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Don't give up now
Chances are
Your best kiss,
Your hardest laugh,
And your greatest day
Are still yet to come
Feel free to share revision ideas :)
I'm here;
I love you

I don't care
If you need to stay up
Crying all night long
I will stay with you

There's nothing you can
Ever do to lose my love
Feel free to share revision ideas :)
allison 1d
life update for you:
the voice has lost
and now i'm thriving.
sequel to "the voice"
except happier
I am ash and you are an ember
your glow seems to last forever
on my own, I used to spark and flutter
but those days are now over

you are an ember, I watch your smokey dance
i light up at the sight of you, firebrand
With nothing but this blood on my hands
you help ignite my passion, my chance
Wolf 6d
Keep your head up high
Even if your heart's down low
When the future rolls around
You'll be laughing about it, I know

The courage that you had
To let your feelings show
Keep it with you, always
It'll surely help you grow

Heartbreak hurts in many ways
You might think it's your time to go
But surround yourself with joyful things
And soon you'll start to glow

The ground is still beneath you
Even when the tears do flow
It may seem like it's over now
But you'll get through it, though
For Poolza, and anyone else who is suffering from heartbreak. Don't give up hope, remember to love and accept yourself.
Vines can reacheth up to the sky
Supp'rt'd by the sturdy pine
Given the chance to groweth and thrive
Curl and twist'd up rough skinn'd oaks
To seeth the w'rld through eyes up high
Unreachable but f'r those deep, stout roots
Anon finally able to floweth'r and fruit
Climbing up by the crackling bark
On the backs of the pines and belly of the oaks
2018 rewrite of 2016 poem
Starting a collection of just my Shakespearean poetry called
W'rds of a Nimble-Footed Mistress. check it out on my profile as I add more, I have so many still to post. Who knows, maybe I will finally publish something?
Skywlkr Feb 10
I was Told your Poems I Shouldn't Hold if they don't Like Mine I Shouldn't like There's,............ Well
For Your Opinion No One Carer's You Must Be the Kind of Person Who Stare's
You Have No Idea What Theese words Do Because To you They ain't True your Mind Set Seems So Blue,
On My Life You Got no Clue for Some of us This Therapy is Glue so,,,,, Forget those Few they Would Mabey Care if They Only Just Knew,,,,
                    I Like What I Relate to
        And I Love What I Find to be True
       And Share What I Think Helps You
                 This Writting thing to Me is
                                 Relatively Still New
So I Listen To Every Opinion
I Hold it in Consideration......
But it Causes Me Frustration..........
And yes if People Don't Notice My Writting I Wonder Why I Keep Fighting But What Matters Most is That I've Found A way of.......................
                                       ­     SURVIVING!
I do this regardless but it's the likes, loves, and shares that make me feel noticed thank you if your the one taking the time to read and understand it means a **** of alot to me ignore the haters
Wolf Feb 10
On my own
Decisions have failed me
Love now a distant
Tangled lie

I walk among others
Their hearts turning over
My mouth repeats
What my eyes have seen

At last, love blossoms
For two friends close to me
As fate strikes yet again
I observe in utter joy

But I hold my own secret
For my love has returned
Back to habits long faded
Mended with pleasure

I'll be their wings
Into a new dawn
A mere shadow on the wall
But not quite so lonesome
Josh Feb 6
I am the ground
solid and sure,
happily walked on-
until you are gone

Sometimes when it rains,
I turn into mud
And if I have to carry your weight,
You might slip
moon Feb 6
hold me.
i'll hold you too.
we can sit down and just talk,
about everything.
all the things that's bothering us and all the things we want to do or couldn't.
lets paint the future and make sure we're Both there to see it.
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