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Meandering … I know right away
What the context of this dark entails
What the question of this day implies
And so I'll answer
In distilling this … in the stillness therein lies
Though sunshine isn't yet necessary
To bring a shining smile to my face
Squinting on a day like this … born distinguishment
When I know, I know
Like the *** and groundless coffee based
It is good today
Gosh it's good today
Such a natural feeling, when you better yourself. When you can self-diagnose, identify and adjust. Not change mind you. Just adjust (as true change takes time). But it feels so good to me, to just wake up after a day of unconsciousness, and be conscious again. Or perhaps that should be the other way round, LOL. But truly… To go from being blocked, to being unblocked. To go from being frustrated, to being at ease. Nothing feels better than that. No drug or high can compare, to the artist content and at their leisure, having since slayed the dragon in their subconscious mind.
And this is a verse for a day like that. Woot woot.
Billie Oct 9
Suave hair
Sharp suit
Glinting buttons
But your hands,
They're wrong
Anad not by you
Its a block of ice.
Where have you gone?
Irene J Sep 25
where should I hide
my love.

while I'm dying for
you to notice me,

you said that it
better to be kept

rather ruin the beauty
of what it is now.
Max Sep 21
Where does love go?
Does it go east?
All I know, is it’s going away from my compass
It's an unmagnetic thing in my case
i know you
better than you know yourself
i have been here since the beginning
when you first entered the world
fresh from your mothers womb
i was with you
when you threw yourself at my feet
and beat the ground with your fists
i have been with you
all the times you wept on cool tile floors
wondering so desperately what went wrong
Esther L. Krenzin
Alifia Sep 3
It's feel like i trapped in somewhere that i don't know for sure.


The one who supposed to help me, nowhere.
You, yeah, you.
Johnny walker Aug 25
Last I stood staring at the darkened sky whilst smoking a gigarrette watching the smoke curling up toward
the night sky then
fading to
I'm thinking I must give this bad habit up for It no good for me destorying my health
but since my sweetheart been gone no longer
the will
I'm 66years old and made It through thus far but without Helen with me not really Interested In doing much anymore perhaps another won't hurt or perhaps I
don't care no
From no where...

as the sun ...
as the moon ...
as this earth ...
i'm from no where ...
from that sky ...
the son of stars ...
i born there ...
and will go back ...
again one day ...
there where all souls ...
starts from there ...
the first station ...
and the last ...
for an eternal life ...
where the real happiness ...
only there ...
there where no bodies ...
only spirits lives there ...
with blessing and peace ...
lives a happiness with no hates ...

i'm from no where ...
i belong to no where ...
even if my body ...
buried in the ground ...
my soul return to it's home ...
to all skies ...
there it must be ...
because ...
i'm a son of sky ...
i born with a soul there ...

hazem al ...
Johnny walker Aug 16
Last night I didn't sleep at all
far to much on my mind to many thoughts of Helen In my head spinning like a carousel out of
Images flashing before my eyes even closed my eyes but they're still there teasing me with memories of my life before I lost
And Its hurts to see all thats
gone before knowing what I see I'll never feel again for I'll never stop hurting for
I'll never see her
smiling face
That I'll never snuggle to
her at night nor will I wake to the morning light to see
my sweetheart
laying there
only empty spaces
everywhere I
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