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A M Ryder Aug 25
I'm afraid to be
In my house
I'm afraid to be
Out of it
Because there
Are knocks
On my door
When nobody's there

Because I hear people
Whispering in
My basement

And because if
I sleep
Too long
I know it's
Gunna come back
Ryan Aug 24
monetize and institutionalize
is the way to gain the modern prize

marriage isn't affirmation of love
it's a 10-grand headache
as the IRS sits above

funerals aren't celebrations of one's life
they're ways for the fat cats
to profit off your strife

churches aren't for learning about god
some pastors make six figures
now isn't that odd?

you wonder why you're in so much pain
grasping at straws attempting to stay sane

unclench your palms from those useless umbrellas
go outside, and dance in the rain
the title has been, and will forever be—my username on this site. this one hits deep for me. am i content with the way i articulated it? maybe, maybe not. perhaps i'll go walk in the next rain shower and afterwards head back to the drawing board
LearnfromBOBD Jul 13
Everyone's alive are living a life like its forever
When the owner knows the expiring date laughing often like we won't cry again
Buying luxuries gadget like we are brave
Buying expensive rides like they are only reason
Building houses like they can move it
Shopping expensively, oppressively
Standing to some great feet,
Being notorious.
Your shadow lying on the floor
giving warning, 6 feet is real
Your breathe is been measured by the hours of time.
The steps your feet takes is been counted.
Your happy moments, frustrated moments, sad moments and winning moments are noted.
Your life is designated to a specific death moment
Equipped with some amount of people to attend.
You won't know the person bathing you,
No can't know the coffin carrier,
You don't know anything. Anything you own is left behind
The ant on the ground has power over you.
You became a friend to the sand.
A very long time friend missing you.
Now you know who you are
Actually nobody,
The breathe of God gives Life
Makes us somebody.
Be good and be good
Give even if it is your last
Be happy when you do.
Help even if not returned, don't make no harm
Death is not the opposite of life,
part of it.
Death opposite friend coffin carrier nobody own breathe shadow
And when I leave,
I wish to go just like I lived
Don’t worry
You won’t miss me
You won’t remember a thing
It will have zero effect on you
Cuz’ all these years,
I’ve been nothing to you
Leaving won’t change anything—
Just as I came
I will leave the same
Alone. Empty. Nobody
no problem here,
none at all
please keep walking
nothing here to see
said everyone,
to someone,
to nobody.
no problem here
Birds of December,
carrying memories of you,
I don't need reminders,
instead send by wings, God's angels, so I can be there with you,
I'm a nobody to anybody,
I'm forgotten, already gone,
down on the floor, face down,
crying out to the Lord,
to make their reality the truth,
I'm a nobody to everybody, in this place,
beggin' you Lord to take me soon,
no need to end this with, 'amen', because it won't end, until the Faithful Amen sends me through.
This is part 1 based on a real experience. A true story of how I got hurt in a place you'd never expect to get hurt. In my whole life I've never been broken in this way. Blessings to you. I hope that you never have to go thorough this. Author Ven J Arnold
Find me on you tube under Jencie Arnold
Chameleon Dec 2020
I’ve always struggled with feeling like I don’t belong anywhere.
That I’m taking up space in a room;
I’m only there because of the person I’m with, nobody cares about my presence.
Everyone feels like a stranger to me just a bit.
When I’m low I don’t have anyone to bring me up because nobody knows how to.
The third wheel, tagalong who always shows up late and leaves early.
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