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as yesteryears
wake up
on  track
though a
pamphlet of
Commonsense is
here someday
in Hollywood
and dire
amnesty wanes
on highway
stripes along
the east
coast of
Maine the
superior judge
of delphinium
James Sep 15

Help me decide help me to know,
which seed it is You want me to sow.

Be with me and never leave,
through all this joy and even grief.

Wisdom impart lest I depart,
I'll follow Your will;
We'll be Writer and quill.
Which way does Jesus want me to go? I know He'll tell, I only need to follow and obey.
When the sun disappeared behind the darkest veil of clouds...

The light within her still shone to give her way!
Thanks for reading this! :)
You want to fly
So far away

A fluttering bee
Take me too
Own way
Genre: Minimalist
Theme: Be kind
Josh Overson Aug 25
.After I blind my eyes, you will see for me
When I close my lips, you will speak for me
As I cover my ears, you will hear for me
If I bind my limbs, you will move for me
The way maker, Jesus none greater...

Hold me when I’m slipping over the line
When I’m about to fall, and lose my life.
And won’t You let me put my heart in her hands
Know that I understand, to follow Your plans.
Where you’ll be shaping, and making me.
Now Bound to You, I am free...
Committed to discourage he says “hey.”
No reply from the deepest eyes
Better that I don’t think twice
They love the outside
The inside
The lies of suicide,
The cold knows sympathy
A place inside a place outside
Set in place when we die.
Where there is misunderstanding,
There is no perfect relation...
"Everyone accepts this truth as true"

But still,
I felt sometimes...
"Misunderstanding is perfect way to understand"

I know,
May be my thoughts are right or wrong...
"According to situation"

But still.....
Misunderstanding is filled with sorrow for few moments,
But When we understand,
"It clears our doubts and makes our relation as strong as much possible"

So about my opinion....
''Misunderstanding is the better way to understand"

''Misunderstanding is the better way to understand"
i feel sometimes so much sorrow and pain, when i misunderstood but after few moments, when i understand...than i feel better as soon...
according to me..
''Misunderstanding is the perfect way to understand"
M Solav Jul 20
If I told you to visit this moment
To look around just an instant,
Would you refuse, would you consent?
Would you see what no-else can?

If you did, how could you share?
In penumbra, light up the flair?
What if you did, what if you dared?
What if you did yet no-one cared?

Everything sees through its essence,
Anything else it may comprehend.
Here lies the Fog, a forest so dense,
Spreading across, throughout the land.

Right up in front, close to your faces,
Written in crust are a thousands promises.
And along its growth at increasing pace,
At each of your blinks a few words erase.

Now you look back, but now it's too late.
Now's what you'd purchase at any given rate.
When there's no time and where there's no fate
Nothing no longer ever has to wait.

Plunged in darkness, see that you're blind;
Even there lurks something that shines.
Here is the Way, that path you must find,
Hidden within and without any sign.

When life stretches much too far to see,
To look way further is never to be free.
When gazing below, deep down the dark sea,
Know that beyond always floats this clarity.

So here I've been asking, but I'll ask one more time:
Having been through, is there two of a kind?
When raised in this manner, no question's ever clear;
Thus poems and rhymes are allowed to end here.
Written in July 2015. Old stuff from after (or before) a buddhist retreat.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Betty Jul 15
The months turn slowly
To allow us to reflect
This year wears a mask
Sadie Grace Jun 22
Give thanks to the Lord for He is good
His love endures forever
He brought me through the desert
His love endures forever
He carried me through 2019
His love endures forever
He comforted me with His presence and the nearness of friends
His love endures forever
He exposed my sin
His love endures forever
then gave me a way out
His love endures forever
He brought healing like streams of water, flowing all over me and washing me clean
His love endures forever
He granted a fresh start, a second chance
His love endures forever
He carried me through 2019
His love endures forever
and He will bring me through 2020
His love endures forever

The Faithful Love of the Lord Endures Forever
based off of Psalm 136 where someone remembers how God has provided for the nation of Israel in the past. I reflected on the past year and how God has provided for me, keeping the refrain "His love endures forever"
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