Funny how after all these years
I can still smell you on my sleeves
The scent lingers
It's like you never left.
I know you're long gone, but i still got the same old jumper on, the one i wore all those nights you held me close.

p.s. today would've been our 1 year anniversary if we were still together.
I miss you
But i can't tell you
Maybe by telling
Will only hurt me

I miss you
But i can't tell you
Maybe by telling
Will only make you hate me

I miss you
But i can't tell you
Maybe by telling
It only means nothing

I'm typing
At the same time crying
Having high hopes for love
For us

It's hurting
Yet I'm still waiting
For you to come back
Give me back my heart that you stolen
Come one
Come all
Gather 'round and gather here
Listen close and settle near
For on this day
Authority is interrupted

I've come as close as any man
Can get
To stealing his own shadow
Divine throwback
A crime so small
It's never shed

Come far
Come wide
Sit on grounds of moss and stone
Observe sinful musings to atone
For on this night
I disrupt authority

I've gone as far as any man
Can go
To shatter down my broken soul
Opaque treasure
A ruse so slick
it's never seen

Be broken
Be whole
Kirill Jun 11
If memories do fade away,
Then why have mine all come to stay?
Bryce Jun 7
I almost cried thinking about you.
Your soul
all the tall tales you spun
spiders dancing across the stars now
I miss you
I never knew you
I want to
so badly
it hurts

You'd hate it here
they bastardized you
sold your words for a dime
those jewels you saw in the night
just rocks.

that is, now
Nobody wanted that fantastic ruby sky
and piss-green mossy aquamarine
now we stare at screens.

They'll kick you off the train
eye you with suspicious gaze
if they catch you all alone
spun along some interstate

We can't do what you did anymore
try as we want to.

No running from the law
or responsibility
or inevitability
or anything quite like that

and the only time i spoke to god
he told me there was places for me to see
somewhere for me to be
someone for me to meet
and i still don't know
what that means...

I didn't have no writing buddy
my buddy left for the dusty drone of Bakersfield
and now i'm all alone
Disenchanted and enthusiastic
about all the things everyone hates
and the history that keeps sifting
like sand through the lobes of my skull

Jack, come back
give me a minute or two
maybe a vision of my wildest dreams
I'd love so much to talk to you

I keep dreaming and seeing the beauty that lies in the center of the
Tao, that long winding tao
of ancient street
with no shoes worn here in San Francisco
that imaginary terminus you dreamed
not here, silly me.
I started here
you wound your end through here

I don't know what mine'll be
Not a hemorrhage
of the brain
since that's where my troubles lie
or my prostate,
since that's where my vision lies
yours was the stomach
that great trust in gut
it let you down
and lifted you up

God didn't give me that at all
he gave it to you
oh how freeing that must have felt
to know
A man like Kerouac comes once in a hundred years. that poor tortured soul-- what I wouldn't give to get to know.
She was once reckless
She lived by the frayed edges of time
A day goes by like open tap
The night skies illuminate her imagination

Till she met Abba,
Mister eternity
She was once lost but found
Like a sheep in endless wandering
She was embraced with love
A love so precious
Never in forever
She goes by the name of Esther
A star so brightly shines
Never will darkness roam
again in her little mind

She begins to clothe herself with light
Though feeble and small steps
A decade tested and passed
She goes forth in new paths
Her heart cries for the many
who are still lost in wandering
Be still and hear
She says
A letter to Abba -
Thank you, I love you
Bryce May 23
When i was a little boy
and my booties could fit within
a small couplet of square metal
to which I had been given

I did not question, I did not complain
I existed the sights and smells of simple place

I licked the mist that watered plants
Crushed coffee beans in the employee
for they laughed at such a little boy.

It was 2002
and America was still somewhat free
When movie theaters had plastic seats
Empty exits
Then I sat the edge on watching Pokemon

Living in an electronic simulation
Taming, Creating monsters in my spare time
Travelling the tri-valley
Commute of a thousand years


It only takes minutes
And my soul drips strange when I see the house
Devoid of lavender,
Cut of oak tree

The park that once held the promise of a century
Diminished into brief obscurity
As new developments
Shaped like matchbox
destroy the grass
And raise land prices
To end the american dream

Paved roads that sang of free
take their toll
now I cannot see why this could be

What interest could there be
To paint our chided memory
Out of mind, out of sight?

Now the place I bought grilled cheese
Dipped in sharp tang of pickle juice

Bought and sold to an optometrist
To continue questioning the vision
of our adults
bk May 22
how has it come to this?
i still look for your face
in a crowded room,
even though your miles away.

Josh May 21
I want it back,
Give it back to me,
I want it all back,
Give it all back to me,
To have you in my arms,


That's all I need,
I want you back,
Back with me,
I miss you
I write mainly from imagination, Any tips and improvements or things you think i could add? Please let me know!
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