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All of you is what I want
Even the parts I do not like
Even the parts that hurt.
Then at least one thing in life,
One person, will be real.
having the audacity
to accept the duality
of man, of time, of life
rather a causality
in itself
of things, of people, of emotions
you can finally let go
the loss of innocence
before you even know
not hopelessly muddled anymore
like the grey colour
in the middle of black and white
no more under the pressure
now off to where the air is fresher.
Accepting the duality is accepting yourself - as you are. Just like we live in the grey between the black and white of HP.
Man Nov 2020
above the tumid silence of our lives
where we might have a chance encounter
with the ill comforted;

removed from hope and desire
in the stale winds of impermanence
as pollen on the breeze

to look upon us, magnanimously
in eyes with tears
Tony Tweedy Aug 2020
By degree I feel the present turning,
as the sun yet once more comes to rise.
Eastern sky that lightens by the minute,
as it pushes heavens starlight from the skies.

One more day upon the pathway,
of where time does bid the flow.
As if by gentle stream or sometime rapids,
and fate compels the path I come to know.

Uncounted I recall repetitions,
on so many long ago, half forgotten days.
Where relentless turning of the Earth,
would shine a light upon life's awaiting plays.

Once light that shone a wonder,
on mystery and promised dreams.
Abundant in every kind of possibility,
to overflowing like flooded streams.

The flow of fate and time,
that set love and dream out upon the flow.
Until only memory of such sunrises,
is all my heart can now hope to know.

The turning will go on forever,
and so too the coming of the light.
But even at this hour I sense the dusk,
and I can feel the closeness of the night.
Getting old.... reflecting... remembering. When life becomes a past and not a future.... or even a present.
umm... not saving properly again... let me know if you can see this.








But it’s ok
I’m ok



Just playing around with words here. Inspired by a nightmare I had a while ago, but it’s still haunting me.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2020
Flawed by creation
I am very much human
Please world, accept it
My mind is a riot...
So much I'm thinking about...
So much to make sense of...
I hope the world can be accepting of that fact that we're human and that no one is perfect
Let's embrace it...
Much love
Lyn 💜
Lara Jun 2020
There will be no freedom until we’re equal

The world is one

Everybody is different
that connects us

The world is one big family

Treat everybody how you want to be treated

Don’t judge until you know someone

Everybody has feelings that can get hurt

Everybody has their own lifestory

Accepting is a part of life

Nobody matters
Until they matter to you

Everybody should have the same rights

The world is ONE

Freedom belongs to everybody

Everybody decides for themselves how they want to live their life

Everybody makes mistakes

But the world is united and should be treated like that

Everybody is on this earth for a reason

Don’t criticize, judge and make mistakes just because somebody behaves different, looks different or talks different

This is what makes our planet so special
Our differences
The Foody One Mar 2020
In her words,
back then,
I saw a glimpse
of what We were -
and fell
for it again.

Time passes, mortals die
But Hope -
It will always

And as her dark
and puncturing
teased my Will
to stare back
I couldn’t find
the strength to
to Myself
© 03/05/2019
Bre Feb 2020
I dreamt about getting out
14, knobby knees, the urge
To just give in and
Run run run
(Don’t look back)
To the edge of the world.

I was going to leave
this city in the dust.
Find a place safe
For us and our ideals
And never look back
To the edge of the world.

A decade passed
Goals and outlooks
And best laid plans change.
Growing up is pain.
I’m still here.

Is it considered being trapped when you hand-picked your own cage?
never thought I’d dwell in this self-labeled hell but I’m not that girl anymore
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