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One day I decided to wake myself from this perilous environment
Living with brainwashed people created by the destructive government
One day I will get to the edge of this deserted place
Not physically but mentally, to the edge of time and space
I move on, while others decide to stay behind
Nothing can stop me, that's the way I was designed
I will reach as far as scientists think atoms can go
I will reach to the top of the tallest French chateau
I make this rapping adagio, for all of you, just so you know
That car I want will happen in a matter of time
Watch as my credit scores go up far and climb
Climbing to the top of the tallest mountain on Earth
I've thought about these wonderful thoughts since my birth
I'm an inch away
From these goals I've set
I'm an inch closer today
I'm just not quite there yet
I'll keep going
and you'll get to see
My accomplishments
and the treasures I will keep
Keep in mind I'm still here, and always will be
Can't go away, not a possibility
Goals already met are for sure a  future sign
Now prepare yourself for these next few lines
We won't all get there, it just doesn't work
But I can tell you one thing for sure
Some of us will, some of us won't
But no matter what, giving up is a don't
Inspiration, don't be doubted
rebecca 4d
The river of possibility is an endless stream
and still, I'm lost, trapped in this small town dream.

I know I cannot change what happened in the history,
but I can change the soon to be.

The past is forever,
but the possibilities of my future are without measure.
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i am nothing
but a memory
a thought or a forgotten dream

i am nothing                  
but my emptiness
my vicious goals and my silent screams
Ifs & whys
Buts & sighs
Time flies
Always denies.

Lows & highs
Ambition dies
No-one tries
Shut eyes.

Come rise
Never apologise
Open surprise
No compromise.

Obvious lies
No disguise
Grow wise
Now realise.
Just do it.
This is where i needed to be
to understand where i don't want to be
To understand what I could've be more careful about

not everyday
a flower blooms or a butterfly molts
so i must, everyday
Nov 2017
Chezka Sep 13
It's 12 o'clock midnight,
As you're embracing your pillow tight,
Here am I feeling so delight,
Delighted to our love that ignite.

As I am waiting for the eclipse,
I wish I was there to kiss your lips,
I wish we're together to watch clips,
As we eat our prepared chips.

Alone in an empty room,
Hoping you'll appear like a mushroom,
It's so dark, I can't see a light,
Yet a picture of your smile stucks in my mind.

Seven months had passed,
There's one thing to God I always ask,
What did I do to have you?
Why am I so blessed to have you?
Hope this made you smile, V.
Chezka Sep 13
Adulting is not easy,
success is the number one enemy,
wondering what world can be,
pressure from everyone is a worry,
though it shouldn't be a reason to concede,
because there are dreams and goals to forsee.
Never let anyone or anything become a hindrance on pursuing your dreams.
instead of saying
that we've moved on
we should say
that we're in recovery
because we're all addicts
in need of love
ready to fall
into our same old desperate habits
the moment we get a hit
shouting won't do any good
it's not that you aren't listening
every time i vocalize
my feelings
the mountains send them echoing
back to me
this frigid wall
of rock and snow
holds desperate lovers back
like a mountain between us;
a shell we can't crack

it's a cold world out there
so bundle up
either find someone to love
or don't open up
the wind cuts your face
feel the pain
there's no use running around
there's a mountain between us
just stay on the ground
Praline Poet Sep 3
When they ask me why I came
I'll tell them
Cause my heart was hurting

And if it's hurting here
It might as well hurt
Somewhere else, right?

Love, don't tell me I can't
Cause I can
In my lowest moments
I'm 100% sure
Love, don't tell me I can't
I can do anything

Of all the things we're not sure about
Confused about
Indecisive about
Of all the things we don't know about
This isn't one of those things

So love,
Don't tell me I can't
Cause I can
I can do anything
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