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r Jun 2020
Remember when we burned
down the federal fences
and let a black family in
a white house built by slaves -

man, the fire was hot
and the smoke smelled like freedom -

but that was then, and here we are
not so much later, the rails are made
of iron like the fists of a dictator -

the smoke burns my eyes, man -
and now - I can’t breathe.
Marya123 Jun 2020
Don't ask me if I'm okay
Because I am not
I'm lucky enough to breathe,
While so many cannot.
Lara Jun 2020
The world is one

Problems don’t get noticed
Until they escalate

Racism doesn’t get shown in the news because it’s bad for the ,,right” people

People who cause trouble often think their selves are more important

They may have more power
But that doesn’t give anybody the right to be racist

The world is one
We should fight together
Skin colour doesn’t matter

People should see more than just the person in the mirror which is the right one for them

The world isn’t equal

But the people should be treated equal

equALLity for the world
Today, we fight many battles.
How has it gone so far?
Injustices rule;
Stand up for yourself, risk death.

We gain nothing through violence.
Our dignity is tainted.
Random acts of goodness overshadowed.
Living becomes indefinable.
Death is felt with the warmth of blood.

“I was attacked.”
Suffering being witnessed and felt.

“I barely survived.”
Now people need to watch their backs.
Fury prowls the streets,
Until justice is served.
Remember when we used to be free.
“I arrived home safely.”
A "Good Morning" text is now feared.
Today it can be exactly what it is.
In a few days, it's a death notification.
Now we need to fight together;
Great powers require big forces.

Many will fall. And
Eventually we will all rise.

(Take the first letter of each line and make a sentence.)

- The Sentence
Rylie Lucas May 2019
what would you do
if you breath was stolen
and not in a good way?

what would your last words be
if a gun was against your head
and you couldn't breathe?

what would you say
before the water went into your lungs
and you only had seconds to live?

what would you do
what would you say
if you couldn't breathe anymore?

if the air became poison
and you couldn't breathe
all you could do was watch your family
fall one by one?
Illya Oz Jun 2018
And if my lungs continue to suffocate me,
I will let it over take me.
I will just close my eyes,
And maybe someone will hear me say goodbye.
Ember Evanescent Jan 2015
I changed my mind.
I'm not doing it anymore.
I don't need to add anything else to everything that's drowning me.
Two weeks would be hell
And I don't think it will make me happy.
I just won't be happy period.
There's not much I can do about that.
I have tea so...
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