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My Dear Poet Jul 30
You can reach for the moon
Because heaven makes steps
of the stars

You can reach for the sun
Because heaven makes a cradle
of the clouds

You can reach for the sky
Because heaven makes a friend
out of me
CarolineSD Jul 9
Every night I am here
In this quiet darkness,
Reaching out for you.

And you move into me
Like water
Like moonlight
Like gentle things that never force
Or abuse.

How strong and beautiful
Is your love for me,
As if I have never been used,
Like fire to the wreckage
I have been through,
Steadily erasing these wounds
Like new meadows
Across decimated bones;
The scorched forests of
My soul.

We are building something lush
And beautiful,
With the strength of red woods and
The eternity of the sea,

Something as real as our children's Laughter echoing across the sands
Of this sun-soaked beach.

There is nothing but hope
As far as I can see
And your brave vulnerability;
Your unfaltering belief in me
And all that I am, and was,
And could be.

Wesley, I will love you forever and I
Will hold your heart in my hands,
And I will hold you together

In the same way
That you hold me
Like the rarest treasure.

Every day I can feel

The way that we will



Each other.
It only took me forty years to find you.
Derekis Jul 5
Deep inside you awaits this light
Looking for a way to come out and shine
Fighting for its place in your life
Waiting for its time to show you all its pride♫

Deep away into the night,
know everything will be fine.
A spark that will end your strife,
rising up higher to let the world know you've tried♫

It will make you strong!
Brighter than the sun!
Let it dawn inside you!

All those tears you've shed,
All those fears you' ve led,
they will make you blossom with beauty!

There may be confusing times,
when you feel lost and alone.
Just look around you.
In you they believe!
You can make it shine!

Everything you've dreamt,
Everything you've shared
Gives that sparkle your beauty!

They will make you strong!
Brighter than the sun!
Let it dawn inside you!

You can make it shine!
Make it shine so bright!
Give your life that sparkle of beauty!

Everywhere where you go!
Anything you can!
Anytime you want!

Go out there and let it shine!♫
You can do it!
Carl Fynn Feb 20
Things change, pain subsides

Memories fade, the future spares

Thought unsaid, screams through your scowl

Take my love and trade your pain.
One hour after noon
in C2 room
Jasmine makes a tonless reading
Nobody listens
I choose the Farewell to Arms'
final chapter
forty one
The last extract is alive
one more time:
"Every thing was gone inside me.
I did not think.
I could not think...
Please, please, please, dear God,
make her not die."
Just the same words passed through myself
Nobody really knows
Tragic events
M Vogel Jan 16

Within those connections
most filled with substance,
and depth..

..time, does not deminish
But instead, establishes..

At times..
one feels so all alone.

You are not.

But I see you now,
yeah, I see you
And release me now,
kinda like dreams do

And I see you now,
was hard to see you

Just don't forget to sing
remember everything


If we're  "just friends.."

Then why  is this
Magnificently-warm,  pre:***..

    flowing  down my thighs

    Every  single  time,
            I think of you.

closer, Agent-Starling..
C L O O SER.....

just thinking out loud here
and humming..    to myself..   xo
My Dear Poet Jan 2
A smile is sad
upside down

A thumb up
is thumbs down

The right way up
I’d only found

when you came and turned
my world around
Every thing valuable is fragile
and must be handled the right side up
Cara Anne Dec 2021
You are not a maybe
Or an unsure decision

You are not a chore
Or a burden to others

You are not a option
Or a choice

You are an extraordinary individual
And an easy hell ******* yes
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