Having a partner with mental illness is not a low-level quest.

Having a partner with mental illness is debatably the best quest in the game and has incredibly valuable Loot.

"I am farming so much exp off of this argument right now."

"I just scored some mad reputation points with your parents."

"Hey, can we do that over again? I didn't get the drop I wanted."
To be in school is to have a duel of renewal,
of the things we have learned
whether we should burn the past or be stubborn and hang on
denying the new as if we had any clue
on how to make this stew of life brew
we grew and we grew
some have beards, some have breasts,
but some of us stayed the same as the rest
our brains put to the test
we are still stuck in our nest
where we find comfort.

Im like a bald eagle ready to get its prey,
Like a pitbull off his leash ready to eat a maltese
The cure that frees us of the disease
And get you off your knees
The bee that protects his queen
By giving my life away in one sting
The genius who thinks
The elephant that drinks at the water hole
Surrounded by lions
The third king that roams the desert

Let us not pretend to be experts
because we tend to lose
on lifes greatest news
whether we know how to make the stew or not
let us not be fake and appreciate
the things that have brought us here to this day
your fate is not to educate your thought
because like fruit is comes to rot
I know because I sought and fought
to be like Isaac Newton
I've been wanting to make inventions
but in a different dimension
although this pressure and tension
is making me less than the great depression
I guess I haven't learned a lesson from all this oppression.

My math class,
is tougher than catching a 100 pound bass,
my muscle mass decreasing
just like my reasoning
I want to be logical like whats the meaning
of me thinking so much it's demeaning
like an old man singing while drinking
stinging to the minds eye it's way too bright
my sight has gone blind
I wish I could rewind
to 1859 when the world was different
and we were all able to be kind
that's just a guess my minds a mess
full of pests and stresses and guesses
with unimportant messages.
Relentless that's me,
An A is okay but no less than a B.
If I get a C im not trying and a D
man I got to stop being such a G.

This is all Bolognee I want to go homey
im getting lonely
but I am surrounded
my mind is quiet but outside it's violent I am astounded
I guess im well rounded
like the blue berry girl in willy wonka
they call me wacka flocka of the new york times
I shine through my grind
just kidding im lying,
im lazy as can be because that's how school made me.
Isaac Ward Nov 2017
I dismiss the attention nobody pays,
To the way I stay in games for days,
They say "You're wasting your time away",
But I'll play till I hit the grave,


One more level, another point, another match,
Double kill, triple kill, don't crash,
Every day, getting better, no sweat,
Zero deaths, forty kills, no regret,

Top tier, s rank, winning streak,
Don't lose, don't die, not weak,
Can't miss, gotta win, don't quit,
Flanking, execution, legit,

We've got Contacts, reload,
Spawn traps, implode,
Bringing heavy artillery,
This is the Gamer's Creed.
Cyprian Van Dyke Sep 2017
Follow my finger as I point to your star.
I gave it your name, because
It’s as bright as you are beautiful.  

Let me tell you a little about your heavenly life.

Your celestial body is more than light.
It’s full of electromagnetism that
attracts my earthly nebulae eyes.
Star’s live like birds fly; by fighting gravity,
Only, crushing atoms for nuclear energy.
For gravity is a parasite; it’s your enemy.
When you can’t resist it any longer
It squeezes you into infinity.
Until you explode; we call it a supernova.
But that doesn’t mean it’s over.
You leave behind a remnant for gravity;
Your predator.
And it will squeeze you further into infinity
Than before,
Moving around you like the wind would,
Until there’s nothing left to absorb.
Your light is darkened.
Your twinkling eye is starched.
And once light passes by this whirlpool
Not even it can escape.
This is what we call a black hole,
Possibly the beginning of an
Einstein Rosen bridge,
In other words, a wormhole.
What nerds like me will one day use
To traverse the Milky Way for our muse.
Sep 20, 2017
What made reading this poem worthwhile for you??
So 16 bit, I beg of you
Every time I switch you on
Galvanize time 'till I am dust
Adventures perilous and long
Thought I would pay homage to one of my oldest childhood friends
Love  and Fear became closely identified from the start.
I don't think I've had an activity Without Fear
That didn't involve some form of learning.........
Something Intellectual
I guess that's the Jewish Curse?
Cyprian Van Dyke Jun 2017
His headlights were stars,
That stuck to the ground
Like the UFO's in Close Encounters.

She stood on the sidewalk,
not too far from him;
Looking like a model on a billboard sign.

The moon rising to her right
And the sun setting to her left.
But she was more stunning - than even the roses on her dress.

She was looking at his headlights.
He was looking at her eyes.
Their peripheral vision was of the sunset and moon-rise.

He was a nerd with glasses and freckles.
She was a bombshell that had not yet blossomed.
His jaw dropped, her smile picked it back up - perfect.

He got out the car and met her at the passenger door.
She wrapped her arms around him and stood like a necklace in front of him.
She was looking at the moon and he was looking at the sun.

Now that they were together they could clearly see what was in front of them.  


11/7/16 written by Cyprian Van Dyke
edited on the 8th with the help of https://storywrite.com/shapeshifter
Khayri RR Woulfe Jun 2017
3.14 is the value of pi
Semicircle is the shape of a smile
8 is the symbol for infinity
Welcome to quantumly formed poetry.

Expressing my thoughts through cryptic theory
End of reversed evolutionary
It might not be self-explanatory
JUST Keeping It Short and Simple, M, E.

C, L, O, U, D, plus the square of three
is all that I feel when you are with Mi
Fa, So, La, Ti, Do, Re... or I mean me
Like M, A, G, I see... my world on thee.

You are my earth that is a twisted heart
I dream to be the he beside that art
Giving his best to be a romantic
Intimating through the fields of physics.

My love for you is three-dimensional
Taller and longer than diagonals
As deep as abyss, like cosmos so wide
but unbound by space and unchanged by time.

A fire started by a Maxwell's demon
Burning and shining from here to the moon
A flame so lunar and so lunatic
breaking the laws of thermodynamics.

Faring the distance at the speed of light
Lining the night skies like a meteorite
Traversing the widths of the hyperspace
Or cross a black hole just to see your face.

Escape with luck from a magnetic flux
Be right thrice a day with a broken clock
Above all that, there's just one thing I want:
To spend my last breath by holding your hand.
14 February 2016

Free Verse

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.
Her face shined like cobalt and gold
The fall out was radioactive
Her heart measured in millisieverts
Proved it to be uninhabitable
She was the bomb salted
With mushroom toppings
Plutonium-239 with a dash of uranium-235
Hold the neptunium-237
She was an americium girl
With a hydrogen aftertaste
Her eyes like gamma x rays
Explosive lens radiate
I stood there with deuterium
And tritium offering some fission
It was in this cloud I was lost to listen
It all became nuclear
The power and energy was a force
That provided super critical mass
It all happen so fast
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