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Alexander Feb 11
No one understands when I say I’m invisible
They say that I’m clearly not
Because how can you have a conversation with whom you cannot see?
Yes you can see me
Yes you can touch me
But that isn’t me, do you see?
No one understands that I have a mask
I smile, I laugh
But on the inside, you see
Everything is slowly drowning me
No one understands how much I cry
And no one will understand
Why I chose to die
No one ever understands me.
Quinlyn Feb 11
He was always seeking approval.
But at the end of every week,
He was still unaccepted.
Matthew Feb 7
I guess I love the way
you listen with your lips

I guess I love the way
we live inside our dreams

You take away the tears
With one insignificant laugh

One look at us
in the lazy afternoon hue
I know why I'm with you

Why am I so hesitant to accept your lips and laugh?
To run away in your eyes
full of sunlight

Because my pupils never grow
You might be blinded by the light.
Because I see storm clouds
It is raining,
drops of
my blue
Something just A thought.
Athena Feb 6
I'm convinced that this is purgatory
and we are all captive
inside of ourselves
Aleena Nov 2018
Away from everyone
Alone in the dark with none
Finding a way out
I'm nobody!
Who are you?
Are you a nobody, too?
I feel
just like a shadow,
but what
gives me my true body
is the piano.
I feel like music, and piano in particular, gives my my true meaning and body.
arian Jan 20
I'm just a body
Who doesn't speak for itself.
I'm just a body
Who doesn't see the world as it is.
I'm just a body
Who doesn't know how much feelings is too much
Until it feels empty.
I'm just a body
Whose touch destroys what it touches.
I'm just a body
Who wanders the dark alleys
Whose soul left a long time ago.
i'm probably only an object for people to use.
Karo Jan 4
utter a word
don't let them
there's no hope
and I am just a little ball
crying on a *****
bathroom floor
has to know
I belong to no-one
I am nobodies past, present nor future
I do not own Nor am i owned

I am no bodies "ex"
I am no bodies "the one"
I am no bodies "future boo"

The future belongs to me
I don't share!
They say "sharing is caring"
...therefore I don't Care!

I am alone ! not Lonely !
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