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Mose 1d
They tell me to be quiet.
Quiet enough my presence doesn’t make a ruckus.
Small enough that my presence is untouched.
Shrinking into spaces that they wish I was forgot in.
They tell me I speak too loudly.
Take up too much space in the room when I make a proclamation.
My dad was the first man to teach me woman shouldn’t talk back.
With every slap to the face my voice grew deeper.
My brother said if I didn’t put myself in a corner, they would do it for me.
With every push I learned to stand my ground.
My mom told me that my slick tongue made me unbearable to men.
So, it grew sharper to lash at those who spite my freedom.
Legs crossed, dressed pressed, and hair slick back in a pony.
Sit pretty but not enough to leave them tempted.
The only wise thing I ever learned from my parents was to carry a key in my hand.
Check your car before getting in.
Walk at night only in company.
Carry your phone, but don’t talk on it.
I always wondered how the world has groomed woman but never refined their men.
Never directed my brother that no meant boundaries.
Never spoke of respect as if its given and not earned.
Never addressed that a woman was object of desire but not possession.
Speak up woman, but not louder than those men around you.
Assert yourself but never over the men.
Be strong, firm but mend as I need you to when I need you to.
If I was to vocal, I was a ***** & if I was so quiet, I was a door mat.
If I was too conservative, I was a ***** and if I was to provocative, I was a *****.
If I was to a leader, I was bossy and if I followed, I lacked a backbone.
I wondered what strength I had in being all of that at once.
How I could be the ****** and the maker.
This was the closest to god I ever felt.
& it makes me wonder if god was a woman too.
She was never enough,
and that's why she was crying,
lady "Nobody's Type",
whom I was glorifying.

In the kingdom of dreams
she will stay for too long.
She's the queen of white sheets,
the prettiest girl
                                                     in morgue...
There was a girl in my hometown who decided to do a rhinoplasty because she had a tiny **** on her nose.
She never woke up after that...
"Alive failure is better than a dead masterpiece"
Anais Aug 9
I tweaked my body
Synched in my waist
Slimmed down my thighs
Burned the fat around my arms
Cut the fat on my tummy
Added artificial eyelashes
Melted the fat from my face
Injected my lips with chemicals
I need fair skin and a thigh gap and bigger ***** and a thicker *** and alluring eyes and longer hair
my eyes aren’t bright
my smile lacks happiness
my mind reeks of toxicity
my emotional state is unstable
my diet is empty
my eyes are tired
my body is dying away
it seems,
all the acting, the pretending, the imitating
wasn't enough
in the eyes of our broken society
sadnspicy0 Aug 5
Silky hair,
cotton head,
and her dress is crimson red,
glossy eyes,
button nose,
beautilicious - head to toes.

She's the most iconic mess:
livin' high without stress.
You might assume she's a piece of art,
but darling, she has no heart...
Life has unexpected turns, truly anything can happen. It is not over until you can be happy.
There is not a guideline for happiness that you can find online. You must find it in your world. A world perceived and made by you, a world that is hidden.
The facade must be taken down, or you will lose yourself in a world of standards. You can not find happiness in someone's world, you cannot find it in science or religion.
But the world you plan, construct, and live in.
This world will have happiness, peace, and above all Love that will never die.
Lara May 24
Change yourself
Change your personality
Change into a different person

You are not good enough
You are supposed to behave different
You are supposed to be different

You can’t look like that
You can’t wear that
You are showing too much skin
You are covering too much

Society is not easy
There is not a wide span between showing too much skin and covering too much up

You have to learn much
But don’t be a nerd

You have to have fun
But don’t be a looser

You changed
I don’t know if I can still be friends with you

You stayed the same
I don’t know if I’m too mature for you

Society has high standards
Society has impossible standards

Make your own standards

You don’t have to change yourself
Change the society
Always wished I was taller, thinner,
walked a little taller for you.
Wished I kept quiet, kept my mouth shut,
never answered back now for you.
See I cried so many tears, wasted all my time
while I let you cast a shadow all over my life.
I only wanted to be good enough for you.

All I ever wanted was for you to see me,
Gave you everything I had to give.
Got swept up in a whirlwind, breakdown
Getting too caught up in trying to maintain your standards.
You always used to tell me to shut up,
to act a certain way when we were together...
Maybe I really was going crazy
Haley May 6
Society’s standards collect me.
They grasp me by the hand and they drag me down to the ground
They hiss at me and treat me like ****.
They call me names and test my wits.

Society’s standards deteriorate me.
They hold down my neck with force and pin me against the wall.
Because my body’s 70% water and daddy’s getting thirsty.
So they pin me down and force harsh words at me until I break, releasing all of my fluidity and

To society, I am a child.
To society's standards, I am an adult that needs to comply.
To both, I am a fragile woman that can and will be dominated for or against with or without my consent.
And that needs to change.

Society’s standards are never told off, but we can erase them completely.
Nobody can hiss at me and treat me like ****,
They can't call me names or test my wits.
The ****-hole that is society’s standards.
No idea why I wrote this or who I wrote it for, I guess my finger just slipped. oopsie
sara Apr 27
It’s all smoke and mirrors
one-liner head spinners
it’s a good job I’m a thinker
so I could think better
than to waste my days
on a half-baked, head-**** love.
It could never be quite the same
as what I had in mind; just trust
that if you won’t pick me,
then I won't pick us
Don’t want to settle for less
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