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LC Apr 7
seconds are drops of water in a river.
everyone starts at the top,
and according to many,
we can only coast with the waves,
following their path until the end,
and the river cannot be moved -
no matter what happens.
but how can the river stay on course
when torrential, destructive hurricanes
dislodge debris and soil from the ground?
when the path is blocked,
the river has to pave its own way.
Escapril Day 6! Prompt: time (nonlinear).
I hope you enjoy this poem! What does it mean to you?
George Krokos Mar 19
Weeds in the garden
tend to grow all by themselves
the way of nature
Written in 2020.
Srujani Dec 2021
This way from paths I love
to the parts I scare & hate
& to the plot which I'm excited to get in!
This way! It's so crazy! I hate it! I love it!
But again I'm scared
so many what ifs
so many butterflies...
yet again I choose to be in
cause it's a beautiful messy penchant!
Jason Drury Sep 2021
“Keep your nose clean”

His intent was momentous.
An ant like phrase,
with mountainous exorcism.

“Keep your nose clean”,
His voice like Zeus,
thunderously subtle.

Echoing and vibrating,
through regret, sin,
and fueled debauchery.

This phrase kept me true,
on-course through,
dark seas.

A map to navigate,
knowing when,
to steer away.

“Keep your nose clean”
I hear him still,
his voice sobering.

“Yes, grandfather.”

“I will”
For my grandfather
Balkus Sep 2021
Talking to my demons -
it makes more sense to talk to them,
than fighting them.

Just need to find the way
to make them listen,
to convince them,
that it would be better for us both
if they go away.

Just need to find the way.
Need to find my way.
It's true that my heart
was never free without you.
But who else cares now,
after all, life is what we live by ourselves.
Even caring is just an illusion.
Even though we once shared one hope, it turns out that only one of us always gets a share.
O mercy turned into ruins,
those who were once one are now scattered.
I don't mean to say this,
but why don't we live in many points of view.
Can't we just use it however we want?
It's unfortunate that they always follow the mob.
Happy are those who have their own way.
Indonesia, 17th August 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Karijinbba Aug 2021
Love In person now required?
Love is omnipresent relax🐝📬
💌Transcends time and space.
without a goal a plan of action,
the chasm, the gap, the miles
🦋am I only doomed, in hope?
In cell computer, song what's up
call phone voice love in heart
Phone E-mail photo lyric poem
dance video these cards allies
Where there's a will 🦋
🦋there's a way.🐝✈️

Not our last dance love.
By Karijinbba.8-21
Leocardo Reis Jul 2021
It seems that
there are some lessons
that can only be learned
the hard way.
Timmy Shanti Jun 2021
we wave and smile
we pretend
brave faces worn
until the end

the end is bitter
yet so sweet
no need to lie
no point to cheat

and free at last
relieved, we sigh
our time is up
the end is nigh
15 Jun 2021
don't take it too literally, I'm all heart and smiles. It's not the end. Just yet.
I think I know that I've gone too long
I forget the day and also the way
I stand long for the time I think I know the place that I have to know more
Maybe I get lost
Maybe I know I get lost
But I am still thinking I know that I've gone too long
And trying to come back
Do you mind if I come back?
Do you still accept me back?
In your heart, in everything I've done before
Indonesia, 17th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
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