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Microbees Apr 2021
My lease is up, with my old memories
I have to stop going through the treasuries
I walk down the halls, looking over my old things
The old band of pots and pans has stopped ringing

I walk past the lines on the walls, measuring my happiness
Though the lines kept getting smaller, becoming less and less
The light bulbs of hope seem dimmer then before
Now each **** has a lock, I felt a need to change the doors

I locked myself away, I became enclosed
I dwelled on old memories, the ones I never told
The ones that stayed silent, the ones meant just for me
The moments of love and laughter, the only ones I need

Though as much as I want to stay, it's time for me to go
I've stayed here too long, this house is growing old
As much as I don't want to face my fears
These memories are too aged for me to live here
Written Friday, February 14th 2020 7:01 AM
You came and left
Without a mark to remember,
Much like the cold snow days of peak December.

My worries do not reside in what I can do,
Rather, the heart-spun tether I attached to you.
Alice Nov 2020
all this hurt is so heavy
but I'm afraid I can't put it down
see I've grown attached to it
no matter how often I drown
Lara Aug 2020
I’m not ready to let go
I can’t
How could I
I’m attached
My life is attached to it
I can’t let go easily
I hate thinking about the fact of having to let someone go
It feels like leaving
It feels like betrayal
All strings are attached
I don’t know how to loosen them
I don’t want to loose anyone
My personality can’t let go
I just can’t
It’s hard when it happens, once it happened and it’s going to hurt in the future.
Oh how you get me high
To fly on the clouds

Oh how you hold me tight
Covered with clouds

Oh how you tie me up
Your see through cloudy bounds

Oh how I can’t let go
Without meeting the ground

No I can no longer
Stay in your cloud

No it just rains so much
And I’m starting to drown

No please just let me go
How foggy is my mind

For eternity locked inside
Your evil cloud
What is love we speak of?...
We all search in our hearts and others for that wonderful feeling called "love"...but truly, come on...where is it?
We have this feeling as if we know what love is like or can imagine how it feels, it feels **** good.
But when we get involved with another person and want to give our all or trust unto their hearts and lock it forever somehow they seem to find a way to shatter your heart of glass.
Sweep it with your tears but it will cut your eyes and make them bleed more once you catch em cheat'n.
But why do we all become beasts filled with hatred on the one you wanted to love forever...or they do the same unto you.
We all just want to be loved, somewhere, somehow sometime...
What is love? and where is the love we want?
Other's are married and cheat'n but maybe they shouldn't of married or the one they married was really meant for you.
Sometimes the one we are in love with or should be with are so far away by distance.
Or maybe their no longer here, but we find duplicate versions of a person we can't have.
Why is love hard, love is peace but strains the heart.
kiran goswami May 2020
They tell me to stick to my roots
because roots lead up to shoots.
They tell me to stick to my origin
unaware of how it acts as a prison,
My roots are Draupadi's hair that was twisted and lugged,
my roots are Panchali's saree that was tugged.
My roots are Sita's wrist Ravana wrested,
my roots are where Ahalya's chastity rested.
My roots are parasites that eat up its own herb and ****,
my roots are rat snakes that eat up its own tissue and meat.
My roots are flames of fire that created and watered the plant of Sati,
my roots are pools of blood and long ropes that drowned and hanged LaxmiBai and Moolmati.
My roots are the dish misogyny flavoured with patriarchy,
my roots are naked streams of Ganga washing off their lynching and anarchy.
My roots are all the poison Shiva drank during the churning of the sea,
my roots are Dhritrashtra's aspirations and ambiguity.
My roots are its own herbivore,
my roots are the lava that burns its own floor.
And my roots are my flesh and bone,
so I am stitched to my roots altogether, all alone.
So as I cut my own roots, my roots chop me,
hence I stick to my roots while my roots remain free.
Nicole May 2020
Hold on
You don't understand yet
Seems like it went
Just like you planned it

Now you're deeper underneath
I can hear it when you breathe
I can hear you ask yourself
What's wrong with that girl?

But she don't owe you a thing, nah
She's not on your string, yeah
She don't want you

You just don't get it
You don't own her
Can't wait for you to forget
The number to phone her

And we say what we want
And we get what we get
Of our own device
You ain't no prize
Don't give me those eyes

How many times can I let go?
I'm gonna feel it in my bones
How can you say that that one kiss
Means I owe you more than this?

How many times?
How many times?

You just don't get it
You don't own her
Can't wait for you to forget
The number to phone her.

And we say what we want
And we get what we get
Of our own device
You ain't no prize
Don't give me those eyes.
Bhill Jan 2020
Confidence in all of us is attached and frigid
Opportunities will always survive and be there
The burning desire to better ourselves is genuine
Can we really be so ignorant to believe that someone or something can stop us

Brian Hill - 2020 # 31
Go after it!
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