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In beautiful Boulder, Colorado the little boy's balloon literally burst,
and he figuratively burst into tears
as though it were literally the end of the world;
and, figuratively, for him it was.
But, literally, one day you'll find that all of your miseries
Were, figuratively, so many burst balloons.

Iran Daniela Oct 6
Sometimes the universe gifts you solitude so that you can find yourself
discovering aspects that may have never occurred otherwise
learning to enjoy the silences of the world around you
appreciating details of the slightest importance

-irrelevance becomes relevance-

you meet yourself in a new perspective
breeding new light toward the earth
becoming the upmost you
Be thankful for the days of no company, rather than spiteful
This is the time to renew
Consider a bee
while the sunbeams dance on a bench in front of a melting clock
Consider a bee
while the cradling mankind sees a gun under the pillow and feels safe.
The dust of the soul,
the soul dusts away
The bee
Interrupts a series of copulations
and a run across the industrial lawn

The sacrifice
of a fat lobster named eternal consciousness
garlic sliced bread & a fear of a thing
as per the given prescription?
am I right?

I have no more time for such nonsense,
Consider a bee
5 more minutes, a 90-degree angle, you are dead.

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
Martin Dove Oct 5
What do you think, from a personal view
is it fun to live in an old dusty room?
The answer is clear, though we try to forget it
We just don’t want to see it from a different perspective
It’s hard to open the doors and see what is out there
It just shows us so boldly how little we have here.
But to open the doors means more than we know
The world can illuminate with a soft-spoken glow
It’s not all that hard though it might bring you peril
Depression can lurk around every other person.
To be selective or fully collective?
of the things we see and how we connect it
As long as you look for the truth you may find it
Though you may not like what you see and might fight it
This begs for an ending that will blow you away
But I’ll let someone find it in another way
mks Oct 3
moonlight falls without bias
wicked me and benevolent you are the same here
MicMag Sep 23
I don’t have to wake up too early
I get to

I don’t have to go to work
I get to

I don’t have to deal with my neighbors
I get to

I don’t have to eat a healthy dinner
I get to

I don’t have to call my parents
I get to

I don’t have to wash the dishes
sweep the floors
feed the pets
hang the laundry
scrub the toilet
I get to

I don’t have to pack her lunch
with a smile
and a lovely note
I get to

I don’t have to do
the things I dread
or the things I love
I get to

I don’t have to keep on living

I get to!
Another one inspired by WD weekly poetry prompt:
I get (blank)

Lyn-Purcell Sep 21

The few should never represent
the many.

No one, not even a celebrity, should speak for you or represent you.
Do that yourself. I'm speaking to every single race out there.
Because as soon as a celebrity says something you dislike or disagree with,
YOU are the ones who get all up in your feelings. Their mistakes should never represent a community as a whole. This is one of the many reasons why I stopped putting celebrities on pedestals.
Man, I'm so glad I now have downtime! ^^
Thank you guys so much for your patience!
Working on the Masked Bard series now!
Lyn xxx
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