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Yᴏᴜ look at me and you lie
You touch me and you lie
You speak to me and you lie

I cry and yet you lie
I beg and you still lie
I scream and all you can do is lie

Why, oh, why must you not try and justify?

Why just why can’t we glorify?

Why baby, why must we deny the truth of our pretty little lie?
Niki Gray Jul 16
My favorite gift
is tied tightly around my wrist.
A simple word etched that reminds me
of how my daughter perceives me to be.
This word will forever be my battle-cry.
My 'strength' I can't deny.
Thank you to my beautiful daughter Sydney you inspire me to be the best mother I can be.
Brick by brick
stone by stone
I have built myself up
denying the inevitable
that all things
and small
when it is their time
that mortality is the flutter
of a moth
so brief and sudden
fleeting even
an elusive thief we avoid
until it robs our home
and there are no riches that can
buy the hand of death
it strikes as it pleases
reaps those who sow
and sows those who reap.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
Renn Powell Apr 9
i'll forever deny that i still love you
and everyone knows thats the
biggest lie i'll ever tell
Astra Jan 28
It’s one am and I’m more confused then I was yesterday,
My thoughts somehow overpowering my life,

Making choices and walls that I can’t seem to deny,
Sometimes I wonder if tears ever truly dry,

Because though you may not see them on the outside,
I promise you,
I’m flooding on the inside
Just One Am thoughts, All right reserved.
Kirsten Hunt Jan 6
Tell me your pain.
I'll show my scars.

I am my own problems.
Every break and sore.

I won't deny my thoughts of death.
They have become me.
Hey how are you

I wanted to tell you I'm hurting, that every part of my body is aching. That my eyes wanna cry out from so much pain inside. I'm begging, screaming and pleading to stop it all.

But what do I say?

"I'm fine"

A lie I couldn't bear to deny, everyone else is repeating the same line
When you just lie to pretend you're okay
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