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Grace 4h
I was unmerciful.
I remember killing innocence.
I heard screaming and yelling.
I saw dust and blood spreading endlessly.
I worried that this would be my fate.
I thought that I would be taken over forever.
But, I want to change.
I am sweet and kind.
I think everyone deserves MERCY.
I need to free everyone.
I try to SAVE everyone.
I feel determined.
I forgive Chara.
Now I can change.
I will be brave.
I choose to be merciful.
I dream to free monster kind.
I hope everyone will get along on the surface.
I predict I will be an ambassador.
I know it will end perfectly.
I will change.
This is a poem about Frisk and Chara...
Isaac 12h
Growing fuller every day;
Loving life a brand new way.
Written 13 November 2018
Caress and then betray is not my way of love,
To let them wait and stay is not my way of love.

Although sometimes it's true, always seeing this bonding
As just a fleeting play is not my way of love.

Secrets of me and her stay a secret forever,
Putting that on display is not my way of love.

Lies and vile corruption accompanied by ****,
Leading her to that way is not my way of love.

My truth will stay I learned, even if she's beautiful,
With her to go astray is not my way of love.

I am no butterfly, although my life is one,
To love for just a day is not my way of love.

I have no love right now, only a broken heart,
But to wait and decay is not my way of love.
Stars in their abundance
goodness knows
how many thousands.
Tiptoe over my little alleyway
while I continue to sleep
not even the moon
I didn't tell my dream.

Crackling roaring light of heaven
over the mountain of the dawn
the master painter showed up
with its bursting colour plate.
Deep contemplating day burns
out of the night, it got caught  
soaked in overflowing colour.

But I opted for a blank paper
not a colour copy of my dream.
I wrap my eye in it with my pride.
Treading blindfolded on your way
and over to you, I give
me, my eye and my dream!
every day I think about you every
day i look at the moon and think about you
every day i walk the streets like
always but all the time but all the time
all the time and all the time thinking about you
I can not stop at all I'm passionate
you are passionate about you all you all you

i can't think about you i can't
stop you lit a fire in me
you lit me in soul you lit in
my eyes you lit up my way and
all the way and all the way and all the way
you changed you changed my life
you are all you are all you are all you are all

Can't fight what's designed by fate
Whatever route you take
Detour you make
You'll always end up where you're meant to
Be it blessing or pain
Love or hate
If it's coming your way...
It'll find you.
The big complot

What did I hear? What did I think?

The all wanted to control

The kind land ,she is fame

With and she is ready at all

To be there in her grave

She wanted that without late

As she saw her sons wanted to

Do that without late or hesitate

Who will get over after her?

Who will be like her?

All said "we have no way"

We wanted her to be clear

We wanted her as rays

Of the sun in the summer day

We wanted over all lands

And she opened her hands

To every hunger or chased

She told that's clear

It will come though our way

But you might have way

To achieve your aim in a day

That she would be parted in a way

Made her disappear in a way

No one remind or talk on a day
the land equals mother ,in some nations they dealt is as the something deserved to worship
I have no problem peoples
religious beliefs, everyone
has a right to there own
opinion, but when they stand
In the street In there fine
fancy clothes with trolleys
displaying religious
What about the poor
homeless people sat In the
shop doorway  across the
street from them, do they ever
walk over offer a comforting
word no they
Do they offer a drink or
something to eat no they don't
but what I do know is through
experience my own sister how
they turn their members
against their own
All they Interested Is buying
themselves a ticket to Heaven
but If refusing to help the less
fortunate still buys them a ticket
then they're welcome, for I
want be needing
These people really get to me, ticket
to Heaven that all they want
Yanamari Oct 29
Your voices are all mingling into one
Past and present
The pain in my chest and
The muscles around my eyes
I cannot...
I cannot bear to be there again
The laughter
The gazes
The support
And the betrayal...
So close to your warmth
And yet
Never there.

The innate warmth in one's heart
Should grow
And yet
My heart is left with a fading imprint and
No image and
No call
Beckons my heart.
My heart and mind's roles



My whole life...
I want to leave
I want to be there.
So come take me
Because I can't seem to find my way.
Shofi Ahmed Oct 25
Adam touches down
in heaven upon the high.
But his highwater mark
wasn’t solely one way.

He could hear the jingle
upon the high resonates
beneath the ground!

He could see the cloud
forms on the top
rains on the ground.

Bow down on the earth
and rise high.
The golden spiral
spiking on its way up
also curves down.
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