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Mikey Kania Dec 2019
dear reader,
will you please help me?

i am starving!

whoever you are
wherever you are
whenever you can:

feed me with money
don't you worry about ostensible risks for yourself your soul or your body:

rumors. spread by liars
who dare to call me a drug

truly, i'm starving for you.

your favorite substance
Appetite for destruction
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Whispers echoing in a trusted ear,
spoken to another ear.
Echoing louder than once before,
exaggerated and twisted
for you find everyone knows
those whispers you called secrets.
As it spread like a chain,
to one trusted person of theirs
to the next
The identity of those whispers
are no longer secrets but rumors.
c Apr 2019
Rumor has it
I miss you
And rumor has it
I want you back
Too bad rumor
Has it wrong
Masked Voice Dec 2018
You know how a rumor starts?
When you decide to share your feelings with someone, and they decide to turn it into juicy story and not to console, or relate to your feelings and advice you.
Going through a rumor is the hardest. So, let's just listen and not really care. Better that way than being a bad person.
astraea Aug 2018
you, your letters are infinitely more beautiful.
everything about you was -the bite in your words,
the beauty.

you, unassuming.
your tops, looking unintentional,
but all carefully picked.

i fell in love when i saw you’re writing,
because your words told me writing was beautiful.
magical, musical, unassuming.

but you’re also a total *****,
a girl who gets all the love
and leaves you feeling rotten.

what kind of girl, what kind of beauty
targets a younger, admiring, girl,
making her feel *****?

cruel. of course, my friends know it.
i, i scramble in shock,
to deny it. you know.

and i hate you now,
somehow your writing doesn’t seem like it did,
beautiful. but it still is the best i’ve seen.

i think back to you,
wonder if my writing is just as pretty,
as the girl who was my first muse.
a poem about the girl who wrote the most beautiful words i've ever seen.
SoRin Aug 2018
You were once my dear friend
But never again
I feel so used
The victim of your lies
Your rumors

I am no fool
And I refuse to be walked on
You say I have medical problems
Just to get attention
Because I'm just jealous
That you have similar issues
But people actually show up at your hospital bed
While I lie there alone
I've NEVER been the jealous type
Nor am I a fake

You've known me sense we were children
I thought you'd understand me better by now
I wouldn't lose my job over illness
If I had a choice
Because no one will pay my bills for me the way they do for you
I've been on my own sense I was 17
And your mom still does everything for you
I wish a single person would even look in my direction, let alone show they care

I never asked for this
And I dont get attention and it's fine with me
I'm just tired of how you mock and de-humanize me
I'd much rather fight instead of roll over and die
That seems to be the difference between you and I
Tyler Matthew Jul 2018
You can find me in the newspaper -
"Don't get too close,
this one's insane."
Yeah, you can read me in the paper.
"Don't get too close,
that boy's insane."
Didn't take me long to figure out
that the one's who wrote it
barely know my name.

Go ask the one's who used to hang around,
I'm sure they'll tell you some and more.
Go ask they one's who used to hang around me.
I'm sure they'll tell you some and more.
Sure, we had good times together,
but now when I see 'em coming
I lock the door.

Most of what you hear is a rumor,
the rest is really just a bore.
Baby, most of the talks are rumors,
and I promise the rest is just a bore.
Way I see it, there's two options:
believe them, or stick around
if you wanna know for sure.
Quick write - not sold on title and needs polished
Helene Marie May 2018
rumor has it
they said
that she told him
what they thought
was the truth
or was it a lie?
words and confusion
float from mouths
to eager ears
over and over
until no one can
even distinguish between
what was made up
and what was real
inspired by the song Drama by AJR
Arcassin B Feb 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

At times,  when times,
When I fight beside the people I wanna trust it ends bad.
Making rumors,
rumors that'll make you **** yourself and ruining things that you had.
Quiet and shy,  shy now even still incased in the big old brute of a shell.
I've been hurting inside, inside of my mind, lost in this mean matrix,
Can't you tell.
My exes lie beside me,  keyword lie,
And I will never trust another girl again.
Filling pieces,  pieces of my heart I threw in the trash in desperate dens.
Love is another form, forms of weakness,
Don't you let it all go to your big head.
Lives are on the line , the line of destruction and you feel your life is so dead.
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