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Friar Tom Jan 9
In my smoke, last night, I saw your face  
In mystery, ever shrouded.
I could make out your eternal grace
Until my mind went clouded.

I though I saw a floating ghost
The guise of He who loved me.
My heart then broke that moment most
And to stay broken it shall be.

Do you think of me, now that you've left?
Or am I just another?
You who left my heart bereft
Hath torn my soul asunder.

I write these words in desperate plea
To You who left me wanting.
Please find your way back here to me
Just this time not in haunting.
So my boyfriend is now my ex.
Every time I think I'm over you
You always pull me back
With that look that you give me
That makes me feel like you're the only girl in the world
And she broke your heart like I said she would
And now I can see that you're hurting
And it hurts me
But I've been telling you since the start
That I would never break your heart
But I guess your heart's not mine to break in the first place
I tried to stop loving you...
Doing a lot of thinking of late, and decided to make the most of life
for after all there is no certainty In life and most probably there are none In the
One shot all we have at life decided to take my shot now
get out, live a bit make every day count as If my last for who know It
may well
Important decisions to be made some already made
with many more still to
Jme Love Dec 2018
I wish i could be the one
The one you fell in love with
The one that had your heart

I wish i could be the one
The one you saw from the start

I wish tragedies would not have happened
I wish we were strong enough to make it through them

I wish you could look at me the same
as you did before life took over and ****** up our world

I wish we could make everything right
So maybe we wouldnt have to say goodbye

These wishes i wish realy mean nothing tho

For there are no shooting stars in my sky
No fountains or wales in sight
We do not have a wish bone to break
There are no candles on my cake

We can no longer pretend
Our time has come to an end

I would love to wish a good life for you
But realy whats the point
When none of my wishes ever come true
Im not ready to let go. Wishing does no good. Fighting makes it worse. I cant bare the separation. Talking leads to fighting. This circle continues. Im tired now tho. If you want me then you will have me.otherwise we have to move on. I love you Gucci *****
..idk if you will read it. But if so thank you
sheetal sharma Dec 2018
Honey hold my hands  
When you are in trouble  just hold my hands you know I am there in time of stress
You know it right you know it well
So honey come hold my hands
I  can make through this journey  of up and down
so don't feel sad don't feel low
Just hold my hands and let it go ..
sheetal sharma Dec 2018
Its you and me together
Together  we fall
Together we cry
Together we do things that's make us smile when you go left and I go right
Well it's seems like nothing is right ??
Darkness has come. I am not feeling very well are not any more with me
I feels so sad
Baby just come back
Let's be together
Its you and me together .....
Fathur Abinaya Dec 2018
As the sunrise and goes down, as it come and gone.
ronnie hunt Dec 2018
counting my rent money and counting the days until next year and counting the minutes left on my shift
you said you’d let me know when you’re off work
and i could come over
siinli Dec 2018
I'm lying if I insist
that I never loved you
I'm lying if I say
that I wasn't happy
when we held hands
I'm lying if I deny
that I'm still
wishing for your
Just please
Come home, my love
For all the fragile hearts that were left broken and still waiting
नों जोनोम लाफैनाय हरनि उनफ्राव
सिरि मोनगोन बिसोरबो सानसे
खोमसि हरखौ साजायगोन फोर्बोसालि बादि
जोंथि माथि रिथि रिथा

खुगा मुथेरोंगोन गेब्रेंनाय बाराव
खोमा हमथेनो सोलोंगोन गेब्रेंनाय सोदोबाव
गोग्गो देहा दानो सोलोंगोन ।

फुसनि हराव निहिरनि सोदोबाव
सोंख्रावनाय सैमाफोरनि दावरावाव
उन्दुलांनो हाया जागोन

गोर्बोफोराव गाजा खिलिगोन
बोथोरनिनो हालामाव
देलों देलों देरनो नाजागोन
सोमखोर सोमखोर गसंख्रांगोन
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