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The way she smiles,
My heart was melting
Even if she needs to walk a thousand miles
She never stopped on dreaming.

You see her with courage
At her young age
But deep inside was a girl
Who's still getting ready at this stage

dependency was a craaaap!
But standing by herself will make her to the top
And so she did,
She's making a step up.
I want to seek out, the time going backwards.
Want to breath in, the love and laughter...
Nostalgic memories, fill my heart with a gentle caress.
First time we met, was a time of excitement...but now having you
in my arms forever.
I want to go back in time, travel to our realm, of memoirs and happiness. Times' stood still, for a moment or two.
True love in our hearts, stood tall and strong.
Every day you see, it's you and me...
Chances that we had took, made time fly by with memories.
Forget the fights, I know you love me.
I love you too, i'll never forget our love.
It's hard to sleep, knowing the time keeps going faster, faster...and faster...but as long as it's just you and me, i think i'll stay happy.
I want to turn back time when I close my eyes to sleep, relive the good old days, our first time to the middle of a winter storm, sitting in the front of your old car.
Listen to tunes on the radio, as you drive through the traffic lanes, staring at your face before we knew that our love was true.
I will always love you
Now that times go faster and time won't stand still...
But the moments we make, love we see will take us back through time to feel.
True moments
True love
Our souls can never keep us far apart.
I ' am worried for the future, I love you M.C
I need that perfect kiss, the one you can't miss.
When you arrive, the first may be the best,
but when you leave, we need to make the perfect kiss.
For the rest of the night, when you're no longer in sight,
all we can feel and see, is the vision of our last kiss.
Hoping there will be more and this isn't our last, but it is the last until our first kiss comes again.
Because every day, when I' am with you, that first kiss, is a reminder that you're back to stay a while, until it becomes once again our last.
So lather me in your luscious love, with a sensation of wonderful vibrations.
We all keep trying for that perfect kiss, but will too never be perfect because a kiss never lasts when it becomes the last.
Love until you can't no more, keep it in your heart for forever and ever because love is what we need to keep ourselves free.
A romance about first and last kisses, wanting to have the perfect smush.
Glenn Bering Jun 26
To anyone reading this poem
I just want to say that I am proud of you
For what? For everything
Especially when you choose for your life to continue

Hey, it’s going to be ok..
Life has always been like this
It can be both excitement and dismay
But this, what you have, is something you can cherish

Hey, you got this..
The challenges you have now is just a start
I know you are in a difficult place as it is..
Prepare yourself as you life unveils to be a work of art

Hey, thank you..
For choosing to be better,
If even you are only thinking about to
Thanks for pulling yourself together

Hey, you are blessed..really
Life has been good to you
Even you think it hasn’t been lately
Take it slowly, do not overdo

Hey, it’s just the beginning..
Your goals and dreams will happen eventually
Even if things you like is not happening
Trust me, it’s ok.. really

-Glenn Bering
It’s really ok not to be ok
Lilac Apr 21

They dont know where im aiming
So they think that im missing
But if they get to know
They wont just stand around watching
jerelii Apr 8
Another day to make my dreams come true
Sending all the love that may nurture me
And the people I loved
I'm thankful for all the experiences
that I've been through
The lessons in life that taught me
to voice out and to stand up.
With courage in my heart
With practice of moving forward
With attentive eyes
I found my way
To understand each of them.
the natural resources
of mother earth's biggest
influences to me
That is what, it keeps me grounded.
April 8,2021
Ten Mercado Apr 7
dear ‘ol self,
can you believe
it’s only been a few weeks and
you can already
stand on both feet?

you’ve danced,
you’ve painted rainbows,
you’ve finished things,
you’ve climbed mountains,
you’ve cried of happiness—

it was all you,
with the help of the sweetest people
and good moments in between,
but it was your choice
to stand up,
and you did.

who knows what’s next?
dear ‘ol self,
bigger things, I suppose.
Savor moments alone
To meditate
And recharge

Rest in your own space
For a time each day
To create plans
And designs

Increase your own power
As you renew strength
And vigor

Then reach out - connect
With the world again
To fulfill designs
And serve
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This is one of those poems that I wrote for a certain background. We all need time to rest and recharge and get some alone time.

The purpose of time alone isn't to isolate indefinitely, but to renew your power so you can reconnect to your goals and to other people.

All great leaders, sages, gurus, and prophets valued alone time in order to increase power and focus!
Mar 26
just when you think you've moved on
you find yourself back at square one
with an evolved mindset and mentality
ready to do the same thing that forced you to change
once again.
had to repost one of my favourites. maybe it's the beginning of my comeback.
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