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Someone take me off
this endless ride,
I feel sick as it circles
around and around.
Sadman 5d
Hark, for who goes there? The disquiet forest moves! None shall best my sword!

Have at thee, unknown! Thy form and thy vapors leak! I stand at ready!

Forsaken, are you? Beast of darkness and midnight, leave my station be!

Blathering, you fool? Know practice trumps all talent! Use sharpens the blade!

That’s impossible! How hadst your sheen blinded me? You dare cheat in duels?

My liver fails me. I am but all a lost cause. Leave me to die, fool!

Why such gruesome acts? Your torture defiles bodies! Heaven, have mercy!

Inspect thy spirits! Have ye no heart to beat there? End my life swiftly!

So ends the short tale, of a guard shielding the gates, and his little quips.
Nine Haikus. I made them up and posted them on my Twitter. I now post Haikus on my Twitter every day as a New Years Resolution. Also, I finally remembered I had this account! Hello, again!
Hunter 6d
I wish I could put down my phone
I wish I could walk away alone
To put my life on pause
To escape all these laws
What I should or shouldn't be
When I just wanna be me
Writhing in agony, calling the name of yours,
As it's to save me or maybe, of some importance,
I am to remember the day when my oak door,
Opened by you as a part of an art perfomance,

Made the sound of joy (so I thought, when I saw you first,
Laughing, choking and literally, aware
Of me being zealous and feeling this very thirst)
Your curse never fled in the end of a love affair.

Now, I'm writing poems, and every day,
Like a mirror, my memory replicates you.
Coming closer and teasing, you never walk away,
As if you are the only truth and the only safety.
Sofia Rybkina Dec 2018
With you, my love, I'm standing in the light,
A little lantern's hanging right above us.
This face of yours, this blooming, starry night
Like sparkling wine, is poured in our glasses.

Today's the answer, what we're to become?
When I seek, I struggle with a feeling,
This evening's falling like a shooting star,
And every move is trembling and revealing.

In every glance I see the very end,
In every touch I whim the very hope,
And silver bracelet wrapped around your hand,
And on my lips the smell of cigarette smoke,

And every piece is tortured by our fate,
And every part is trying to avoid it.
All I desired was to feast, to sate,
And all that rests is throe of a poet.
empty seas Dec 2018
everything is heavy
it hurts to move
it hurts to breathe
i just want this
pain to end
this drama
i’m sick of worrying
whether or not people
think i’m a monster
i just want to be left alone
god, please
just leave me alone
once i leave,
i don’t want to come back
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
Things I hate with a passion
Being told to fit in
I just want to be me

Things I hate with a passion
Being told to grow up ; man up
I just want to be me

Things I hate with a passion
Being told to be white
I want to be tibetan.

Things I hate with a passion
Is people converting me to Christianity
I like being Buddhist.

Things I hate with a passion
Being told that I am theatrical
For my mental illness.

Things I hate with a passion
Being told that
Goths are evil
That’s Bull.
Christianity is a good religion but it does not fit my personality. That’s all.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
‪My mouth is a BSL4 agent‬
Because men think about ***

My mouth is a BSL4 agent
Because of General ignorance

My mouth is a BSL4 agent
Becausethe drama and *******.

My mouth is a BSL4 agent
Of human rights violations

These are why I swear.
A BSL4 agent is a disease that is so biohazardous and deadly and foul that you have to be in a special suit.
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