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maya 2d
Four lines down,
Color me in.
Rip me since
I’m paper thin.

Wrap me, tie me
Around your mouth
And breath
Me deeply in.

Suffocate yourself
On my skin
Blanch, creamy,
Pale colored.

Brain folds
Are less wrinkled
Than my
Disposable soul.

I’ll pollute
Your blood veins
And ruin you
Before I go.
These days I live within
my thoughts escape from things that are real of which I can't face anymore safe
haven for me

Don't like this world any more this life to where I live changed so much from life as a kid to many pressure there are

But sadly It's we humans that have caused this to
be trying to develop of everything far to

In doing so destroying our Environment causing a devastating effect on our planet which I believe Is Irreversible the damage Is done very
We have destroyed our environment devastating effect on our planet
slay Nov 2018
Testing my patience 1 2 3
Mic drop n scramble back to the beat
I be geeked in the streets
But be like Neek in the sheets
****, you Harry Stylin' in your custom Gucci's

I'm so ****** uninspired, my soul has nowhere to be
I'm resonating with nothing that extends beyond the planet
I'm not interested in anything inorganic
All the man made **** is solely for my avatar,
I dont have to play videogames because I already live in one.
The only thing I havent done is **** myself in this life to ascend into the next one
But i know I am a chosen one so I suffer in silence
Said i bare the burden, I am a beacon of light

I mean who you think you are, King Mitus?
Oh my god
You be counting change, im stacking hundreds with my thoughts
I think i drifted way too far last time i astral projected
Cause when i came back they told me Mandela was effected

It's tragic, the tragedy keeps writing itself
God must not be real n we must all have free will
We must all be capable of unspeakable things
With the capacity of becoming unspeakable beings, but
The conscious to speak into the opposite swing
Hello, testing? Testing 1, 2, 3?

It's amazing my attention span isn't longer than (.)45 seconds,
This is reckless
And sometimes that's the only way i know how this thing in my chest works
And my heart hurts
Not important, i just said it off the record
For my mental

And when I meet her, maybe she'll tell me im an angel
But i am much worse,
I'm a temptress, I'm a serpent, I'm a stranger
I am hellbent
On finding my true place in the framework,
I will change them
I will ignite the reformation
lahat daw ay pantay-pantay
sabi ng mga balatkayong nakaupo sa silya ng salapi,
ngunit naguguluhan itong batang isipan,
lahat pa ba ng ating gawa ay pantay sa mata ng Maykapal.

biyayang ipinagkaloob Nya sa atin,
biyayang unti-unting nasisira,
puso'y lumuluha sa nakikita; ang may sala,  yaong Kanyang kawangis.

Kanyang 'kawangis' pa ba kung isalita?
kung mga gawa na abot langit ang pinagkaiba.
atin din' pangalagaan ang biyayang kalikasan, huwag puro ang ating sarili.
Brian Persson Feb 10
Our Mother is crying a soft, violent storm
Tears are falling with her cold mountains of white
as they collapse into her deep blue
Her fruits are falling off their life-vines

Her children don't take notice
After we tell each other:
"turn your head, she is fine",
we take from and poison her,
for our greed knows no limit

