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Talia Sep 7
nobody can hear me
no matter how loud I scream
I keep reaching out for help, but
the closer I get to it
the further I am from waking up
Zero Aug 31
What will I be,
When I will be nobody?
When I will not be,
In this world,
In this body,
What will I be,
When I will be nobody...

I will be something,
Don't know where and what...
I will be something,
Out there, where we don't have these,
People around...

What will I be,
After my death,
A day or a dark night,
Or a moon with a twinkling light...

What Will I Be,
When I will be Nobody.
rig f laurel Jul 19
nobody sees me,
nobody calls me,
and nobody cares.
only memories,
these sheep, keep me here.
audreyboren Jul 17
every night you were mine
every midnight you said those 3 words
every time the star shines, you never let me go
every time the moon stares, you held me in your arms, hold me, comfort me
then you pull me closer onto you
but every time the sun rises, its all gone
because the word "us"
is was just a dream

because i am nobody to you
Anna Jun 29
Nobody looks too deep at the paintings I do
Could you tell who was the person lost
Who was drowning in the sea that I so much efforted to paint
Me, in the coldest and fakest water alive
Dead, and lost, such as a skeleton should be.
I, in love, how I wanted to be;
Satisfying love like lavender field in summer,
Flame of a candle, warmness from the fire
But frightened from the same medicine
Love is overrated and unpatieful, cold as a bottle of gin
Submersed in the midnight lake.
I've always been afraid of falling in love,
They never told were we would fall to, or where from
And if so, do we land or do we keep falling?
Is love an abism or a simple metaphor?
Jocelyn Jun 21
There was a girl.
She didn't know who she was.
The world didn't pass her by though;
She seized every opportunity,
got the good grades,
met the good people,
volunteered where she could.

It wasn't enough.
She didn't know who she was.
What happens when she leaves highschool?
When 97% averages no longer define her.
All the **** expectations and pressure,
has crushed her dreams so she is left lost.

Everyone expects her to go far,
to do amazing things,
to be herself.
But who the hell is she?
The girl thinks.
Constantly seeking validation for her ideas,
pushing herself to such extremes,
where she could do permanent damage.
What the hell is she going to do without all the support of other people?

She'll crash and burn.
We know this.
She'll work her *** off but never get anywhere.
At least thats what the girl thinks.
She's scared.
She feels like a helpless baby deer.
Nowhere to turn no idea what the future holds.

Who the hell is she.
Angular relapse.

Like a tongue on a hot pipe.
Gets blistered.
Boils in the star in the sky.
And pops.
Picking up even the stongest bones crunching.
The whimper.
The moonlight.
The **** in the head that fries.
Pretend to even act.
Like the little voice beating between the ears.
Meaning nothing and everything.
For everyone and Nobody.
But stills crawls.
Back into an acidic center.
Home that could never be home
And flushed into. . . What be formed into silent ends.

Garrett Johnson.
the ceiling it speaks saying nothing.
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