.
Lon Witter Jun 2018
Now I know about
How cruel you are life
The pain is only think I felt
Disappointed with everything
I had enough, can't hold more
Death will be my salvation
Araoluwa Jacob May 2018
Jade is very lucky man
a man people treat with value
a man people will **** for
A man people cherish
A man with everyhtig anyone could wish for,
A man of value, life, happiness.
A man people will do anything to get
Jade is a very unlucky man
A man with no life.
A man of no understanding of life
a simple stone
a man that has no experience of life
A proud man who just waits for people to fight for it
A man who indirectly kills
A man with no thoughts or imagination for he is treated like a god
Jade is created by humans, nourished by humans and destroyed by human
What an unlucky man jade is
However, jade has a very undemanding life
he does not have to obey any human being
it is not obliged to any human
free, easy and peaceful.
Jade is a man that is lucky
Jade is a man that is unlucky
Jade is a man with an undemanding life
because it has no breathe like that of a man
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