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We go on through many curves,
But keep moving on, Is in my nerves;
I never stop looking for something,
I may even end with a ding!
My destiny is prewritten,
And it can never be rewritten;
I pray that love which I share today and tomorrow,
May even mean more to you without any sorrow;
I am used to obstacles in my way,
But they can't be ignored everyday;
Some obstacles teach me how to survive,
While others help me in coming up high;
I learned that the person who treats everybody nice,
Usually ends up treated like a MICE;
Some people can't understand what it takes to put this fake smile up,
But they just care about their coffee cup;
It's fine it'll soon come to an end,
I guess I have to lie this till my dead-end.
Madeon 4d
I will caress you the same way
how to caress me
amniotic fluid sea
I ain't
a pencil.
You can't sharpen me
and expect me
to stay that way.
I might
I might chip,
and I might never be the same
There is sweetness in my life,
that is balanced by me,
in the middle way,
by the meeting of my breath,
and my heart,
but time and again,
my mind wants to take
the royal path.

Who will hold me, then,
when I fall from the heights?
And haven't I fallen before,
walking in the path of thorns,
maddened with that,
which I don't have,
and cried like a child,
in utter grief?

Why, even then,
my mind wants to
burn itself again?
Or, is it in the burning,
that it becomes beautiful?
Or, are these royal talks,
just words?

This seeker is sincere.
He wants answers,
that are within him.
May he find them.

© Manan sheel.
Shofi Ahmed Jan 15
Delivering the magic
at the tip of the Moon.
The silken blue half-light
beaming in full!

Ah, let there be a gap
between the one peeled halve
and the unleashing other half.  
The vanished sun will bridge it
far from the unseen pyramydon
shining upon a crescent moon!

It doesn’t have to be in a mo
leave some rooms.
Let it flow to chockablock
over the running brook.

Heading to the up and down ocean
Let the rivers flow in all diversions.
By the way, shorting it to half would do
my half full glass is half full.
in chaos

i found, self

in anger

i found freedom

in hatred

i found love

in darkness

i lit the light
Keiya Tasire Jan 8
Do you know where I can find It?
The middle ground that brings joy
The one that leads to increased wholeness,
Where does it start?
How do I step into this path?
Do you know where it is?
Do you know where I can find it?
Each of us reaches a point in our lives where peace, love, joy, happiness are more important than games. Some of us seek the path, some do not. After all it is a choice.
Chris Jan 4
One morning, down a lonely path,
Wandered two friends, Me, and Death.
One morning while the sun did rise,
Walked the path my friend and I.

An came we across a man,
Whose life was sad, whose life was cruel,
And came we to understand,
Man was but a poor, poor fool.

And came we across a horse,
Whose riding days have long since passed,
And came we on our morning course,
To shame the first and pity the last.

To all things this might be true.
You shame me, I pity you.

And came we across a crow,
While the sun behind did shine,
And blackened it the early glow,
Yet it's darkness was divine,

And came we across a sheep,
In its curly coat ov wool,
And as is likely to repeat,
Sheep was also but a fool.

To all things this I might say,
You block the path, I fly away.

And time to choose came all too soon,
Which ov them to take with us,
On our lonely path to noon,
Whose time here did really pass?

In the end we chose the man,
Or rather HE, he makes the rules,
He told me, as only death can:
I never learned to pity fools.

After him, He chose the sheep,
Grim reaper swung his fingers forth
And as blood ran, no man did weep,
Said He: cries are but for human sort.

His mercy did end to receive,
Neither white sheep nor the fool.
Neither ****** nor naive,
Are free from His grip cold and cruel.

To all things this must be true,
We're only sheep, both me and you.

One morning, down a lonely path,
Wandered two friends, Me, and Death,
As soon as the noon light shows,
Death will walk this path alone.
the appointment was on
i must go on
without wait
the author asked me

what is your name?
for my trouble, i forgot

i have a date
i wore good suite
try to be calm
everything was going fast

i went and looked
she asked," What is your age?

i forgot my birth date
i went to examine
they said get out your identity

it was away
i forget that by a way

she came again
she said,"Do you remind"
i said with smile

i forget all things even mine
except you my gold's mine
the troubles go on our world so fast, man could have some troubles
Maxim Keyfman Dec 2018
be with a friend and drink *****
drink ***** and be warm
be warm in the vast sea
be warm and warm hands
warm and go on the way for a walk
celebrate the new year in summer

be with a friend and drink water
in honor of the bright new year
easy year
what is soon what is very ahead
what warms our feet like a stone
that warms us and helps to fly

be with a friend and know the new year
and we are the new year and this table
taking photos of a friend in a chair
sitting on a table in the cold which
requires another glass sip a glass
in order to warm up in order to become a fire

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