The enterprise is where the heart stands aside.

Enter to win a prize.

Wasting lives is what it sets out to be.

Instead, you're a worker bee

harvesting the honey tree.

And “as god stands over you”

You realize the tree is in front of you.

A poem about a concept of life. Thanks!

Your teachers said that a “B” isn’t a perfect score.

So your chase has been for perfection ever since

your “C” presentation that didn’t prove to the class that you could present yourself perfectly.

As if you're a Christmas toy.

Presents are supposed to be what they want.

and every time you meet a boy


Another poem I wrote in my college class.

Pass that dang psychedelic juice, Jewboy!
Yeah, I know that I called you all
A bunch of Communist Christkillers,
But I hate my wife
Even more than I hate you bastards!
If you don't  pour me a glass
Of something
That will rapidly change my perspective,
I swear to God,
I'm gonna' ram a butcher knife
In that woman's face!

Tori Schall Nov 2

Waiting in the silence
for the breath of cold wind
for the touch of warm hands
for the whisper of the trees

Waiting for the noise
the chirping of the birds
the croaking of the frogs
the sound of the disturbed

beauty turned sour
a hand that holds a knife
as the warm blood drips down and down
you could have saved my life

You once said I was horrid
a person with no style
too fat, too rude
but now look at me

Am I pretty now?
All skin and bones
my face covered in red, hot blood
as it drips down my ashen face

Amm I pretty now?
With styled hair
with fake nails
and make-up on

Am I pretty now
wasting away
I just wanted you to say
I was pretty

the beginning is all peaceful, it shows what happens on the outside, and what others will see. But then it delves deeper into the mind of people who fight depression and anxiety.
Andrew Durst Nov 7

I wanted
that wouldn't
be afraid

of me.

I spent
that person
could ever

For humans
are far too shallow
and our

way too deep

but I honestly believe
we should not have to
be alone.

I believe in independence.
I believe in self-reliance
and I believe in self-respect.

But I also believe that
humans can connect
on a far deeper level
than just what we see.

I believe there is a time
and place
for everything
and that includes
the moments

we fall in love.

You see,
there will be days
that you fill
and lonely
but you have
to be there for yourself.

No one is going to give you
a handout
unless you show them
you are going to
make it count.

No one is going to
rely on someone
that cannot
rely on them self.

Co dependence can be
but nevertheless-
it is filled with
even more grief.

You cannot fix somebody else
when you are still
the craft
of self-love.

Allow your lows
to be reminders
that you
can lose
and smile
that you can
bounce back,

There is nothing
in struggling
but there is
in the


and believe me-
you will find a way
to live through it all.

And then
some day
is going to
the way
you refuse
to fall.

And you will wonder
how you ever
let the world
make you feel

so small.

-Andrew Durst.

Do you my friends. Do you so well that you radiate greatness. Do you so well that people can't help but smile when you are around them. Be so grateful that you inspire the people in your life to be just as grateful as well. Be a pillar of hope in the times when the world gives you a struggle. YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT. Every day we have a choice to be better or worse than we were the day before. WHICH DECISION ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE?! Be brave my friends. Be brave(:
Fox Friend Oct 28

They say everything happens for a reason
To deny that would be against the very soul; an act of high treason
Beautiful people do not just appear
We understand the purpose of burdens being so heavy and near
Affliction will come and go, but it is important to remember that adversity only visits to strengthen us in each passing season

It's 4am and I wanted to write a poem that isn't free verse, soooo... This.
Bryce Gaetano Oct 26

What if I made paranoia my best friend? Took every hint and watched the drama play out till the end, Send every being I meet into a spiral of everything they ever wanted and show that its weak to use infinity to imagine your own demise...

The skies opened and this one Sunbeam hit me just right, Ill never fight the paranoia again, it basically gives me all of Fear's moves before it makes them, and to take them in, to win the battle against fear before it even started...

Yeah, I forget the black dot in the Yin Yang, that darkness is never banging on the front door, that whisper telling me everything that darkness has in store and what it's all for...

The core of this little limerick is that though paranoia pin pricks the bubble of naivety, it can make the map of your infinity once you recognize the divinity of the dark things that exist to make you brighter...

SEAL Oct 24

Why do we need to redeem ourselves?
To know one and to cherish one
To live thy life that we solely covet
No turning back, only now

Moles are blind and see no light
But they find their way
Carving mud and dust to get
To one’s itinerary

Paving their ways through filth
But they find their way
With warrens, dug in and dugout
And trusting their grit and snout

Working their way through lands
But they find their way
Through hard work with their two bare hands
Burrowing and Burrowing

Heroes and heroine
Harrowing and harrowing, but not like blind moles
Worry, why? Aren’t you much precious than them, darling?
With gift of sight, to see one’s light

Have a nice day. :)
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