In Mother's pain she weeps for us as well
When the waters crash, when the flames consume,
we are the executioners who plead for mercy
All she does is ask for our love in return
Cody Cooke Feb 8
In the Kisatchie ocean of pine and oak that shimmers evergreen in the wind, there’s a tree that all the life knows. This tree is a sun in the forest, life in the branches veining up and out to the bright blue. Its throat pillars a canopy above that glistens with beads of sunlight, gold strings that drip down to the earth where pine needles and twigs and leaves and cones come to stitch a wild tapestry of green, teeming dirt, warm browns, colors that smell like soil and clean air. All breathing within and around this tree. Animals of every nation and shrub pass by it—skitter up and about it. Nothing claims it, and it claims nothing. It is as much as all is; a testament to the only Truth: the constant of growth and life. If it only had eyes, it would be witness to a story that never ends, a story of the truest symbols under Moon and Sun, of the turmoil between rainbow and storm, of the purest music that sings from apricot dawn to fire-golden dusk.
in medias res—Tiny things in neon yellow hats and vests arrive, riding larger, mechanical mud-yellow beasts. They stomp over the late summer tapestry on their way Forward, wherever that is? The yellow beasts’ black smoke billows up above the green, suffocating the throats of trees that lived like they held up the heavens. One by one the tiny things mark then behead and uproot and dismember and skin and haul the forest congregation as cargo into trucks, and the trucks plow down the young shrubs in their Way, whatever that is? One tree, however, is too stubborn for the tiny things’ grunts; despite the will of machines, it won’t be usurped and will not fall. So, it stays, and the concrete serpent that comes next just slithers around it. A smooth and efficient scar made from the same stuff as tombstones is carved in to Kisatchie, painted the color of tar with yellow and white lines going along it. The animals know to stay away from it, although sometimes a fawn or some squirrels who know no better will stumble up to it, instantly frightened away when a metal creature with glowing eyes from faraway comes roaring towards them. Sometimes one of those metal things will growl to a stop on soft black feet, and a tiny thing without a neon hat will step out of it and walk up behind the tree that wouldn’t fall and **** on it. Relieved, it scurries back into the thing it came out of and continues on its Way, wherever that is?
With various Oceans in the world around
And less of land and solid ground
71 % is Ocean and 29 % is land to be exact
That is the reality and the startling fact
Unfathomed are the waters, deep and blue
How does the Ocean matter to me or you?
As a matter of the Earths Biology and Chemistry
The data on Oceans is no longer a mystery
Oceans are the lifeblood of planet earth and mankind
As here is one of the greatest ecosystems we can find
Carbons are removed for the air and buried deep in the Ocean
In turn, the marine plants give back to us the required oxygen
The Ocean is the planet’s most important climate regulator
As it absorbs the ultra-rays from the sun and solar factor
Which in turn gives the atmosphere a cooling effect
Otherwise the world would be too hot to inhabit
The evaporation of vapor from sea is recycled back as rain
Without which our life on earth would be so much in vain
Our Oceans are magnificent and represent a scenic beauty
The breath-taking views serve their tourist attraction duty
The atolls, the lagoons and the white sandy beaches
The crashing huge waves and the dazzling marine creatures
Oceans are a safe and direct route of travel for ships and boats
Which is convenient and cheaper without a need for expansive roads
The Oceans are naturally part of an aquatic sporting arena
Where yachting, sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling are a winner
The Oceans are a hub and powerhouse with various economic activities
Where wealth is derived cheaply and aplenty with little difficulties
In fact the Ocean is like the headquarters of the World Bank
Where all the worlds’ assets are sitting within a large tank
From large scale fishing, pearl and seaweed farming
Gas and oil extraction and as far as minerals from mining
Cooking salt is derived from the oceans and is therefore iodized
Arid nations have sea water purified for drinking after it is de-salinized
The range of economic activities derived from the Ocean is manifold
But with the depleting state of Marine resources, what does our future hold?
Thousands of people have lived without love but none without water
As every drop counts but having an Ocean at your mercy is even better
A healthy Ocean means that we have a healthy, thriving nation
As it is the Ocean that provides us with a chunk of our daily ration

An Ocean is rich and full of resources and is a great asset
Without which the world would be poorer, just like in debt
From the Highlanders, the city folks and the coastal dwellers as such
We all need the Ocean somehow or the other and very, very much
Resources of the Ocean are of course very limited
So use it wisely and just take what is sparingly permitted
Climate change aided by our misguided actions is taking its toll
The smaller island nations are drowning together with the atolls
If offending life on land would vanish, the creatures in the Ocean will flourish
If life in Oceans were to perish, the creatures on land would die malnourished
We need the Ocean more than what the Ocean needs us
We cannot survive alone at the neglect of the Ocean thus
That is why the Ocean matters so dearly to me
Can we all put up our hands for this “me” to become a “we”?
So that the Ocean remains intact and in good health
And we can keep on living off well from the Oceans wealth?
Kieran Feb 5
Our Mother screams in waves and quakes
Carbon an addiction brought on by her children
On nuclear nights, she cries to the moon
Cool-headed? She no longer is.
We exhausted her and now
Mother twirls around *****,
exposed to the sun
Her skin erupts with blood-filled blisters
and so, she punishes us still
in hurricanes, sometimes hunger.
Did you think we could win?
We still underestimate a single mother
but she will lose the fight
as tumours we suckle
and in turn, we terminate time.
New and improved.
Corey Feb 4
it was a soft, palpable silence that can only occur in the absence of familiarity. there was plenty of sound, but it all felt—empty.

the babbling of the steam, accompanied by the calm rustle of leaves as a slow wind crept upstream. the humming and singing of the birds high above. the occasional croak of the far off frog, or splash of an unidentified creature returning to the brisk water.

my toes felt the chill as i stepped in myself. grainy water brushed by my feet—abrasive from the debris i knocked up with my heavy step. smooth rocks poking at my soles.

the water sloshed as i dragged my shin through the stream feeling the cold slowly take over my body. venturing deeper than i thought the stream got. the smooth small rocks underneath my feet turned to slippery stones that shifted under my weight, but that i wouldn’t be able to lift.

my toe stubbed into a softer object just as the water had reached my chest. i paused, feeling the rush of water pass by every part of my body. my feet feeling a slow pull to my left, while my torso was being pushed heavily in the same direction.

the softer object was the root of the tree on the opposite side of the stream. i stepped on it, slipping twice before finding my way up. i climbed the labyrinth of roots out of the stream and stood on the sloped trunk. it was not a fallen tree, but contorted. it sloped out above the water.

i crawled up the trunk passing branches that were beginning to turn barren with the colder weather. i sat near the end, high above the water. i watched the water flow past me. i watched a few leaves fall in and get rushed away. i watched the branches around me slightly sway with the wind.

i saw a fawn drinking from the water upstream. i watched it lift its head for a quick look around, then down to continue drinking. it showed no sign of knowing my presence despite how i broke the silence: the splash of an unidentified creature returning to the water—among the singing birds i was surrounded by, the croak of a far off frog, the rustle of leaves with the slow wind, and the babbling stream below.
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