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Carlo C Gomez Nov 2022
of dawn:

a sunny place
for shady people.

Long shadows
on the lawn
of a thin pixelated
in parade
of blood red

But your curtains
are always

You hide
smooth and sterile

Finish your
and stay for

Buildings aren't
people are.

VanillinVillain Jun 2022
Called back after years away
a voyage once more to the fray
to live amongst forgotten days
to few and far between.

To anxious, nervous, brave that door
re-enter worlds ‘akin’ to yours
to take the plunge to reach the side
of friends you left behind.

To be greeted there by sleeping eyes
and busy hands and nothing “hi”s
but for the girlfriend of a friend
and a kid you never knew.

Bereft of meaning, course, or rhythm
floating lost in my little corner
struck by how great the divide
has grown through intervening years
picking up the pieces
I never knew I had my walls down until you made me put it back up again
Em MacKenzie Aug 2021
Some people listen to hear,
and some listen to respond.

Some people talk to be heard,
and some talk because they can’t stand the silence.
Meaningless meaningful conversations
John McCafferty May 2021
Shadows rise to confront the sun,
stationary swirls continue to twirl.
The grey of which is hardly seen,
within those fragments of duality.

Pearls found from darker nights,
gleam direct in this moonlight.
Black and white are convexed,
whilst time itself is condensed.

Golden opportunities appease
those who can view with clarity.
So step aside and think freely,
to see the repeated disconnect.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
VanillinVillain Jan 2021
At this precipitous gap
my palms, sweat-slick,
***** through anxious misunderstanding
to catch your cool insecurities;
but ever empty will they fall,
ever short of connection,
severed at the dire
edge of empathy.
Jackie Sep 2020
It’s the worst at night
With ink-lit quietude as company
I feel the disconnect
And miss you
When I’m with others
With guards of delusion
The illusion schemes
And I only need myself
Or whatever phantasm I can attach to
Lara Jun 2020
Connecting with people is easy
You just get to know them

Disconnecting with people is hard
You don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings but the person is not good in your current life situation

Change is not bad
It just makes everything different

How do you tell a friend you need distance?
Nobody knows
Nobody wants to hurt feelings

But also nobody knows how they would go on with their life when people you want to have a break with can’t leave

Nobody wants to be rude
But change isn’t always bad
Goodbyes are a part of life
Leaving is a part of life

Let people change
You might disconnect but never with the most important people of your life

You can fight for everything you want to achieve

Life is complicated
Don’t get distracted by the wrong people

Disconnection is just a goodbye
Carlo C Gomez Jun 2020
Into you

learning to be
a divided

once so perimetric
on the fringe
of all that grows within

we thus fall
and settle
much like Sarajevo Roses

colorfully resting
in the lasting drawn out
places we made perish

am I

into you

the ******
entirely dependent

the quotient
of two integers

the way we love
is a method
of mixed results
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