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वो बहती हवा है
वो बहती रही हमेशासे
मै ठहरा राहु सिधासा

वो बहती हवा है
वो कहती मुझिसे
ना देखू खुदको धीमासा

वो बहती हवा है
वो कहती मुझसे
तू साथ रहना हमेशा

ये रात अभी तो हैना
तुझी को सबकुछ कहना
तू धीमे धीमे बेहना
preston 2d
Stephan W

I have seen you there,
standing alone, along the shoreline
    --if you only knew--
Your thoughts- a poetic buffering,
spoken out- onto weathered paper,
through trembling hands;  words
let in to the ocean wind--
the dreams of your heart, the needs,
ah, yes.. the deep needs of your heart...

    among these rocks,
    you are always alone.

At the tip of your fingers-- the small ridges;
fragmental, yet monumental imprints, etched
in to you, the moment your spirit entered
your temple. They tell the world of your story:
through fine, texture-perception, you feel it--
your trembling fingers grip the pen, expressing,
conveying your truth into a world that does not
hear.. a shallowing, that deafens..

    You glance at your fingertips--
    to assure, you're really there
    ~ ~

(The sea has picked up a bit, now
the waves, crashing against the rocks
rocks, that still won't hear..)

And here also, outlined
within the warm beat of the
human heart,
there is a sound that can be heard--
one similar to the aliveness
of the crashing waves.
Place your fingertips against those
that are real-
the sound blends-in perfectly
with the sea
as the uniqueness of imprinted ridge,
moves up against that of the other--
contrasting, here.. fitting together
perfectly, there..

    Scream, "I am!" to the sea; and see, love..
    scream it out, and see.
    ~ ~ ~

I am everywhere near you-- encouraging,
celebrating.. at times, weeping;  hands
outstretched, the uniqueness of my
own finger prints, longing
Along this shoreline, I have watched you
for an eternity, hoping
that you might somehow take it all, in.
Clouds beckon, asking again for the
earth's moisture

      and I respond,  e v ap o r a t i ng.

      ~ ~ ~ ~

Your small, beautiful feet, now
all pigeon-toed- now, standing
at the water's edge; as the
rain cloud gives up its prize
just beyond the breakers--

    (my imprint remains,
    but I am of the sea now..)

    Wade into me, love
    that I may wrap myself around you:
    Along this shoreline,
    may you never be alone again.

The voices in the wind,
will take you home again,

the journey home has just begun, my friend

The magic in your eyes,
was more than I surmised
and I surrender time and time, again

To the will of the wind;
the will of the wind, child
The wind in the wind chimes,
takes you home again..

the will of the wind
dancing, dancing..  dancing

this one always makes me cry
We are a community,
We are more
We think in poetry
every view is a scenery.

Lately, it is seen
the poetries remain largely unseen
I am not too keen
but sometimes it turns disheartening.

Forgotten scribbles of me and you
nothing zings through
it will slowly die without all the love
we need to see that eyes see.

Not just a number, it is more
It is rather significant than the score
The breathing beyond the screen
it is the question do I fit in.

It is a pleasure to read every day new
but the contents just go skew
how did it go out of hand
I am so invested with the time that I spend.

Let's give love ahead,
for every word rhymed
This place is flourishing with talents
let us not lose them.
The key to heaven,
the sun that keeps us alive,
the one in a million,
everyday's sunrise.
I will stay here forever,
forever by your side,
with our promises and dreams,
with your hand on mine.
Your tender voice in my head
for all my life on replay
𝑌𝑜𝑢'𝑟𝑒 𝑔𝑜𝑛𝑛𝑎 𝑏𝑒 𝑜𝑘𝑎𝑦.
For Evie, the sun in my life.
Zack Ripley Aug 30
Hello my hellopoetry family! Before I started sharing my work with all of you, I was suicidal because I felt alone. And it hurt. But I wanted to take the time to thank you guys. You made me realize that people COULD relate and DID want to hear what I have to say. You guys helped save me. And I know I've helped some of you and that means the world to me. But now it's time to help more people. I have a book of my most inspiring poems out, and 2 dollars from the sale of every book will be donated to the jed foundation. They partner with high schools and colleges to empower kids to talk about depression and other mental health issues which, in turn, educates teachers how to recognize it in students. here's the link

Thanks again guys. And if you can leave an honest review when you get the chance that would be amazing
preston Oct 5

I hate the thought of her dying without anyone easing her of the burden she is carrying. She was powerless over what was placed into her before you were born. Her world no longer understood the language of an untarnished spirit-- he made sure of that, so how could she possibly give to a little-one's purity of spirit.. when everything about yours back then, was completely foreign to the internal language she had to learn in order to just be able to survive.. especially when the one that made her become that way was still alive back then?

The help that I have known and that you also have available to you was only available in limited forms back then, so how could she not succumb to the only voice that she knew inside of her, when it came to love..

She does not know that gracious truth within her.. of how nearly completely unable he had made her become, so how could she ever know the necessary self-forgiveness that true self love provides, if someone doesn't make it known to her-- here, in the land of the living? She may never be able to handle the full truth..   but you will.

You were left alone to learn the same ****** up inner language from the very same ****** up man that taught her, hers. There is not an accountability here.. it was far too much to ask of her, that. His hold over her not only cost her the purity of her own, young inner-world.. but also that of her daughter's also--  in and through the unholy hold he had on her.

She does not have to own it..  it was all, too much..

But her daughter, who has known real love, now has enough of it inside of her to be able to metabolize the horrors of this multigenerational injustice, and put an end to it all, while his young victim, years before her  is still alive.

All you have to do is want to own it's horrible truth.. and then bring the healing light of forgiveness to her for what she cannot admit to-- but never, not feel. Your understanding will be as a healing balm to her, without even necessarily saying a word. Yes.. you and I do get into it, sometimes.. but you also have deeply known comfort for the affliction he so unfairly placed onto you.

It is that very form of comfort that she needs the most~

      "...the Father of mercies  and God of all comfort,  
      who comforts us in all our affliction..   so  that  we
      will be able to comfort those who are in any affliction
      with the comfort with which we, ourselves
      are comforted  by God.."

Please. Yes I deserve to be hated by you.. if do in fact you hate me, but I do really want you to hear me about her. It is for her, but really for her-- through you;  

     and therefore,  it is for you.

His stain will pass on from generation to generation,
until love and truth  finally, bring it all to an end.

if you are able to quiet yourself enough to feel it, you will see that you already have enough of that love and truth inside of you

and to your grandfather, this meme says it all..

Then keep ******* off.
******* until you come to a gate with a sign saying,
'you can't ******* past here'.

--Climb over the gate, dream the impossible dream,
and keep ******* off. Forever."

you forever ******-up, ******* ****
quos genueris impium dictitans congenita inordinationem
Piyush Sharma Sep 30
You gave me a shoulder to cry
A reason once again to fly
A peaceful corner in the chaos
A hand to wipe off my raindrops
Letting my every part for you
Cause in darkest doors...
My heart just needs you to come through.
Everyone may be having thousands of friends and contacts...
But its just ONE person who really cares  and helps you when you really need it.
Mansi Sep 22
Imagine a car being stuck in snow
No matter how hard you try
To accelerate out of
The pit of despair
You will be stuck there
That is helplessness

But if you have one person,
Just one,
helps you
You can get out
That’s the power of
I know this is such a cheesy poem but it’s dedicated to my friends who have been with me in the thick and thin
Believe me
As long as
You are confused
It's not your home
If your feet pause
It's not your home

With due respect
Keep on walking
Where you
Genre: Observational
Theme: Destiny
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