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The number of how many times
I have to tell you now, is constant:
You are enough,you are special
You're important!
The fact that you never thought about it
It's outrageous to me
We have to change this
And start anew, make your agenda clear
These compliments you do not need to hunt
They're real and truthful
You're enough, you're special
You're important!
Twaffle May 3
You gave color to my life,
now without you I'm color blind.
     On the Past
     In the Present.
Memories that bond.
Laughter over the mistakes, irresponsible decisions.
Family uniting
Friends discovering
     About the past that influenced the present.
     And is shaping the future.
Never forget
     To remember the sadness, the grief, the trials, even trauma.
ALL of your story is significant.
Remember your roots.
     Take them with you wherever you go.
Share your story.
Non Pescador Mar 21
I don’t know if this is still love,
But I do know that you still care
And it makes me happy
Maybe someday
Maybe someday the story of us will continue
Someday but not today
Im sure
I dont know if this is still love. But im sure that your still important to me and you still to me.
you're the most important thing in the world to me.
Ingram Mar 14
So many people in this world
We are numbered
Like the sands of the sea
But you’re still important to me
Johnny walker Feb 26
If there Is a time In my life that thought I got right It would be the day I married
my wife Helen
without any dought turned around my once lonely live the day that I
made her my wife she gave the responsibility being a husband and father to our beautiful
Responsibility I'd lack all my life until the day that I met her for It was Helen that taught me what taking responsibility really
No longer just thinking of one's self but learn to sacrifice to be head of
family make Important decision but never to be proud to take advice from other
Who may have more experience In what ever you may be having difficulty trying to
with, but most Important  
to be a loving husband and a great father to our child
learned all from my
Lessons learned In taking responsibility as a husband and father to our child making Important decisions that have to be made but to work together as a couple
eve Feb 16
i want to run away from here,
i’m unwanted and viewed as eternal emptiness.
i knew it in my heart that I should’ve never cared,
Because the reason for our fall always ends here.
For thinking you were the one,
For once,
I am wrong.
Overthinking too much,
I assume where we went lost.
Took too long to reply,
My heart is shriveled up and dead, and I can no longer move along.
Just a look in your eyes,
Brings memories to my mind,
I love you so much.
I wish that I could remove the flaws hidden behind us,
A trail of unrequited love.
From afar, I see that your footprints cross my heart,
Too much to bear, I sit and stare at the clock.
Too numb to feel something that felt so real,
Maybe you weren’t the one to heal,
You were just a temporary deal,
Just like everyone else.
I could’ve been yours,
Our perspectives are too **** drawn,
Can’t you see?
We’re falling apart,
pretending to be something we’re not.
We’re nothing at all, I understand...
I wish that we could’ve lasted forever,
Instead, you abused the pact and treated me as whenever,
Oh, I just wanted you all to myself.
Reassurance and security,
Both things that met when I was with you.
Call me a selfish girl,
A cruel fool,
But my emotions will inevitably choose you.
I will miss you my dear,
But, you were the cause of our downfall.
Running away from my problems again,
goodbye my friend.
grace Jan 31
Curled up in blankets
And at times being scared of
Who I'd be without
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