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And in this world full of
I am a Wonder Woman.
I said, "How long will it take?"
I mean, we've seen the same mistakes.
Ain't it crazy after all this,
we're still waiting for a change.

And the faces are the same,
the pain, it still remains.
Tired of it all but really who is there to blame?
The system, the victims, the money or fame?
The power, the hour, the looks or the name?

But whatever the claim,
we need to make a change.
We are here to stay
so all my people, can I hear you say!

No justice, No peace
No murderous police!
They say liberty for all,
but freedom is not free.
Its time to break down these walls
of animosity.
Its time to fight for our justice and equality.

& we've seen it all before
rooted deep within our history.
Made some improvements
but there is still no victory.

Don't shoot, Hands up
Unite and stand up
Fight back and man up
One more brother down
We need back up!

Its time for a change
Real action, real pain!
We might look different
but were all the same.

Man, this system is so distorted,
to change that, i'm for it.
No freedom till were equal
**** right I support it.
America the great?
No, America is hate.
Divided by supremacy
yet, we're called "United" States.
The unfortunate reality
but, I still have faith
that we'll get through this together,
that we'll make it through these days.
Through all these mixed emotions
I just want to say,
this is what it's come to
To all my people who are hurting,
I feel you & your pain.
This is "America" & it's a ******* disgrace.
To Mexican & African Americans & ****,
*******, bisexuals, transgenders,
I pray.
Muslims, ******, intersexuals,
stay safe.
Asexuals, low income, & women,
have strength.
To all the disabled and victims of ****
& to those that suffer from constant dismay,
I feel for you,
I feel your pain.
Through love and unity
our strength shall remain.
Anna Grace Nov 10
It was a bag of prejudice ******* with strings of judgement. I would know it anywhere. The chill of its indifference never failed to give me nightmares.

Curious thing this is, never curious about the things that tie, a strange fascination with the catabolic, breaking down bit by bit, every standing bridge, till in loneliness, paranoia takes seed.

You call it religion, I call it fanaticism.
You call it ethnicity, I call it a lack of humanity.
You call it antisemitism, I call it disparity.
Diversity versus equality: we know who always wins.

It is always easier to pull apart.

We pull apart a country, a society, sometimes a family just to fit into boxes that do not matter. Whatever doesn't fit we scatter till we are surrounded by blood splatters.

Cannibalism is bad. It is bad to consume but when you destroy the other when you take away their means of life and livelihood, is it any different from taking their lives?

You notice diversity by the differences, not the radiance of their smiles, that does not depend on colour or creed. It is simply a bunch of basic human need.

But you would rather take than provide. You would rather push everyone aside who is not from your own box and then you put yourself behind locks to protect from those you deprive.

Why not for a change simply be alive, appreciate another life?
Why not smile at another smile, irrespective of race, colour or creed?
A new day starts with a new cry for life, every day, around the world, a new beginning.

Let's open our boxes. Let's give away our prejudices and exchange them for compassion. Let's untie the string that ties us to our antiquated narrowmindedness. Let us spread our wings and fly.

(c) Anna_Grace
Rose Oct 29
You hear my words as they roll off my tongue,
Forgotten tomorrow,
Remembered never.

I hear yours,
Remembered tomorrow,
Forgotten never.

I see that sometimes my passion deceives,
But all I want,
is to voice it.

I’ve felt such sadness
it crushes,
I’ve felt such loneliness
it breaks,
But still you do not hear me.

What can I say to make this voice even louder

I know the color of death
As fresh as an hour,
Washed gone with a load of clothes,
Faded like paper.

I know the sticky fingers of a mans and how it lingers,
Like salt on your skin,
Sugar under your nails

I know the cold floor of a bathroom
So cold it reaches into my soul
Grabs hold of every last breath
As I try to call out to you.

I could scream at you I feel so lost.
I could rip out my heart,
that’s how little I feel it
As you talk down to me.
May 30th, you *******. The day I finally saw myself clearly and you as the ******* you are. I don't think you will ever produce something worth while, for you do not have anything important to say, and the way to say it.
Levi Windolf Oct 25
Condensation from a clouded mind,
falls down like rain on a stormy night.
As you lie in bed full of dread,
Cause the things he said are in your head.
"Come to mine, we'll have a good time."
Said some slime at the bar tonight.
You say "No thanks, I'm done with drinks."
But he won't take 'no' and your stomach sinks.
As you walk out the door his feet hit the floor,
So you adorn your keys like wolverine claws.
Cause no one can be trusted while there is so much injustice.
But awareness is rising, we started emphasizing,
That we are using a system that objectifies women.
But we need to do more than just look at a score.
Mothers can't even breast feed without the use of a chest piece.
But men can look and grab and squawk.
And walk out of court after a little talk.
So fight for equality, we need a new system.
We need one that women, aren't afraid to exist in.
I wrote this poem because it is an issue that really need to be dealt with. It is a massive issue, last week in Australia 6 women died because of domestic abuse. 1 in 3 women will suffer violent abuse on their life time. One third of women. That's a problem.
king Oct 23
A world where people understand,
And where strangers connect.
A world full of emotion,
And where one word means a lot.
A world where everyone's equal,
And people care about you.

                                                                                  This is the world of...
Deep Sangani Oct 13
"Your body is ruined" he says,
"because it has been touched by another man's hands"
before his.
Ask him how many woman's bodies have
his hands ruined,
what is wrong,
in his mind,
with a man's hands that only know
how to ruin a woman's body,
rather than
love it.
Thorns and petals make a woman

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