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Mays Benatti Jul 2017
Words can be described
Though when they're felt, it's magic.
If I felt sunshine, would it be magic?
Or did I just describe another word without knowing
Oskar Erikson Aug 2022
and who's to stop me?
have managed
their time productively.
                                       shudder to think
                                       they'd begrudge a
                                       subordinate the time
                                       to blast their feelings
                                       off the clock.
leaning over window panes
that lack
balconies to catch
their workers.
                                     my 1-1s have started and ended
                                     with a heart in my mouth
                                     making it harder for the words
                                     'i quit' to get out.

can i just pivot off of can i just piggyback can we just swivel can i put a pin in you and sew up the wounded look that face carries to the coffee machine every lunch Oskar take some sick leave or just leave at this point we haven't identified your fit and our culture of inclusion excludes delays in action i just don't understand how personal problems seep into the workplace what its been five months which is half the time you were with him can't it
just be let go?
just let me go
you're being let go
i want to let go.
                                                    ~ HR will be in touch. ~
I think of those people,
time and time again.
I tend to think of those,
who left me with much pain.

They tend to be the people,
that started like a dream,
I used to think they were,
the nicest I have seen.

They brought a lot of laughter,
and smiles and jokes my way.
They were the kind of people,
I really wished would stay.

I got used to their presence,
and I felt more secure,
I slowly let them inside,
I opened up my door.

But it was wishful thinking,
to wish that they would stay,
Because, just like shooting stars,
they passed and flew away.

Leaving behind those memories,
that were not meant to be,
Just like a piece of hot iron,
they left a mark on me.

I don't see them any more,
but if I did, I'd say,
"Thanks for the times you made my day,
by having the right words to say.

"Thanks for genuinely,
pointing out the flaws in me.
Though it was gradually,
you played a part in changing me.  

Perhaps we are not meant to last,
Only to be a memory of the past.
Even though we drifted apart,
you'll always have some place in my heart."
To those who I got close to at some point in time, but have since drifted from.
Jammit Janet Jul 2021
I create my own way
I am unique
I am a craze
Ready to sweep nations
Off their feet
And into my gaze
Where a hug
Full of warmth with care
Is waiting
To comfort
The inner workings
Of their internal maze 💖✨
Brett Jun 2021
If there is one thing I have learned on my travels,
it is that
the currency of eternity is the fingerprints you leave on the fabric.

The slow imprint of a million miles walked. Set free your timid heart and
leave behind an outline of an essence.

An amorphous mold that denies the shape of the world around it.
Be a surprise.
Let them label you a miracle or a sickness.

In time they will come to realize
the edge of the world is a place to dance.
Reach forward, and gift sound to silence.
Joanne Yuan Jan 2021
"If you lie on the grass,
you can feel the heartbeat of the world."

We all play our parts in its symphony  
and I — perhaps I am the hydraulophone  

I like imagining myself as water.
The river running through Liyue.

It is smooth and calm,
unperturbed by anything

Even words — they fall like fragmented shards.
Leaving ephemeral ripples on the surface.

At least, this is what I aspire to.
But at my core, I am still frost.

Push too hard and I can still turn to ice.

And the pagophone in the ensemble,
playing to its own beat.
Janna B Nov 2020
The advice was
'Support him,
try to help him.
He needs sleep when he’s tired
(even if it’s all day).'
'Try to talk to him,
he’s hurting inside.
Help him,
he needs you.'

I believed that,
and I tried.
I tried until
I felt almost gone
My words disappeared!
A glass pane formed
between myself and the world.

I didn't know
I could go too far.
Give too much support.
No-one says that,
who would have thought?

I didn’t know
support can become a crutch.
He could settle,
no need to improve.
Who would have thought?

Depression is real.
It just doesn’t mean
that you are first always,
or that you don't need to try
or talk to your spouse.
That was just -
taking advantage.
I do know that depression is real, I really feel for sufferers. That's why I stayed for so long. I just didn't realise... I was enabling it. That's not in the self-help books. Now, he's actively trying to get help...
Lara Jul 2020
Some people don’t want to accept love
They deny it and won’t even thank you for it

Love is a part of respect
Respect for people around you
Respect for people who where there for you
Respect for people who are there for you

Respect for people who never stopped respecting you

Respect everyone how you want to be treated
Everybody has an impact on feelings of others
Make a good impact
Lara Jun 2020
Support is one of the most important things in a friendship

Everybody makes decisions and the people who are closest have a huge impact on these decisions

Friends and family who support you are the best

Yesterday I got surprised from my friends

A party to support me with my decision

Everybody can choose their friends

Choose wisely

I know that I can always count on my friends

Choose who you want to be your support
This could also be written in my diary
Actually this kind of is my diary
Steven Boston Jun 2020

The kiln fiered ceiling
air hung in its splendour
Eloping with rebellious nightmares
I slid into the boxed blue wheels

Radiating the aura
Of a vice grip grasped by another
I laughed in the abyss where dreams were lost
Narcotic fuelled

The meandering gray roads lay before us
Little did we know
What lay ahead in our frenzied future fight
As if Artyon Senna
A nano-second
The click of the fingers
Nightmares begun

One dead in shadows of reality
Shunted by the lorry of consequences
Crossroads before me
Which way to go

Suffocated in the cold light of day
Perpetual prison
I was only 15
I was only 15
This is about a car accident I was in when I was 15
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