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Marie Anna Nov 2018
In every person you meet,
They have a missing piece
Fragments of yourself you can't fathom alone
Opinions, knowledge, lessons, reasons.

All people come in different capacities, aptitudes and magnitudes.

Thus their ability to add to your story.
Really varies.
Some can add a chapter, page or line.
Antagonist or protagonist?

In this existence we share.

What impact will/can you have?
Karisa Brown Nov 2018
Our backs hold stories
Not even the spine
On a book can handle
M-PAC Oct 2018
“Thou shall erase my name but thou shall NOT erase me from HISTORY”
Amanda Oct 2018
Sometimes lungs take air for granted
Same with skin, only sun
I suppose pain has turned me bitter
Still bleed though fighting is done.

Heal from the inside out
Help find myself buried deep in the ground
Life has lost significant meaning
My eyes not picking up beauty around.

Everyone waiting for me to return
To the former friend known before
What they don't realize is that girl
Does not live inside me anymore.

Back in summers of naive wonder
Woke up with a smile on my face
Not happy for more than an instant
That spark vanished, is tough to replace.

Taking day by day too hard
Wonder when things will change
Focused on gratitude every step of my journey
Yet happiness is always out of range.

Working myself to live a life
Impactful and without fear
Fufillment seems so far out of reach
With every "Thank you" becomes more near.
It is not happy people that are thankful it is thankful people who are happy
Evan Leonhard Oct 2018
a compulsory conveyor belt
dragging me towards the inevitable
i postpone acknowledgment
i sedate certain thoughts with diversion
but upon approaching collision
recognition infects my mind  
anxiety mounts
i squirm, i struggle
i throw myself back in opposition
all pointless
i brace for impact.
Michael Oct 2018
My impact is small,
Difficult to see.
My efforts are enormous,
On show for all but me.
If only my impact came close to my effort,
If only, if only.
Maybe then it would be worth it.
My mark on this world is tiny,
My own expectations it did not meet.
The energy I put in is endless,
So vast it makes me weep.
When will my hard work pay off,
Will it be after I’m gone?
If that’s the case then I don’t want that.
I want to be noticed now,
Not remembered after.
My impact on this world is small, the effort I put into life is not.
Brett Palmero Nov 2018
Why just rise
When you can ascend
Words we cry
So much meaning to lend

Impact is our goal
To leave craters
All in your soul
With words greater

Don't say what you mean
Mean what you say
Do more than dream
Go beyond pray

Go be heard
Listeners listen
Here is my word
I'm done wishing

Each word impacting
So fast, no friction
Before you even reacting
To my brilliant diction
Uhhh dunno
Like A Star,
Her eyes twinkles
In a twilight Sky,

Echoing a soundless vibes
Her soul speaks
A thousand thoughts

The wishes in the sky
The dreams  in her thoughts

She draws a connection
To shine as the sunrises.
Live a life of impact, connect with the forces of the universe to unlock power of self actualization.
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