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George Krokos Apr 2021
Wasting time
is like crime.
Best to do
something new
and you will
time fulfill.
Better than
nothing can.
Written in 2020.
Ivy Chakma Sep 2020
I know i was born for something greater
than just wait and watch life pass me by.
I have a purpose i feel deep within my core;
A need to fulfill every time my heart screams
"don't settle, not yet".
I believe i can be all i want to be,
All i need to do is hear my calling
in this suppressed world of illusions.
I don't know how far i can go
but i won't stop trying.
You will always find people especially loved ones who will not always support your dreams, but if you want it bad and it gives you chills, know that it is the right thing to do. Don't dishearten yourself with failures, it is the most vital part of your progress.
They take their toll
Some are hard to fulfil,
While the others are just stories untold.
Things that are just way beyond
Your wildest capabilities
Diving deep into it,
Can sometimes hurt your worth.
Sometimes we often judge ourselves,
With the number of expectations met
No matter how far you go,
You will always be in debt.
Life feels like a plethora of experience,
But a dearth of emotions.

Maybe I am too young
To be feeling this old,
But the burden of expectations
Takes me down
And makes me feel cold.
This is what I'm feeling
Now and then
That in all of the universe
There is nobody for me,
While everything is changing
and there's nothing I can do.

My world is turning pages
And I am just sitting here,
How do people live without fear?
The fear of failure
Is it the lack of expectations?
From themselves or others
Is that the answer
To a simpler and happier life?
Maybe I should just drop it all,
And follow my heart
Cross some lines
and just feel alive.
Honestly, expectations from yourself are the only ones worth keeping and sometimes it serves you well to take a break from it too if needed. However, most of us, at some point in time or another, are often bogged down by what is going on in the world around us and what people expect us to do. We often look outside rather than inside and we all have different ways of dealing with it. May we all find the strength to set and fulfil the right expectations without losing everything in it - for that isn't worth the cost of your happiness.
Dear father,
I am your lil version.
People usually say 1st daughter are father's carbon copy, i belive what they mention.
All your love  for me or your decisions
I respect them and never question.
You made so many sacrifices and
Always being an helping hand.
Your strictness gave me growth
And yo u be there for me like under oath.
I want to return but i cant
Now i want to fulfil all your want.
You made me capable, you made me so far
Now its my turn to make you at par.
One day i will be able to give all the happiness he (the father) deserves.
Lara Jun 2020
You always wish for what you don’t have or can’t have
Why don’t you wish for what is already there to stay
Appreciate everything and everybody that brings joy to you

Wishes don’t always come true how you expect them
But you can make them the way you want them to fulfill
fika Apr 2020
you still have time.
to Live.
live /liv/ - spend one’s life in a particular way
Kanishka Apr 2019
My body houses two selves.
Former fulfilling my heart's desire,
Later obeying what my mind dictates.
For you I'll light my brain on fire.
Maybe I'll settle for this love.
Mary Frances Sep 2018
It's either you let it go
and forget about it,
or you get it back
and fulfill it.

I just wish you did the latter.
PoserPersona Jul 2018
O why, O why, O why was I born in this non-laternlit world?
O why, O why, O why was I born in this non-torchlit world.
What woe!
And try, and try, and try I do, to fulfill myself, all others, too!
And try, and try, and try I do, to remind myself, all others, too:

That it is not man's devices that light the darkness,
but the sun's brightness…
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