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Jules 19h
I said I'm fine
But I need time
To clear my mind
Ironically filled with you
It’s to fall,
With your heart on your sleeve
It’s to fly,
Your hair ruffled by the breeze
It’s to call,
And have faith and believe
It’s to trust,
That they will let you breathe.
It’s to choke,
As the tears stream down your cheeks
It’s to tear,
As your heart is slowly squeezed
It’s to leave,
Although you’re ripping at the seams
It’s to die,
Although your lungs still seem to breathe.
It’s to cry,
Even though you assure that you’re fine
It’s to jump,
Even if you’re still healing
It’s to smile,
While you’re trying to forget
It’s to fall,
With your heart on your sleeve.
It's funny. I don't believe that I've ever been in love, yet I can describe it somewhat accurately...
Okay lie, lie, lie.
I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine.
Empire Sep 22
It’s fine
I’m fine
It’ll go away
All on its own
It won’t last long
Tomorrow will be better
(Tomorrow is never better)
You’ll feel better if...

What game are you playing now?
You said this last time
When you thought you lost your mind?
What did you say?
C’mon. Tell me.
What was your perspective on the issue?

You said,

And I quote:

“It’ll go away on its own...”

And guess what

It got so much worse.
ignorance is bliss

until you start desiring death
odessa Sep 17
as long as you say i love you
pouring rain in the afternoon
i will believe you
just because i want to be broken
and when you left me alone in the dark
i will destroy myself
in a room full of dust and tear
my sweet blood
my numb soul
my wounded body
gonna haunt you
i do not feel fine and i can not express my feelings so this is the mess inside my head
Asuzx Sep 14
Tomorrow we'll be fine.
But tomorrow never comes.
Alexander Sep 9
I loved an empty being,
Gave my all just so you could feel something,
But somewhere along the way,
You came alive as I withered away.
B D Caissie Sep 5
It’s never good when you find out there’s strings attached. It’s even worse when you find out you’re the puppet.

Tara M Aug 20
With all the options
there are to follow-
I choose the one
thats hardest to swallow.

The vast unknown,
and the grief for my life-
are the only things that keep me alive.

My empathy, my love,
I don't share with myself-
I'm empty inside,
its for everyone else.

Why am I here?
Why will I die?
Why do I fear the after this life?

I wish I felt the divine love
And was blissfully blessed
from the heavens above

I would like to believe,
would it make life better?
To fly ignorantly through
this shitstorm of weather?

An anthropomorphic tale of love & fear.
A false positive truth towards our existence here.

I know it's a lie.
But, maybe it's not.
Who the f*ck am I?
Stuck in my minds rott.

No signs from God
No devils to fear
Just my heart to my loved ones
Right now. Right here.

The doom that I carry is only for me,
it slouches my shoulders and cuts at my feet.

But I keep on walking, with my eyes on the ground.
Afraid to look up, for I will be let down.
Butterfly Aug 12
There I go again.
I was just doing fine.
Everything was fine.
But then it hit me.
I'm not fine.
Save me thank you
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