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Lyinix 7d
I smile onto the darkness as it watches me
The dark that some would run or even flee

I laugh as I mingle in my friend's presence
He tells me a joke that others would dismiss as nonsense

But in daylight I'm under my person feeling lonely
She hugs she laughs with her friends smiling brightly

I tried to smile as if I had lips
I tried to sway as if I had hips

I mimicked her as she waved but then I realized
I'm not mimicking anything until I am with my old friend

I am but a shadow with no face only black
I am a shadow with no control under daylight I'm a wrack

But With in my old friend, dark, I am free
I could smile, laugh and scream as if I'm a banshee
The only problem is that you can't and never will see

GreenWitch Jan 8
I keep getting swept up
in someone else's fantasy
Marriage, talents, interests
that don't quite interest me
Like a moth, beautiful on its own
but cannot redesign its mimicry
These new personas bombard
and confuse, they simply need to leave
I'm a puzzle missing pieces
a map without a key
A mimicry octopus
fleeing from the scene
I need distance from it all
so I can go back to being me
Jon Thenes Mar 2019
a miser of my emotional states
a cling
and an unweanable
unwilling to partake in city
I quake no single acquaintance
and murmur no note upon any group

i have made some pacts
to recover into view
so i might impress as a fellow being
i have begun a series of self applied techniques
that ought mimic
and form an impression at you
uv Jan 2019
When we mimic nature,
using our skills,
It is in the nature of nature,
To bloom every where
it instill's.
LeaK Sep 2018
Stellar mistreatment, meltdown; went down
Spectrum gushing, waving ocean
Exploring deplorable nether regions galore
Roots uprising, doubling be-headings

It's profound!
On the grounds of treason
The sound of suffering
The soul of season

Shimmer and I, be one
Till it gets to my guts
Blurting, hurting needs the new one
Replicating, replacing me dust to sun

Now, whole life turned into pun
Perfect one knows no one
As I lay as a stardust, have none
Cosmic wind blew and now begone
Sincerely Nov 2017
I feel alone
But not always
The voices
The sadistic, vile voices.
They keep me company.
Like any child raised in a church
You begin to get used to talking how they do.
Copying their words
Mimicking their actions
Wearing what they wear.
No, my voices don’t sing hymns.
They don’t wear Sunday’s best.
They don’t plaster on a friendly smile.
But they also don’t compare me to the other girls.
I think..
They don’t talk about me behind my back.
Or do they?
No, No. They don’t flaunt my secrets.
They wouldn’t.. Right?
Church people are different then voices.
Much different...
Mystic904 Oct 2017
All them devils at you, shouting out boo!
Im responsible for that too now, who?
Requesting the liar to spill the basket of truth
Suppose ye have answers, what could you do?

Alone in the darkness, picking what i threw
Light you're not grasping, how stupid are you?
The funny part is, I'm blinding you too
Lots of people dragged, untouchable are few

Asking why act like this, like you never knew
Been doing this for ages, it's not that new
Trying to get out? many couldn't do
You're late now, the date is due

The time's running, run now shoo!
Save my kisses now, I'll miss you too
Shuh! You came to me for a place in the crew
Don't cry now, screaming 'I don't want you'
Mystic904 Oct 2017
A mere Mimic, full bad, here I go
Reputation, like nothing, I throw
Mere soldier in the army I failed to brew
No use to me, you're better off shoo!

Thrashing the blade in your heart now too
Didn't realize, you were part of the crew
Was it me you were trying to sue?
A little pain but, got the red dew 

******* black blood, what a bad view
Never was invisible, now has it seen you
Focus at the mirror, its me and you
Mould your mind, some fire there too

Its your choice, but here ill tell you
In your thoughts, blades in and through
Nightmares are me, my creation too
Polluting heart's my work, yes that too
Here is some stuff, busy nowadays, no time for poetry lol
Äŧül Dec 2016
What they wear often in the public,
Never covers their essentials,
Such are the brief briefs.

What they don to party,
Same they wear to the beach,
Which they wear for the namesake.

Bluff they do their meaty sausages,
But they put them in their suckers,
Buff they look with their knickers.

Flaunt they do their ***** curves,
Finish they never on the beach,
**** they do in such parties.

They eat fat-burner to stay ****,
Binge drinking they practise,
Worrying not about health.

Live like the Early man,
They live in the moment,
Risking AIDS and others.

Call me outdated,
Call me inferior,
Call me boring,
But I will never mimic them.
HP Poem #1303
©Atul Kaushal
You can mimic the arc
If you are not colourful
You're not the rainbow
Si c'est pas le vrai, c'est que le faux
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