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Nigdaw Aug 7
you taught me fear
and a mistrust of strangers
now I have no friends
and am scared of rollercoasters
Life is crazy isn't it?
You go through many different things in a journey to find yourself.

Some have easy lives that lead on to success.
Some have hard lives that lead on to failure.

But let's take a look at the ones that are in between their journies.

The ones that are going through pain and healing.
Day in, day out just trying to survive and not willing to give up on their existence.

Time is a healer as they say, but time can take a while to work its powers.
One minute the pain in your chest is dulled and you feel fine.
The next minute it hits you in the chest like a thousand bricks beating you down.
But as they say time is a healer.

And in order for someone to fully heal from their past, that's good or bad.
That person has to understand that life is just a ride.
A roller-coaster with its ups and downs and no matter how much you want to get off sometimes... You still can't help, but enjoy the thrill that you get from being alive.
Kyle Jan 15
I was riding a roller coaster;
Ups and downs;
Swirling around;
As I was getting higher;
It was getting colder;
As I was getting lower;
I thought everything was over....
Rollercoaster Dec 2020
I belong in the heavens
and then I'm under the ground.
I reach the clouds
and then sweep the dirt.
I'm on a rollercoaster
till the end.
Sydney Oct 2020
Life is a rollercoaster
With many more
Twists and turns
Than a normal one.
It's like
Closing your eyes
When on a rollercoaster
You could
Find yourself
Upside down
A twist where
A loved one dies
But when
You fall out
That is
Sydney ©2020
PM Oct 2020
Ups and downs all day long.
Going from smiling to tears,
it's impossible to understand
this roller coaster of emotions.
From happiness out of nowhere.
Where I can jump off the walls
to a complete fall to sadness
where I just seem to break down.
A break down coming from nowhere.

This is my daily roller coaster life,
with dips and turns all day long.
Unable to keep up with myself.
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