writerReader Dec 2015
When will it be my life begins
a day, a month, a year
maybe two
definitely two

a noble number
a number of kings
I feel it with a Gondorian fire

or maybe not two at all
I was so sure it would be two
After all if doesn’t happen then will it be three
three times the charm

but perhaps three is not the number
maybe it will be four
four times it chimed
or was that three?
It could be three

Maybe its not three of four
It’s five possibly
Its probably five
Five fingers on a hand
But three on a clock

Six is like three don’t you think
Three times two is six
Maybe its two
But two plus five is seven

perhaps is it seven years
seven years until my life begins
"Create a reason to create, if nothing it's a start" - Beans On Toast

I'm a Writer, Overnight Caregiver
and sometimes an UBER driver.
I'm an introverted Taurus,

who is always busy or excited
You sometimes can catch me
staring... I know it's creepy

I promise that I'll "try" to not get caught.
Pokémon GO gave us world peace,
Bitcoin paid off my student loans;

blessed are the geeks,
for the geeks shall inherit the earth.
This is my Real life bio.

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Lyn-Purcell Jul 15
The sheer beauty of you will
had made the Earth tremble
And managed to bring unity
to a divided race of

Behind you, the sheep would never stray
we would follow, conscious that we may
never return

The battles were long,
the battles were hard
And to you, a debt we can never to pay

For what you stood for was true unity
For every race that thrives in this world
and beyond

Within your sight, you would make it all right
You came, you strived, you conquered and you

Which I still can't believe...
Which I still can't accept...


With everything that the perils dealt,
I never truly sat down and told you
how I felt

You brought me the light
You brought me the rain
You brought me the hummingbirds
And now you brought me pain as
a causality

But I know that your sacrifice will never
be in vain, as now we are strengthen by
that chain of unity, of the power in being
different and proud

We're equals who stand strong on the
same ground


I can't tell you how much I miss you
How much I want to see your face,
and your heart and your smile
And I dream of us together
when we shared that last night
Even though I knew it was a final,
final goodbye


Thinking of all the times we had, I didn't know
what to do, and then I realised how I was lost
without you

By your side, I could take on every world
and beyond. It's still so hard to accept that
you're truly gone
a light that we need
a beacon of hope

I know you want me to live,
and it's hard to cope


I regret not saying this to you more
As I think of the times we had before
I will always remember you
I will always love you
No one can ever deny you your dues,
your service, your strength has made
you a monolith
I will carry on your legacy forthwith

Having a little nerd moment here lool.
Mass Effect is one of my favourite games - a true guilty pleasure.
One OST that stuck with me was the piano piece known as 'I Was Lost Without You.' It's so beautiful to listen too. So sweet yet haunting and intimate and tragic. A true masterpiece.
Have a listen here:
So here's my tribute poem to it, and this poem is a spoiler so warning to anyone who hasn't played the earlier Mass Effect games!
Please let me know what you think, it's a poem where I'm pouring my heart out to a lost love... Please let me know if it's cliche anywhere.
And let me know if I should do more tribute poems to games!
Love you guys so much!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Lily May 31
We started in seventh grade,
When our ancient, grumpy teacher
That no one liked decided to give
Our second hour science class
Assigned seats.
By some great happening of fate,
I was placed next to you,
The loud, obnoxious prankster,
And I, the quiet, shy nerd.
The class at first was torture,
Yet soon became my haven.
A+ lab partners we were,
And soon A+ friends.
Though outside the classroom,
We were nothing.
We had our own friends, our own lives;
Until sophomore year, when you
Caught me coming out of the library,
John Milton in my hand.
Words were said, promises were made,
And the next day I had your hand in mine,
And we were something.
Two weeks later, under the light of trillions of stars,
On the top of the car you “borrowed”
From your strict father,
You kissed me, slowly, tenderly, lovingly,
And I felt true happiness for the first time.
On graduation day,
You caught my graduate cap,
The sun rays making beautiful patterns
On your tan face, and wavy hazel hair,
But you spun around and gave it right back to me,
To leave me for a college in California,
Thousands of miles away, away from everything
You’ve ever known.
And loved.
I tried to get over you, I really did,
But my mind circled the same tracks,
Went over the same ruts,
And I always came back to seventh grade,
When that cranky teacher gave us our
Assigned seats.
I blamed him, thinking that those
Assigned seats were the beginning of
My broken heart.
It wasn’t until four years later,
That I saw you in a library,
Hiding in the shelves, peeking through
The bookends you moved yourself,
That I realized that those feelings never left.
You had come back for me,
And those bean bags in the kids’ section
Of the library became our new assigned seats.
One day, about a year later, you didn’t take your seat;
You went down on your knee instead.
The wedding was casual, yet beautiful, as you said
I was in my light blue dress and beaming smile.
Our seventh grade science teacher sat in the front row;
The seat we assigned to him.
A week later, he went to the seat that
God assigned him, and we were back in that church,
And this time I was in a black dress and crying.
Years passed, and suddenly I found myself
In front of a classroom of my own,
Assigning seats to my own seventh graders.
The quiet, shy nerd shot me a desperate look
As I set her books down by the loud, obnoxious prankster.
I saw my own fear reflected in
Her eyes, and I simply smiled calmly at her.
Maybe some day she will be as
Happy as I was that I was given my
Assigned seat.
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this is in binary because i'm a nerd
n0r May 18
Growing up I held
A sword as shield
Fighting every day
To just be me
Submissive with my equals
But never giving dominance
To those throwing
Their weight upon my Being

I learned to stab
At the tender parts
Of my father
As I sliced
Off the cancers
Growing amongst my friends

When I tried to quit
The fight for peace
Distance from false family
       (My love for them
         An open wound)
My father turned
His sword upon hisself
And finally stabbed at me

My sword my shield
My fire shattered
Cold steel
Became my skin
I hid in here
Until I couldn’t
Until I couldn’t

To shatter cold steel
Mix amphetamines with pixie hearts
Let simmer for months
Then superheat yourself
With mushroom stems and drums
Until collapse
Careful now your armors gone
Careful now take two
Make three
Of equals
And open up the heart

Careful now
Careful now
Careful now
Cana Mar 29
My story of us
Of a clock blonde ticking
Counting the sheep until apocalypse
A simple verse would not suffice
Nor would a complexity borne of years.

A deluge of elocution,
Remembrance drowned.
The fickle combination of
Llamas and lambs grazing
In my backyard alongside other

The llamas wear glasses sometimes

Anguished intellectuals
Locked up in bedrooms
Chained to porches.
Their advice is good
Their words wise and thoughtful
Themselves, fucked up.

Ink stained tomes littering desks.
Nail bitten fingers clinging to pens.
Red veined eyes squinting at parchment
Words given life. But to follow ones own advice?

Rare is the joyous bespectacled llama
Bestowing wisdom onto the sheep
Watching them frolicking on the lawn
Trying to find rhythm in gangly legs
Urgently, awkwardly alone.
I just spat words onto a page.
You figure it out. I’m still trying to.
Tiana Marie Mar 3
She ran her fingers
across her bookshelf,
allowing the dust
to coat her nails.
The sound of shuffling pages
filled the room,
creating music,
to which she couldn't help
but dance.
Having a partner with mental illness is not a low-level quest.

Having a partner with mental illness is debatably the best quest in the game and has incredibly valuable Loot.

"I am farming so much exp off of this argument right now."

"I just scored some mad reputation points with your parents."

"Hey, can we do that over again? I didn't get the drop I wanted."
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