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between this distance
and your indifference
is my heart
Nathalie Sep 18
As I grow into
different versions
of myself
I sit, watch and observe
the layers of thoughts
and beliefs stewing
to make sense of the
reality I once knew
Life can throw us
dashes of unpredictability
sometimes waking us
sober to the drunken
effects of being conditionned
by others who want us
to stay blind to the truth
But is only by seeing
the falsehoods that
we can truly be free
It is by rising and listening
to the still voice within
all of us, that we can truly
make a difference, not only
in our lives but by giving
life to others.

Bhill Sep 7
the rising of the sun is extremely beautiful
the beginning, of what is, the rest of your life
will you make a difference

Brian Hill - 2020 # 246
Those three words,
That you were so desperate to hear
And I was too afraid to speak,
Are now the difference
Between pleasure and pain
Between lightning and rain
Between effortless and strain
Between pride and shame.
The value of those three words is hard to comprehend unless you are very sure but, once you are there, it is very pure.

Have you ever spoken a lot of words but don't know if it is true?

Sentiment always triumphs the number of words spoken, unless those words are 'I love you'.
Monet Echo Aug 24
Some people long to be famous
To stand out in the crowd
They long for money and riches
To spend their lives in the clouds

Some people want only comfort
To live their lives in peace
Steady income, cozy house...
That life is not for me.

I want my story to be radical
To scream with the unexpected
Though every page may be a struggle
The end has already been written and perfected

I want my song to be revolutionary
The voice of Love in action
Every lyric will take the broken
And fill them with fiery passion

I want every conversation
To be filled with infallible truth
So that people leave encouraged, uplifted
All anxiety, for the moment, soothed

I want to live a life of faith
Eyes closed, hands held high
It'll be hard at first, I may start out low
But I know I'll end with God on High

Some people long to be famous
To stand out in the crowd
But while they sleep in the clouds
I'll be wide awake on solid ground

I don't need popularity
Or everyday life persistence
I want an unexplainable life
I need to make a
Bhill Aug 10
infinite joys tomorrow is a suggestion of change
does this mean today is a struggle
think hard about your, today
today you can make a difference
tomorrow, today is yore ....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 219
kiran goswami Jul 20
The only difference between
black and white
is that
The danger hiding within black is visible,
while the danger within white is not.
Tom Waiting Jun 21
what’s the difference tween ******* & writing poetry?

let us cut to the chase, cause I know how much-you
hate to be kept waiting, lest your addled, added,
impatient attention grow as big as the U.S. budget

answer: not much

in fact, can’t come up with a single signal differentiation.

1. both require tissues when done
2. both give you short and sweet satisfaction, that is a renewable resource
3. serotonin levels up, up and away - yay!
4. long term impact for both is wrist pain
5. inevitably, makes you late for tedious life chores
6. doesn’t burn much calories, though you record it on your activity-tracker as “aerobic exercise”
7. one tends to exclaim “Oh ****” when completed.
8. both master bait you (pun. get it?) who’s the master, who’s the bait?
9. are you bored already? Go forth and do either activity, (I know you’re getting hot)
10. both leave you satisfied but the urge to purge returns very quickly
11. tendency to lock the bathroom door for both, when “composing”
12. filed on your computer as introspection and mindfulness (that cracks me up)
13. gonna stop right here so you take your ADD meds
14. you love them both in no particular order
15. you cannot get coronavirus from either (sincerely hope not!)
16. your denials deserve a retort: so ***** you too!
Summer solstice
when our souls
And as your
silver spoon
has fed you good
My mornings
will remain
your bedtime
Just like
we knew
it would.
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