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SquidInk Nov 7
stop telling me that this is just a phase
stop telling me that you will change
stop telling me that you need me
stop telling me to stop overthinking
stop breaking my heart
stop crushing my trust
stop trying to change my mind
stop trying to include me when you know you don't want to
stop acting like its such a hassle to be my friend
stop acting like our relationship is the same
stop making me cry
stop making me jealous
stop giving me false hope
stop telling me that ill be fine
stop getting me stuff and saying "all fixed"
i don't even want that stuff
i want you to care
i want you to listen
i want you to love me again
i want you to break your habits
i want you to tell me that you're sorry
i want you to come to me crying saying that you messed up
i want you to promise me that you would never hurt me like this again
i want. i want. i want.
i never receive
but i stay because im not selfish
i stay because you were once worth it and i hope you can be again
i stay because you used to be my happiness
i stay in hopes that you can be again
i stay because i loved the person you were
sometimes i wonder why i stay
i ask myself why i put myself in so much pain
then i realize
i stay because i know you're going through so much right now
i stay because if i left you would break
if i left it would get worse
if i left you would be lost
and so i stay
not for me, but for you
i am in pain so that you don't have to be
Alice Nov 14
we had a fight.
first one in a while

even though you were tired out of your mind
even though you had already gone to bed

you told me to sit tight for 20 minutes

I opened the front door to you
holding an iced coffee, a handwritten card,
and a stupid smileyface balloon

I have never been loved like this before
i'm not sure what to do with it
you make me feel important
Speed matters
If you wish to meet
Your goal in time
Slightest error
In the direction
You miss the goal
Choose right direction
Before gaining right speed
To reach your goal
In desired time
Zack Ripley Nov 5
Yes, we are part of the united States of America.
And yes, it is important to be proud
Of where you live and come from.
But it doesn't matter
how united we are.
We will always be divided some way.
But that's okay.
Because we still work together.
We're still human.
I know you're probably sick of me
Saying that word.
But the fact is, we can't be proud
Of where we live, where we come from.
We can't make social change
Until we're proud to be what we are.
Beautiful, fallible humans.
Sarah Flynn Oct 30

for preying on my naïveté
and the innocence
that I hadn't lost yet

and destroying my trust
when I idolized you
like a ******* god

and taking my heart
knowing **** well that
you planned to break it.

but also,
thank you

for showing me how to
spot those red flags

and teaching me
the lessons that I would
eventually need to learn
with or without you

and proving to me that
I deserve so much better.
Sarah Flynn Oct 27
my mental health
is a priority.

this isn't a poem.
it's just a fact.
Luiz Oct 17
did you know
out of every girl
I've met and loved

you were the only one
that introduced me
to my self-esteem?
Mark Wanless Sep 9
pain don't matter now
breath and blood all important
sound the speech of war
Zack Ripley Aug 24
They say "it's not about what you say, it's about what you do."
But that's not necessarily true.
Like everything, it depends on the situation.
For example, when it came to writing the declaration,
The act of writing it was just as important as the words they wrote.
What I'm saying is, no one action is more important than another.
What we say, what we do, it's all important.
Because in the end, all we have is each other.
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