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Rich 4d
Time slows down as per my humble request
Pure water drips from a foreign planet's geyser
Onto thirsty lips

Three moons rise
At that rare moment when a sun sits paralell
Peaceful dawn
Feet on greener lawns
My broken mind breaks the silence
When I tell you I love you more than a mountain loves to peak
More than flames love to destroy
More than a body loves an R E M state
We sit and mourn the darker days for a second or two
For their bright shards meant something too
Went to just as many funerals as weddings
I've seen families reunite on the same days a genocide makes headlines
For every breakdown, the next day was a resolution
For every ellipsis you read on my face
Another day I won't shut up
. . .
I'll stay here a while
I'll stay for another century
Not coming back to Earth
When the only thing waiting is a nuclear cavalry
And touch screens leaking dopamine
I know perfection is a myth
But when you tell its story
I believe
And sleep in a hammock hanging between the letters of your
"World'__'peace, one day."
Quote turned to decibels turned to hope
I taste it when we kiss

You reach out a hand when I drift
But I'm coming back
Even when coming apart
I'm always coming back.
m h John Sep 11
i think you and i
would grow much better together
on mars

we have already taken up
too much of each other’s
oxygen anyways
Vision and Hard Work:
How Kids Saved Hidden Hollow

During the 1980s,
Hidden Hollow Preserve
Was a neglected


The garbage-strewn creek
Hindered commercial development
On the block, and plans were made
To cover it with a parking lot


In 1989
my birth year

Students at

Formed a problem
Solving club called

Captain Planet
Litzytczt Sep 4
If I ever leave this world,
If I ever fall off the planet,
Tell me honestly,
Would you miss me?
Would you really wallow around the streets?
Think about me in the classrooms as you daze off?
Tell me honestly,
Would you really remember my smile?
Or how my eyes close a little when I laugh?
Would you really remember how I was self conscious about my nose?
Would you actually regret not telling me that I am beautiful?

Please tell me,
If I ever slip off of the face of the earth,
Would you actually miss me?
Would getting out of bed be too difficult?
Would you feel the need to get rewarded because you were able to brush your teeth successfully?
Would seeing the color yellow be too painful?
Because it was my favorite color.

Tell me,
If I ever trip off of the planet,
Would it be so difficult?
Seeing my empty chair,
Not hearing my annoying laugh,
Or the constant questions because I never really knew what I was doing.
Would you say good riddance or be too remorseful to speak a word?
Would eating be too tiring of an activity?

Tell me,
If I ever roll off of the planet,
Would you actually miss me?
You don't show much care now while I am alive.
You brush me off like I am just a piece of lint on your sweater.
Right now I am anything but useful to you.

So tell me,
If I ever fall off of the face of the planet,
Would you actually miss me?
The days where you feel saddened and you start to question if anyone would actually miss you. I have your answer and it is yes. Someone will miss you when you are gone. The will stare at the places that you used to sit and the things that you touched. You will always be missed. If you ever fall off of the face of the planet, nothing else would ever be the same.
Did you all
Cast for the

To say it's getting
Out of hand
Would be to say
It was once
In our hand

With this guy
Who know who
Holds what

All we can see is a fool
A bafoon

But like a monkey
Playing a hand of
Cards he is far
Too unpredictable
To get a real

So we must
I came from the old times dancing on a
hillside which toppled into lakes, tipping
down into endless valleys of green and
blue, my hands in the palms of a stranger.
I kissed him under fog as the oil rigs
skittered across the water, finches swooping
to protect their young. As a laughing melody
hummed between us, electric and satisfied,
I felt our hands shining so brightly in
the darkness around. I sang an old song
in the woods and it echoed back to me.

Roots run deep and wild. At first they lay quiet,
toes buried in moss, and I wondered if
the leaf felt my touch as silken, smooth as
water, or jagged as the stones beneath
it. And then they were livid, raging, boiling
under the surface as I stood above
screaming water, churning the earth from the
edges of the river, eating away
at the land I was bound to. Desolate
and sodden, I faltered on the borders
of my home town, longing for the heaviness
of salt to catch on my tongue once more.

And then I changed, or grew, and forgot what
it was I had lost. Now, looking down upon
empty forests, I no longer remember
the song they are singing, yet I hear the scent
of a dead earth, the sound of a mushroom
breaking at the stem. Lying on lamenting
sands, I feel a droplet land on my cheek
and, for a moment, feel a whisper
of home. Carrying my feet from the meadows,
I'll mutter softly, singing my melody alone.
Peyton L Aug 23
He appeared to me in a dream.
the lights
the darks
the undefined space in which we resided-
was being eaten.
He devoured worlds.
Planets, galaxies, universes
were being ****** into him
by nothing other than his seer will.
He was completely incredescent.
I could not reach him,
could not touch his radiance.
All I was able to do was watch
my eyes glued to him
as everything I knew
went down his throat
with a bob of his Adam's apple.

And when I awoke,
all I could think about
was that I had to know him.
I had to know this young man
who gleefully

I wonder what it all tastes like.
If my dream matter was tangy and sweet
if the wishes of mine he ate were bitter
if the stars taste like anything you could describe with human words.

Maybe one day,
I'll see him again
and he'll indulge me
in the taste of everything.
Inspired by BR Dragos and some of their poems, go check them out! Also I wrote this in like 5 minutes in between classes so enjoy my unedited draft of whatever the heck this turns out to be.
Carmen Jane Aug 23
I traveled on another planet yesterday
There I saw you and I was in dismay
It was you, yet your skin color, was green
And you knew everything about me.

You also knew about yourself, from planet Earth,
You showed me, in a circle, drawn on dirt,
A reflection of us, back in the days
Playing silly games,that no one ever plays

Then, you told me or I should say, she told me
That this planet has no regrets, you see,
That everyday, they draw circles in dirt,
And they reflect on the best moments from Earth...
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