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Twalib Mushi Jul 2020
A lot of noise
are knocking inside my head
That bitter noise
slap my hypothalamus
Am out of emotions.
But that better noise
Hit my cerebrum
Trying to convince me
That bitter will getting sweeter.
M Solav Jul 2020
Oh how I hate art!
So much noise
And false pretenses,
Such undeserved poise
For those vain promises.

Sure, in everything there’s a message,
Yes, anything you want to acknowledge.

How I hate art!
For it is far too fragile
To dare play so smart
How I hate art!

Oh how I hate art!
Whether I’m missing the point
Or whether there was none;
Whether it isn't what it ain’t
Or whether it’s just for fun.

How I hate art!
For it cannot do otherwise
Than state the obvious
And pretend to be wise.

Sure, you’ve convinced more than a few;
Yes, they’ve all grasped your great value.

How I hate art!
The cliche, the glamour
The whole thing and the part,
Oh how I hate art!
Written in December 2019.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
colette alexia Jun 2020
You’ve obviously proven that you can’t be trusted
Said our love’s forever until you had enough of it
Left to convince myself you’re not coming back
Like I convinced myself of the love you had
Lara May 2020
Politics - what is this?

Everybody wants to convince us that their opinion is the right one.

There is nothing like one right way.
Many ways lead to the goal.

People try to explain the world to us.
But what if we want to experience all of that by ourselves.

All ways may be right for us and our future.

Our life - our future - it belongs to us and nobody else.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
My mind makes me believe something
other than my reality.
I am surrounded by loved ones,
Yet I feel so unloved.
I deserve to be happy,
yet I am convinced otherwise.
You see these chemicals in my brain,
the thoughts that are generated
make me believe and feel
everything other than my reality.
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2018
You say you love me and that I am everything you want and make you truly happy
I cannot tell if you are trying to convince me of those words

Or yourself
Short but hey lookey here freeverse! Shocked? I decided to make it a point to write more poetry this way and make myself grow as a writer.
Thomas EG Aug 2018
I always feel two steps behind
No matter what the topic at hand
Even things I'm sure that I'm sure of
You can break down that certainty
Within seconds

Make me doubt the person
That I know myself to be
I dare you
Convince me that I am someone else
Because I'm stubborn until I'm afraid

Afraid to be laughed at
Afraid to be judged
Afraid to be made into a fool

So I take the initiative and laugh it off
Because declaring "I'm just an idiot",
"I don't know anything about anything"
Or simply keeping my mouth shut
Is far easier than hearing it elsewhere
Self-deprecating as **** but truee
دema flutter Jul 2018
It is not the truth if I have to convince myself,
it isn't a choice if I have to make one,
it's not love if it's forced,
but is it even sadness anymore when it becomes a reality?
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