Recycle could be the Holy Grail!
The importance of a  garage sale
Alter or adapt for new use
Appreciate it....don't abuse
At home or elsewhere
Evolving care
Reduce the pollution caused by waste.
When you see the result you'll be amazed

Alex Gray May 6

love how every alcoholic I see
Seems brighter than the places I’ve been
Or most’ the faces I’ve seen
If it was winter I’d feel warmer
Watch me stumble from the corner
Of the your room
Down roads and streams
Up ’til two in the afternoon

I’ll find solace in your inbox
Be there too was sent to you
Tripped up a set of stairs
Never been so prepared to fall
Better than not moving at all
I can hear a humming bird outside my window
Hovering not moving

Itzel Hdz May 5

Lava shook the air between loyalty and fear
The eyes of innocence beg for answers under the trees
A simple sign of trust in the space full of doubts
Our ties to the nature are breaking down
We tried so hard to save home
And the beats of our mistreated ground
Are barely audible to your feet
The whole forest is burning down
The river can't drop a tear more
Your numb has finally conquered this place
Just one touch from your hands to our land
I know we're not hopeless , but be quick
I've done what's on my hands
Smoke is drilling my breast
And if we shall die beneath the pain
Please, just hold me tight one last time

I wrote this like five years ago

Man acts like a parasite on the surface of the earth
and eats away at the life of the planet since his birth.

From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Kenya83 Apr 27

Excited for the gifts
This planet kindly gives
The wonders of the world are generously rife
It really is a magical life
If we are wise, we'll open our hearts, eyes and minds

I long to see Japan's elegant cherry blossom land
Geisha girls, eerily still they stand
Cooling faces with fan in hand

Walk for hundreds of miles, along the river Nile
Meeting friendly souls with weathered faces
love as their principle basis

Whiteness the overcrowded Mumbai station
Then rush to see a tea plantation
Where on your way your heart longs to stay
Here, forever you could lay
There's a calling from the hills, the wildlife thrills
But why stay still
There's plenty more to feel

The vast African plains a plenty
Where it may appear, but it's far from empty
This is the magnificent Serengeti
Here I'm in my element
Let me enjoy admiring the elephant
A powerful earth rumbling migration
Sees a whole new destination

Tysfjord with its breathtaking views
Norway is an artists muse
A landscape so still and stunning
To be offered more is a second coming
When night arrives with it northern lights
You'll be mesmerised by the natural sight
You'll stay up all night long
As morning is blessed by orca's song

Rumi was a wise old soul
His words are timeless
His advice is free
I take his writings literally

"Why stay in prison when the door is so wide open" ~ Rumi

MU Apr 26

All stars are suns, but
Only your warm light
Does make life on my
Planet possible...

Something to tell your One and Only...
Frankie Apr 26

We question why is it that life,
Has a beginning, middle and end,
Yet space seems continuous,
Could you please help me comprehend?

A small spec of dust we are,
On a sea of psychedelic abstract,
Our universe is quite mediocre,
Comparing it to its extract.

Everlasting... what,
What is it that we seem to admire,
A lack of carbon energy,
Requiring us to wear glass hoods?

Why oh why is it existent,
Why does it ever be,
I still am boggled by this infinite setting,
Can it possibly be part of me?

Rhyme Scheme is off but whatever
Dhaara T Apr 22

I am so sorry, my dear
I really, truely love you
I just don't show it
I cannot, not always
Sometimes I do little things
For you
Sometimes, I stop
I wonder if my efforts help
Do they matter?
Do they fix anything at all?
I wonder, and so I hesitate
And as you twirl in your own trance
From dusk to dawn
My hopes follow the rising sun,
And I try
To do something
However little
Even if it makes
A speckle bloom
I'll be glad

Grass beneath my feet
and soil in my hands,
Your lips on mine,
wrapping me around your fingers
and splitting the silence
with anticipation,
I keep waiting for the world
to one day become still
but you dizzy and confuse me
as if you are a planet
and I am the asteroid
caught in your orbit.

~~ I love this. ~~
Lori Apr 22

tigers and lions and bears will be children's stories
one day.

we consumer society so much plastic on our faces
relying on fossil fuels for money and survival

setting the ecosystem off its center like the tower
of Pisa we keep using using and taking taking

the land is our mother will we abandon her? everyday
we stomp huge carbon footprints over her garden

take a step back see black smog rain clouds so
paint the sky brushstrokes of gold, blue and white

if our land is off balance and disrespected
our lives will be affected

humans will be stories the mother Earth whispers
one day.

georgic prompt. i think this was a lazy one.
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