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Nishu Mathur Jan 9
I love the word melange
It sounds not-so-ordinary  
Though not so extraordinary
But I feel a notch above the rest when I use it
So much so for being pretentious

And without being rambunctious
I’ll say that I find —
It describes, perfectly, the state of my mind —
Some happy thoughts, some with twists
Some clear ones, some fogged with mist
Some good, others amiss
A curious melange of thoughts
Of that and this
And that, I suppose, is also what life is.
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2023
Ripped emotions grip tight
On a roller-coaster riding
Show you my ups and downs
Darker side not hiding

Sometimes drops are slight
When my disposition is sweet
But don't dare to push the wrong button
Or I'll have you flying out of your seat

Although I may appear normal
Never doubt what is underneath skin
Past my grinning surface chaos is clear
Throughout thoughts is perversity prowling within

Put me into a locked padded cell
To completely lose my mind
Uncontrollable mood swings are not what I choose
Sanity snaps leaving reality behind
Written back when my mental state was not nearly as stable as it is now... Not that it is 100% stable now but so much better in comparison
Paras Bajaj Feb 2023
I see no love
in your eyes
or in your heart.
Togetherness is
what I crave for
but your actions
keep breaking my heart.

I see no warmth
in your words
or in your heart.
Forever is
what I crave for
but your actions
will break us apart.
Megan Aug 2022
i lost myself in the waves of emotions
they knocked me to the sand at my knees
my lungs filled with bitter salt
i crawl to a *******
to be met by a an undertow
pulling me under the water
scraping my skin on the rocks on the bottom
salt stings my cuts
the undertow pushes me back up on the beach front
the sun is warm
the breeze is subtle
the healing process waxes and wanes
I S A A C Dec 2021
my life is a rollercoaster
point blank period
I always know what fearlessness is
I always understand the rush of belief
but sometimes I want everything to stop
to exist in a pocket of time, to do whatever I like
not be pushed and pulled
hauled and trawled
stalled and enthralled
if I had a penny for every scream
I would be able to relish in greed
I am so envious, what would it be like not to live like this
but this is me and I am incomplete without the rollercoaster
so I guess I have to enjoy my sh*t
Nigdaw Aug 2021
you taught me fear
and a mistrust of strangers
now I have no friends
and am scared of rollercoasters
Life is crazy isn't it?
You go through many different things in a journey to find yourself.

Some have easy lives that lead on to success.
Some have hard lives that lead on to failure.

But let's take a look at the ones that are in between their journies.

The ones that are going through pain and healing.
Day in, day out just trying to survive and not willing to give up on their existence.

Time is a healer as they say, but time can take a while to work its powers.
One minute the pain in your chest is dulled and you feel fine.
The next minute it hits you in the chest like a thousand bricks beating you down.
But as they say time is a healer.

And in order for someone to fully heal from their past, that's good or bad.
That person has to understand that life is just a ride.
A roller-coaster with its ups and downs and no matter how much you want to get off sometimes... You still can't help, but enjoy the thrill that you get from being alive.
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