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Smoking myself crazy
In the wind hear your voice
If truly making you happy
I support your choice
I love her loving you
Embrace and sharp cold words
Fear not you moving on
But not moving forwards
For all we have been through
Turns and coils my distress
A mind ferocious and primal
Tamed by loneliness
All the thoughts go unsaid
Linger in air
If only each one could be gathered
Carried away somewhere
Written 2-26-21
Ghxstcxt May 2
Are you stuck?
Need some help up out that rut?
I can lend a hand to some stuff
sunk under the surface
I don't even need to look
Like pulling up a plug
Don't give up
Never give up
Small steps first
Don't give up
You'll turn your walk
into a strut, trust
'Cause you are worthy
You are loved
Don't give up
Mrs Timetable Apr 30
We may not
Be able
To heal
Each others wounds
But we can
That's why we write and share
Gabrielle Apr 12
My best friend doesn’t talk very much,
He listens sometimes, nods his head and such.

He sleeps all day, loudly most times,
Unbothered by me or nickels or dimes.

He smells damp, his feet are warm
Circled next to my head when my mind is a swarm.

My best friend always knows what to say
If the piles of stones in my head start to weigh.

In that, he doesn’t talk, or even really touch,
He just listens sometimes, nods his head and such.
This poem is about my friendship with my cat.
CarolineSD Mar 13
I am clinging to you like a steady rain into my palms,
On my knees, in the damp ground,
Putting my entire soul into the act of
Never dropping our love
Never letting it fall like something that is not treasured
Beyond all measure.

Your touch cascades across my face like
Rain in August, when it is
Still warm, and honest, and true
And we are bathing in a storm that is immeasurably beautiful,
Exceeding words, exceeding all of our attempts to define;
To contain it.

Our love rushes like a torrent of wild rivers to the sea
And we are blind to its source and where
it leads,
So, I am here grasping at water as it seeps through my hands,
Trying to control that which I never can.

I don’t want to lose you.

I don’t want to lose you.

I don’t want to lose you.

These doctors come and go
And the testing was good and did not show the worst
And if we monitor and test and treat
and treat and monitor and test,
I may never have to watch you
Fight for your life in a
Hospital bed.

And yet, as I sit in each, cold waiting room
I know
There is only so much we can do to break the flow
Of the rain,
When the skies open up and say,
It’s time to go.

Still, I will hit my knees in the flooding ground,
Arms locked tight around your neck,
And I will tell them, firmly, and without end:


I will fight forever for my husband. Fight for his health, his well being. Fight against a system that wants to brush people off. Fight for diagnosis and treatment. Fight against time. A losing battle for all of us. It becomes more real when a loved one has a major medical issue, but I will never give up. In sickness and in health. I will be steadfast through all of it. Wesley, I love you more than every star in the sky.
halfway along a mired path
with no option but
to gingerly retrace
their mud-caked steps
or simply struggle onwards
careful of each squelch
along that mud-caked path
the dog sits blithely at heel
appearing miserable
in this drizzling rain
but patient for his reward
and willing to wait
following unconditionally
while the man considers
his options and
the next poor decision
he is liable to make
M Vogel Feb 13

There is a   r e l e a s e
  that comes,
in holding you
close at night..   a
barrier that comes down
in the late night
and early morning

  You've been  alone
within all of this  difficulty
that you have  known
  for so long.

And then very much

   even if only for a moment,

you are no longer alone

movement  in to
the night's warmth

is a long and difficult journey

My Dear Poet Feb 11
I’m building a bridge
from my heart to yours
crossing over troubled water
my shore to your shores
one end to another
we’re stringing the sun
with the moon to the other
till the whole worlds been strung
so if our hearts ever dangle
and if you ever hope to jump
come hang on with your life
and I’ll hold you up
AE Jan 6
And with this hope...

When all these walls turn into doors
Oceans into rivers with bridges
Mountains into hills, hills to fields

Will you then realize
The potency of all your dreams
When you tell them to me
They invade all my air space
My thoughts and my sleep
And I hold onto them for you
Thinking of ways to draw maps
Reciting them in my prayers
Waiting for the day
When all this hope I carry
Returns home to you

And with this hope...

I exist in a world where you are never without dreams
Andy Chunn Nov 2023
I am a mirror so they say
If you are kind to me this day
A friend to you today I’ll be
Reflecting all the things I see
My Christian mirror shows the way
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