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soft off-white pages,
velvet leather spine,
wrapped in cloths of silk,
with edges, gold inlined
i want to publish just one book,
a book of poems; a really *fine* book of poems

'milk and honey' by rupi kuar is a good poetry book btw check it out
While waiting for a good day,
You waste the one before.
Justyn Huang Jan 11
You never know how green
A leaf may be
Until you turn it over.
Turning a new leaf
MU Jan 8
In my jealousy and laziness
What I want to be
And when

What do I find?
That I can one day!
But never will
Because I don't move

Life is passing, but are we there yet?
Keiya Tasire Jan 6
When it all seems to hard
Are you crippled by fear?
Asking, "What do I do?
Pondering and Praying
within the meditative silence
The answer is clear
"Just one step at a time
Placing it in front of the other
Repeat again and again
Until you will find yourself there."
Never, never give up!  Keep going. It is hardest just before you arrive. Keep going. Keep stepping forward and through until you arrive at your destination.
Eleanor Jan 6
1) You need compassion for yourself, especially the parts about you that you hate, or dislike, or find annoying, or you'll never feel whole, and that's just a fact.
2)  You need boundaries in emotion, even with the people you love the absolute most. You have to be okay with them not being okay sometimes.
3) We all should have a calm place in our minds.
4) Also, a box for us to store our sad and scary thoughts, that we will promise ourselves we will come back to later, but don't need to feel right in that moment.

\ I'll add more as they come along
:) I recommend her to every one, she saved me. Absolutely changed me.
Paras Bajaj Jan 1
I am starting afresh, starting new,
not with the many, only with a few.
I left behind what did not grow,
held the door open, asked them to go.

For this year, my head is very clear,
who doesn't uplift you, really ain't your dear.
For this year, my heart is very aligned,
who is not kind, really ain't worth your time.

---Poetry by Paras.
blackbox Dec 2018
It’s not the mountains you climb that will matter in the end.
It’s not the heights you reach that will matter in the end.
It’s not the hurdles you cross that will matter in the end.
What’ll matter, my love, is the real happiness within and around you.
cursedreveries Dec 2018
oftentimes, darling, oftentimes—
i tumble down the stairs and
even flat grounds, with a noise
of childlike snivel upon seeing
myriad passers-by walk ever so
gracefully—my eyes green and
my soul blue.

oftentimes, darling, oftentimes—
i covet all the sugar in the jar,
all the gold my mum stored,
while furiously daydreams
of how sweet and fair
i would be.

(oh, the avarice, the inebriating pleonexia.)

yet come to think of it—wouldn't i
be one teller of untruths, to my
own and the crowd, for i offer
them heartlessly made rainbows
in exchange for glory? no, that is
not—and should not be—me.

my brainchildren—they were born
to be knights against the demons
banging the walls of my head,
the antidote to the head and
heartache suffocating me.

even further, i can't let go
of the true pleasure of
humming to the tone of
experimentals, the sudden
light in my head, and the
crowd questioning them—
my brainchildren.

hence i solemnly swear—
to stay unfeigned, even with
thousand blemishes in every
crevice—and thrive till the
end of the line.

(i am me, and so be it.)
i often feel bad about my works, i often feel that i should stop doing this, i often feel that i want to be seen or i lacked recognition, i often doubt my purpose of writing. i still feel that kind of feelings. but the thing is, i will continue to write from my heart, and for myself—for this is one of the things that keep me alive.
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