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Azfar Hakimi Jul 3
Don't call him angel, if you never see him sin.
Don't call him treasure, if you don't know anything.
But just call him danger, cause that's what perfectly suits him.
a poetry about me from someone's pov.
Darryl M May 4
He came into her sacred lands.

Chivalry laid on his tongue use,
Cooling the flames of her lava body,
Steamed in the essence of the divine.
She, being built for the savage,
He, being carved for dominion.

Knowledgeable of her biting, scratching and pulling,
He discovered her screaming, shaking and thirst for more.
Faster, harder, just the inevitable.
Control over her body,
Her sensual palace;
Like mistaken words,
He kept taking it back.

You want me and who else?
You and Myself as One,
There came a point where neither could tell whose fluids were whose...
A Sensual endeavour in the Gardens of Desire...
Azfar Hakimi Apr 21
Bring the guns
Sharp the knives
Only live once
But I'm wasting my time;
Bring the rose
Pick the daisy
Soft, so fragile
Cry like a baby.
acacia Feb 18
moon, will i ever be perfect?
or, should i say, will i ever be enough?
to anyone? to myself?

will he still love me when i’m no longer beautiful, moon?

why can’t i be like you? staying glowing, staying daunting, staying beautiful?

but i’m not a moon, i’m not a planet, im not you. i never will be.

this is just another example of my plea:
i should be a star, a plant, or a bee.
anything but me.
something free.
do you care to propose to me?
aL Feb 5
yawning over existentialism
too immoderate for my shallowness
i only applause for big explosions
slapstick is the one i like the best

more on the eyes, less on the head
that's me.
Pop culture today
Dylan Jan 20
Why do I write?
Why expect anyone to read?
Perhaps I want to help,
but am I the right choice?
Am I right to have confidence?
Should I lack it instead?
Am I a Frost, a Poe,
or someone forever unknown?
Will this ever be discovered?
Will my private thoughts become public?
If they are private, WHY am I still writing?
Do I want people to know?
Help me.
Elise Jackson Jan 20
since when has a stranger's life been yours
something for you to emotionally invest in
what are you looking for
where do you think this will lead you

are you praying for a negative outcome
are you wishing for something to make you right
why are you trying so hard to prove this
what kind of merit will this bestow onto you

i just want to know
why you think this is any of your life
why do you think you're entitled to its' knowledge
and why is it so detrimental that you disagree with it

maybe i should know better than to ask these questions
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