Aa Harvey May 12

Your smile is a sonic boom, it blows me away.
I didn’t have a wow moment,
There is no word that can say,
How amazed I was,
I was lost,
I was gone.
I ceased to exist and I was reborn eternally,
In a picture book image of our first encounter;
The second I realised your beautiful smile.
You stopped me being a doubter.
I hope I have found my divinity.
You are an angel for sure,
Because no other could shine so bright;
Try as they might.

If you blew a kiss a thousand ships would be launched
And I would be found on each of them,
Pining beneath every sail
And waiting to return to your beauty,
As soon as possible,
Without fail.
For I would break as you faded away,
But my heart you would keep with you.
It would remain beating,
For hope,
For the truth,
For love,
For you,
For one more chance to see your beautiful smile.
Mona has got nothing on you.

And if I never return to the land on which you walk,
Then I will only ever pass through endless doors,
So empty of desire, so full of second choices,
Extravagance useless,
Gone will be the memories.
For if I cannot love one hundred percent,
Then I am surely dead.
Such love is never truly worthy,
Of roses that float like ghosts in the centre of a cemetery,
Never falling or fading, just staying afloat like a life jacket,
Washed away on the waves of goodbye.
You are the air I need to breathe, I am a discarded crisp packet
And I will float wherever your words send me.
Whether that be stuck in thorny branches or flying high.
Up or down,
You set me free.

Within your centre, am I welcome to venture?
May I be so bold before I am in need of dentures?
You must invite me in if I am ever to enter.
Inside your heart I would be sure to find only diamonds,
Built to protect and last, in your voice I hear violins
And so you must keep yourself safe until you can truly be seen,
As I see you now in my dreams.
Holding me,
Kissing me,
Loving me,
Missing me.

And if it never becomes,
Then tear away the sun!
Pull the mountains asunder like thunder and bury me six feet under!
For life without beauty is not worth living.
A life without love is no life at all.
Life without you would only be worth keeping,
If there was a speck, of a morsel, of a chance at revival.
All things fall…

But then they rise once more…

And if sight-seers and seers became transfixed in your eyes,
They would surely elide all the lies, for they are the never-truths,
That could never be spoken to you.
Only love is welcome inside my heart.
I am surreal; you are a work of art.

All onlookers would not want to miss,
Something they could never have seen before!
Such a smile!
So beautiful!
So enamored am I with the lines that you draw;
I am all yours…
I am…
So yours…

All dreamers,
Would use all their effort,
To try and become kings;
Just to be rich enough to see your smile.  
I hope you leave them dreaming.
For if they saw you, as I see now my Yen,
Then you would make all the broken hearts believe again.
You make life seem worthwhile.
The biggest secret you hide is your smile.

When the gone are once more at one with this place we call Earth,
They will find you, hopefully with me
And they will thank you,
For helping them to once more believe
And allowing them to find their own Her.

A pretender to the throne upon which you sit,
So they are welcome to take away all the fugazi,
For I would only sell my soul for an original print.
I’d rather be with you,
Than be lost to the empty vessels of those who just want me…

I think you need me, I know I need you.
I think we could be; I hope you do too.
I know if you could just speak, we could make it through.
I know, if you and I became happy,
We could be whatever you want us to be.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Alaina Moore May 11
If you think you're irreplaceable
You are sorely mistaken.
I can pay for a therapist
When I need someone to talk to.
I can pay for a masseuse
When my muscles scream.
You are nothing to me by blood,
You are among the family I chose.
And I can choose to separate from you.
I don't need you.
You need me.
Galib May 8
Hey folks, Formula one is coming’ to our city,

Salute, it’s a hard track, drivers say’ what a pity,

Only best survive, others can’t make it…’ really,

Hey you, in Baku Circuit, you shouldn’t drive silly.

Baku race is cold shower; each turn is drama,

Drivers try faster; no accident is in agenda,

First turns are shocker, Williams is out of strada,

The show is not over, Force India is an addenda.

Ferrari goes hard core, there is no place for a bore,

It pushes the brakes hard, why to speed up for?,

Whoever rushes badly, finds itself on the floor,

You wanted to take this track??, go to the next door.

