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trf 3d
I met a gal
Minded my nose and buttoned my pills
Quickly figured out
The tone was deaf and the silence was real
She was so wild
Dancin' on poles to pay electric bills
I became a child
She was 19, I was over the hill.

Brown bourban eyes
 A dash of weed and a pint of salt
To my surprise
She couldn't hang, it was all my fault
At noon she died
I carried her to the family plot
It's alright
Baby told me, always cause a thrill
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
The truth isn’t hidden forever
The sun is behind the Moon
it’ll find the bottom of the night
will pick it up upon the rose.

See whose shining
streaming down into a dew?
On the way though maybe
some storms one or two!
Lorelei Gill Sep 10
The way to hell
Is open and wide
But there is no tell
What awaits inside

The blood-red fire
Is a blazing burn
But let me tell you, sire
You have no turn

The intensity of the heat
Will leave you bloody and bruised
So sit down in your seat
For thou, you will be transfused

The way to hell
Is open and wide
There is nothing that can outsell
Your own dried eyes
day passed
I walked this day
slightly like a shadow
slightly like snow
walked by day i
I went through it

and it was raining today
small not big
but the wind was very blowing
very very large
and everything was spinning around
foliage in the trees
and everything around is somewhere
it raced like I did

early in the morning I got up
and looked out the window
and there september
september is burning
in the window
here are the new expensive
here are the new ways
after a strong strong
storm of black

Isaac Sep 6
The more I ponder my death,
The more attractive it seems.
Trading my last breath,
To enter the world of my dreams.
Waving goodbye to my burdens,
Blowing a kiss to my pains.
Closing shut life's curtains,
To be with my God who reigns.
But looking around, I think
This planet will do me just fine.
There are plenty of things I'd love to do
Before I grow old and resign.
With people and places to explore and know,
So much of me is happy to stay.
But just as much of me is happy to go,
That I know I'll be good either way.
Written 7 August 2018
elle b sun Aug 31
grasping at things
not meant for me.
they slip from
my hands so

full of fear.

what does the future hold?
they say it gets better
and i'm screaming

also old, but not as old.
written: 05/05/2018
revised: 08/30/2018
Shofi Ahmed Mar 7
Nature is feminine by nature
off the man keeps a step away.
Touch it not but do not sway
eye on to this butterfly
que sera, sera on the way!
Maxim Keyfman Aug 22
the moon burned with blue fire
there were houses and lanterns around
there were also darknesses and flies
and we walked with a friend straight
went straight to the celebration and home

we left the embankments
and we left the vineyards
and we left the streets by the airplane
and we left the shops
and everyone moved on their way

Özcan Sh Aug 20
Even if your way
Is full of sharp shards
I'll pick you up
And walk through the shards
Because I'm ready
To take your pain.
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