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melody 1h
everything hurts
but not in the sad way you think
everything hurts because nothing wonderful is curated without a little bit of pain
the pain is the fuel which leads you to light
or maybe that’s all my life has ever been
a journey back to heaven
i always mix up anxiety and adrenaline
everyday is another day i can’t believe i made
i was born a melody but life transitioned me into a serenade
love is the only thing that overcomes the pain
i live for glimpses of it
it passes through fast like the sparkles when the sun hits the sea
and in those moments i feel free
the warmth i felt for all the times my heart sang
it’s hurts to use my senses at times
i ache and i cry
but i know bliss will soon tell me why
a kiss for today, and a kiss for forever
for now i love the universe until he tells me it’s time
When I stay inside I stare at the ceiling
when I go outside I stare at the sky.
Ash May 21
It's in the
sunset and
cherry soda and
my favorite books

I didn't realize how beautiful red is 'til
he said it was his favorite color
Red (Taylor's Version) is also my second favorite Taylor Swift album
the sailing stones
were thought to be
a phenomenon
it was incomprehensible
that a rock
the inanimate
     of all inanimates
should show signs
     of movement
here was mystique
here was mystery
perhaps a message
left by
cosmic energies
higher beings
there could have been
in never knowing
in letting
     the idea remain

we cannot bear
the unexplained;
where the miraculous
is founded
   in uncertainty
we must probe
and pry
until an answer
is found
whether for benefit

perhaps a balance
can be found
between the known
and what remains
acceptably unknown
the intrigue
and enchantment
are marred by
the bland
     the sterile
          the prosaic
mhm Mar 10
I spent most nights crying myself to sleep
Feeling comforted by the tears that ran down my face
And the hand that would cover my mouth
So my cries weren't heard before the sun had a chance to rise

I spent my days listening to thoughts that ate away at my sanity
Confined to feelings of loneliness and sadness
Waiting for the periods of numbness to set in
Just as soon as I caught my breath

The rare times in between where I was seemingly happy
Was a good break for my body to heal
From the physical and emotional torture I was putting it through
I had never felt more alone

So my love
When I tell you that I love you
Don't forget how deeply I mean those words
Because you saved me even when I felt undeserving of it
Nishu Mathur Mar 5
Some days are good
Or I think they really are
I soak up the sun
And reach for the stars
Some days are bad
I suppose they really are
The sun seems too hot
And the stars — too far.
Ronney Mar 2
Push and Pull.
Acting the fool.
Sick and tired.
Done with the bull...

Its time to be honest.
Haven't done that in the longest...
Its one of many, A failed promise.

We each had our role.
Both digging into that hole.
These things, chip away the mind and soul.

Gentleness sometimes gives way to resolve.

Kind words are a pleasure.
Given in truth an absolute treasure.
Although we don't always have it altogether.
Somehow we manage to storm the weather.
we each have our story and play dual roles. Everything is a matter of perspective. We are both antagonist and protagonist. That what i wanted to capture in this. Haven't completely cracked it but this is my best for now. Hope you enjoyed :)
Learning the lessons that happened before
as they come round again in various forms.
Same faces and places setting up themes, we don't always see the patterns between.
Trends tend to reset and test us again, emotions take hold but not as our friend.
Sunk in a cycle of continuous loops, failing to think they may hold just one truth.

Decisions of a short-term visionary, skewed and responsive to his or her needs. This irreverent mist often follows a dip, perspective changes a clouded verdict.
Crystal clarity can skip our reality
as permissions transition beyond each dream,
when we look to our heroes who sit at the peak.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
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