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Should I come to you or I wait for you to come to me?
To be honest I still don't know who you are, how you'll look like nor be like... but here am I talking to myself and makin a deal,
"to wait until the right time comes".
Dear No one,
The future is inevitable, it awaits your presence and I myself feels anxious in every single part of your existence.


Focus on your end result
To feel more energetic
And engage your inner powers
From your system cybernetic

Yes, seek for goals and targets
You are built to be magnetic
As a self-correcting expert
When you act more cybernetic

Cybernetics helps you truly aim
But only if you have a goal
So don’t go with the current
But grab your life and take control

Do those actions that truly count
Stay calm and not frenetic
Keep your eyes upon your dream
Use your system cybernetic
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When still in high school I read Pscycho-Cybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz.  That book changed my life for the better in a huge way!  If I remember correctly, it was recommended by my High School wrestling coach, Mr. Hale.

Maxwell Maltz was a plastic surgeon, and he came up with an amazing discovery.  We have an inner world or image, which is as "real" as the outer world.  In fact, when we create something in detail in our mind (a blueprint), this attracts physical matter to it and it "Manifests" in what we call our outer reality.

So I would play out certain wrestling moves in my mind, as instructed in the book, and I got better at those moves!  So I also used the process for test taking, dating, running, giving talks, and much more.  

The official definition of Cybernetics is below, but it leaves out the most important part.  It's the science of communications and control mechanisms IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE A SPECIFIED TARGET.  

the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things.

So the thermostat in your house is a cybernetic system - when the temperature it low, it kicks on the heater to bring the temperature back to the target level.  A heat seeking missile is programmed for a specific target.  You need a target or goal.  A "nothing-seeking" missile achieves nothing.

There are thousands of machine examples, but more important for our success is using Cybernetics to achieve what we want.
xavier thomas Oct 19
“I will support your brand”
That’s what my baby said as she held my hands
I know she’s an introvert
But acts like an extrovert
We getting this money selling books, & promoting T-shirts
My baby is a businesswoman, making people invest
My #1 supporter, what more can I expect?
Income > outcome, look at our progress
We in control, now watch our success
I set sail to turn my artistic utility
Woven into my fingers by Yahweh,
Into bellyful profit that my days on this rock,
May be not yoked to soul
******* labour.

Though fear overwhelmed me
When i beheld many who
Sank by self doubt,
Zeal took charge of my helm
And steered me back on
To my heart's content.

But this voyage is without
Bothersome icebergs
United under Satan,
To hand me over into
Apathies jaws, that i may
Scurry to my
Heart's contempt.
Yasmeen Oct 14
Your one precious
life begins.
What is it
plan to do?
m Oct 4
I want the sun
and need the stars
but lets be honest
not the moon
Elena Mustafa Sep 30
Never past judgement
On a person's
Dreams and goals in life
All are valid
If they involve
Not pleasure
polyratic Sep 13
Caught within
the cot I built
to slaughter
all the goals that fit

A miasma, thick
with success and stress
in growth, the wisest
call duress

on my throne
sits the black honed axe
seething at my fauna,
as I contemplate their imminent trauma

I'd rather watch them grow
as steel plummets to their throats
augmenting my flock of ghosts
enclosing the lonesome cot and throne
Mental duress, old and new.
A thud sound
Of me falling?
From the sky height
Into the deep sea.
This internal unfamiliar silence  of the waters below,
Is eating me up.
Can you hear me?
I scream with my throat dry,
I dream with my hopes high,
The shallow waters Don’t echo my voice,
So I'm letting go a deeper dive.
This external familiar voice of everything above the sea –
my success or failure?
Makes me bury myself into the truth more deep
Makes me worried of the soul which never came to me
So, I shut my eyes
See a bright yellow light
Run toward it to seize a whole new sight
Calmness of  the internals
Don't excite my bored old soul.
But I still am worried about my past above the sea.
A swish sound
Of me rising.
Back from the deep sea into the high sky
Never thought I will give up of being shy
With a motive to live,
With wings to fly,
With a hope to dream,
Which my failure had taught me.
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