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Zywa May 17
Just sully your hands

and cover them, draw the veil --

of your black money.
Communist equality and true equality

"Trzy kolory: Bialy" - Równość ("Three Colours: White" [Equality], 1993, Krzysztof Kieślowski), Karol

Collection "Mastress"
Zywa Apr 2
A trunk full of coins, countless
too many to use them in some way
We dispose of them properly

by putting them away for later
in a safe place, buried
under the ash in the middle of our town

We have enough, with the cattle
the pans and the women
who we capture across the border

The men, we trade
for jewelry and silver
that way we get rid of them

without having to ****
or to fear a rebellion
After all, life is hard enough already
• In Gotland, Sweden and Finland, a total of around 90,000 Arabic coins have been found, which the Vikings have received for the slaves they captured from a country with a "Slavic" language
• Even before Christ, there were many slaves in China
• Under Emperor Augustus (27 BC-AD 14) there lived 4 million civilians in Italy and 2 million slaves
• In the 19th century, the Arabs removed 20 million people from Africa as slaves

Collection "On living on [2]"
Zywa Apr 2
It is an honour

for me to be there for you --

Until you sell me.

Collection "On living on [2]"
Zywa Mar 28
Talking and joking,

with you, here, at my home, but --

it's not a visit!
For Maria Godschalk

Collection "On living on [1]"
Thinking always brings everyone to a common level.
Thinking is the communist of mysticism.
It is a pool of common feelings.
Thinking makes one equal to all creatures.
Every atom is regarded the same.
And so thinking unites existence.
Pondering in my room
Zywa Mar 19
So, the Minister

of Justice cycles to work:

no privileges.
Minister of Justice J.H. Donner often cycled to work (as Prime Minister M. Rutte would later do).

Privileges = "private laws" = "exceptive laws"/"laws of exception".

Collection "Secrets & Believers"
Zywa Mar 17
Rights never will be

granted, first you must suffer --

and then you'll take them.
"Fury" (2001, Salman Rushdie)

Collection "Low gear"
No, he's not pessimistic
It's just that he's accepted the reality
He has examined every single angle
But got the same result each time
The radius is not yet ready to form a cone
So, he has to cope with the circle only
He understands things very well
Hence, there's no point in being optimistic...

The tree would bloom only in the spring
So, it continues to wait for that season
Similarly, he's also waiting for the storm to pass by
And the clouds to rain down 
So that he can see the clear blue sky
Under which he'd again try to convince
The radius to give up its obstinacy
And to form the cylinder, if not the cone...
If he can't be at the top alone... Let him be equal with every other being..!
Zywa Jan 31
People are equal,

Article 1 states, but who --

does obey the law?
Article 1 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of the Netherlands reads: "All persons in the Netherlands shall be treated equally in equal circumstances. Discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief, political opinion, race, ***, ****** orientation, disability, or on any other grounds whatsoever shall not be permitted.

Collection "Without reserve"
Nigdaw Jan 4
to be like us
stamped on, tortured, beaten to dust

a jealous rage that yells
at the gates of perceived equality

you want our world
then have it

you were beautiful

so welcome
now you're not
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