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Dawson Sep 5
You are a roller coaster
You are way high
And make me think
There is hope
Because I can see your horizon
And then I tumble down your path
Trusting that you are better
As if this disease has a cure
Back flip into your madness
Just daring you to be better
But you aren’t
A thousand nights
I have prayed that you would
Let me off this ride
Let me catch my breath for
A solitary moment
But you keep racing
Your brown hair blowing carelessly in the wind
Whipping into your eyes
Keep you from seeing your path of destruction
the ones you keep hurting
With every reckless turn
I chase you
Picking up the pieces you leave behind
The only thing I want more
Than getting off this ride
Is to see you better
But I’m starting to see
That’s not how this works
You can’t jump the track
No matter how many chips you earn
Or “just for today” ’s you utter
You are locked in
On this steel track
And I can’t blame you
So here I am
And will be
Until you run out of gas
RVani Kalyani Aug 20
Up this hill I have reached,
All these stairs that I have climbed.
I touch the clouds above me,
Feel the stars shining upon me.
But will I feel the thunderstorms too,
Or will I mix in tornado in the sky of blue.
I keep thinking and overthinking,
Snowflakes and hailstones are what describe living!
A short description of life
Keiri Jul 29
Looping in a loop the loop.
Front to back to up to down.
Living the same life at every hoop.
Standing at the end, in my evening gown.

Walking on a walking road
Front to back to left to right.
Always guessing what's abroad.
Yet I don't want to see it at night.

Jumping with a jumping rope.
Up to down to back to forth.
Always go up with hope.
Always knowing which way is north.

Sleeping in a sleeping bag.
Side to side and nose to nose.
When our toes are playing tag.
It's how I know I always rose.

Looping in a loop the loop.
The same mistakes, the same excuses.
Is this how low I am to stoop.
Maybe it's just how he amuses.
Destiny C Apr 30
"You're next up"

And ultimately the inevitable reality of what's to come fills your head.

You're next up on life's rollercoaster ride,
but you don't know what lays ahead.
You hear the laughter,
and shouts,
but you don't see it yet.
You don't know what it's about.
Instead of enjoying the wait -
you stand there,
guessing your fate.

But now it's your time.

"Sit tight"

"Keep your arms and feet inside the ride at all times"

So you buckle in -
Not quite ready,
and as the ride takes off,
you sit back steady.
You laugh as you go up & down,
side & around.
The exhilaration of moving at such speeds,
seem to be all you really need.

But then you **** too hard -
Arms and legs nearly flailing outside the ride.
You begin to feel scared,
but you have too much pride.

Then you drop down 400 feet,
the only thing the leaves your body is a deafening scream.
And uncertainty of your willpower to finish this ride set in.

You didn't know you would feel so scared,
when you chose to begin.
And just as you calm down,
another drop happens,
making you wish you'd  hit the ground,
just to escape this rollercoaster ride.
Because buckled in,
there is nowhere to hide.
You wait for it to get better,
but it only gets worse.
You start crying and seeing visions of a hearse.
You see one last loop ahead,
wondering if this is when you'll be pronounced dead.

But you make it through,
upside down and all,
only seeing good things ahead -
so now you're glad you didn't fall.

The rest of the ride is smooth sailing,
no drops,
no arms flailing.
Just the wonders of life taking you to new heights,
but you're no longer scared.
You've been through all the terrors & frights.

So when it's all over,
said & done,
you can look back at the rollercoaster.
With pride now,
instead of fear,
encouraging the young who dare to travel near.
Emma Q Mar 22
Come with me, my friend
Come ride with me
Through the uphill of wonder
Down the downhill of doubt
Come on, don't stop now
We have so much farther to travel
Don't give up now
We'll go up the blissful twist of friends
Bravely make it through the loop of love
What are you waiting for?
Oh no, this downhill will be hard to bear
But we'll make it through
Come on, are you ready?
Did you ever think life was to be like this?
A never ending roller coaster going at high speed?
No? Me either.

If I'm on a roller coaster going to hell, I'm glad I get to experience it with you.

laura Feb 12
Life is like a roller coaster,
So unpredictable.
Sometimes things come suddenly,
And it’s like a big jump.
But, then you have to adjust,
And sometimes it takes time.
Just like a roller coaster,
It takes you a second to feel yourself again.
The joy of life though,
is its ride.
Just live your life,
and enjoy it.
sunprincess Dec 2018
Do you ever feel like you’re in a dream
Forever riding on a roller coaster
Slowly, very slowly, going up and up
Until you’ve gone so very high
Fingers touching clouds in a blue sky
Then down you come so very fast
The future has now become the past
If so, just know you’re not crazy
You’re at life’s carnival having a blast!
Erian Nov 2018
Loving you,
Is like the sun burning into the horizon
The flicker of a lighted match
A roaring gust a wind
only waiting to push us over
And a color shown as pure
as a puff of smoke
We're nothing as an intertwine
But mangled souls in opposite directions
Loving you,
When we meet eye to eye
All we see
Are roller coasters
On an endless journey
To a place where we never fell
Where the rollercoaster leads
We find ourselves
Never truly loving each other.
Pyrrha Oct 2018
I have never known more fear than I have felt on a roller-coaster
The fear of being up so high and the possibility of crashing down

If this is what love is like then I don't know if I want it
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