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Spicy Digits Aug 2021
Loosen your


Your vowels
And your bowels
July Gray Jun 2021
Staring in a mirror. Again
It makes me feel worse just to see

I braided my hair so neatly
Now it's falling apart at the seams

There's a comparison there
Let's not look into it

If I stick pins in
Tie up all the loose ends again

It'll look neater, sure
As long as you don't look too close

Cause there's a glittering metal barricade
Of a halfhearted hairstyle I tried to save
This has been sitting in my drafts for a bit now
Ken Pepiton Dec 2020
Excuse, accuse, acausal sui generis, me,
so we
may play at being happy, not mad,
glad to be alive
in a state

of grace, total free being, no strings,

save these that tie my shoes
to my prayers's feet, because
sometimes that's what the old ones
when miracles were sparse, due to
scarcity of seed,
such as grew the great cathedrals
and the original PTL Network,
an entity which seems alive and well,
as well may be with that view of
time and eternity and relatifity…

in such times, prayers need shoes, and
shoes need those worthy to tie them.

We'll see, is it worthy, we, or must it be me;
how would we know if this were worthy
as a place? a time? Would we be
to admit… worth is what the buyer will bear.
Give it away, loose the peace,
I'd say. If that were you, I'd say, dia-logos,
back and forth,
as we climb a stairway to heaven,
on broken promises and stolen chords,
-- read the news
each step, one closer to over
lemme show you where its at, oh child,
some men never learn.

We win, then we don't brag, we jes' be as
we was when first we

left things be. No fuss. No fight. Turn out the light.
Sat on for a month and found fitting for a now just past
Ashlyn Yoshida Nov 2020
Replace the memories with post-it notes.
Re-write the history that created who I am
those paragraphs of information erased from my thoughts.
I will save myself
sew and stitch my own flesh
and paint my bones
Creating new memories and paragraphs and post-it notes
Until I get it perfectly wrong
And my corkboard brain is covered in neon paper
and my hands are covered in paper cuts and glitter glue
and my heart becomes as covered
in as much barbed wire as there is stickers.
She was learning
to choose herself
to love herself
and to take care
of herself
But it did not
come easily
she wanted to
loose herself
in herself
and love herself
Marga 梅香 Oct 2020
maybe we held each other too close
which made us now too loose.

maybe we became too dependent,
that made us now feel indifferent.

we can pretend this is easy,
but how long will we both feel weary?
Still Crazy Sep 2020
the desk drawer was open, extending an invite,
cheap blue handle scissors, easy see, on top,
robbed of excuses, went around the house, all my
personal goods, mission oriented, trimming away
loose threads wherever they were hiding in my life

no expert in love, for sure, but struck by you people
linking love and dying, over and over, like they are
hyphenated, siblings, separated twin children, that
long to communicate, checking each other out on the
internet  anonymously, cause these two linked in ways
not understood, loosely tied, a threaded linkage, can you
please explain?

is loved only fully realized,
when it phoenixes?
burnt, slowly agonizing,
arisen, resurrecting,
is it one cell endless
dying, re-splitting?

Paul calls,

“and you wonder why we, why you,
why I am still crazy after all these years?”

Wed Sep 9
plague year
Lara Aug 2020
I’m not ready to let go
I can’t
How could I
I’m attached
My life is attached to it
I can’t let go easily
I hate thinking about the fact of having to let someone go
It feels like leaving
It feels like betrayal
All strings are attached
I don’t know how to loosen them
I don’t want to loose anyone
My personality can’t let go
I just can’t
It’s hard when it happens, once it happened and it’s going to hurt in the future.
reyftamayo Aug 2020
nandirito na naman ako,
madalas, tuwing tanghali,
ay nalulugmok sa isang paboritong
sulok kaharap ang mga bulaklak
at insekto habang kinukumutan
ng pinaghalu-halong amoy ng mga
naglipanang mukha sa aking harapan.
dito ko madalas hintayin ang mabagal
na oras dahil katatapos lang ng klase
at ayaw ko pang umuwi.
nag-iisip ng kahit na anong maisip,
nagmamatyag sa kahit na ano o sinong malapatan
ng paningin.
walang pakialam sa nagmamadaling
mundo ng mga gising.
nandito ako't abala
sa isang munting sandali
ng kapayapaan para hanapin
muli ang sarili ko.
teka... hindi pala ako
nag-iisa rito.
kasama ko itong sigarilyo.
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