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F A Pacelli Oct 11
she will crash the party
and leave in haste
she will bring riches
and bleed you dry
she will take one form 
and depart in another 
she is lady luck 
and she will keep you alive today
but extinguish your life tomorrow
Sam Oct 8
I'd like to think precisely
about my goals.
How I could reach it
or how I could do it.
But there are these doubts
living inside of  me.
Saying I can't,
I shouldn't,
I'd lose it.
I hate it this way.
Having a query with myself
and getting confused over
a simple silly thing.

21, Copyright © 2019
Sam N. de la Rosa
All rights reserved.
This is the 2nd piece from my poem collection called 21. It's already published in wattpad app. My user is @SAM-DLR. Feel free to read it there if you want.
malluraeh Oct 7
goals are just pitstops
your goals to achieve
are above the clouds
ignore the clouds and go beyond
of the universe, don't stop at your goals
lake Oct 6
is this what they call fate
and can it ever change
is that what they all say
the opinions stay the same
that bar just keeps on raising
and i'm shriveling up like raisins
been like that since the beginning
but by the end i hope i'm grinning
cause birds gotta leave their nests right
so i'm gonna live my best life
or drop like a deer in headlights
paralyzed in my dreams and nightlights
My hair grows
Like patience
against my will
  behind my back
yesterday's destiny
jungle long
in time for every
  sunrise and sunset.
I sing about blooming under the same moon. You need a full moon to bloom.
F A Pacelli Oct 3
you are not sure
insecurity imprisons
between doing and not doing
but do not fear
no creative genius emerged
from blind confidence
it is the unsure artist
who tinkers and questions
that creates beauty
and yet
carries on insecurely
F A Pacelli Sep 19
we live in a world 
of ones and zeros 
of science and theory
but only love will guide us
through darkness and pain
for its mystery is illuminating
Lucid dreams echoing through endless nights relentlessly reminding the fact that the day that the tireless heart stops,
is not so far.
Sam H Sep 8
the problem with you
is that you can't face the truth
you crave to please
but you're just a tease
take a step back
and absorb in the breeze
nothing wrong with living life
from the backseat
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