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axel Jun 21
i want to walk and make flowers bloom around me with every step
Madison Jun 16
when i fell for you,
i didn't just trip over my shoelace
and scrape my knee on the gravel

cupid picked me up
by the neck of my shirt
and hurled me in front of a train
with your name on it.

when i fell for you,
i fell so hard
and so fast,

it wasn't a
"pick yourself up
and dust yourself off"
kind of fall,
it was a violent
earth shattering
knock the wind right out of your lungs
kind of fall.

and when i lifted my head
after impact
i didn't see stars
spinning around my eyes,
i saw only one
and it was you.

so tell me,
what can you do
when you’ve fallen so hard
that your bones are unable to heal?
when the only opioid that can
ease my pain
are the moments when
your lips are pressed against mine?

they say you can only fall in love once
and I’ve tripped along the way,
but I’ve only ever
fallen for you.
Within the
Matter of time
Don't know
One collides
From the parallel world
No easy way out

It's okay !
But a life of
A pulsatile heart
Never beats
The same
Genre: Dark Abstract
Theme: OSLA=One Sided Love Affair || The Parallel Lines
My words are silent.
Try as you might, you cannot hear them.
That is their strength,
like Ninjas in the night,
you don’t hear them coming,
but you know when they have arrived.

My words are silent.
They do not shout down the street, or come with a siren, or bell,
they trickle down the page,
performing tricks, entertaining you.
Now you see them, now you don’t.

My words are silent.
You will not find them on your volume button.
My words are silent,
but you will hear them all the same.
Scarlett Mar 16
Stop pretending life doesn't terrify you
the thought that one action can impact everything
you're life can go from good to bad in the blink of an eye
everything around you can change and you might not even notice
life is stressful, lonely, challenging, overwhelming, devastating,
stop pretending life doesn't terrify you
it does
MarieAnna Nov 2018
In every person you meet,
They have a missing piece
Fragments of yourself you can't fathom alone
Opinions, knowledge, lessons, reasons.

All people come in different capacities, aptitudes and magnitudes.

Thus their ability to add to your story.
Really varies.
Some can add a chapter, page or line.
Antagonist or protagonist?

In this existence we share.

What impact will/can you have?
Karisa Brown Nov 2018
Our backs hold stories
Not even the spine
On a book can handle
M-PAC Oct 2018
“Thou shall erase my name but thou shall NOT erase me from HISTORY”
Amanda Oct 2018
Sometimes lungs take air for granted
Same with skin, only sun
I suppose pain has turned me bitter
Still bleed though fighting is done.

Heal from the inside out
Help find myself buried deep in the ground
Life has lost significant meaning
My eyes not picking up beauty around.

Everyone waiting for me to return
To the former friend known before
What they don't realize is that girl
Does not live inside me anymore.

Back in summers of naive wonder
Woke up with a smile on my face
Not happy for more than an instant
That spark vanished, is tough to replace.

Taking day by day too hard
Wonder when things will change
Focused on gratitude every step of my journey
Yet happiness is always out of range.

Working myself to live a life
Impactful and without fear
Fufillment seems so far out of reach
With every "Thank you" becomes more near.
It is not happy people that are thankful it is thankful people who are happy
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