Olympia 2d

here we are
back to square one
i wish i would have realized it
deep down all of this is for the better
people dont play by the rules
they back themselves up with lies

there you go
back to square one
hoping your mistakes were nothing
yet you played me the fool
people arent what the appear to be
they all wear masks and capes

we are here
dancing on our own
both wanting different things
one destroying the other, gasping for air
people are nothing without love
they are formless statues begging for release

Lure Pot Nov 2017

Let's all work together
and build a world where
no one is starving
no one is homeless
Everyone is like a friend
Everyone is like a brother
We will feel pain together
if someone gets hurt
when someone feels helpless.

Let's all love each other
And build a world where
no one will hate
nothing is loveless
Everyone likes their beloved
Everyone likes their mother
We'll be successful forever
if someone gets pleasure
when someone feels happiness.

Yeah, let's all leave behind
a better world
to our nation
We should leave behind
a better feature
for our children
That can only be achieved
by ending war
and joining together
to work, together!
Let's be all together!!

Jamie Rose Jan 10

I barely recognize myself anymore
When I was young I knew what I wanted when I grew up
Am I even growing anymore?
I feel stuck
I can't breathe here anymore
I've become too large for this small town
How will I get out without the brains or the talent to do it?
Am I here for a reason?
What is my life supposed to look like?
I feel like I've made a wrong turn in the universe
My heart is somewhere else and I can't find it
It left without saying goodbye
Where am I meant to end up?
How am I supposed to get there?
Why am I going through these things?
Do I even matter anymore?
Have I done all I can for this world and now am I just waiting for death?

Mars Jan 5

One of my favorite things
is the confusion life brings.
Am I waiting? Or working?
Learning? Or lurking?
A helping hand? Or a cancer?
To some of my favorite questions,
I fall short of an answer.

Tony Oquendo Aug 2014

A soul full of jealousy,
a heart full of pride,
I struggle to keep my demons inside
My mind is corrupted,
my anger unleashed
my path is unclear as I change my stride
Relentless anguish,
unbearable pain,
a place I know all to well,
Heaven help me, for I have fallen,
I'm stuck on the wrong side of hell

Lisandra Jan 4

What do I want to live next ?

These questions were in my mind for many weeks,
turning around in my head
like leaves on a windy autumn day.

The questions came in many shapes and colours,
bringing arguments and contradictions.

I became a question myself
I was drawing question marks on my arm

Shall I listen to my mind?
all these voices inside, complicating everything,
arguing endlessly
Shall I listen to my ego?
my self that is hurt
by those who didn’t know to accept me as I am
Shall I listen to my intuition?
this whispered voice, so subtle,
like the moment you glimpse a bird floating in the sky

I didn’t know.
So I waited, patiently
I let time pass
I accepted to receive what each day
and each person brought me
doubts, anger, fear, passion,
connection, dreams, joy

This morning,
even before drinking water or eating,
I was dancing in circles,
like a whirling dervish.
A sign that the spirit, mind and body are finally aligned.

The truth, my truth, is inside me, in my heart.
The guiding feelings
are not anger, fear or disappointment
but the love for the life I want,
for the place I choose and the people there,
who are my spiritual family, my tribe.

Fear melts away in the light of FAITH.

NOW it’s time to move on!

Written the 02.01.2018
Vexren4000 Dec 2017

A clef,
On a music sheet,
holds the dreams,
You shared with me,
Upon that couch,
As we talked the night away,
So why do I remember,
The clef so well?
The song stuck in my head,
Is a reminder of you.

Vexren4000 Dec 2017

Rays of redemption,
Shining down on antiquity,
Since times of old,
To now,
The sun has given us life,
As well as the land itself,
We do not appreciate,
What the sun has done,
For us.


Vexren4000 Dec 2017

A home,
A farmhouse,
Sits and sets abandoned and cold,
Even in the summer sun,
An empty home,
Gets chilled by the winds of time,
To its very core,
Memories scattered,
Like the Leaves upon the lawn outside,
To be taken by the wind and rain,
And the whims of humanity.


Vexren4000 Dec 2017

Everyone hold their phone,
Being tracked by coporate,
And big brother,
Giving Facebook their information willingly,
One day,
Heed my words,
You will no longer like,
Your phone.


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