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If you’re going to listen to me cry
And then withdraw your support
Then I’d rather have stayed sick
Than tell you all my thoughts

I don’t know what it’s like
To have your kids grow up in front of you
But to tell me I’m too young
To understand, just isn’t true

I’m not cocky, I’m not full of it
I’m telling you the truth
If I come across as too abrupt
Then maybe it is you

You just won’t listen
You will list my flaws until I come undone
But can’t handle me when I tell you
The things that you have spun

It doesn’t matter
All is fair in love and people that we are
No ones perfect
I’m not saying that we all don’t have our scars

I just wish sometimes you wouldn’t
Bring up mental health again
Because I’m happy now and stable
Not like how I was back then

And it’s how it is
I relapse and I pick myself back up
And you saw it sometimes in my eyes
And asked me what was up

But don’t listen
Don’t you dare say that you’ll be there for me
If you’re going to bring it up in fights
Just to gaslight me.
The thud of my body echos in the room.
The impact takes my breathe away.
The cold temperature of the floor welcomes me.
It brings me back to the surface of reality.
My lungs try to draw in air with no success.
My gasps are short and empty.
I can feel my heart race.
It jumps out of my chest.

Before I can recover, I feel the second blow.
The sickening noise bounces around room.
I know you are just getting started
I know it won't be my last.

Your foot connects rapidly with my body.
I can feel your toes individually.
I can feel the flex that they make against my ribs.
Your nails cut my skin like butter.

I can feel the pain spread like a wildfire across my body.
The flames sink deep into my core.
It shows me no mercy, as it scorches my body.
With each lick of pain, my screams increase.

My screams are a melody to your ears.
They mix well with the chorus of your yelling.
Everything blends with the bass of my body.
The song encourages you speed up the rhythm.

Eventually time seems to stop.
The world becomes silent.
The picture frame begins to blur.
Darkness has chosen to draw the final curtain.
Sakura Oct 18
Death,the end of life
Is it the end , i doubt
It's the eternal truth
that can not be denied
that can not be avoided
Death,where we all end up underneath some sheet
Death,the never-ending sleep
Death , it's peaceful
Death, where your soul leaves your body
And ascends to a higher reality
Death, it's the end of an identity
What remains behind it
Just Remains the reminisce
Remains the memories
Remains a cold soulless body
A body that will rot away  or turn into ashes
soul that disappears in a split of a second and finds the path of eternity
The soul that is eternal
Leaves behind the reminisce of the past
The person who used to be someone's parent , child , lover or friend doesn't exist anymore
They are just a memory now/
In a split of a second...
Death , it's a path to an endless road of rediscovery
Death , a path towards reincarnation
The beginning of a new journey
death,it means just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character
Death,the next great adventure
Another journey of mortality
It's not the ending, it's the beginning of a  new journey
An endless journey between mortality and immortality.
Witherhexis Oct 9
A power prompted, a hammer swings,

A coil strikes like a match, agitating a flicker,

A burst of dynamism, kindling of fervor,

Swift expansion, as adrenaline burns,

Isolated fury, with no aperture for relief,

Pressure for freedom, a miniscule brute runs,

Immutable plans launched, ruination inescapable,

Velocity augmenting, blood rushes like lead,

The crack of thunder, a missionary departed,

Destiny and doom controlled by a mortal spirit,

A rise of rage flies, thrill fills the heart,

And then, contact is made,

A soul lies slaughtered, smoking gun left standing,

A world to come, cut short,

By fate controlled in one man's hand.
For an October goal of writing one project every day.
10/8 Theme: Weapon
mark soltero Oct 5
smoking makes me happy
the pain in my lungs reminds me
i am merely man
suffocating myself
just to feel something
not of self deprecation
you keep me safe up here
above the smoke
beyond the barriers of this world
a simple touch
takes me places i could never go
without blackening my insides
Frozen cubes clink around my glass.

I swirl the container around the table top endlessly.

The dewy surface soothes my clammy hands.

Anxiety seizes my heart.

He squeezes it between his hands causing it to beat fiercely in my cavity.

Each beat rings in my ears

I glance around the room to see if anyone else hears the base of my drum.

Thoughts slide into my wooden booth.

Insecurities join him, and bind their hands together.

They bicker back and forth as the seconds pass.

The hostess voice guides me out of my personal world as she directs you to me.

Your presence fills the the room.

I slowly slide out of my seat to sneak a peak.

Time seems to stand still around us.

Butterflies flutter around my stomach.

I embrace the warmth from your smile, and greet you with my own.

Numbly, I shake your hand as I get lost in your coffee colored eyes.

