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Lara Jun 21
Support is one of the most important things in a friendship

Everybody makes decisions and the people who are closest have a huge impact on these decisions

Friends and family who support you are the best

Yesterday I got surprised from my friends

A party to support me with my decision

Everybody can choose their friends

Choose wisely

I know that I can always count on my friends

Choose who you want to be your support
This could also be written in my diary
Actually this kind of is my diary
Lara Jun 19
Age is just the earth going around the sun

What if the earth would just stop going around the sun?

Would we stop aging?

Would we know how old we are?

Your age is getting controlled by the earth

Age is scary

Growing up is scary

Disconnecting from people is scary

But this is life

Life is scary

The earth going around the sun is one thing controlling us

Missing is a part of life

Do I want to grow up?
I don’t know
Because of this actually no

Am I scared?
Yes, I am so scared of what is coming for me in life
Lara Jun 19
Everybody lies at some point in their life
To protect others
To protect themselves

Lies are supposed to make situations in life easier
But most of the times the lies come to light.
Your protection will become your biggest enemy

Starting a lie starts a Desaster of more upcoming lies

Lies can be dangerous
But still lies are protection

Lies don’t have to be bad all the time
Keeping a secret from someone might be a lie
But a good one

Use lies wisely and don’t get yourself in trouble

Lies can be used as protection
But also protect yourself and others from disappointment because of lies
Lara Jun 19
Connecting with people is easy
You just get to know them

Disconnecting with people is hard
You don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings but the person is not good in your current life situation

Change is not bad
It just makes everything different

How do you tell a friend you need distance?
Nobody knows
Nobody wants to hurt feelings

But also nobody knows how they would go on with their life when people you want to have a break with can’t leave

Nobody wants to be rude
But change isn’t always bad
Goodbyes are a part of life
Leaving is a part of life

Let people change
You might disconnect but never with the most important people of your life

You can fight for everything you want to achieve

Life is complicated
Don’t get distracted by the wrong people

Disconnection is just a goodbye
Lara Jun 18
There will be no freedom until we’re equal

The world is one

Everybody is different
that connects us

The world is one big family

Treat everybody how you want to be treated

Don’t judge until you know someone

Everybody has feelings that can get hurt

Everybody has their own lifestory

Accepting is a part of life

Nobody matters
Until they matter to you

Everybody should have the same rights

The world is ONE

Freedom belongs to everybody

Everybody decides for themselves how they want to live their life

Everybody makes mistakes

But the world is united and should be treated like that

Everybody is on this earth for a reason

Don’t criticize, judge and make mistakes just because somebody behaves different, looks different or talks different

This is what makes our planet so special
Our differences
Lara Jun 15
At my lowest

I can pretend like I’m fine
I can pretend like I’m happy
I can pretend...

But at night lying in my bed listening to the raindrops running down my window or watching the stars I know how I feel

I am the only one who can see deep inside of me

When I’m at my lowest I can pretend
I don’t need any pity

I need to help myself get up
Don’t try to hard to help others
They decide for themselves when they want to get up and shine bright like a star
Lara Jun 14
Did I loose myself?

I‘m surrounded by great souls of stars

I distance myself from toxic things I don’t want my planet of life to explode
because of anybody I trusted at one point

I‘m spinning around trying not to loose myself

I don’t want to loose the control of other people having the chance to hurt me

I surround myself with stars that shine bright like happiness
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