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if I could bottle your presence I would
take a sip if I felt too alone
if I could bottle your presence I would
take a hit if you're gone for too long

feel you all around
taste every vision of your mind
feel you from within
casting away the time

if I could bottle your presence I would
waiting for you to come home
if I could bottle your presence I would
waiting for you to pick up the phone

my fever dream is real
never without you, my friend
I can finally feel
the pain is subsiding again

he will finally save me
as I lie down in this tower
she will finally praise me
as I bloom for her like a flower

my genie at once
whenever I command
my woman, my man
come into the sacred land

you will never know how often I wish you'd come by
you will never know how often I crave you inside
consuming love and need for reassurance
Johnny walker Feb 12
Our wedding picture on the wall but It seems like yesterday when we stood and said our wedding vowels

Remember so well the words of the registrar
who said look after her she a good one

but I already knew that oh so lucky beautiful sunny day we held the reception In our back garden so clearly remember everybody was so happy and my wife so proud I was

So pretty she was on her wedding day now she was my wife kept checking my finger making shaw that my wedding ring was still there

Frightened to death of losing It, but twenty years ago when I married her so happy but no Idea I would lose her so soon In

And life can be cruel but often ask myself the question If I could have seen around the

could have made so much more of the time
I had with her, Interesting through to which there Is no answer or at least  I don't think
Interesting theory If I'd seen what was coming could have made so much more of my time with her
Even today
I can feel
Your smell,
Your warmth presence
Around me.
The way
You used to comfort me
Behold me,
Handle me.
Which now seems
Completely unreal.
It constantly feels
Like you’re
with me.
Sitting on that
Same couch
Where we used to chat
For all the day long.
Watching together
Our favourite sitcom.
I perpetually feel
You’re calling me.
In the same phone
We used to speak
For hours and hours.
By blushing,
And Laughing.
I still feel like
We’re hanging out
With each other
In the same place
Where we first met.
The fragrance
Of which
Still lies in my nostrils.
I feel like
An absolute fool
Whenever I cogitate
About us.
I wish
We had more
To hash out
Our thoughts.  
You never turned back
Not even once
When you left.
So how am I supposed to bring you back in the same life where we once used to carve our own little stories?
I do!
Johnny walker Jan 27
If we could see around
the corner how different might our lives be In
I suppose It could be frightening but on the other hand, we'd appreciate even more
the love of our
Probably we would never take anything for granted thinking things would never end the whole experience of living would be
We'd want to make every moment count as If It were our last I would have given Helen even more of my attention
I would never have wanted to let her out of my sight that Is of cause If  I could have seen what was around the
Live doesn't allow us to what's coming around the corner but If we could probably a bit frightening but on the other hand we would make every minute count as If It were our
Sky Yang Jan 22
food. i wonder what
money. tastes like, i wonder what
freedom. tastes like, i wonder what
you. taste like, i wonder what "taste" tastes like, you know, like

bOUNces off the
tip/ of/ my/ tongue, a tinny little--


skinny little--


--a thing,
some-thing, th-thing, th-thick,
a phull-er th-thing to
phill. me. up.
make me pheel

so p h u c k i n g


(ag-yen. ag-yaaeeen. mm.)
Johnny walker Jan 16
When first I met my
sweetheart It was If
she reached Inside
me and tied a ribbon
of light around my
That where once a
heart so dark did beat
she shone a light so
bright that's dimmed
since she's been
She reached In and placed  Ribbon light  around my heart that shone so bright but then dimmed when she passed away
Johnny walker Jan 16
Remember so well the days of my youth so much time spent looking In a mirror
messing about with my hair late going out because my hair was not looking right
So much Importance placed on just my hair and
now at my age 65, I shaved It all off I'm glad It's no longer there so much for the Importance of playing about with my
So much time wasted as a youth playing about with my hair worse than ladies with a bad hair day
Rita Sailor Jan 14
does it even counts as 'sticking around'
if i burned the bridges leading up to your front door?
now i'm in the eye of the storm
convincing myself you're the shelter
What goes around,
comes around.
So if you throw enough
bad into this world,
sooner or later,
it will come back at you.
Daniel eason Dec 2018
As the flames rise around me
I begin to think
Were these steps i took correct
Or just foolish
No more wishes or teeth to lose
I no longer get to press snooze
A mistake was made in the past
Regrets are here to last
A poem about choices made in my life
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