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The Boxed Jellyfish,
is the deadliest creature,
on this whole planet.
she's dying slowly,
and we just sit and stare.
she's dying slowly,
and we just don't care.

she's cried for help all by herself,
we procrastinate prophetically, hoping.
she's alone, scared and lost in herself,
we'll just blank it callously, hoping.

you just gawk uselessly as she cascades into entropy,
she's tried, cried and locked it all inside.
a fire burning hotter than the sun,
a fire to burn us all, one by one.
You, who have doomed us
Murdered our children and our futures
Oppressed us under the name of
Watch in terror as we rise
We are done suffering
For the sake of
Worthless money
This is our home
And you are poisoning it
You pollute our waters
Contaminate our air
Burn our planet
No more!
It is time for you to remember
Why nobility of old feared
S Bharat Apr 12
Save Me

I quench thy thirst
And rear thee,
Thou consume and
Just eat at me.

Thou deaden a lot.
I expect fee,
Not thee to yield,
Come to knee

Solely I am thine,
I love thee
When thou care for
And save me.

When devastated
I will be, See!
Thou will also, Dear,
No longer be.

S. Bharat
Into the night my soul dances
Alone in the wild
With the moon and stars
Stillness and quiet all around

The ground is cool
The air is warm
Spinning in circles
Serenity and calmness

Happiness in the ****
A wide open field
Glory in the beholder
Of this gorgeous planet
Fọlá Apr 3
The sky is weeping.
As the burning star retreats.
To give us some reprieve.
At the Lord's calling.

The sky is weeping.
Tears, sour and rancid.
That were once pure and sweet.
Because we refused to hear nature's calling.

The sun is angry.
The poles are splitting.
The cold is building; waiting,
To freeze the waters that are boiling.

We were warned,
But we didn't listen.
Stubborn, refusing to take action.
But nature is done talking.

Done, warning lesser beings.
For the doom once foretold,
Is at the shores of reality.
I only hope, its not too late,
To do anything.
I am an asteroid
Stunned by the effects of your gravity
I lose myself in your atmosphere
But you hardly notice as I crash and burn
Katie Mar 30
                     Revolve        Around
                               Like Us
I love your light
The way it leads past eternal dark.
I really believe that this is the universe,
Expanding in front of me.
The best feeling staring right at me.
How beautiful, just to exist.
To not rush a thing.
Being known, a limitless possibility
Venturing past the impossible.
A type of love discovered after eclipse.
The way you sparkle, orbiting the entire world.
A world comprised entirely of you.
The region's shift, broken up in cosmic shift.
& I
Forever lost
In the scatter of shooting stars,
Beneath tectonic plates.
Your heart, your soul, the universe
Alexander Mar 27
If this country is supposedly free,
I do not  want to know of its
Lord help us all.
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