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Lara Sep 2020
Rethink your thoughts
It might help you to release the right words into the world

Recycle your emotions
You can’t put all your thoughts and emotions into one person

Reduce your problems
You can’t live with a world full of problems

Release your tears
You can’t keep all your feelings bottled up
Nylee Dec 2018
add more
what is there
is so less.

it is endless
little still
extra need
more to feed
up to greed

no way to rid
there is a thirst
countless prayers
many faces
every day
ending with empty hands

all the resources
on the toes
multiplying the lives
depleting what is left
it will end
all has been said.
Daniel eason Nov 2018
The natural environment taken over
Leaves once green sadly no longer
Corporations rule our land
Finding glass and plastics in our sand
The sad truth is this
Can we reverse it
Recycle and reduce
Every bit that you use
Stop being lazy and recycle. You may not think much about it, but every action counts.
MicMag Aug 2018
World lays in ruin
Our enduring monument
Plastic-covered shores
our plastic will outlive us all
Slab Of Flab Protrudes From Ab
twas an incremental subtle expansion of waist
most likely aside effects of one
or all prescription medication
to stave off severe melancholy,

social anxiety, panic attack, et cetera
whereby most everything thy tongue did taste
immediately delivered a randy paunch
to former washboard
smooth as a fresh application of gesso like paste
readying canvass
for partially naked self-portrait masterpiece
depicting naked body laced

with flat as a washboard physique
unlike present dis graced
whereat when sending a photograph
of shirtless self-try with futility
utilizing photoshop to get erased
displeasing equatorial zone of anatomy
saddled with unwanted
fatty tissue that defaced

proportionate rock hard stomach
with a slender man
about five foot and ten-inch build
evincing an aura of being chaste

gone forever analogous to temptation
gobbling house constructed
of cake and confectionery
that nearly did likewise to Hansel and Gretel
readying their not quite plump enough bodies

tubby slathered with baste
yet just in the nick of time
the two abandoned children aced
the sinister plot outwitting
cannibalistic cackling croaking old woman
inducing to break out into song singing

Sarasponda, sarasponda, sarasponda rat tat tat
Sarasponda, sarasponda, sarasponda rat tat tat
A doray-oh, A doray-boomday-oh
A doray-boomday ret set set
Ah say pah say oh.
Äŧül Jan 2017
Comes not from using domestic produce,
But such products help fiscal deficit reduce.
My HP Poem #1390
©Atul Kaushal
Rex Allen McCoy Jan 2015
Ancient doors creak and groan
scraping back the dust
of ages gone
A formidable sight...
like standing guardians
since time immortal

Slinking in
past swirling fog
I pause to calm my fear
adding strength to resolve
when suddenly...
a deafening voice ERUPTS

Solid ground shatters beneath me...
I hover helplessly
Below me...
a noxious boiling maelstrom

The voice of truth EXPLODES from above
ECHOing  my 'Every Sin'
the resounding shock-waves
drive me down

Legs lifted high
to avoid the searing pain
a tangle of blistered hands reach out
and drag me within the churning inferno

Blinding spin and unbearable suction

Scream fades to gurgle

Unconsciousness welcome
though never met

The searing pain still rising yet

Each fibre ripped apart
to molecular particle

Riding the vortex of purification
Separating sins from soul


Cast out
and caught yet again by the uterine web
with the voice of truth
still taunting ...

Mark Parker Dec 2014
Writer's block is like a white stone wall.
Every failed poem in the trashcan is like a brick.
Soon, I'll have enough to rebuild the great wall of China,
and the garbage man will know
many trees have died for my poetry.
Take heed, only you can prevent forest fires.
So, why not have fun with writers block if it breaks writers block.

— The End —