food tastes better when nothing had to die for it,
cry for it, lose its precious life for it.

your burger tastes like murder
your bacon like lives that were taken, shaken, foresaken.

you dig your polished fork into pork as you talk
about how the oceans are shrinking, sinking, wishful thinking.

you serve fish on a gleaming dish as you wish
that numbers of whales, eels, sharks and seals were not dwindling.

you spend time crying for the polar bears dying
as your bacon is frying, and it isn’t the only thing.

you gorge on tender beef although you aren’t the thief
that stole it’s very life from it.

you chit chat about mass extinction and animals dire fate
whilst the crux of the problem sits on your plate.

Haasje 3d

I want to, explore planet Her. I want to see its highest peaks, it's deepest cliffs.
I want to lay down on it's golden beaches, so soft and fine.
I want to run along with the wind as it weaves around every curve it can find.
Feel every wrinkle in the sand, every drop of water that runs down every fall, every storm, heat-wave, hurricane, sunrise, birth, fall, winter, summer, spring, life, death...      

Every tear, every smile, cry, truth, lie.
All the mischief and gags
All wonders and how every many disasters.
I want, no I need it all. All I need you to be is exactly who you are, as long as you leave absolutely nothing behind.

She was just another star
from a distant constellation

But she didn't know that
looking from his planet
she was already a
beautiful nebula.

The love,
may go wrong,
The longing
won't last long!

Let's entwine
in the poems,
Let's conjoin
in one song!

Not a string
Our bond is
very strong!

We're not from
romantic world,
A poetic planet
we belong!

Another attempt to write love poem.
Mary Zollars Sep 5

A herd of sheep without shepherd
A jail of juveniles with no crime
A pair of glasses with no frame
A rubber band without stretch
Trees falling without any sound
Bricks layering with no plaster
Fish ordered to climb mountains
Pigs told to fly through storm
We are not variables without solve
We are not homes without light
We are the future of this nation
We are the future of your life
Treat us with respect, liability
Preserve life, trust, loyalty
We can create a new planet
Or we could destroy this one.
It's your choice.

sunprincess Sep 5

And destroying our home,
Yours and mine,

Stop Destroying only place
We can call home
our planet
So stop Asap!

Someone needs to stop the madman

sorry i was half asleep when i write this

What Is There To Gain?
      (apropos the morning news)

What is there to gain
By killing six or seven million people,
Insects, plant life, animals and soil?
Bomb of hydrogen
A hundred times more potent
Than the bomb that foiled Hiroshima.
What is there to gain
Except a laughing Kim Jong-un –
In front of cameras that
Will televise to almost no one
Anymore? Not to mention
Money?  Trade?
Nearly or completely gone:
At least out of the question.

Of course,
Now that I think of it
What’s there to gain by killing?
Sadly, all the scriptures have it, do it, yet,
Beneath it all is peacefulness
And yes, non-violence.

It’s amazing what one thinks about
While watching news that’s sprouting.

What is there to gain by murdering
A fast becoming hopeless people
Living on a fast becoming heap of scrap
In nature fast becoming put to sleep
For what will probably be
Quite a long, long, long, long time.

to be continued… (not or maybe)

What Is There To Gain? 9.3.2017
Our Times, Our Culture II: Circling Round Reality;
Arlene Corwin

What is there to gain by murdering half a planet?
yellah girl Sep 2

ensconced in perpetual darkness, you sleep
restless dreams orbit your mind
yet comfort cannot be found
Pluto, the loneliest planet

not even the Sun can touch you
high school textbooks disregard you
the stars will never glimmer for you
Pluto, the loneliest planet

but have faith
dreamers and late night romantics understand you
god of the underworld exalts you, brother of darkness
New Horizons will arrive shortly, a friend for
Pluto, the loneliest planet

Some days when my feet hit the ground
and my heart passes by another
I feel a glimpse of warmth,
an inkling of something better
than what I have become used to,

but I am a mountain of ice
in an eternal desert. I have become barren
of all life and love, entirely forgotten
in a realm of fiery beauty.
There is no one who can see me, why

can no one see me? People only find
me once they have become lost
and forgotten, once the breath leaves
their body and the spark abandons
their eyes. I have been buried

alive in the deep hills and left to drown
in earth, left to rule a disturbed, haunted
land which makes every inch of my body
and every twisted landscape in my mind
ache for something more than this wretched life.

~~ Solar System, 10/10 ~~

There is water all around me,
water pulling me down
and filling my lungs with ice.
Oceans surround me and I can no longer
see the ground, why can't I see
the ground? I'm wrecked,
so destroyed that I can't even breathe
anymore. I have been beaten
and fractured by the powerful waves,
hitting me with such speeds
that my mind was knocked
from my body. I had a core of love
and now it is an ever-expanding
cavern of hollow, black weakness.
Soon, there will be nothing
inside me except the cold burn
of the wind
and there I'll be,
completely and utterly

~~ Solar System, 9/10 ~~
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