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Naveen Kumar May 15
There was a tadpole
who lived in a tight pool.
He waited to be a frog
before fainting the winter fog.
To hop in hard land of dry sand
where huge trees stand.

What happened when he hop?
For his unluck, against his hope.
He fell under a giant boot,
instead of on a tree root.
I tried a funny and silly poem for the first time. Please let me know how it is in comments below.
Lara May 14
Friday, the 13th.
Something bad is going to happen.

13 is an unlucky number.

But is it?

Can a number be unlucky?

Can something that is getting used in the world be unlucky?

13 is just a number.

A number that can mark a day, be something special for some persons.

But for me it is a lucky number.

No one can define what makes something lucky or unlucky.

Everybody decided for themselves what is supposed to be good for them.

Luck can not be predicted.

It just happens.

Luck is unlucky.
i think back of our moments
and how lucky i was

i wish i could go back
and know how lucky i was

if there’s no new ones to come
BJFWords Dec 2019
I'm your knight in shining armour
I'm your bane, your adipose
I'm the reason you're not happy
I'm your ****, your tuberose.

You're my shock, my half cooked omelette
You're my biscuit never picked
You're my very painful fracture
You're the fur ball cats have sicked.

He's the one you should be courting
He's the one that hides distaste
He's the martyr, self inflicted
He's the life that's gone to waste.

She's the one that smiles at no-one
She's the girl that lives alone
She's the happy, carefree songbird
She's the chocolate scoffing crone.

Count your blessings maid of plenty
Lucky that you've never cared
Comatose to squires, to gentry
That beating lump you've never shared.
an0nym0us Oct 2019
Beautiful and unique
But also quite terrifying
Alone in a bed of colorful flowers
Always left unwanted.

Beautiful black rose
Alone and thorny
Different and feared
None appreciates its beauty.

Many wanted to pick it
But no one dared to reach it
The only one left among its peers
New generation now surrounds it.

I've watched it for quite some time
It is as lonely as me
I picked it up and carried it back home
Decided it to plant it in a ***.

I will take care of this rose
So we'll no longer be alone
I will appreciate your uniqueness
Because we are as lonely as each other.
maria Sep 2019
I saw a dream
My teeth fell
A lot of blood in between
That's how unlucky I am
emotional pain,
even in my dreams

Written on September 26, 2019
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
Is luck
Destiny bringing situations
which provide opportunities
for achieving
joy and happiness?
Evidence O N Jun 2019
“Death of Beautiful Smiles”

Where is the tree?
Has it departed like fury ocean indeed?
I have known its beauty
Which glows in that field.

Wonder! I see the sun retiring
Together with the moon dimming.
All with my hapless star dangling.
Those heavy remembrance

When I felt the unsaid smiles.
Why come? And leaving,
So avid as devil's winding,
Leaving blanketed bruises

To smile down sunshine of happiness.
Courtly; can I withstand this death;
Hovering so rooted all night
On the trees you do perch

Soloing beautifully
with delicious smiles in all pace
We do stride, so sudden!  Ah!
The tree has departed, truly. Ah!
And all the imprecating smiles gone.
Just entrusted is gone.
Sometimes love moves a lame man out of the world to where he can only experience worries unfortunately.
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