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Every morning at six-thirty I sit
at that table by the window and drink
my coffee. No, I’m retired. As you see,
I can see that corner, and most days the kids
come there to wait for the bus to take them to
the high school. Usually, it’s two boys and a girl.
No, I don’t know them or their names, but I’d
recognize them. So, they stand there talking
and smoking -- whether cigarettes or something
else I don’t know, but sometimes they shared it.
And I’m thinking the boys shared the girl too,
because one day one’s kissing her, the next day
he doesn’t show and she’s kissing the other.
That was yesterday. Then today the first boy
walks up and bang! bang! -- he shoots them both,
the girl and the boy, point blank in the head like
Pacino in Scarface. Yes, I’ll testify.
But please catch the little ******* before
he finds out I’m a witness and pops me too.
Bella Isaacs Mar 10
My adoptive father
(A week younger than I)
Who once dated my adoptive mother
(4 months younger than I)
Took us out to a posh joint in New Town
Where both of us took turns in being the clown
Taking the jester's, drama queen's crown
And taking down
Our Spanish waiter
Not sure if we did cater
More to them than they to us.
The racket, the drama, the jokes, the fuss,
My Instagram, and A.'s.
I remember his attempts to chase
Us, to gain to our level, to chat me up - make me leave trails
Of mirth tears, too, not just vinaigrette. "If the lady would give me her details...
Have my heart..."
(Serving four of a chicken on my plate)
"You broke my heart."
(Agreeing to and pulling off staging a "stage kiss" with my mate)
And they both admired my guns - He knew not to cross
Us. We're a dream team, my school-dad and I, no loss
For us, though we take Ls with smiles on our faces:
We'll keep on joking, laughing, irreverently, untying your laces,
Tripping up on our own but still making the trip;
And when the bill finally came, it was more than worth it, even the tip.
Get yourself good friends, folks. They are priceless.
Gabriel Mar 3
how do I leave a memory behind?
How can I be remembered by future generations to come?
This life, like an action series,
without bullets and a good plot,
A protagonist of a selfless drama
consisting of bad luck as an excuse
And love as a silver lining of hope
for a life that's worth not being remembered.

but alas it hit me
A way to mark your life story
a fallen man to be remembered
So, how?
"Be kind to those who deserve ,
be wise to apply a lesson and
provide wisdom for those who listen
and guard your trust not theirs."
A crowd can only notice a glance of your presence
but a small circle appreciates every bit of action
that will forever be put to heart every intentions
and that
can let them remember
not only your name
but a story of how you've risen
to become a good man
monaparanoia Feb 10
Let me breathe again
Make me calm and steady
These thoughts are heavy
Weighing me endlessly

My heart feels hollow
Im here drowning in sorrow
Waiting for myself to burrow
My past self demeanor

On the edge of sanity
Trying to be steady
I am falling from reality
This is driving me crazy

Make me breathe again
Hold me like there's no tomorrow
Let days pass and be over
Just you and me, together

But I am in pieces
Can't bring you down in the process
Dont be so reckless
Leave me and end this madness

This is the curse Im living
Regretting every single thing
Blaming my faults unto anything
Leave everything, breaking

I want to breathe again
Hoping this was all just a dream
But this is just a wishful thinking
When all I want is to be free
Ahmad Attr Dec 2021
Do you think I didn’t see you suckling on his cheek
Hand slithering down his forearm
Shameless in a crowded room
The moist scarlet of your lips leaving his skin
Caressing his hairless chin
Such a display of salacity in the broad daylight

But somewhere in my core, I loved seeing you like that
Even with someone else
Never knew you had it in you
To kiss the skin that isn’t yours
To look deep in the eyes of someone not watching you in the mirror
Humane for the first time

But he pushed you out
And you rapidly stuck right back on his body like a magnet
Do you desire the ones that don’t desire you?

Do you think I didn’t listen you breathing into his mouth
Nocturnal lovers in the blankets
Shameless in the darkened room
Rolling over each other
With rattling of your bedstead
And claws in his hairless skin
Such a display of depravity in the silent night

But he pushes you out
He doesn’t want to be called by your name
Do you desire the ones that don’t desire you?

Will you come to me if I push you out too?
If I stretch my arms really far
So my fingers can give you a gentle push
Will you finally come to me?
Or will you get too far out of reach
But It will be fine because you see,
I also desire the ones that don’t desire me
Ahmad Attr Dec 2021
I have said things, I wish I could take back
But If it had to be one
It would be the time when I insisted
‘’You can tell me, I will comfort you’’

The things you told me,
Like rain on my fire
Blasphemy to my feelings
Like it was all for nothing
Even though I knew it was coming
But not like this
Now I hear the tales of your lovers
You gaze at the stars in the dark blue sky
As you talk about your darling’s eyes
And I stare at the pale ceiling, lying supine
Pressing the device into my ears
Trying to imagine that you’re talking about me
But you keep on pouring those words
The words I have already said to you

Now I try to fix your relationships
Your amorous hardships
You try your best to hurt me
So I can sympathize with you

Such cruel thing fate is
Cruel times to witness
I want to go back when you said
That it was none of my business
it was a bad choice to get to know you, because the more i know you the more i know that we'll never be together
Mico Saclot Nov 2021
A world that we couldn't have Imagined
The meetings interface or a conference with.
From exchange of thoughts to ceremonies we've celebrated
Video calls are indeed needed.

Our phones are the necessity in todays generation,
From hanging out and getting away from depression
In sphere, We have come too far
We've surpass things thru video call and prayers.

Loneliness drown us to frail,
Broken piece made us call
In bending of our lifestyle brought us to waste
Then God rescue us from our emotional crisis.
Kagey Sage Nov 2021
Brother, your narcissism is mine inverted
I too almost started speaking with "I" or "My"
but I stayed quiet for a few seconds
I rolled those grindstones in my mind
wondering how much the other knows my faults
"Are they judging me now for my pauses
and speaking a bit out of one side of my mouth?"
So to seem like I'm in the moment
I focused on you first

You're the other way around though, aren't you?
It takes a lot out of you to stay quiet
but even more to act the part
cause you still think that everyone's out to judge
so you brag a strong case for yourself
amid the external world
You ask about others naturally
measure their power over you
Who can be your patsy
and who can you never ask for money?
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