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دema Oct 5
my thoughts
have invaded
descending on
this mind
of mine
LeoH Aug 27
Baby steps
One at a time
Moving forward
Building slowly
Moving deftly
I am unstoppable
I wish I felt like this more often...
DivineDao Jul 11
For The One
formy Boy

Who Likes & Loves
Starship Flutterings

The Self

Long Before We would
Know All the Hidden Meanings


And Dreams.

A wonderful place to ⚒ forever AB
Eternal Everything
low cost and a very jollytim
to be with
The Otherwriter Thou
made me feel Embarased.(Somewhere Else) Slightly.*$''~*¿
After being Too openly "greenseng eng"
Gee,thanks:) :)lovely
You are The best
Off EveryHandsome
My Deepest
nightdew Apr 3
Trapped in the corner of my confined room,
with wonder fluttering in the pit of my stomach,
and an unknown path that is yet to be paved ahead of me.

Imprisoned in the resentment of others,
that happens to echo in the vacant spaces of words,
with little provisions of positivity from others.

Grey clouds hover over me,
blocking out the sun’s mellow rays,
and forbid me from thinking of ever seeing the light.

Sharp whispers are heard from the back of my mind,
reverberating endlessly as the snarkiest comments are formed,
from plump pink lips as all eyes are set on me.

“Do you not have any dreams?”
they ask in saccharine tones laced with surprise,
and I shrug my shoulders; thinking and thinking.

Legion amount of strolling is done on the land of the unknown,
tethering along the shoreline of the known,
to compose an answer for their prying mouths.

The mirror that used to stand broadly by the door,
has shattered into pieces and shards flood the floor;
a perfect representation of my dreams.

Mother’s words begin to come to me,
like a warm blanket on a cold winter day,
“growth begins on the inside.”

Like that delicate *** of sunflowers,
she’s tended for day and night,
they expand not because of negativity.

To flourish means to be thrown in despair,
and come back out thriving, striving, luxuriant,
to surpass the grey clouds for the transcendent sunlight.

I take their words,
absorb it like it’s nutritious,
and release it like oxygen.

I’m sprouting dangerously,
exceeding the limits and surpassing heights,
but who’s to stop the beanstalk, not Jack.
let go, you can grow.
Realize that there is something called death
Death, meaning the end to all the insane madness of the world
Whether it’s a new beginning
Or the train’s last stop
Know that it happens all the time
It’s inevitable
Death roams around with no leash
But don’t fret too much
It’s not worth the pain of anxiety
Live a little
Sarad Maharjan Nov 2018
Time as a monster
Keeps tick tick ticking over.
Sometimes behind me,
Most of the times ahead of me,
But when its right beside me,
I get really scared.
Wish I could be spared,
But it cares for no one
And keeps on coming and coming and coming...
Kewayne Wadley Feb 2018
Her roar could be heard.
Standing there, vibrant leopard print.
The sun distant behind her.
Her hair a celebration of pink and blue.
Her fist and feet swirl in uninterrupted chant.
The empress of tomorrow.
Without surrender her roar grows louder.
How often she laughs and smiles
Walking down to the ring.
A stripe across her face in raw emotion.
Standing 5'3 she will not be stopped.
Emerging yet again victorious.
A lioness draped in vibrant hue.
Her mask is off.
Inside the ropes there's no place to run, no place to hide.
The empress of tomorrow stares into the rising sun.
Hand rose in victory
Samvel Feb 2018
The silhouettes of flying clouds
Remind me of forgotten tales,
The memories of broken vows
And loud random passing trains.

And where do they flow today?
Forgetting sense of time and purpose.
Or is it that they run away?
From current state of common chaos.

Fly away, oh, fly away.
But your shadows will remain,
Always showing me the way
Under sunshine or in rain.

And at horizon delivered
I see white clouds coming back.
At times when it's neither day
nor night.
Enshrouding my floating being
With light.
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