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Words swirling in mind
Smoke whirling in the air
Sitting alone I stare
Wishing I could disappear
Never able to find the time
Simply writing without a rhyme
Ill give you the world but only can afford a dime
Desperately trying to unwind
Words swirling in my mind
Without you, at best I'll be "fine"
moving on
I'm totally fine,
Totally feeling
The disease you don't believe in

You say everthing has its season,
But my mind, it isn't healing!

Your 'training' leaves me tired
Pain makes me uninspired
Unless by you it's fired
From life, just might retire
brailee 2d
I made myself think I was fine.
Closing my eyes, I stopped saying goodbye.

I pushed that world to the back of my mind.
I stopped being shy. I opened up my eyes.

The world said I had to change,
The world was big, so I did.
don't let the world change you, you're amazing just the way you are
Theo 3d
It's been a while since I've been here.
Missed you.
Just wanted to stop by and say hello, I'm sorry.
You were always the one, so keep going without me.
You'll do just fine.

Love you, bye.
JB 7d
How are you?
is a simple question
with a loaded answer

I'm fine
I'm good
I'm great
The bigger the word, the larger the lie
It's always the same question, "How are you?"
And it's always the same lie, "I'm fine."

We leave it to the enquirer to figure out what fine is,
And most probably, as probable as the monsoon rain, they're bound to ignore the depth of the 'fine'.

As probably as the moth being drawn to light,
They're bound to assume we're actually fine, no matter how hard we're silently begging them not to leave us on our own.

As probably as the coin landing on either heads or tails,
They're bound to keep talking like nothing ever even happened.

As probably as the land breeze blowing at night,
They're bound to move on to the next topic, ignoring the fact that you're not fine.

But as probably as the snake not eating the rat,
They're bound to understand that the 'fine' you actually uttered is not actually fine, but quite the opposite of it.

As probably as a comet thousands of light years away hitting the earth today,
They're bound to understand your pain and actually make you feel fine.
Inspired by a quote I once read: "How are you?"
Always the same question.
"I'm fine."
Always the same lie.
Sonia Jan 14
"I'm okay", I say
As I secretly die inside

Okay is a word
That I now use
To describe every single one
Of my emotions

"I'm okay", I say
Even though
On the inside
ONLY on the inside
I am hurting
My heart is broken to pieces
And I feel
Like there's no chance left
For me to get over this

"I'm okay", I say
But on the inside
I'm bursting of joy
My heart is back
Like how it was once
Now it's whole once again
Because I met someone new
And even though it's gonna be broken soon
I wanna enjoy the moment
"I'm okay" is a lie we all tell
jaelyn lance Jan 31
Dont give up.
Please dont cry.
Oh!don't forget to breathe.
viciously ripping me to shreds thinner than paper,
My conciousness and subconsciousness
are trying to cooperate
But my mind,
Is untying every knot I've tied
With no motivation and worries.
I need help.
But if you ask me,
I'll tell you .
"I'm fine".
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