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Mark Wanless Aug 26
a common human
conditioning pervades the
planets surface   choose
shes sat by the window
like a flower to the sun
burnt deep
paled lotus, mechanized motifs
cigarette, sweet parallel steams
lips pink, eyes deceased
silica tears, seeded
fiber optic designed !release
automated dreamstate
inside the beast
days gone underground
plagiarized by peace
prototyped the touch
she’ll never know
it’s me.
People are an odious
Ever growing Outbreak
Unworthy to steward planet
Earth lamenting Our evil doings,
Before the Good Shepherd in the
Hex Jul 7
Far, up high,
An idol's cry,
Her shining tears,
Sprinkle the sky,
Infinity's tomb,
Brings cosmos bloom,
Bringing life,
And starlight's doom,—
     —Shining through, Celestia weeps.

Painting warily,
Creating merrily,
Braiding hues,
Working wearily,
While painting shells,
Her eyes still swell,
Her canvas, sprinkled,
As shining tears fell,—
     —Shining through, Celestia weeps.

Gaze shifting upon her opus,
To the Terra, formed with focus,
As she peers, she fails to notice,
Her heart's expire, soft necrosis,
Yet again, a grieving seep,
Striking hard, striking deep,
Off again, her focus turns,
Her mind taking a blinded leap,—
     —Shining through, Celestia weeps.
Chapter One of an intergalatic series.
I am a blue planet,
My home is the universe.
I am a part of the solar system,
Revolving around the fiery sun.

I rotate on my own axis,
Only to give you day and night.
I walk on an oval path,
Just to give you season and climate.

I have my own luxury,
In the form of water, land, air and life.
I have my own children,
Named as plant, human, animal and microbe.

I provide them everything,
Whether it's food, water or home to live.
I provide them all resources,
Clean and pure air to breathe.

I give my everything to them,
Yet, they are expecting more.
They are so hungry of  their desires,
That they are not hesitating even to hurt me.

How long can I bear the troubles?
Now, I just want to cry on myself.
I am now suffocating in my own family,
Just need to relax in my mother's lap.

I am your mother EARTH,
What're you doing to me?
I have enough for your every need,
But yet, you're killing me slowly in your useless greed. . .
we all know our earth is getting sick and polluted day by day.. hour to hour.... it's facing so many challenges to survive just because of us... so this poem is an appeal to save our mother earth....
I still can't say your name aloud,
I've got my tongue trapped in a cirrus cloud.
I still push on and play pretend,
to the planet's eye, you never happened.
But it's times like this,
where my mind swims,
and the ripples of mementos flow
then come casually crashing at my back door.
And though I keep it sealed,
you seep in,
flooding floors,
and all at once,
I'm sinking.

Copyright © 2021 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
Thinking about the girl who did more than break my heart at 14.
When I was born,
I had trouble breathing,
'Born with asthma',
At least, that's what they told my parents.
Until my lungs started to work, beautifully.

Years have past by and I started thinking,
What if my lungs were fine?
Maybe it was just me, being the big emphath I am.
The one that inhales every possible emotion of every living being on this planet, the one that inhales for this planet as if she was expected to..
The one that doesn't really has a filter for her passion but nevertheless, exhales poetry as if she was born into it..

When I was born,
Passion took my breath away,
'Born with talent',
At least, that's what my parents told me.
After my lungs started to work beautifully, meaning,
Inhaling life,
Exhaling poetry.
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Svetoslav Apr 26
Blue sunset glowing
in the frozen red planet
brown dry dust shivers
Erian Rose Apr 24
living between
the lens of a telescope,
endlessly staring up
at the planets and stars
skating among the ink
Earth flows with an
Abundance of native matter
Throughout her body
To silence our bellies and
Bring to life, key necessities
Imagined from the vast mind
That wills so.

But greed continues to
Be embraced by men
Numb to empathy, who sadly
Struggles to warm our cold
Hearts of stone.
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