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Hello, is there anyone in?
I need to speak to the owner of this house.
You've been messaging me insults and false accusations so, I've come to clear me out.
And I need you to hear me out.

Today, I've come in many capacities.
I don't know if I'm angry but hell yeah, I know I'm not responsible for your atrosities.
I thought it was a misunderstanding but later did I realize that instead of running to your dreams, you're out here standing and keep blaming me for holding you back.

You say I'm responsible for your lack as if I give you the crack; expected me to stack up your scattered pieces, hit yourself and blamed me for the bruises.


You say I stop you from growing, give you a range and contain your dreams.
I called you names and rendered you blames,
Shower you shames, made you believe it was real and at the end, it all was just dreams.

I made you believe you can't make it
I Eroded your courage and made you mentally spineless. I hid from you the reality so you just fake it
And your runaways, I can say, they are countless.

It's so hilarious you know
How you make me feel so powerful.
How you allow me to steer your life and for yourself, you feel sorrowful.
You and your associates have made me seemed indispensable, popularizing and throwning me over your kingdoms.

I don't owe you an apology.
I've thousand reasons to laugh you in the face. Knee you in yours ***** and fist your jaws.

WHY? You really want to know why?

Hey ladies, Do you know Ellen Johnson, Macdella Cooper, Oprah Winfrey, Winnie Mandela?

Hey my guys, Do you know, Mahmud Johnson, George Weah, Aliko Dagote, Tony Elumelu, Mark Zuckerberg?

You're not Different from them.
They just made decisions that you refuse to make.

They ignored me so they became great.
They refused to allow me decide what's best for them. They escaped the cages I built, the limits I set, the laws I made and the boundaries I erected.
They looked beyond the present and if you wish to be like them, then it's time that you start to see through their eyes.

It's like I need to start penalizing people for willingly giving me control over their lives and later accussing me for their strives.

Today, I'm here to let you know that, I only take as much as you allow me to.
Destroys as much as you permit to.
Without your mentality, I am nothing. I'm a
Your virus, parasite, I feed on you. I exist only in your mind and I'm nothing without you thinking about me.

Oh!!! I just unleashed my secret.
But I guess you know now right?
So it's up to you to make your life what you want it to be.

It's time to COME OUT
and convince me that you're bigger than my limits.
COME OUT and rewrite your story

Trust me, you don't want me here again.
Because, my next visit will be more than just for clarity.

This Spoken Word Poetry is an inspirational piece that tends to inspire the reader. Personafications and Apostrophes are the base of this piece. I tried create an interaction between the Listener and speaker even though the Listener bus not responding. It's a great piece and you'll love it
Where Shelter Sep 12
the words don’t come easy (Poet’s Nook)


nah, they come
too easy,
from me, for you, doesn’t mean
they’re cheap, quite the opposite!

hard earned, been through the
washing machine so often,
they claim recyclable status

ok, so they are worn, edges raggedy,
they don’t care, nor do I, cause you
can’t find me any that never been fired

in the kiln of experience that came before
the crucible of my eyes, that says to them
welcome back! old friends, easy and familiar

stay for a few minutes, before you must get
snatched by some younger person’s heart,
send them along with my thanks and my

fare-thee-well, bon voyage, stop by one more
time, if you pass this way, I’ll be in that place,
Poet’s Nook, in our atmosphere of inspiration

where we have cohabitated, cogitated, and
wept together, co-created, and dreamed of
new combinations of our old souls’ cross currents

8:11am Sep 10 ‘20

In the Nook,
GreenWitch Jul 23
I keep looking outside wondering when you will pull up,
Sitting in your car pondering your demons alone,
You don't want to share the load...
I understand more thank you know...
And I wish more than anything you would have leaned on someone to give you strength,
Breathe life back into your deadened soul...
Accept the love that was shown...
And now it's too late...
To say goodbye...
I'm sorry.... I wish you would have come back home...
Nat Lipstadt Jul 12
~for Woody’s pilgrimage, his exodus to Egypt~

I’m the mother of your maidenhead.
I’m the widow engorged in Ganges flames,
seeded, raised, in the coal pit born we were,
first mined, sent cross country by red rusted freight
car to the birth sac where we came~conceived.

simple, your beginning, is our end, they could
not never cut this cord tween us with an instrument
of hardened steel, cause it was god-birthed in a
steel furnace in the three river city, where we were
molten formed, fired woman, fired man, too-blackened.

you say come worship me, but I cannot, we are too
samed; the flesh of metal, the black blood of a mountain
seam, if we were to worship in our own imagery,
a sin, of ten commandment status, not a trifling,
imagine, a golden calf, an idol of our own making,
what glorious fury’d consequential if I bent knee to
love an undulating woman, a violation of volition,
between us, there can be never, the tangential of free will.

11:18pm Sat Jul 11
Some things don’t necessarily happen just by chance
but come about with actions we do or not in advance.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Äŧül Jun 8
For me, she is the dream I am living,
Right, every second of the day,
I have to pinch myself again & again,
Especially when she says the golden words,
Nearly fainting, I control myself,
Desperate to be her to be my wife,
Sweeter possibilities beckon us both.

For her, I am her living guardian angel,
Of paradise, she's a beautiful citizen,
River Brahmputra washes her soul,
Expedited she has the delivery of happiness,
Victory will be ours, our love will win,
Enjoying we shall be the struggle,
Reason it for separating, we shall not.

My dream girl, she is the cutest in the world,
I am so lucky that I know her, I know an incarnation,
To Đévī Kāmākhyā, I bow my head,
At long last, she came to my life,
Lesser she feels like a stranger,
In the jigsaw of my life, she has all the missing pieces.

An angel must have smiled and nodded,
To The Power's commands,
Unlimited potential for happiness and romance,
Love and faithfulness are our virtues.
My HP Poem #1853
©Atul Kaushal
Apoetisonly May 25
When you’re gone for good
What am I to do
It’s only been a couple of days
Here I am missing the hell out of you
When you’re gone for good
What am I to do

Patience wash over me
It won’t be forever
Or at least that’s what I’m convincing
myself in to seeing
I don’t control the way you move
The decisions you make
Or the way things go
Patience wash over me
I hope this isn’t forever
Lara May 14
My thoughts.

They come and go.

They just exist.

They want to be heard.

They want to be written down.

My thoughts are coming like a wave
They either go lost in the sea
Or they want to be shown, be heard, be seen like a cloud in the sky.
High up and far away from the drama.

But all of these thoughts I have are just so confusing.

Are my thoughts enough?

Does anybody care about my thoughts and the way I think?
These are just my thoughts...
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