Bulls are chasing, fighting for the fourth place,

They are friendly mates, well, that is not the case,

Sector one turn is here, Max do not leave any space,

Adventure is done for the race, Bulls are red in a face.

The Last laps on horison, Bottas is a leader,

His speed is excellent, Hami’s heart is bleeder,

Drama is not over; debris is an absolute killer,

Bottas is out of race, Hami is a surprise winner.

Baku city circuit is the best track of all times,

Fans are blessed with fun,… and adventure’ in each glance

Baku is a mystery, do not try to forecast,

Formula’s best drivers may find themselves on the grass,
IamThatGirl May 1
I take a step, my heart´s a wreak,
I take another, my heart´s on fire,
I try to sneak past, but your anger is on a wreaking path,
one wrong step, one wrong move,
the flame is off, setting off you,
everything turns black, and it all is in slowmotion,
you throw your things, you are stuck in one emotion,
I try to survive and I try my best to make my inner demons go to rest,
so that i can be strong enough to put out the flame,
without getting burnt and feel all that pain,
but that is usually how it ends,
you strike it twice and you strike it again,
not because your mad but because you want to cause you pain,
and I love you so I rush there to save you,
I feel like I´m loosing you again,
but just as I try and stop you you power your defense,
now I´m not scared for you I am scared for me,
because I know you can control it,
because you are not thinking of me,
not in this second at least, and then you push too hard,
you´ve got me on my knees, you run out,
and everything is messy,
but at the end of the day you always come back you gather your senses and push away your pride,
to tell me you´re sorry and that its going to be fine,
but I have always wounder´ed were to draw the line.
Just needed to get this off my chest my bf has a serious anger management issue he has his first appointment to a therapist tomorrow which I think is the first step and I hope that he can get the help he needs.
mysa Apr 30
the heat of the spotlight
shines on my face
searing off the fear
and melting away my skin that hosted the lies of the day
to reveal the raw truth
that is my gift
this was a mess of a poem, one that's being added to the evergrowing pile of things i'll regret later.
HC Apr 25
How can I even explain how I feel

I've known him for years,
because of him I've drowned in tears
because of him I've sinned and lost my peers

everything changed within two days
and now I just wanna see everything in a blue haze

I somehow see a strange sign
why are we always associated with one another?

no matter how far we drift
somehow there becomes a shift

what will happen next?
he was
a mast
his cries
of antecedence
when it
tore rings
in these
statuary dramas
and weren't
discursive though
his mindset
left his
quarters skeptical
there yet
darkness pervaded
him aghast
crimes again
A screen of darkness lurks in the heart
Moushmi Mehta Apr 23
The greatest minds have repeatedly said
The matters of the heart are delicate & bare
So I looked & I looked, for the magical potion
Everytime a glimmer of hope shows, I think in slow motion

Wondering what this person would mean to me
Overthinking if I should just shut my brain & let it be
“Let’s see where it goes” if it goes, it never does
Let’s just have fun instead, ignore any real bonding or trust
Cana Apr 18
Spring time morning sun
Warming my back,
I got lost in the pages of hello poetry
A gargoyle perched on a step
Unmoving, hesitantly... statuesque

A northern mockingbird took rest on my foot
A moments respite from beating wing
And gravity defying flight
My poor heart jumped at his sudden touch
And my foot jerked up and away
Those unexpected scratchings
My coffee cup flying

The mockingbird was no better
All grace and glide destroyed
Frantic scrabble of feathered pinions
Escape from this simulacrum come to life.

Now, From his new purchase he examines me
Suspicious eyes, blaming.
An oddity such as me. And I him.

Needless to say, we both barely survived the encounter.
I almost died from fright. So did he though. So we’re even.
Fort Lauderdale birds. Eish
hannah Apr 17
Take care of it
Fix it
change it
Take care of your problems
Fix yourself
Change yourself
Because we don't like how you are
I just sit back and laugh
Well I don't like how you are
How about you take care of your own drama
How about you fix your clothes so it doesn't show everything
And finally How about you change your opinion on how a girl should look and act
Because I think your funny
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