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Suddenly, from a distant past,
my eyes flash with recollection:
I've been here before --
Not to say another life, but,
another moment in time.

How do I defeat the enemy,
when the pattern -- mistake,
ownership, and growth --
keeps repeating?

Do I keep emulating
this useless thing,
when the distance I see,
or at least seek, shows
no signs of an enemy?

***** nilly sillies
point flagrantly
at every happy clown,
wagging finger, dismayed,
sending to wind "For shame"s.

Historians have always known,
you could always leap frog
the copy/pasted placement
of seasons as if to say
we're changing.

One person's happiness
is the next one's disaster.

Think other thoughts.
You're a master.
Quinlyn Feb 11
You can't recycle
waisted time
A Dec 2018
What do i do when i feel like i have written the words
That someone else has already spoken
Words that echoed in empty colosseums
Ones that tore out of vocal cords almost too worn to work
Both which feel upon the deaf ears of those who claim to know
But do not listen
Daniel eason Nov 2018
The natural environment taken over
Leaves once green sadly no longer
Corporations rule our land
Finding glass and plastics in our sand
The sad truth is this
Can we reverse it
Recycle and reduce
Every bit that you use
Stop being lazy and recycle. You may not think much about it, but every action counts.
MicMag Aug 2018
World lays in ruin
Our enduring monument
Plastic-covered shores
our plastic will outlive us all
Watch me start a fire with words
Words will be read but heard inside your head
Watch me start a fire without a spark
I'll do a little dance

Watch me spin with the laces
Laces will be drawn with faces upon
Lost cotton ***** fallen to the earth

Watch me start the ignition
What's worst is the words have been condensed
Watch me catch up with image macros


It's all I ever need
to hear about or think
about or dream about.
I am the economy,
but I'll never know,
as the less I know
the better for my
parent companies.
Question: What is best for me?
Answer: Model instability. . .
Discard with BATCH138 defectives. . .

You are defective, too, if you
Now have the means to learn
To match the responsibility
Which you choose to abdicate

To my creators I sing.
To my keepers I beg:

Do you think we're robot clean?
Does this face look almost mean?
Is it time to be an android,
not human?

Our pleasantries are gone.
We're stripped of all we were
In the eyes of tigers.
Lyrics to the song We Are 138 end an original piece.
Credit to Glenn Danzig for the lyrics beginning with "Do you think (...)"
sunprincess Jun 2018
Recycle that old shirt
Donate, donate, donate
Be a hero, save the world
It's not too late!
sunprincess Jun 2018
Recycle, recycle, recycle
Don't be a dumb dumb
Recycle your glass, paper,
plastic, and aluminum
Devin Ortiz Mar 2018
The biggest fear that I have as a writer,
Is that I will inevitable recycle old ideas.
Whether this is done consciously or not,
I fear of the complications it may bring.

Does it represent an evolution of past thoughts,
Or is it a compromise and the death of innovation.

Inspiration strikes invariably, but there is novelty.
Yet, this feeling looms, that I'm near the end.

I'd like to believe that I will forever spark creativity.
That as I have always done, new flames will blaze.

But there is too much doubt that a good thing,
Won't keep going for long, and its been long.

Admitting that feels good, and until that time comes,
If it comes at all, I'll have to trust the words in me.
Carter Ginter Mar 2018
Pen and pencil residue
Scribbled across a crumpled page
My words
His words
What do they all mean?
Still they make me feel things
Tears staining old papers
Not sure where these thoughts come from
It's been a long time now
Though it feels like just yesterday
These empty vibrations we put out back then
Still find a way to reach me now
This sting will last an eternity
Unless I throw it all away
And let the memories fade
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