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Sydney 1d
Sometimes peaceful
Sometimes loud
Sometimes sad
Sometimes good
Lonely is different
Lonely is bad
And scary
Can’t see, can’t hear, can’t breath,
Loneliness suffocates
Bhawna Feb 12
I :   Dance...,jump...,roar...and enjoy ME!!!
THEY : Stand...,sit...,stare...and judge ME!!!
Justyn Huang Feb 8
Everyone's story is different
but in them we
Find each other
just the same.
And how glad I am that we have (:
without meaning
mean nothing
to me.
with a meaning
are useless to speak.
can make you either
strong or weak.
So speak words
with meaning
and make a difference.
Mothsome Jan 31
I was in love so wanted to be high
but she was high so wanted to be loved.
That's not love.
Matthew Jan 31
Lively and Jumping
A vibrance felt
in a Bright display
of Human Beauty

Its lights beckoning
One step forward;
Dead Darkness
Isolating me
From them
The second life lived
in the small Room
Haunting Ballads
Drag me closer
Insidious, blighted
It is forever
I'm trying to convey unsure emotion
Steve Page Jan 26
ordinary is arbitrary
different is normal
fitting in means invisible
so avoid the conformal

distinct gets you noticed
so who wants to be equal
I'd rather be original
than anybody's sequel

you are of more value
when socially unacceptable
blending in is deadly
out of step is pref'rable

so when stuck in a crowd
decide what's more valuable
will you run with the herd
or dance to the eternal
We value conformity and fitting in too highly, yet continue to crave affirmation.
Jessica Jan 24
There is a place where people
Go. Enticed by its calling.
Luring, coercing you to tip over.
Knowing if you resist you are
Killing yourself.

A risk between rapturous reception
And ruthless regret.
The lip of insanity, the troubled
Resting place for those who want to
Forget and be forgotten.

Those who wait on the edge
Become ghosts.
Watching as the world forgets them. Waiting on
Others instead of themselves.

Those who stay in the middle
Forget to look at things from the outside.
View without outer perspective.
Things get broken in there.

There is a place where the boundaries
End. Where you must get lost to be found.
A balancing act between two worlds.
But if you walk too close
Eventually you’ll just…
                                                                                                                                                 F  a l    l          

              o    f        f.
Jessica Jan 24
We can’t help the world.
I will never again say
That people can change.
It’s a fact of life,
And I know
We can’t survive,
When they say
People tell lies
That life is worth living,
The truth comes out
That we are destroyed.
There are people who claim
That we aren’t ruined.
We just want to say,
It’s not over yet.

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