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Lux Apr 27
I'm fine, perfectly fine,
you all trusted that lie.
Seemed so happy laughing all the time,
hiding my true self inside.

Clothes covering all the lines,
darkness holding my silent cries.
Pain fighting pain,
making me lose the trust I´ve gained.

Brain offering me two bad choices,
knowing even some fighters lose to their voices.
Life giving me blades instead of lemons,
sending me all its demons.

Fighting a battle I don´t want to fight,
waiting to see the final light.
Cold steel becoming my best friend,
helping me find the end.
WickedHope Mar 2022
She's fine she's fine she's fine
Don't ask her cause she'll lie
She isn't sure who she is anymore
Been playing pretend so long
Who knows what is real for sure
She never sleeps
Because when she sleeps she's alone
And she never cries
Because when she cries she admits to pain
And she always smiles
Because if it reaches her eyes then it looks real
She's fine she's fine she's fine
Just don't look too deep inside
What if we weren't important to anyone and could just lay facedown in a cold body of water?
What if we got them all to miss us so they'd know pain like we do?

I want to **** George.
Broken Pieces Dec 2021
Why can't I find the right people?
It feels like I'm stuck in this loop.
Everyone always seems so evil,
My life is one big fluke.

Can't I just be alone for awhile?
I can't keep living like this.
Can't I just give up the smiles,
But life just makes me commit.
dailythoughts Oct 2021
who wouldn't do whatever it takes to be fine
You make me fall in love alone all-day
But I was risen by the sun
I grow up with happiness and fun
When I fall in love again
I know the place I never get the pain
Every day you make me fall in love
By your beautiful shine
Staring at me
Until everything will be fine
Indonesia, 1st April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Broken Pieces Mar 2021
My emotions are stable, at least they appear to be.
For some reason I feel as if it's still not me.
I keep telling myself I'm happy and I'm fine,
But am I really on that line?

Enough with the ******* rhyming nonsense,
I'm really not okay and this is my cry for help.
I want someone to save me but I don't know how,
Will someone come and take me away from this town?
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