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Sam Lylin 14h
I am from stories
Stories and fantasies woven by my cousins and I
With characters we built on ourselves
In worlds of our own, the only rules of our making

I am from hurt
From chronic depression and panic attacks
Too scared to be open or to not be alone
With parents who cared, but didn't know what was wrong

I am from care
From a therapist after four years of needing one
From connecting to people as lost as me, holding their hands
Being an anchor in the hellscape we share

I am from being *****
Having a crush on my best friend and not knowing where to go
Not feeling the label of "woman" fit
Scared to be hated for being myself
Hating myself

I am from acceptance
Accepting myself as I am
And leaving those who could not accept me
Making way for the person I want to become for myself
Rising to be my own

I am from stars
From looking up with wonder every clear night
From never seeing a sky that wasn't beautiful
And if the sky can be so open and free
Then maybe so can I

I am from myself, and the story I write
Hoping one day to be healed in mind
Hoping to someday find the sky and stars in someone else
Regardless of gender, or anything else
I will be okay and I will be happy
I had to write a "where I'm from" poem for one of my classes and this kinda just happened. I have a weird history, I guess.
Once a proud father,
A builder, a family leader.
A spawner of a new generation.
Lost to the trials of aging,
A time faded away,
A mind still intact,
Never aged a day past 40
A body giving up,
Forced to standby and watch yourself,
Lose your abilities
To the reaper.
If I a chance to travel back
through time and space to a time and a place of my choosing
It back to fifties and sixties I'd go where life was so much simpler when there weren't the pressures of everyday life we were able to enjoy growing up as
Then we moved Into the sixties new fashions bright colours pretty girls In their mini shirts could brighten one's
Time of so much change Incredible the sixties was a wonderful time sometimes think we'd be better of not moving  on with progress stayed In the sixties frozen In time well I would be
For the time I now live In there no difference
between working day life struggles I'm now retired
but there no difference Its
just the same continuation
of my working life
What was the point of those working days to retire to nothing complete and utter waste
We should never have moved on from the sixties well that the way I see It bring back the
the sixties
Just some thoughts while passing my day my feelings
Faith 5d
i have gone down a rabbit hole,
and i see no way out.
I do not see anything:
there is no light.

i wish you were here,
but you are far away.
i guess i will sit here,
with my thoughts,
and stare into darkness.
Latifah Jan 14
where do you escape,
when you're trapped,
when you're held captive,
by your own thoughts,
where do you hide,
when you're exposed,
and all your feelings,
are on the floor,
where do you run,
when you're chased,
by your worst nightmares.
you must write them on burning buildings
as screams and smoke fill the air
like a brilliant masterpiece of a Renaissance art
you must write poems
while your heart is breaking
and your tears soften the ink on the page
you must write poems while driving a car
As the excitement of avoiding a head on collision
floods your mind with adrenalin and excitement
you must write poems on mountaintops
swimming in the ocean or staring up at the night sky
you must write poems all the time
you must write poems while you die
Johnny walker Dec 2018
My true love lies some where a long way from here, another life
perhaps I'll admit I like
to think that way about
then her passing doesn't seem quite as final maybe she made to where she was heading the last I
saw her alive I truly hope so
Hope Helen Made To Where She Was Heading The Last Time I Saw Her Alive
Mida Burtons Dec 2018
i'm just so angry, frustrated, mad
its so constant, it builds up, fast
i hate it, you know it, i do
need someone who cares, it used to be you
what happened dad? where did it all go?
did you forget how to love? to show
the emotions i know you had.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
I'm lost In dreams of yesterday, and all the thoughts of you my love
to be forever on my
Can't help but wonder
If you had never gone away, where would we have been tomorrow
Tomorrow If you were still with me to where would we
be and what would be doing
CM Lee Dec 2018
Two hearts connected by a string
Broken pieces perfectly aligning
It was a fairy tale beginning
Two people wishing for a happy ending

We were fireworks in new year’s eve
Everything was possible with you and me
Beyond the stars there we would see
Our future as bright as it could be

But one day, all of a sudden,
For some reason, you stopped coming
No words, no reason for a certain
Don’t you think I deserve an explanation?

Now, I’m just wandering alone
We used to walk together in the sun
Today it’s just me, on my own
Tomorrow I hope you’ll finally come around

I don’t care if it’s dumb
I’ll stay here and wait, no matter how crazy it sounds
Because you understood me unlike everyone
I’ll be right here in our corner, waiting to be found
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