I'd rather fight with you for a lifetime
than spend it without the option to
Eno 4d
I am another species
I am nothing special
You would not offer your time to me
Although I’m not sure why
I think sometimes I must be intimidating, intense, incomprehensible
And you must be calm, certain, celebrated
To act the way you do
Although I’m not sure why
Am I more me?
Or you more I?
Blurry, blotchy, blinding lines
Where the edges of my perspective
Meet the perimeter of your lies
Or vice
Quite hurtful
Much harder
To carry on standing tall and strong
When everyone I meet
Makes me feel weird and wrong
An alien, a wanderer, the only one
It makes me leave your party
That picnic in the park
It’s why I leave you watching the TV
Before it breaks my heart
what happens when you
drink all the water from the
glass that was half full ?
Yes, I'm a fan of Thanos
villains fascinate
evil that they do
my dark side thinks
that's great

Misogynists are sexist
berating and snide
stepping in their shoes
the darkness they
can't hide

I'll tread that path
until I hit my limit
footwear too tight
or sinister too big
determined, walking evil's
Yes, I'm guilty of goin to the darkside (They do have cookies) from time to time, all a matter of perspective ;D

Inspired from an affirmation (of my dark side) comment by Kim Johanna Baker  on one of my darker poems :D
Lyn-Purcell Jun 4
I look to the past

to make sense of my present

   and it will never stop me for

       looking towards the bright future

          The journey my life takes won't get

              better by mere chance or luck

                   It's up to me and only me to make

                        life worth living by choosing change,

                                a constant page that keeps on turning

                                      a rule that always reigns
                                          But with it, I'll mature and chip myself

                                                  away and make my world shine anew,
                                                            and let the energy flow
Change is nature. One that people have a power to influence, for better or for worse. It's all down to our strength of our resolve.
We can learn from the past. The past has some answers for the present. But I don't want to be so focused on those that I miss the future.

Hope everyone's alright!
Be back soon!
Lyn x
Alex Zhang Jun 3
I see life through a crystalline window
Colorless so that my vision is untainted
Yet ironically still deceiving in its transparency
For through the many facets of this jeweled facade
My sight scatters into many dimensions
Unable to focus on a single aspect
So that something as simple as an iron needle
Becomes a cage of interconnecting rods
Binding my thoughts in an imaginary jail
In the matrix created by the morphed glass
My eyes: where simplicity is corrupted
To a kaleidoscope of unwarranted complexity
As we drive in the car together
I look at you and remember
How I used to feel
Just one year ago
I used to admire everything about you
Your swirling gray eyes
Your soft, pale skin
Your perfect smile
The way your mind worked
And now
I just see a good friend
That’s it
Isn’t it funny
How perspective changes?
I used to look at you and wish
That one day
You would see me as something more
I can’t imagine you as anything more
Than just a friend
Isn’t it funny
How perspective changes?
I would lay in bed
Close my eyes
And dream about you beside me
I would hate that you dreamed
About someone else
Now you still dream about someone else
And I couldn’t care less
In fact
I don’t dream about anyone
And I’m perfectly content
Isn’t it funny
How perspective changes?
I remember the heartbreak
When you called me that afternoon
And told me I was just a friend
I laugh when I remember
That horribly awkward conversation
I hope you laugh too
Isn’t it funny
How perspective changes?
Time goes on
Attraction fades
Perspective changes
oOh a lOvE pOeM
I was recently hanging out with someone that I used to have a big crush on and it made me think about how weird life is skrt skrt
Lyn-Purcell May 28
~ ⚪ ⚫ ⚪ ~

This one's for Maya
Monolith of the black voice
much love rest in peace

All life is sacred
I dare not cage the sweet birds
because of their songs

The cage is a veil
Watch bejewelled hands touch and play
the sleek piano

The bird trills in sync
ivory and ebony
now weep of lost dreams

As we humans laugh
eating sweetmeats from rose-bowls
and drink mead from glass

~  ⚫ ⚪ ⚫ ~

Birds look to the sky
How she yearns to ride the wind
soar and touch the sky

But it is a dream
She is caged by luxury
by rich human glee

None dare lift her veil
She eats and sings, it fools them
But her soul it aches

She knows they see her
Broken in all her beauty
Her mistake not theirs

All life is sacred
I dare not cage the sweet birds
because of their songs

~ ⚪ ⚫ ⚪ ~
This series of haikus is dedicated to one of my literary heroes, the late Maya Angelou.

I've often dreamed of being a free bird, wanting to travel to world, but I suppose the most beautiful things live difficult lives. And in day to day life, the word 'free', I find to be illusory...

Be back soon!
Lyn x
maya May 28
Her legs go walking,
Into the midnight sky,
Her mind wanders,
Her eyes cry.

Soul so sensitive,
Tears so sweet,
For her no benefits,
Memories repeat.

The way she dresses,
Suggestive, she must want touch,
In that mini-skirt of hers,
I have to rush.

Before she wakes up,
Drunk as can be,
I'll make her want more,
Want more than just me.
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