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Wilkes Arnold Sep 2021
Every lil student knows
Velocity is relative
It takes two to compose
And means nothing on ones own
Vanishes without a trace
There's no fast and no slow
When drifting in space
But gravity pulls us closer
And lonely bodies move to others
Lets them know velocity
Mirrored in their passing brothers
And **** if that's not me
And why I slip people like Ali
I don't want to let those mirrors
Reveal painful truths about me
I don't blame them for it either
It's not their fault that mine are there
But I see them in their eyes
And alone they disappear
This is a repost I guess, but I wanted to give it a different title.
Olivia Daniels Jun 2021
Shout out to the fact
that I wrote my D&D character
to be everything
I've ever wanted
I've ever hoped for
I've ever imagined
for myself

Now I'm quite literally
living vicariously through her
and finding myself wishing
for what she has
rather mourning what I don't

It's probably not healthy
how invested in her I am
how obsessed
how utterly disappointed I am
that I'm not really her
I want to be her
SophiaAtlas Mar 2021
Darth Vader.
But every time he breathes,
You hear a harmonica.
Nightly reader turned out
to be an all time one.
Glued to fantasies and imaginations,
life was no longer a real one.

Alone but still not lonely,
all those characters became my family.
The world was just a resource for me.
My life was in those crinkly pages
which turned me into a real being.
Books are a great part of my life.....they are like a safe haven for me which I never wanna let go....hope you liked it.
Justin Lai Jan 2021
google was my babysitter
not a very good one i'll admit

perhaps more like a cool uncle
with infinitely scrolling treats

the more i tickled his algorithm {
search queries = seo && [freewheeling whims];

OR ||
stray thoughts seeking foster homes
just fronts for attention farms

reaping curiosity off the vine
while overclocking the study room

being held to father's chair like a vice
if only to keep me safe in a web

spun by a child's simple thoughts
and a sentient robot babysitter
if you craft a more elegant google algorithm then dm me ;)
German Rodriguez Dec 2020
Am I to be insulted?

heh heh

Correction; my no-my lust for knowledge is insatiable
Proud to be, in the ways that I'm stuck, to ponder the who's, the when's, the why's and the whats. I thrive to pursue the touch of intelligence to quench the aching must. A combination of patience, self-discipline, determination, and dedication will construct any road you wish to travel in this Nation.
So call me a Nerd, oh i know, I take pride in the fact that I know facts, in fact I bet that that fact alone is why you react by recalling that: I'm a Nerd.
Been called a Nerd all my life. People fail to realize I do not view it as an insult. :D
GRAVE27 Aug 2020
The sun is there
The moon is here
As you would have been aware
I see what you don't see

The stars in your eyes
Your teeth even
Is hard to go by
Things I would not forget easily
Lara May 2020
Change yourself
Change your personality
Change into a different person

You are not good enough
You are supposed to behave different
You are supposed to be different

You can’t look like that
You can’t wear that
You are showing too much skin
You are covering too much

Society is not easy
There is not a wide span between showing too much skin and covering too much up

You have to learn much
But don’t be a nerd

You have to have fun
But don’t be a looser

You changed
I don’t know if I can still be friends with you

You stayed the same
I don’t know if I’m too mature for you

Society has high standards
Society has impossible standards

Make your own standards

You don’t have to change yourself
Change the society
Juwayriya Apr 2020
She is weird they say
But little they are aware
she is just anyone wrapped
in the weirdness she wear.

She is a nerd they say
But little they know
It is a way
to escape her life's woe.

She is the girl once, they say
with a goofy grin.
But now they wonder
where is the goofy girl?
And so she say.

'Oh you, I'm here.
Scarred and scared more
of the demons that come tapping at my heart's door.
Demons entreating to enter my soul
Demons if I embrace will render
my existence easier.
But I refuse to surrender.
Instead I choose the hard way,
the right way to go.
For even in the darkest night
will flicker a little star of hope is the vow.'
My first poem that I ever wrote.
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