RebelGirl Jan 30
i feel like im gliding down a stream
i see the trees and the beutiful skyline above me
those are my happy days

i feel like im racing down a waterfall
i see nothing because it all goes by too quickly for me to focus on anything
those are my stress days

i feel like im in the middle of an ocean
in a raging storm where the waves are huge and feel like im going to drown
those are my anger days

i feel like im in the middle of an ocean
all alone the days feel like weeks and no one is there to care
those are my depression days

somedays though i feel like im in all of those conditions at once and by the time i get home from wherever i am at i feel empty and out of breath ready to crawl into my bed and say goodnight and never want to wake up but at the same time wanting to stay alive but wondering if it is worth it anymore
She Writes Nov 2017
I told you I was a mess
You begged me to let you inside
So buckle up baby
And enjoy the ride
Clare Nov 2017
We say it every day
Second guessing it constantly
Never knowing if it’s true
Warping into mayhem on the inside
Grinning on the outside
This feeling isn’t right
This feeling isn’t safe
But it’s familiar

Some call it insanity
Some call it torture
Some call it an illness
But we crave the way this feels

Isolating us from all common sense
It will break us in the end
But we are still on this ride
Chasing each other through ups and downs,
Twists and turns
On this rickety old rollercoaster
Never knowing when to stop

Arms in the air
Faces to the sky
Wind in our hair
Eternally giddy
Eternally reckless

We are wild on this ride
We are wild in our hearts
We will fly off these tracks together
We will land with bruises and scars
We will heal,
Forget our regrets,
And we will do it all over again.
We call this love.
Looking for Snoopy

Rollin’ on that rhythmic rollercoaster
My knuckles dead white, I can’t
Lose it on this lightspeed slant
Of fire, feeling those flashes
As the thunder thrill goes faster

Are you diggin’ what I’m sayin?
I ain’t gonna scream, got some
Dignity under this blue dome
Are you shakin, it’s bootin’
You ain’t got time for tremblin’

I’m targetin’ the sparklin’
Sky full of that shinny gold
So I can start believin’
I’ll reach someone I hold
Dear in my throbbing heart

Are you diggin’ what I’m sayin?
I ain’t gonna tremble until I touch
The silvery stars to rush
My present to your present
In the myriad of the moment
A doggie you’re still drawin’

Turns out I found this fellow
Surviving on this swayin’
Spinning track trippin’
I put him in papers that glow
To your doorstep delivered
Hope you’ll enjoy, recovered

That merry memory
Packed with awesomeness
Allow some silliness
From California and me
Happy birthday Mommy
With love and pink cherry

February 15, 2015
A poem to my mom. Her first taste of Americanness was thru Schultz' Snoopy. I was at Knott's Berry Farm, CA, when I wrote that to her. The poem has this careless youthful tone that I only found there
Madam X Nov 2017
My life is like a carousel.
This one I can't get off.
It's beautiful on the outside,
but it never ever stops.
The world is a blur now,
from spinning for years and years.
It's easy for people to say I'm fine,
when they haven't felt my tears.
Your life might be a roller coaster,
going up and down.
That's way more fun than being stuck
Spinning round and round
This is mostly written about my vertigo tbh, but I hope you find meaning in it
liv Oct 2017
i am aware
that bad days exist
and will never cease to exist
so it seems
but i know
that there will be good days
or at least days slightly better
than the bad
to give comparison
and yes it's a tiring rollercoaster
i don't like too wild of rides
but so long as you're next to me
for this head-whirling ride
i'll never stop smiling
Keithlyne Oct 2017
It was a roller coaster kind of ride when i first met you.

You held my hand like there is no tomorrow.

You stared at me, roaming my eyes like a beautiful place.

You embraced me ,while  screaming everything will be okay as long as we are together.

You kissed my lips, making me feel dizzy and making me feel i am the one for you and you are the one for me.

It was kind of ride that i will never regret and forget.

But i realized..

You are more than just a rollercoaster ride,  anything and everything will be a good ride as long as i am with you.
Zack Vulnerable Aug 2017
they always tell me life
is a roller coaster,
but I feel like I was
denied tickets at the front gate,
and have been forced to
enjoy the ride from outside
ever since.
Samruddhi Aug 2017
My words
Your dreams
My swords
Your screams
My reasons
And your laughter
Different seasons
And our happy ever after
Everything was fake
With couple of lies
The decisions we make
Only lead us to dark sad cries
Hearts became hollow
And soul so empty
Averse, we follow
Even after turning twenty
Life is rude
And life is harsh
Like a mottle brood
Who stays in marsh
There is no love for one
And love for all
It's either said and done
Or nothing at all
I choose to be alone
And to stay on my side
Never sad or lone
Is now how life's roller coaster I ride
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