My brain freezes, but captures the key points that occur in our enclosure.

From double green beans and wide eyes

To dry humor, sly winks, and bold fedoras

Our laughter and emotions dance with each other as our souls mingle.

We fit together like two lost puzzle pieces.

Little did we know this encounter would start our journey together.

Individual letters that collect together to form a distinct meaning of speech.

They flood from your mouth with no hesitation.

It seems as if you have no thoughts behind how they would impact me.

They collect around me like a pool of water.

I can feel the letters push and pull me in all directions.

Individual vowels threaten me with their tones and volumes.

As a whole, they stab me with their unfortunate denotation.

This puddle is muddled with my thoughts

I am left to wonder when we became so careless, and when we became so cruel to one another.

I sit here pondering, which part of our time together decided to crack and crumble at the seam.

I can feel my emotions threatening to spill over.

They are teetering on the edge of my makeshift ****

They scream at me making me feel powerless and weak.

I am sure that the disturbance is written on my face.

The moment seems to blur as I attempt to speak.
Terms flow out of me like a river with no ending and with no peace.

It aims to catch you in it's white water tides.

But the entirety of my speech, I fret about the holes that it will bore in you.

Yet in spite of all we have been through, it frustrates me that we do not hesitate to damage each other's walls with our harshness.

We do not feel in the wrong as we watch the each other's wounds seep.

We have lost the ability to pick each other off their feet.

The world feels empty due to the lack of empathy

An eeiry frightful peace.

How long will we walk around with our uncertainty?
Tint Sep 21
The drama queen
can I play,
the drama queen?
she who was left alone
with the revenge
that she had drawn
exaggerations in her sobs
and fairly lengthy roars
I wonder if I can act
like how the showbiz
wrote in facts

The dram queen
oh! let me play,
the drama queen
I think I can react
more than she does
I should must
be more emotionless
make an oversensitive rant
I too, can hold a gun
I can tie the ropes in lines
to surpass her is a job
the easiest form at that

So, will you let me
to just play the drama queen?
that person behind a mask
behind her angry glaring eyes
the vengeance that she had
against herself for all the odds
this imperfect scars surrounds
that she always drag around
the drama queen
who's been broken,
by the fact that
nobody cared enough.
Draft 14. It's been so long.
Who are you, I whispered to the woman in the mirror.

She shrugs her shoulders at me.

My hands press against the cold glass.

I peer into the reflective surface to get a closer glimpse.

Her petite frame is hunched over, and her shoulders are slumped.

The skin enclosing her small frame is fragile and pale.

It's hue is a sickening shade of gray.

I repeat my question louder.

Who are you, I asked the woman in the mirror.

She stares at me blankly avoiding my repetition.

Her eyes seem too large for her shallow face.

They are enclosed in multiple shades of darkness.

Their turquoise color, once full of life, is now dull and dreary.

Who are you, I scream at the woman in the mirror.

The woman rushes forward.

Her hands reach out of the surface, and grip my shoulders firmly.

She pulls me into her cold empty world.

Forcing my eyes to view all the change and sadness around me.

I am you, she whispers to me.

Reality sinks in, and leaves me breathless.

She removes the mask concealing my face.

Behind me, images are hung on the wall of all the souls I have been portraying.

I look into reflecting glass surrounding us one last time.

I hold her hand tightly in mine.

As I turned to face her, I asked her one final question.

How do we change this
I stare at the ceiling.

I have memorized all the bumps, grooves, and cracks.

The blank canvas is dingy and dull.

It casts a shadow of boredom over me.

The bare mattress creaks underneath me

I shift my weigh side to side causing it to rock gently back and forth

It is the only thing that is keeping me warm and sane.

I can hear my family members playing outside

My brother's feet shake the earth beneath them.

His cries of joy fill the air

You laughs boom around him as you meet his demands

I can hear the metal from the swing clank in the wind as you push him higher and higher.

Patiently, I sit here waiting for you to come back.

Wondering when you will unblock the door.

Questioning when you will remove the stripped tape that is wrapped around my head and limbs.

My arms ache from being held in an awkward position.

The tape bites my wrists and sinks it's teeth deep into my skin.

I can feel the lacerations it leaves in it's place.

The chemicals have numbed my face.

My skin screams as I move my cheeks up and down.

The tape twists and pulls my skin in all different directions.

The sticky substance weighs down on my soul.

It traps me physically and mentally.

I am forced to watch time go by as I am stuck in a stand still position.

My young mind does not understand why I am forced to stay here.

I cannot comprehend why you are so mad.

My optimistic thoughts dissolve as time goes by

Here I will sit cold, hungry, and bored waiting for you to come back for me.
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