Regan May 29
My moods are my hills and dips.
Happiness takes me up,
While sadness plummets me down.
My numbness keeps me vertical.

Sometimes big events happen,
Like a turn or a twist, sometimes even a spiral or a loop.
My heart-strings and brain control those.

Sometimes my track absolutely unenthusiastic,
From my lack of excitement or thrill.
Somehow there’s a loop that always surprises me.

I’m a living rollercoaster,
An infinite track we call life.
I’m going to kings island, and I’m writing this in the car on the way there :)
Egeria Litha May 10
Could it truly be like the history books
From high school
Giving credit to an incorrect source?
Outdated and overpublished
as a romance novel we roll our eyes
Just looking at the cover
Was my hand shaky on it’s way to the mug
Because my heart fluttered when I peered into your eyes
Or to be plain, caffeine racing in my veins?
Was I all flustered and sweating because we were having small talk
Or because it was 98 Degrees outside?
Did we fall in love climbing a scary ridge
Or was our fight or flight just kicking in?
Did he believe Love was ecstasy when the eccstasy kicked in and he pulled her in....

Did she see God as the owner of an amusement park and Love as her favorite roller coaster ride? Was lightning, thunder, and fireworks supposed to go off in her body all the time?

She KNOWS she fell in love when he took her on his bike and they almost crashed and died
A man gets a city named after him and no one knows why
Until a skeptic arrives!
No grin, Expensive tie,
A scraggly winkle over his left eye
Determined to prove
A relationship going 100 miles per hour
In a beater car
Won’t get very far
Dika Agustin May 9
uneasy to love sounded like me
a girl who has an emotional Roller-coaster
simply hard to be understood.

for me, love is not just romantic love
not as simple a thing
it can be exhausting, overwhelming
when I stumble can't communicate everything.

but the thing that unbelievable is how you can love me,
but darling you could.
sometimes I'm too selfish because I couldn't see.
I blamed myself, why am I being selfish?

with you, you brought me home to my soul
you reach out my heart, gives me so much love
my heart isn't growing, only you make it bloom.

I'm sorry I love you so
makes me afraid to lose you
but you kept trying to make me believe
that life is in our sides
you want me to breathe and enjoy the ride.
mj Mar 28
sometimes i feel hopeless
like it's never going to get better
it's been a roller coaster
of ups and downs
mostly downs
i want to get off this ride
too many hills
too many loops
too many abrupt halts
but i can't
i can't get off without hurting someone
what's one person though?
not like i have so many people
who love and adore me
who care and are concerned
i'll give this ride another chance
life is like a never ending rollercoaster
ups and downs and sideways
all i can do is go up, my friend
Me Díaz Mar 19
To make a whole out of anything.
Maybe you saw
What I was too naive to see.

M•(e). Díaz
sarah Mar 13
the night air is calm and cold and utterly refreshing
a break from the heavy humidity that fills my lungs throughout the long summer days
but my mind is foggy because it’s filled with thoughts of me with you
i can’t quite comprehend how you make me feel
i love the rush i get with you
but being yours is like riding a rollercoaster
right now i’m at the top just waiting to plunge down again
as exhilarating as it is
i am frightened
about how far i will fall for you
Don't bring my hopes up if you are just passing through
If you are planning on making them fall down in a small moment or two
I'm getting tired of this roller coaster you made me ride
It's giving me a nauseous feeling inside
I'm about to throw up all these hidden emotions on you
But I don't want to because I know that then I'll completely lose you
Why do you have to play me like that?
Madeleine Mar 2
Your first time here
Lines are short
Almost your turn
Mintues pass
Your turn arrives
Heart pounding
Eyes wide
Mind racing
Fear rising
It begins
Slowly you move
Up and up and up
You go
As you think that you are about to stop
You move
fast and faster
More quickly than your heart can keep up
Screams are released
Arms are waiving
open or shut?
Shut, too scared
Open, you know what's next
A jerk here
A stomach drop there
The end appears
A halting stop
To a slow finish
A smile begins to form
Heart still racing
Ready for round two
Ready for more
RebelGirl Jan 30
i feel like im gliding down a stream
i see the trees and the beutiful skyline above me
those are my happy days

i feel like im racing down a waterfall
i see nothing because it all goes by too quickly for me to focus on anything
those are my stress days

i feel like im in the middle of an ocean
in a raging storm where the waves are huge and feel like im going to drown
those are my anger days

i feel like im in the middle of an ocean
all alone the days feel like weeks and no one is there to care
those are my depression days

somedays though i feel like im in all of those conditions at once and by the time i get home from wherever i am at i feel empty and out of breath ready to crawl into my bed and say goodnight and never want to wake up but at the same time wanting to stay alive but wondering if it is worth it anymore
She Writes Nov 2017
I told you I was a mess
You begged me to let you inside
So buckle up baby
And enjoy the ride
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