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I Inspecting the wreckage,they say it’s a good thing you weren’t there, that you didn’t suffer. You bite your tongue. They do not know what good is.This is not it.

II  You feel free. You know you shouldn’t, that it’s wrong. You smile anyway.

III You suddenly feel like you are drowning and no one is noticing. You cover your face and begin to cry.
Past is powerful
Present a point in time
Future is in the making
Extends to divine
How can you live in the present
It being a point in time
You just pass through it
For you it has no time
It's just a point where
Past meets the future
You lived and you will live
These are two potentialities
You lived is a certainty
You will live
There is no guarantee
Past is powerful
Never handover to it
Reins of your future
It can ruin your future
Make yourself so powerful
You define your future
Work so powerfully
You realise your future
Your past is powerful. Never let it control your future. It can ruin your future.
Some asked "define you"

I said...
Aged skin
Weak body
Strong heart
Controlled mind
Powerful will
That reflects in eyes...
That's my grandma !!
To define me...
Just the reverse...
I dip the pen of my thoughts in the ink of my mind,

To give shapes to drops I can merely define.
Eva Jun 7
We'll put a label
on what we can not define.
What's wrong and what's right?
Lara May 14
Friday, the 13th.
Something bad is going to happen.

13 is an unlucky number.

But is it?

Can a number be unlucky?

Can something that is getting used in the world be unlucky?

13 is just a number.

A number that can mark a day, be something special for some persons.

But for me it is a lucky number.

No one can define what makes something lucky or unlucky.

Everybody decided for themselves what is supposed to be good for them.

Luck can not be predicted.

It just happens.

Luck is unlucky.
Lara May 14
What are colours?

Colours define everything.

But who defines everything to the ones who can’t see?

Not only the ones that are blind.

But the ones who just don’t want to see it.

To see what is right in front of them.

To see the world around them.

To see everything that exists.

And what does not exist.
So what exists?
Green walls, purple bed sheets
Symbols of personal peace
A white desk, a bookshelf
Things that define myself
Curling mousse, a ***** hairbrush
Possessions that make me blush
My bedroom is my sanctuary
A place that blocks off the scary
Monsters in my life.
Asominate Mar 12
Let us make sweet music
During out act
We'll carry on
Until the end...
For the peoples
Not an innuendo in any way whatsoever.
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