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Lara Sep 2020
Roses can’t bloom forever

Every Rose you meet in your life
will stop living one day

Be someone’s rose
and choose how long
you want to stay in their life’s

Bloom for somebody
Lara Sep 2020
Rethink your thoughts
It might help you to release the right words into the world

Recycle your emotions
You can’t put all your thoughts and emotions into one person

Reduce your problems
You can’t live with a world full of problems

Release your tears
You can’t keep all your feelings bottled up
Lara Sep 2020
My desires are
to **** my feelings
to freeze my emotions and
to numb my pain

Lying hides my desires
Lara Aug 2020
I’m not ready to let go
I can’t
How could I
I’m attached
My life is attached to it
I can’t let go easily
I hate thinking about the fact of having to let someone go
It feels like leaving
It feels like betrayal
All strings are attached
I don’t know how to loosen them
I don’t want to loose anyone
My personality can’t let go
I just can’t
It’s hard when it happens, once it happened and it’s going to hurt in the future.
Lara Aug 2020
I‘m trapped
Trapped in a time loop
Same scenario
Different people

I‘m robbed of my lifetime
I can’t do anything
I don’t want this to happen

I can’t get help
I made my decision
I have to live with it now

Was it the right thing?
Was it the wrong decision?
Am I going to be happy again?

I don’t want to feel like this
I want to travel back in time and get out of this dark place!

Decisions lead to new people, new adventures, old friends
You don’t have to change your life completely
Nobody expects you to do this
Nobody should expect this from you
Lara Aug 2020
Summer weather are emotions
Emotions that are hard to express

You’re holding back emotions
(The weather is getting hotter)
They are building themselves up in you
(Clouds are getting bigger)

And then
You let go of everything holding you back
The rain is pouring down your face
And the summer thunder and rain is coming down from the sky

It’s scary
It’s a new perspective
It’s a way of life
Lara Aug 2020
Who is that shadow holding me back?
Who is that shadow grabbing my wrist?

Who is that ghost navigating my steps?
Who is that ghost controlling my voice?

Who is that storm throwing me back in time?
Who is that storm managing my emotions?

Who is that thunder regulating my decisions?
Who is that thunder making my heart beat?
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