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A M Ryder Aug 2023
I'm telling you
That it hurt
And you don't
Get to deny that

When a person
Tells you that
You hurt them
You don't get
To decide that
You didn't
Hamna May 2021
Free of fears, free of tears
I wander freely
And happily rejoice with materialistic things
Gleefully denying the fact
That death doesn't rejoice with me
"The one who loves his world harms his Hereafter, and the one who loves his Hereafter harms his world. Hence you prefer the immortal (Hereafter) to the mortal (world). "
- (Musnad Imam Ahmad, vol. 7, pp. 165, Hadees 19717)
mark soltero May 2021
your skin creates peace inside me
creating wrinkles in time
i find myself constantly longing to feel you close
for us to create friction between gravity
our inertia to propel us into voids of pleasure
nothing between us is what i desire
but when you deny me
black holes devour me
crushing my guts into pulp
bleeding me with your rejection
i blend till i am nothing from what i began
Jay M Mar 2019
I see you there,
Walking in the distance,
I wish to come to you,
To talk with you,
Alas, my mind is screaming at me,
Telling me to remain,
Keep what is there safe,
Out of harm’s way...
My way.

Throughout the day,
I cannot help but think of you,
But why?
Why am I thinking of you?
I dare not wonder,
For it may consume me,
The danger shall come,
As it always does,
Never leaving me to a moment of peace.

How I linger on the subject,
Making myself apparent as glass,
Hoping it shall not come to pass,
The day I shatter that glass,
Breaking the barrier,
Holding in the thing I hold most secret,
And trying to deny,
The feelings I have come to have,
All for you.

What happened to me,
Have I fallen under your hex?
Though you may not know it,
I suppose I cast it upon myself,
But I simply couldn’t help myself,
We are so alike,
And I feel like I can be myself,
But you would accept it,
Because of the amazing person you are.

Your eyes tell of your sweet soul,
The wonders yet to behold,
Your talk is something familiar,
Like I knew you long before,
Alas, I know not where,
And when you smile,
I cannot help but smile too,
Oh, what am I to do?

One day,
Far from now,
I shall tell you,
But for now,
I wish to keep safe what is here,
This friendship,
Of which I hold on so dear,
Something so fragile,
Yet so strong,
Forged to last,
Alas, the future is unpredictable.

When the time comes,
Shall I be prepared?
I dare not say,
For I know not what lies ahead,
And I shall never try to know,
For life should remain a mystery,
Or would it be a life at all?

- Jay M
September 6th, 2018
Khoisan Aug 2020
Second gilded age

malefactors of great wealth

the oligarchy

PEOPLE just like you and me
Remember God defeated the third ***** using ordinary people with
Extraordinary will
Lara Jul 2020
Some people don’t want to accept love
They deny it and won’t even thank you for it

Love is a part of respect
Respect for people around you
Respect for people who where there for you
Respect for people who are there for you

Respect for people who never stopped respecting you

Respect everyone how you want to be treated
Everybody has an impact on feelings of others
Make a good impact
izi Jul 2020
Truth, what a flighty tempest,
what a silent storm.
How strange it is to speak it,
feel its mark on your tongue,
the metallic taste in your throat.

Mine has always been a silent world,
So words have not been easy,
some words have been easy,
greasy as words.

As another lie,
slips between my lips,
soft as a breath of wind.

And I have denied, and then denied
that I denied.
I have invented myself,
so many times,
so that others would believe.

They would think
that I was who they thought I was, and I suppose,
so that I, too, would believe.
And also for
I have lied, and that is
the truth.
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