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I S A A C Nov 2023
I’ll enjoy the sunset while you’re gone
I’ll enjoy my evenings humming alone
I’ll cherish the buzzing bees and the butterflies in my lawn
I don’t need to yearn
I don’t need to worry
I am in stasis not determined
I am freedom not burden
so I write the song that we sing along
I’ll enjoy your company when you come
I’ll cherish every fingerprint that you left on my heart
I don’t need to strive
I don’t need to worry
I am in stasis not determined
Lindsay Hardesty Oct 2023
What would you do if I knocked on your door tonight? You used to say I was always welcome anytime. Does that offer still stand, or has it expired? If my name popped up on your phone, would you answer it or let it ring? You said I could call you if I needed you, but that’s the thing—I never needed you, and I still don’t need you, but God, I want you so badly. It’s been 20 days and I can’t get you out of my head, and lord knows I’ve tried.
 I just want to be in your bed with our bodies entangled as close as we can get to one another, our lips getting chapped from kissing for hours. 
I hate feeling like we are unfinished business, a half-finished house, that's waiting for the tiles to come in. I just got the call letting me know the tiles came in, baby. So come back and let’s finish building this house so I can come home.
Nickolas J McKee Aug 2023
I want you to shine…
Will be last sight,
I can no longer live to hurt you…

You were simply mine…
Will be last sight,
My spirit left of you all to find…

What I know is true…
Will be last sight,
So the sacrifice of dear lost time…

I hope I die…
So you’ll know why…
Viewer discretion is advised. This is part of the 13th series to come…
Sadie Grace Oct 2021
i came back to the dance
of a pen
on a paper
of fingers on keys
of a mind
in a moment

at first i stumbled
it had been so long
and then i started to dance again
and out came all the feelings and the moments and the memories that i won't talk about
and out came everything that won't ever come out of my mouth

i came back to the dance
so i don't have to come back to the same crippling feelings anymore

i came back

so i can move on
some thoughts on beginning to write again after a while
Ken Pepiton Jul 2021
Okeh, three ways, in the opening pitch,
the plan is novel, in itself. Okay, ok, si yes da ja.
We know, we do this part,
as words in mind, nada mas, a thought caught
as a poesy fallen star,
from Lawrence Kansas, not too far from
Shawnee Mission,
now that the meme and its meaning meet once
more, realizing a time kept hidden, for fear
of believing more than a Marvel Mind,
straight from first edition, Boom, era, of fully
Disneyfied American Mind, sponsored by
Mattel its swell
and Mars Candy Company and other child aimed ads,
though there was this unaffiliated

- channel, I was about to say, of course
- groove, rut, a grave - with its ends kicked out,
Can you
Imagine, he said that
and we all agreed at once, and what do you know,
there is a mind in the grand linkage system,
forged from ice by iron plows,
balance demands, optimum life on earth calls
the call to us all, be the thorny issue ye be
ye nanifestations of Romans 8, taken in minds
conjoining to attain, peace made
for temperature equilibrium,
just right…
think of it from an angelic anthro-myth-ledged being,
see the book of life talk to you, and say,
look, man, we made it, and we made it back.

But unless the temperature is going up, we failed.
Try again,
but no war this time. That's proven too self willed
a thing to give children premade.

My stick men were all Audie Murphy, when I was six.
The last page of some plan.
I think I know that I've gone too long
I forget the day and also the way
I stand long for the time I think I know the place that I have to know more
Maybe I get lost
Maybe I know I get lost
But I am still thinking I know that I've gone too long
And trying to come back
Do you mind if I come back?
Do you still accept me back?
In your heart, in everything I've done before
Indonesia, 17th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Dr Zik Apr 2021
Come towards my Lord!
A Zinet to escape from Covid19.
Him Jan 2021
There is no need for noble graces, with you, I have none. Just one entreat, request and command: "Come."

'You' see me for what I truly am, behind this regalia of dignity and honour; hides a ****** man. Now come, and heed my command.
You know me, for what I am; and yet still, you accept this broken man.
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2021
Everyone says
"Do whatever makes you happy"
Don't mention the cost of it though
You do not know the price until your choices
Come collect and tell you what you owe

In moments you don't realize
Consequences of what you do
Only after it's too late
You can see what would have been best for you

Some decisions too expensive
Until you get the bill you won't know
By then you can't go back and choose
Different directions to go

So bear in mind that every action
And mistake is a tattoo
No matter how costly our regrets
Every one we can never undo
An old one from 2017
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
Saving for nothing the lazy will say. I take no money I make no pay. Nerves are shot hair is gray. Not living for tomorrow just for today.
We're breaking her back she's down on her knees. They make the plague and invent the disease as they steal from the poor and make em' say please.
The weather forecast says we're in for a naked storm. Build up the bombs that burst from the core. So we can pile up the bodies on a course for the morgue. Fire on the warpath so the corpses are warm.
Call it their duty so they believe that they're needed policing the masses until their lives are depleted.
Sitting at the lip on the edge of the cliff believing the lies, losing your grip. fingers are ****** as you're feeling em' slip. Sliding down fast with your fleeting regret.
They're breaking her back she's begging them please. Feed her some plague and make her believe.  Build a device to maker concede propagate War set the beast free.
Batten down the hatches prepare for the storm. Send a barrage of bullets on a course for the norm. Settle for nothing and you'll never have more. coddle your loved ones to make them feel warm.
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