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Ahmad Attr Aug 31
I couldn’t be the hero of my own life
So I’ll become the villain of yours
I’ll chase you down to your so-called California
I’ll hunt you down to mounts and shores
I’ll make this my life’s mission
To make your life as miserable as possible

For all this time I thought
'You don’t deserve me
You deserve so much more'
But now I realize, now I know
You deserve me
Not as a lover but as a retribution

When I loved you, I never thought I could love this much
My love sprouted and spread like willow
But now you’ve burned it
I hate you like fire devours, never thought I could hate this much
Why do you hurt?
Why do you hurt this much?

Look at all these terrible things I’ve done
You’ve made me a criminal

For all this time I thought
I don’t deserve you
I deserve someone lesser
But now I realize, I know
I deserve you
Not as a lover but as a retribution

Two lost entities colliding again and again
We’re nothing but each other’s Karma
nif Aug 9
I sat staring down at my seltzer
he was angry
he was disappointed
I use to call him mine
he calls me his
but he gave me nothing to be certain of
no job
no date night
all was flowing by nature
never to nurture

between me and you
the world can see
nothing new
no love
no care
only when he's there

he'll stay close
till he leaves me alone
with no warning
he stays close though
to know what he wants to know

he tells it how it is

no **** for you
I am the smoke you blew
straight through
away the only thing
I never really knew
you never grew

Gone again
there I go
there he goes
blocking my nutrients
thinking I needed them
I water my own
I grow
disappoint him forever
he is not the one
I am nothing more than chaos given skin  
and I will always leave behind my heart
this it seems
is the only part of me
people have no trouble swallowing
every morning while i sip my coffee, you devour my heart in slices,
sometimes it hurts, and it shows,
you already know, but you still clean the corner of your lips before leaving the table,
where i rest my elbows and await for the rest of another cold and lonely day,
so unstable;
Maria Mitea Jun 30
Who Told You

You call again, and you talk endlessly
In this house, we spend many nights
Night after night, night after night
You tell me that you are mine
Now you left first, stay where you are,
Do not call me, do not ask

Why you call, who tolled you
That I miss you
Who told you that I love you
Your shadow follows me
like a spell running after me,
running after me
after you left,

How many time I have to tell you
We are the unfortunate one,

Stop calling me, stop talking with me
My home is not your home
I want to forget, I want to
Forget your voice, there is nothing
Nothing we can share,
I tried to be mindful

but my mind is too full
the overthinker's first and final words
Anna Maria Jun 13
I became a placeholder for you,
A model that conformed to your every demands in hope a pretty painting would be created.
A lovely landscape was made, long fields and tall flowers.
But the women with her gorgeous smile was not me.
You replace my image with hers right in front of me.
She was dressed in a white dress, while I was now wearing brown.
For after I see what a beautiful painting you used me for,
I feel *****.
simple as that
Tenant Jul 3
Setting: single person standing shower

Production notes: male actor, sitting lotus under the shower faucet

        Title: purgatory or paradise
A divine comedy of the mosaic variety
The rain (tiled blue and gold) -the trails of


- (note hedonism “maybe the notion of frog metamorphosizing”)
To be green and croaking

Scene change

A corpse is rising
Unloved drinking red (an Italian restaurant)


   -(note the mirror)
Zack Ripley May 11
As cold and lonely as the outside can be, there's a lot less drama and pressure;
You're free
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