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Irene J 2h
I'll bear the consequences of falling in love with you.
Yet, you always make my heart flutter,
whether you sincere of your feeling,
or even it was just because you are that kind of person.

The pain will forever scar,
but the love will stays.
hoping that the consequences will turn around to you.
Is it fool that you keep having feelings towards that person?
annh Feb 23
Ah - the weekend!
Time to open my emotional closet,
Have a good rummage around,
And find something we both can wear.
‘Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.’
- Robert Frost
Bhill Sep 27
How did you break me
The very heart that loved me
Broke me into bits

How do I fix it
How do I turn it around
I will find a way

Brian Hill - 2019 # 243
Written for my son who is going through a tough patch...
Moon Cherry Sep 15
I heard it again
Pierced through my vein
It made me a villain
With the crime of in vain
I thought it was unfair
The voices in air
Part of me shivered
It got me veered
Cold and vexed
My soul untamed
I was misled
By this evil eyes I have
see yourself
One day they  called each other
One day they dreamt to fly there
And wipe every fault they gain

The faults are burden over hearts
As the heavy loads over birds wings
Can they fly over clouds?

One was consisted of two parts
Soul and body , that is two things
Soul is created from light parts
It demands good things
Its home is the heavens
Under the throne of the God

The body was created of the mud
It demands and gets down to the land
It asks to get every desire or want
Even it leads to do the faults
It  leads to bad and to the underworld

The day now is coming
The souls are answering the calling
At the ancient to pilgrimages the holy home
They circled around the Kaaba with happy
As the planets  are doing around the sun
They also pray one God

They feel with great funny
The body are running in compete
Who will introduce its faith and confident?

The tears are overflowing to wipe faults
The hearts are moving số rapid with acts
The tongues are singing the deathless songs,”
We respond you our God times and times”

They are walking between two hills
Asking for mercy getting from up
Searching for forgiveness that is the demand

They moved to mount
Asking their God for accept their trip
Not return them with being refused
They demands peace and the heavens reward

Then they introduce the guidance
Showing they will sacrifice for getting the world
Happy and has purple and green action

They throw the devil at the feasts days
Every day to confident the holy deals
That the dismiss the devil and will not follow him
The men and women shaved and cut their hair

In order, to show they will begin
A new born and clear their brain
From bad thoughts these máy gain
Bad faults, they travelled to wipe and drain
It from their body as the fallen rain  

They return homes in white and clear
As they were born in white and green
the muslims go there to show their faith and honest and wipe thier faults and asking forgiveness
I feel you
Slipping away
I know you'll
Write back but
Will it be too late
Eating pecans
And thinking
Of your face
Wishing I
Could talk to you
But not sure
What to say
Idk man.
The Love is compromise.
The Love is acceptence.
The Love is appreciation
The Love is understanding.
The Love is listening.
The Love is care.
The Love in delicacy way.
The Love in your supporting arms.
The Love is everywhere.
With widely open eyes.
The only way to see it.
The love is heat of your heart.
The love is smile and joy.
The love is happiness.
The love around me everywhere.
The love inside me.
Seanathon Jun 17
When I breathe
You breathe
And when you look past the greening summer trees
I see
Like Julia Stone
That same essence of the world unknown
And still unknown to me
Past Nature
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