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Jenn G 21h
Faces, voices, actions
Feeling is fact
Fact is fiction
Truth is myth
Myth is truth
Gray is choice
Choice is opinion
Black is nothing
White is everything
We are lost
I am not normal
I am something different
I am something unique
I am a tide of change

'Cause in a place I live

It's okay to be who you want
It's okay to choose who you are
It's okay to love who you like
And it's okay to ne true to you

'Cause I have grown up in a garden of love

Far away from the fists of hatred
Far away from the eyes of misjudge
Far away from the jaws of insult
Far away from minds too old

'Cause I have nurtured in the hands of god

I preach to love all the same
I plead to break all the barriers
And for once realize
We are all the same blood and flesh
Accept and Love all People
The woman, the one whose intellect stands and pleads on her legs, bring about equality
But whose body recoils not out of her own conformity
Manoeuvre balletic,compassionately and LADYLIKE
Humanity continually directs her, she is a woman, and that is her lone portrayal
Where she yearns to put her foot down ,
she is always giving a foot stool
Assistance is what she needs
Her being independent is hazardous
Only scrutinised for what she wears
underneath her garments
identified solely as a exquisite blossom
A instrument for the hands of society to play
The artistry of woman’s body withholds plenty functions
That men lust for
Gratification being the prime reason
The make-believe contrast bound by  “She and He”.
A level of credit is disposed from men.
Pureness faraway from conclusive
Self-pride being fundamental
Society makes this concrete description.
How to act according to our particular
In order to be respected in the eyes of the people.
of lust and desire.
To gratis herself, to alter what being a woman means,
what (gender) equality means.
Women shouldn’t be criticised by the dimensions of a skirt
A women shouldn't feel apprehensive to chase her dreams
because of society’s wail
It shouldn’t be intricate for all to be the same
to be equivalent
Free of cost from the penny priced stereotypes
Henri Coetzee Sep 21
We live in a society
Is a weak excuse for and an incompetent summary
Of our sad and broken world.

A world where women
Are prudish for being modest
And ***** for being anything more
Are objectified and criticized
For being fat, skinny, smart, stupid,
shy, bold, brave, cowardly
And so much more.

A world where men
Are so afraid of being weak
We lie to ourselves and each other.
The worst men are not the weak ones,
But those who fear the power of
Women who stand up for themselves.
These men will tell you that you are wrong
That women are objects to be judged
And that they need to be controlled.

A world where I
Want to scream that women
Are not flawed for the way they look or act
That the world is flawed for judging them
A woman is not an object,
Not a beautiful flower or precious pearl,
But a human being.

A world where I
Want men to understand
That standing up for women
Is strength and not weakness.
And that admitting weakness
Does not make you less of a man,
It makes you human.

I do not pretend to be better
Or know more than you
I am just so tired of hearing
We live in a society.
I have always hated when people blamed "society" for the way the world is and I suppose this is why I wrote this poem.
Aaron E Sep 20
We've been given the antennae,
to alert the nearest node in the wave,
with just a calorie of effort.
That's the gift that gives us leverage.

Lifting up to surf the edge,
the valleys fold into the blaze,
a simple word can push the sled,
as time eclipses our transgression

We could travel peaks and valleys
to conclusion for forever,
never once aligning neatly
(*** - for - tat)
with our impressions,


We'd soon subside to find
a signal blinking in the night,
to heave it's burden on our tides,
and help us push it through the next one.

Remember that the signals always there.
It's always pulsing in the echoes.
Surfing waves beneath our vision.
Just remember we can lift it.

When you need it sound a siren.
Float the message to the surface.
All the lessons that have served us
see the gift in every second.
Pablo Luna Sep 8
We have all heard that these are some tough times
especially right now when we all witnessed certain hate crimes.
I think it is important for everyone to understand that not all People of Color have committed crimes
nor need to serve time.
But also that most of the time the man in blue is just trying to do his job.
We all have families to go to at the end of the day.

We can’t go and punish everyone
or else we as a nation are all but done

The point I want you to think about is…
We all have to rely on each other at some point
and stop holding each other at gunpoint.

Like with anything there is a good and a bad
But if we all focus on the bad
we will all become mad.

Then eventually a country and a world that stood as one
will become divided and conquered
By two sides of a coin whom fail to meet in the brim
our future then would be especially grim.

I see the good all the time
I have seen where ends meet
Where people in the hood and cops shoot buckets in the street
for those brief moments we as a species are complete.

The last time this go to a nationwide
Was a time before I was conceived back 19 years to date
when we were attacked.
At that moment we stood under one flag and were truly indivisible by any god
in the pursuit of liberty and justice for all.

How many wars need to be fought
How much good will become all but forgot

How many lives will have to be lost to the other side
To truly see each other’s side

For it takes 2 not 1 mirrors to see our reflection that is true
We all bleed red and bruise black and blue

And with that I will stop
and step back and let your thoughts and actions reflect the true you
While I will hope for the best for the country who flies red, white, and blue
May you ever be true
This does cover a topic that is occurring today. So this is a warning that this is a heavy topic
Justyn Huang Sep 14
There are those fighting for their life
There are those fighting for their/ to be right(s)
There are those fighting to be white
Black Lives Matter.
Ellen Sep 4
We reinvent ourselves, until we are too invented to be ourselves.
We want what we can’t have, we have what we don’t want.
We allow the world to tell us who we need to be in order to succeed.

Under false pretences we are deceived,
Into not being who we want to be, not seeing the things we need to see.
We prevent our dreams from running free,
Instead we nod and agree.
We all want to be, in fact we are all wannabes

We blindly follow the status quo.
We blindly let our thoughts lie now.
There’s ignorance in all we know.
They say we have freedom of speech until we actually speak.
Next up?
We are forcefully impeached.

Not to mention, we claim to see life as this ongoing lesson.
Okay que the tension, How do we fix this giant mess we’re in?

We pride ourselves on harmonic progression.
I have a better suggestion.
We are in our own regression of comprehension, our brains filled with congestion.
Our obsession with possessions is causing a rise in severe clinical depression.
We are compressing our self-expression at our own discretion because we fear leaving a bad impression.

We are afraid to leave our mark on the world.
We are afraid to leave footprints behind;
Footprints beyond the carbon kind.
Everyone is constantly offended.
As if being offended is going to mend all of the real issues we have left unattended, undefended,
Completely open ended-

But please, tell me why you didn’t like that song.
Or why everything is suspect of being so wrong.
Oh. You are offended?
Sorry, I’m just not ******* interested.

You sit and argue all day long, taking pride in games of mindless ping-pong.
Back and forth, spewing words of hate.
Your guns are drawn. Truthfully, we all play along.
We play into the stupidity, into the invalidity of what we see.
Aren’t we supposed to be strong?
You know what is stronger, our need to belong.
The structure of our world slowly crumbles and all I hear is faint mumbles.

But is freedom a possible reality for our society or,
Am I overlooking the gravity of our incapacity.
Is our freedom a complete fallacy?
Dibs Aug 27
Life is unfair
To you,
To everyone,
To the sun,
To the birds, to the plants, to the sky
To the poor, those who’re born poor,
To the rich, those who’re born rich,
To the animals, to the earth.
To the fortunate and unfortunate.
To the child, to the old
To the man, to the woman
Even to the day
And to the night
To the brightest light
When it wet
And dry
When it rains or shine
To no one

To everyone
Out there.
The Giver, The Taker and The Stealer
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