Watchin box,
What do I see,
Depends on the time you tune in,
Formulaic crap or something you haven't seen,
How experienced you are,
Well that determines how you view,

The box

it all comes down to
perspective, and
what we perceive is
so very different,
I know it's hard to see it
any other way but yours,
but yours is so unlike mine..
yes, we're on the same page in our lives,
but will be ever be on the same line?
I love you, I do
and in my eyes
everything was fine
but it wasn't like that for you
I only want to understand why
which I'm sure
I know the answer to

spiderman, spiderman...
Anja 6d

I am
Mostly dependent
On independent people
Especially when they’re women—
Especially when they’re you.

You, with your
High-pitched laugh and your
Dark hair up and your
Pride loud but your
Voice louder and

I am dependent
And most days I repent it
To have my body and
Soul and
Heart and
Head in

And you
have your head and—
Your head.
And that’s, you say,
What you like in me.
That’s the takeaway:
My academic
Not the late nights spent
Holding you or the
Times I went
To comfort you
Or the energy used
To convince you
it’s true:
You are

Enough, I said
On the floor
I told myself
I couldn’t do this

Am a person
Not a therapist
Per se
A laborer
A construction worker
for you
And me
And us but
Even I can’t fix a
One-way street,
Not me.

Although sometimes I’d like to—
Especially when you look at me the way you do and
Lift my skirt and break the rules
And scream louder than
Anyone else,

You ghost-like figure
Presence-less, you sometimes-mess
And yet I insist to
Chase you
but you’re the one who will haunt me
through and through,
You and your fucked-up ways
To show
After all,
There is not space for me
in ‘I.’

But then I remember
The way you defy
Expectations—including mine
and every time
You deny
that you are afraid
For your life
But let me tell you
So am I
Afraid for my heart when we’re apart
But lately also
When we are together.

See, I knew this wasn’t forever
But I thought the end was yet to come,
Not yesterday.
Or I guess maybe it was
Right at the start—
The first time you kissed me
And the first time I missed you
When you didn’t miss me,

And now you have me here
In this space
This in-between,
And I,
A basket case—
Wishing that
I wasn’t here
I wasn’t queer
That maybe if I found a man
I could spare myself this
Late-night pain and
Post-drink drain
I will find a husband and
A house to stay in with
a white-picket fence and
that I am numb so that
I won’t feel happiness
but I won’t feel loss
I won’t feel like this
Ever again.

So here I am and
Although it’s different this time around
I am still bound
by my roots
And my wounds and my soul.
This may make me dependent but at least
When I said I loved you I meant it—
Yes, I am in love with you,
From the start, everyone knew
And they told me to
And run I did
Right toward you
You, my gone-too-soon,
And I am
A fool.

this poem sounds the best when it's performed, but I hope you also enjoy the written version.

Is the glass half empty?
Is the glass half full?
Different perspectives and opinions may not always be right
To me the glass is full
Even though showing its not
All about looking at things differently
And making room for change and improvement
Even if others don't feel it's right

I always look at things differently and try to improve on everything I Personally do in my life. Even if it's looking at things in a differ t perspective.

They called me naive, for whence was my curiosity. What led me to believe, where was something I was taught and what also life led me to see.

Boy I thought I had life figured out but everyday life teaches me.
Beaten and tied into knots, my eyes begin to finally see. Caper in, I would figure why not? After all I been through, it was worth a shot.

True happiness I begot, for what it's worth, it sure worth alot to me. But for many it's not and also a different view to see.

Well you can't be something your not, well isn't it worth a shot? For all of us to see? One day when we all can smile and all of this is just a thought, that would be a day I would like to see.

But I'm reminded that it's not, too me it is my reality. Painful reminder or not, it sure put"s things in perspective for me. And so true happiness I begot, because it's the world I'd like to see.

Whether if it's who you are to me or not. True happiness is what I got, true happiness is what I would like to see.


Everyday of my life. You cannot escape your destiny.
Diego Morales Jun 20

An be mine lone soul hollow, none to give
Wherefore choose life, vain and forlorn, why live
So Sins consume that which himself canst not forgive?
The poisoned remedy for pain, only death carries with
Talk of beauty, of roses, of love and everything fair
And you talk of mutiny, of poses and a deceit I canst not bare
O’ Happiness, the biggest lie beyond compare
From which to seek, lies rooted every tragedy’s despair
The search of truths is a combination of lies to find
Lies of our own choosing those gentle on the mind
To our perspective deceit and commodity bind
For our freedom, to live in a world a bit more kind.

A bit of inspiration from old shakespearean things,
Laugh and live,
Sophia Jun 17

"I don't know how you do it" man sighed.
"Do what?" pondered nature.

"All this," said man,
"you're kind whilst being cruel
breathing life upon some and inhaling it from others
you're tranquil yet hide a sea of storms inside your chest
you're a contradiction,
with no end to it;"

Nature smiled, knowing eyes gazing upon mankind.

"A contradiction I may be
in your eyes, yet-
I'm neither kind nor cruel;
Neither benignant nor malevolent.

I simply am.

Then again, she breathed,
What you see in yourself, in your kind;
is what you reflect upon me."

she doesn't love us nor does she hate us. she exists for no one's pleasure.

What if you found out you've been thinking about someone in the completely wrong light?
That with a simple change of perspective,
A person who you may have known for years,
Is someone you found out you didn't know very well at all.

What about yourself,
Dear reader,
You ever have a realization that you are not the good guy of the story,
But the villain?

At what point would you consider a relationship with a person unsalvageable?

Ever thought about what people say about you when your gone?

Did 14 hours of nonstop driving today,only getting out of the car twice for gas. Been through Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. These were all thoughts that fluttered on by as I tried to get some radio signal when I ran out of good CDs.
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