Seema 4d
Alone in the dark...
Hearing the dogs bark...
Searching for my fone...
Just remembered now you own...
Looked up the sky, no moon was in sight...
Aaah! its gona be a long night...
Light was gone, power was out...
Wondering when someones gonna come about...
Its almost midnight, and all is silent outside...
Creepy flashbacks seem to droop from inside...
Trying to focus on yesterday's drama...
Of what really put me through such a trauma...
Gathering the moments, I realized we broke...
Yes, we did! you blundered with your filthy joke...
Assuming it sounded cool within your friend group...
But what a jerk you are now unrespected dupe...

Fictional write.
How can you stop
yourself from falling
when there's nothing
holding you back?
Sometimes it makes me want to choke. When I see girls in yellow sweaters and boys with aviator glasses feeling love under a fluorescent gas station light. When I see hangnails on holding hands, and when I see chipped-tooth smiles. It makes me wonder if I’ll ever feel something for anyone around me. I feel a connection with all these people who float around, yet I can never get attached. I can never make myself feel anything more than mediocre delight in knowing a person.

I see these couples who are revolving around one another like the cosmos and I am left buzzing around their romance like gnats around a bug-zapper. All I hear are electric vibrations that get louder the closer I get, and I wonder how far I can go without killing myself.
If you and I
are two pieces
of a same heart,
how am I supposed to hate you?
Wandering in thought
Descending internal wither
Seemingly asleep in wakefulness
Is this mind bitter?

Externally silent
Internally loud;
Lost in mind with endless drama,
Out of mind with mindless trauma

Departed away in unrest slumber
Dazed in never-ending thoughts;
Clouded by confused wonder
Is this what I sought?
Meaning: One day I was laying on my bed and I started to have racing thoughts. Thoughts that quite bothered me and filled me with sadness and confusion. I felt the need to express these feelings and thoughts into a poem. The specific random words that don't seem to go together such as "confused wonder" truly express what I was feeling during that moment. A feeling of confusion because of why and what was happening but a sense of wonder at the same time at why that happens and the confusion in itself is full of wonder. The thoughts seem so loud but on the outside it is only silence.
logan Feb 1
All of this drama, and for what.
to feel better
to make ourselves better people
or is it because we can't live without
most people say drama's bad
but good god it isn't
it makes us strong,
it makes us believe that we are little
even though we're bigger than titans
we make the heavens look down
and wish they were as strong as us
but why drama...... why the drama
Mike Hentges Jan 28
she's like sleeping beauty
and by that I mean
she's beautiful
and she'd rather be sleeping right now

Falls asleep instantly
eyes closed tight in between lines in our argument

let me give you a better example
and we shift the scene to a bedroom plagued by doubt
but despite that the sheets are soft comfort, liquid warm radiance
To the end of a conversation at the beginning of a night

Me: Did you know that?
Her: Yup.
Me: Well did you know you're beautiful?

But where am I going with this?

I don't know

I'm going to better days
to reminders
kissprint frozen on the window of my car

To the cutest little kick I have ever seen as an excited girl enters buffalo wild wings after working 12 hours

excited because I'm there

That's where I'm going.
Back in time to "she likes my hands despite the warts"

I don't know

back to my hands
let them be a hammock
so I can hold her
because she'd rather be sleeping

Because sleep escapes the day
escapes the people
and the way
I say
the thoughts that echo in her mind
she's horrible
knife wounds
the urge to ram my self righteousness down her throat

I gave her my coat
and she asked if I smoked
(because that's a deal breaker)
I told her no

and the next time she slipped her hand in my arm
and the next time she slipped her thoughts in my mind
slipped her hands through my hair
her tongue in my mouth
her lightning in my eyes

I don't know
I don't know
My hands are distilled comfort
drink them up
this might be a beer you actually like

I don't know

I don't know

If we work
If we can

go back to strained conversations in which I am dying and she is existing in the same place with another person because that's what she's all about

A kiss
kisses close our mouths to the arguments

and a single text
drips back into my thoughts

"Please don't leave me."

And I wonder if I am speaking to her
or the depression
if she lets it be her face for a while
while her mind rests in the background of her life

Because she'd rather be sleeping.
beautiful eyes, beautiful smile
beautiful heart, beautiful mind
beautiful name, beautiful self

those things i need them the most
those things i need to own them
for myself
and only for me

i’ve never said i love you
i’ve always been saying that i hate you
all because i don’t understand
my heart, my feelings

i pray to god every night
banging on his door
begging him on my knees
“i want to be his friend”

i’ve never heard from him
yet you come to build me up
and then tear me up
just as fast as escape velocity

i kept calm
because i somehow know
that we’ll be fine
i’ll be fine

but then i heard from him
he said with his punch against my stomach
his tight grip around my neck, choking the air out of me

“no, young lady.
you shall suffer more.
i will give you someone
someone you’ve never expected
to step on your bleeding injury.”

do you know what i’ve been through?
do you know how it feels to be left behind without knowing the why?
do you know how it feels to see you pretending not to know me?
do you know how it feels to know that someone else has fallen for you?

do you know why on earth i keep on holding you?
embracing every memories that i have about us?
because life back then was simple
until you said your last goodbye.
sorry guys. i legit cried in front of my momma because of this.
Lin Jan 19
I am just a drama queen
Another over dramatic teen
I sit and cry
When I could fly
But I choose to frown
And feel so down
Being so irrational
And acting all emotional
Pretending I am the center of everything
But I am truly nothing
Dear Drama
Your words hurt,
It pierced the soul
Of a little bird,

Your ancient army is still thriving
And your biography always surviving,
As you fight a war
Increasing the fighting
You spit the finance
Of instant bribing,

Your touch hurts
With certain stings
Which follow us up
The fellow springs,

Your dinosaurs hunting
The familiar blunting
The blunt enlightening
The never enlightened.
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