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Sydney Oct 14
Life is a rollercoaster
With many more
Twists and turns
Than a normal one.
It's like
Closing your eyes
When on a rollercoaster
You could
Find yourself
Upside down
A twist where
A loved one dies
But when
You fall out
That is
Sydney ©2020
PM Oct 11
Ups and downs all day long.
Going from smiling to tears,
it's impossible to understand
this roller coaster of emotions.
From happiness out of nowhere.
Where I can jump off the walls
to a complete fall to sadness
where I just seem to break down.
A break down coming from nowhere.

This is my daily roller coaster life,
with dips and turns all day long.
Unable to keep up with myself.
SiouxF Aug 19
Nearing the heights
Of the rollercoaster’s first climb,
With its challenges and uncomfortableness.
Of that stomach in your mouth vertical drop moment of
Fear, exhilaration and excitement.
For you’re on the cusp of  
The ride of your life
To remarkable extraordinary summits
Not yet imagined,
Only mere glimpses of,
Til now. . .

You’re already on
The ride of your life
The thrill of your life
With its screams, excitement and fear,
The ups and downs
And ins and outs.
This adventure,
Your adventure,
starts right now.
The time is right.
Perfect timing.
Divine timing
Gemma Warde Jun 3
Reaching the highs, where the most authentic lives are lived, easing across the skyline, dreading yet expecting the plummet.

Often where the desire to have fun outweighs the fear of imperfection.

Lowering to a place where isolation becomes clear, where the angst of missed opportunity is knocking on your door.

Looking for the high that we so ever desire, yet only reach it at the most unexpected times.

Eager to soar, to see, to experience, at times seems like the only pulling thread.

Rising above what once was the best. Living out every dream ever dreamt

Crossing each path with a decision to make, every imprint, every character, has the capability to be an influence.

Overtime recognizing those who were true, those who were meant to stay and protect.

Anger, doubt, agitation and more, lows yet without them we would see no highs.

Standing and reflecting on the times that have passed, waiting and anticipating on the top encounters.

Trying to make the most of what is love, memories, and time.

Ever so carefully approaching the edge before the drop, inhaling and exhaling as the wood creeks.

Riding what feels like the longest experience in life. Ups and downs, rights and lefts, all to make a full circle, but the gaps are still yet to be discovered.
Lara May 15
I scream for your attention
But you don’t hear me

I scream out all of my anger
But the wrong people listen to it

I scream
I just scream
Does anyone feel the same way?
Does anybody just want to scream.
Does anyone want to scream with me.

Scream about something
Scream about everything
Just scream

Scream about the environment
Scream about politics
Scream about generations
Scream about social standards
Scream about what is going on in my head

The roller coaster in my head is screaming
My ideas are flowing

And I stop screaming
I begin to overthink
Are you screaming with me or against me?
Lili Gudewicz Feb 24
When i said
'living on the edge'
this was never what i meant.
What i meant was a real party all night
without a parents' permission;
not a pity party at night
with my self destructing notions.
What i meant was real rollercoasters
or going on life adventures;
not rollercoasters of all my life's emotions.
What i meant was a swim in the ocean
or to face my darkest fears;
not an ocean
of my darkest fears facing me.
And when i said
put 'happy' and 'die' together;
i meant to 'die happy'
not be 'happy dying'.
My life is not what i had meant
EmperorMoth Dec 2019
Anxiety climbing up my back as we cling and latch on,
Pulling, gripping, 'til we're up, up, up, and on top,
Peering out at the world, gawking and gazing,
Vision reformed into the lens of a fishbowl,
Sweat racing down our faces as our hearts patter more paces,
Yanked by the Earth, like lightning from the sky,
Why, oh, why, we yell with no tears to cry,
Exciting as it may be, terrifying, we fall, fall, fall,
An ending to the torment, so close but so far from our fingertips,
Spun around and tossed, like a pinball to a jester, tricked, fooled,
A little under the weather, we're getting kind of queasy,
Hoarse from all the screaming, some are kind of Weezy,
At the end of the rollercoaster, shock, pause, disheveled,
What a journey it is, what a wonder, fun, scary, hard, emotional,
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