Sometimes you have to look and see-
through the eyes of the unworthy.

Twist your mind and reach for the darkest depths within.
But even then it's hard to explain another's sin.

There's no excuse for the way that monsters live.
There's no escape from the pain they give.

You can adapt, change, begin again.
But you have to accept these scars, everlasting, underneath your skin.
This started as an explanation for my poem "The Other Side" but I kind of liked it as a standalone piece.
Faith 2d
i wonder
if you will ever see
how gorgeous you look
as tears slip down your cheeks
What is but solemn grace,
The man forgotten by men.
He seeks the world for riches and glory,
Yet learns there are better men in place.
What ho and wonder,
This cosmic ball of life we play.
Where truth and lies dance together,
Like words with exchanging names.
So forget the man forgotten,
His name rubbed off of glory’s vain.
Where he sits and waits on the worlds revolution,
No redemptive grace.
So forget the man,
Clean the slate.
The world is already a noisy place.
Love is a trick.
A since of evil.
Why must we put ourselves through the hurt and heartbreak.
Only for a split second of happiness.

I know this may seem that I’m hateful for the idea of love.

But if I’m being honest with myself.
I’d want to spare myself from that second of happiness. Then to take that chance with a lifetime of hurt.

                        With love,
Flame Aug 6
Is it really a good memory
If every time you remember it
It stings?
On one hand, I can see my goals clearly, vividly & at the same time I have a concrete plan in mind I will execute upon.

Everything is crystal clear & beautiful.

On the other hand:
     1) All of this is BULLSHIT
     2) The Government is WATCHING US
     3) People don't WANT YOU TO WIN

I wonder.
2 perspectives to take in.
EastWind Aug 5
loves the girl,
she's sweet, caring,
and smart.
everybody loves he girl they see,
the one who's polite, and free.
everybody loves what they see,
when everything just seem to fit perfectly.

but there's still someone who sees things
what ever you do,
they'll hate you,
saying things,
but maybe they're just being honest too,
maybe you'll just have to be you.
wow, that sucks.
Asiah Aug 3
A Hopeless Romantic.
Loving the sight and sound of "love" but not quite loving the emotion of love.
Romance has nothing on the art of swaying a heart.
Hopelessly losing love or Hopelessly surviving.
Hopelessly finding love or Hopelessly rewinding.
When you're Hopelessly Romancing it isn't the dwelling sight of Romance
simply its Perspective.
Do you know what love feels like?
James Lloyd Aug 1
You took me from vacuum between love and feelings
Your eyes, lips, and your silky hair
You're the most dream I ever wanted
Crazy for you I sure declare
I closed my eyes and I saw her

'hello my chat mate in NG'
Sachiko Jul 29
He looked at his object with an eye.
So, he came closer to clarify.
An angle that will compliment for each element.
A product that can make a statement.
He chose the bright colors to incorporate.
Because her smile suited a great light.
He focused the subject, and suddenly it was fading.
She was started running.
Running, from the picture perfect life that he created.
She was a medium of unrealistic bliss.
And found herself out of nowhere.
People envied her but they didn’t know the  truth.
She was missing the unfiltered life.
She spaced out, and her heart was bruised.
He was definitely imaginative.
And fooled by unreachable perspective.
He looked at his object with an eye.
Thinking, with her was a root of a great life.
I wrote this during the fall season, and at the same time my brother and his girlfriend broke up. And that situation was my inspiration to just write as I see him every single day trying to figure out all the answers to all his questions.
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