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Jules 5h
I recycled the feelings I once had for you.
In the times of mess
Time for a inward journey of quiet and mental rest
Clear the cache and cookies
Power recycle, that’s the best
Please see, all good, just writing away :))
Possibly more to come, please skip, if bored :))
Carl D'Souza Aug 8
Do we need
to be joyful and happy?
Yes we do.

Do we need
like plastic-bottles and aluminium-cans
to be prosperous
joyful and happy?
Yes we do.

Is there a finite-supply
on the Earth
of many materials we use to enjoy prosperity
like plastic and aluminium?
Yes, many materials are finite.

do we have to recycle
like plastic-bottles and aluminium-cans
to maintain sufficient supply
to achieve joyful and happy prosperity
into the future?
Peter Garrett Jun 14
I suppose I’ll never fit
For I’m a recycler
In a society of discard
But perhaps it's time to take some trash out...
Ken Pepiton May 21
Who, me. I don't know,
I'll ask We, the people.

How has the world,
the one we share, you with me, I with thee,
how has our reality
come to today
surrounded by hooting proud warriors lauding their leaders
made kings by the magi and the tax collectors and spenders?

That's the question.
I think it's a test, or a temptation, knowing the answer might **** us.

Do the math, or believe an expert who says
he knows he knows, an
experienced thinker and weigher of big ideas.

Choose an expert, Yahoo, Goggle experts in interesting time one.
You choose.
Only for now. These teasing toy journeys are only real
in your way of thinking.

An expert in words at play or
an expert in words of war
or work or woe or
joy and
use-ery compounded into stone
an expert in dark, full-on absense of light, al
right, al
ready -- the expert
you let be smarter than you, by God, or any other witness,

that expert better be having more than historical authority, okeh.

Gears used to grind, stick-shift,
yoost to lever m'thematically synchronized
wheels in wheels,
lesser gears, experienced old grease monkey knows,
between those,
is where m'monkey wrench goes.

Bring wheels in wheels to a screeching halt!

Like by the River of Tebar, very hard to write such thoughtscenes,
he trys, um-phailure, deep breath,

look around, selah.
Kiss the son, taste the son, know the son as brother, as gotchabacker
friend, who is the way, the truth, and the life.

No lie is of the truth. There is a basic algorythm in 2019.
AND in 2019 I have an idea that works for me,

the null set can hold any evil any mind, mortal or otherwise,
can conceive.

Napoleon Hill seeds sometimes sown as weeds to choke a crop of lies,
"What the mind of man can conceive, it can acheive."
Ah, so:
Man as a whole, he is thought to have meant, mankind, wombed and un;
but he may have meant man as in, any one man, wombed or un.

--- end first course --- recycle all utensils
an exexcerpt ussurpet my stuttering muse has returned, Any interest in a novel written in this style?
A Simillacrum Feb 14
Suddenly, from a distant past,
my eyes flash with recollection:
I've been here before --
Not to say another life, but,
another moment in time.

How do I defeat the enemy,
when the pattern -- mistake,
ownership, and growth --
keeps repeating?

Do I keep emulating
this useless thing,
when the distance I see,
or at least seek, shows
no signs of an enemy?

***** nilly sillies
point flagrantly
at every happy clown,
wagging finger, dismayed,
sending to wind "For shame"s.

Historians have always known,
you could always leap frog
the copy/pasted placement
of seasons as if to say
we're changing.

One person's happiness
is the next one's disaster.

Think other thoughts.
You're a master.
Quinlyn Feb 11
You can't recycle
waisted time
A Dec 2018
What do i do when i feel like i have written the words
That someone else has already spoken
Words that echoed in empty colosseums
Ones that tore out of vocal cords almost too worn to work
Both which feel upon the deaf ears of those who claim to know
But do not listen
Daniel eason Nov 2018
The natural environment taken over
Leaves once green sadly no longer
Corporations rule our land
Finding glass and plastics in our sand
The sad truth is this
Can we reverse it
Recycle and reduce
Every bit that you use
Stop being lazy and recycle. You may not think much about it, but every action counts.
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