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Lara 5d
You can’t control them

Some people are able to show their emotions
Some people prefer to not share them

Emotions are private
Everybody decides who they want to share their emotions with

Emotions are a way to express feelings

Emotions can be rough or sensitive

They sometimes drown you
You decide whether to swim back to the surface or go under
Can you control them?
Carlo C Gomez Mar 12
Kept in a box
Back of the closet
Remnants of time
Curios of place
Before she was
Someone's mother

London Bridge
Out on the water
Fun with inner tube
Pink lipstick
Little black bikini
Games afoot
Cocktail in hand
Sunny smile
Saucy wink
Natural grace
Hair let down
Playful air
Provocative pose
Naked as a Jaybird
Happy as a Lark
all poetry is personal
some more than others

to just spread out your private feelings
     in your verse
may not be everyone's delight

but if you choose words
so that the many find their voices
    in your own
you may be lucky
to achieve all poets' dreams

your personal voice
becomes the public
Jieun Feb 15
The clouds are so beautiful in the sky
I wonder if that’s like you and I
Do I complete you, like the clouds with the sun so bright?
Because you make me shine like the moon in the night
She looks like temptation.
There’s no way I’d ever tell her no.
She tries so hard to fake it.
She can’t let anyone know.
As soon as the lights get low,
She starts dancing real slow
And I just go with the flow.
But she just wants to leave.

She dreams big in this small town.
Bright lights, fame, a house in L.A. hills.
But she’s scared she’ll never make it,
Stuck here with her desires unfulfilled.
It’s right there on her face…
It’s right there if you’d care to see.
The tears stream down her face...
But it’s hard to see in subdued lighting.

So she’ll dance in a thong.
And she’ll dance to every song.
Bring fantasies to reality,
But hers remain asleep.
subside the restless, crashing waves.

free my mind from this prison.

i am tired.
i am lost.
i've lost all meaning of the word, hope.

now, i just survive,
but only just...

egged on by the pluck and strike of the dancing tunes i force myself to listen to,
just to distract myself from all the raging stimuli.

emotion-sensory overload

perhaps, it's time i tried something new.
to stare into fear, and run it through...

maybe the little white pills aren't the boogyman,
the monster under my bed.

the monster is in my head,
and perhaps,
this little white pill...
just may put him away for a little while,
one day at a time.

subside the restless,
thoughts in my head.


this is my therapy.
so that i can breathe.

this one's not for you,
it's for me to read.
but if you really want to,
so can you.
Dawn Jupiter Jul 2019
See me, I dance for you,
The dance that no one notices.
Hear me, I sing for you,
The song that leaves my lips for yours.
Touch me, I’m here for you,
Surrounded by so many but wanting only you.
Axel Jul 2019
Don't call him angel, if you never see him sin.
Don't call him treasure, if you don't know anything.
But just call him danger, cause that's what perfectly suits him.
a poetry about me from someone's pov.
Darryl M May 2019
He came into her sacred lands.

Chivalry laid on his tongue use,
Cooling the flames of her lava body,
Steamed in the essence of the divine.
She, being built for the savage,
He, being carved for dominion.

Knowledgeable of her biting, scratching and pulling,
He discovered her screaming, shaking and thirst for more.
Faster, harder, just the inevitable.
Control over her body,
Her sensual palace;
Like mistaken words,
He kept taking it back.

You want me and who else?
You and Myself as One,
There came a point where neither could tell whose fluids were whose...
A Sensual endeavour in the Gardens of Desire...
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