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Amelia 3d
Cradle me in your arms
And wipe my tears away.

Tell me that you’re here for me
That’s all you have to say.

Today has been a treacherous journey
But tomorrow is a new day.
It’ll be okay - MentalHealthAwarenessDay
Enveloped in the warmest of
blankets, tears
whispers in the night, I speak of
yesterday's coffee stains and
3 years worth of scars.

The swarm in my head is a hell,
Bees and wasps, echoes, oh well
I used to listen
now all the screams turn silent,
because I've drowned.

Drowned in despair, in fear, hesitating
always sitting away, away from falling
falling is what I've done with you
you've caught me
but I feel like water and dust
how are you able to catch me even when I feel like
I am in between your fingers, slipping?

Why do I break my own heart
with the fears of yesterday
when you're here with me today
Why do I **** myself over and over again,
despite having two lungs
and breathing
but not feeling like I'm living,
yet you come in and hold me anyway.

Tenderly, you remind me
todays and tomorrows are all we have
to watch our flowerbeds grow
gently, you watch me
sleeping, dreaming, laughing
crying, breaking, burning
you watch and listen
I am my own and whole myself,
the cracks haven't healed

yet you stay and hold all the pieces,
these cold fingers and shaking hands
have caressed many faces,
and you watch me still while I
take the pieces to rebuild.
Thank you, babe.
Ackerrman Oct 4
Where is your head?
Is it here?
You won’t answer.

Did you not hear?
Should I ask again?
You won’t answer.

I am intimidated,
Feel cold,

I am not comprehending,
Banging my head silly,
My stare is more vacant than yours.

I assure you,
I don’t know what to do,
I’m here to help.

But I guess you don’t comprehend that,
The need?
My need to help you.

You have no need of me.
I am more scared of you
Than you are of me,

As default!
I think I admire you,
Your silence.

I don’t know how to push,
How far,
Will you break?

What can I ask?
How can I help?
I can’t.

Can’t I even look in your eyes?
Will it make you uncomfortable?
Can I try…

Again tomorrow?
Or the next day?
Let me stay.

Sit down
Next to you,
Please don’t be uncomfortable.

I usually say,
“I won’t fail again”,
But I think

I will have
To fail
A lot with this one…

LC Oct 3
he helped me untangle
the knots in my mind
just by being there.
Caroline Oct 3
Like the blue hues of a summer sky
Stretched above the trees.
When the warmth of the evening
Rests heavy on the skin,
There are just some things that
Cut valleys through the heart in their absence.

Yes, only when the cold
Seeps in across a whitening October sky
And the red-winged blackbirds cease to fly
Do I sit with the spaces
Where they used to sing
And feel the emptiness that comes
With the absence of wings
Somewhere inside the pieces of me
That can only ascend

When you are here.

See, I can never let go
Because then the mountains disappear
From the horizon.

I need to feel them rising against the pale
Brightening of the morning.
Every time, it brings me hope and somewhere firm to
Lay my hands.

Hold me here.

In your presence, I can stand
Without shaking
And absence is silence and the aching of a
Winter sky without wings.
"Oh if I was the one
You chose to be your only one
Oh baby can't you hear me now, can't you hear me now?
Will I see you tonight
On a downtown train?
Every night it's just the same
You leave me lonely, now
I know your window and I know it's late
I know your stairs and your doorway
I walk down your street and past your gate
I stand by the light at the four-way
You watch them as the fall"
Derekis Sep 28
Sacrifice my love as you want it.
Twice the pain you took, I can feel it.
Craze the fade away as you shun it.
Praise our time that is all seeing.

Take away my heart.

Fear the insane which holds your thinking.
Throw away that hate that is stinging.
Clear the doubts of ruin in your singing.
Let the sun of new smiles sink in.

Love is everything,
Love is everything,
Ive known about you.

Smashing up the voices of your sinning.
Crashing down your walls like a hammer.
Sealing the cracks of your ship when you are sinking.
Saving both our lives with some glamour.

Take me with your tears,
I think we are falling.
Bring back the cheers,
the dawn is calling.

Now I feel more alive than anything.
Because love is everything.
Love is everything.
I've known about you.

From the sun to the moon my thoughts walk with you.
Amanda Sep 24
Sanctuary found
Support and recognition
Second family
I have been encouraged and appreciated more by these people than I have ever been by my own family. I love every one of my Roadhouse family members from Trisha the owner to Josh the maintenance guy and even all the foreigners and other workers who didn't make it to the end of the season and I am so grateful for the overwhelming love I receive there every single day.

Day 4 of the 30 day poetry challenge (because I was a day behind) write a haiku

Now I am caught up once again
You deserve the best like flower. You dererve a love and hours speand with you at day and night. You deserve support and lover who will love you very well.
You deserve more hugs and power which is leading you.
You deserve romances and love songs.
You deserve the best my love.
Chicken Sep 20
Like a ton of bricks
Like a ton of bricks
I’m still here
I’ll still be here
To help clean up the mess
The debris of your shattered masks
The embers if your distress

You’ve still got the oldest book
The oldest book in the trick
The lie
The Maya
The swindle
And you hold it all in your hands

I’m still here
I’ll still be here
To help clean up the mess
The debris of your shattered masks
The embers of your distress

Like a ton of bricks
Like a ton of bricks
I’m still here
******* you off like a sub standard sunset
Not quite ‘good’ enough
Because you can’t seem to see
Not past yourself
Not past your mask
Not past the oldest book in the trick

And I’ll still be here
I’m still here
To help clean up the mess
The debris of your shattered masks
The embers of your distress
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