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i used to love to play with magnets
playing with them in my hands;
seeing how close they could get without
becoming attracted...
but the fun has been ruined
for i too am a magnet
magnetized to you
it's a lazy sunday morning
i'm playing with your hair
our breakfast tray is still on the bedside table
but we don't care
the sunlight is almost blinding
it's reflecting off of our sheets
i pick my head off the pillow
and look over at you in disbelief

we go through pens
like other people go through drugs
we love notebooks like
some people love clubs
we don't ever have to get out of bed
let's stay in, and let our words out instead


we use pens like
captains use poles on gondolas
pushing away those closest to us

a pen can be a knife
a pen can push two lives apart
a pen can be a syringe-
to inject lies directly into the heart
we write each other off
and you're killing me with a thousand paper cuts
I spend so much time
Basking in the silence as time unwinds
Hoping for a moment where I can exhale
From these deep breaths, and focus on my dreams
Without this sharp pain in my side
This feeling of being stressed

All the time.

I've spent nights daydreaming
Howling at my internal moon
In hope that the glare that illuminated
The pitch black sky inside
Would not shed light on the wolf
Or shed tears for the boy who cried
But rather spare those crucial moments
Of wasted time, from which those tears
Left the boy's eye.

The tears that watered a rose
Waiting to bloom alive

I know it's okay to cry.

I know it's okay to not know where
You're going sometimes.

Despite the unsettling emotions that
Surround you like autumn leaves
Worried that if you step on one
They'll play the part of a sidewalk
On Friday the 13th
And someone's back will break
In its wake...
In your sacrifice...
In your hesitation to move along
As you injure your finger pressing
The replay button

As you know very well that it's not the
Memories of times wasted that haunt you

It's the regret of not allowing yourself to fail
During the times you thought failure
Was all that it would lead to.
This piece centers around how I worry myself constantly about my situation, day in and out. I try to focus so hard, but that may be the issue I'm facing that's the hardest to come to terms with; that I'm focusing too hard. Finding the balance is hard at times, but I have faith that things will work out. Music, poetry, and writing definitely help, that's for sure. The concept that is presented in this piece can go for any hard situation. I hope someone finds solace in its message. Never give up, cry when needed, and know that things always have a way of working out, one way or another. Much love!
I didn’t come from much
I didn’t grow up with material things
But I was given unconditional love
And unwavering support of my dreams
And that heart fueled belief in me
Lifted my self esteem
And kept my hopes forever hovering
And that’s all the motivation needed
To spread my wings
And chase those dreams
With a full head of steam
I am forever grateful
For my loved ones existing
Because  you can’t put a price
On those types of offerings
Amanda 5d
The one thing I cannot comprehend
In life continually questioned
Why I lack the strength to succeed
When told I have the tools I need

I'm wandering present desires
Mind lost yet never tires
Wondering what is out there to find
Path overgrown, leaving feet blind

So the day I find the inner compass I seek
Explore areas before was too weak
Breathe and know why I'm alive
I will finally be at peace inside
Why am I so far behind everyone else my age in life?
Homeless people everywhere
People walk past, shake their heads and stare
Lonely souls roam the streets
They havnt got no food to eat

Shoes with holes
No aspirations or goals
Lying in a doorway
Trying to find a better day

Outcasts from the norm
Not willing to conform
To the drilled in way of thinking
Live theirs lives like a gamble
Like riding a boat sinking
Lifes a shamble
A poem about homelessness
and when i opened my eyes
after i blinked twice
to make sure i wasn’t dreaming;
you were still there.
we were still there.
sitting inside of a fort we made together
in the living room of our house,
with mugs of hot chocolate just within reach
sitting on the coffee table
for whenever we want them
us in our pajamas, watching movies
alternating between you picking
and me picking,
the lady and the *****, peter pan,
harry potter, the little mermaid,
the notebook, aladdin,
all favorites in our repertoire
as we laid under the covers
in love, and not needing anything else
i looked from the screen to your eyes
and leaned over to kiss you
i closed my eyes
when you finish reading, go from the last line back to the first. the dream is when doing the same things with the same person stops being boring, and you continue to love it and them. that is what we yearn for
Sketcher Nov 1
People burst of fake emotion,
Isn't that a simple notion,
Even though it seems quite pure,
For their disease there is no cure,
Yet the disease is blind to itself,
There is only one way to gain help,
Awaken in one of three ways,
Practice one for the rest of your days,
Elevate the mind; body; or spirit,
Through this you will need much perseverance,
Crank the wheel of determination,
Silence the mind through meditation,
Leave behind the dying flesh that reeks,
Strengthen the body through physical feats,
You are the universe; the universe is math,
Raise the spirit by walking the path.
Sketcher Nov 1
Stuck in the future,
When I should be here,
Trying to nurture,
Never ending fear,
My parents,
My job,
All of my goals,
My merits,
I'm robbed,
Then pay the toll,
I wanna play piano or create my own twitch crew,
When it comes to my life I have no idea what to do,
I want to press some buttons, play chords, and maybe strum strings,
A musician, a speedrunner, and many other things,
It takes five whole minutes for these words to come to me,
I want rhythm and rhyme to come more naturally.
I give my bones. The foundation. Lasting life to find what few do. It burns so bright, painful to the touch. You'll make it with nothing more than a helpful ******.
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