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Asominate Oct 19
I'm going places
And nowhere good
Leaving the neighbourhood
Of blurry faces

I'm going places
I would stay, if I could
I'm changing bases

A lonely path
Accompanied by me and myself
Let out a laugh
The past, they think know hell

I'm losing grasp
Spiralling straight into wonderland
Why didn't they hold my hand?

Topsy turvy
My perspectives change
I hurt me
Fuelled by the pain

Lurching, wandering,
Perching, pondering
On a cold, wet, porcelain throne

Mixing, blending
Fixing, mending
Aimless, I push on, all alone.
Asominate Oct 19
Speakers distort static matter,
Is it real? Is it a dream?
There are vestiges that I'm after
And they crave nicotine.
I'm offered nicotine,
I've never felt so alone
I am nobody
And nobody's home
Nylee Sep 2
I am just a nobody
to somebody
A nobody,
To almost everybody,
Anybody cares?
Kamal Jun 2022
I am no body
Who thought could be somebody
Lived but never loved anybody
In a strange country
Fought endlessly to survive
Alone with pride and dignity
And trial and error was my strategy
Succeeded only in living but not loving
And now the time has come, buddy
To free my hands
rest my head
And silence my ****** heart
Because I cannot be anybody
Without your love!
Vroom vroom
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