R 3d

Tuesday, January,16,2017

And suddenly I lost one of the most important people in my life,
At the time.
Once best friends.
Now enemies.
But you made us that way,
I was trying to be civil and mature,
You took the opposite approach.
You were mean, cruel, hurtful, disrespectful, petty,
you are just trying to hide how alone you truly are.
So you hide behind cruel words about me posted so everyone can see.
I did the same for only 20 minutes though
I apologized like a kind person should.
I just did that because it’s something you could never do,
Be kind I mean,
You never really understood how to.
The actions that you preform are just to put on a show.
Im still in shock,
On how quickly you turned on me.
In the end you lost a lot of things,
In the end you lost me.
For him.

Gulishta Nov 2017

I'm happy,that you are happy.
I'm celebrating your love.
I'm standing here beside you.
Watching you walking down the aisle,
Toward your one true love.

I pray to God everyday,
For him to never let you loose your smile.
I'm asking him to take care of you,
Since I've given up on what has been mine.

You've asked me,
if I ever fell for someone,
If I  ever missed someone.
I didn't answered,just walked off,
Then I looked up in the sky and said

You have a life,
full of love ahead of you,
Don't ask me to come back.
You have everything you ever wanted,
Just loose your best friend.

Vil Jun 2017

I love to loose...
'cause i like to see those who think they won.

emme m Mar 2017

so it happens. people die. some too early, some too late. does it even matter when?
life’s full of ups and downs. i didn’t get to experience the best things in life. to get a child. to love someone so deeply, that you know it’s him you want to spend the rest of your life with.
but not the worst either. to loose someone close to you. to get hurt deeply in your heart.
so it’s actually okay. life's the best, but also the worst. i loved it.

if i die, show this to my mom and dad.
Samantha Lora Feb 2017

Being sad as I am
Became comfortable around your sadness
We shared a similar outlook on life

We both smiled in public
Broke down in private
We both wait for our own death
Just so we wont have to deal with life
And the torture we both are put in

I sometimes believe I have more hope than you
Then I get to this point and I understand
It's just my mask
The mask I put so others wont ask questions

You only wear your mask for strangers
I wear my mask for almost everyone

So yes I loved you
But you started to add more pain
than sympathize with my own
When you decided to make me wait
For a day that will never come

Poetictunes Feb 2017

"You'd lose your mind trying to understand mine."

JGuberman Aug 2016

...and when I finally showed up
and went into my mother's last room in the ICU
as the fluids were still clotting in their tubing
and the machinery of life was silent,
the necrosis lingered.
Her knitting was sitting to one side
with many loose ends

Fran Jul 2016

Because in any set of truth
i just wanna break away from the city.
Let lose my mouth and tell the world or people, its ugly.
or maybe i am.

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