Tulips & Lavender
Strangled black rose hinder
it's parched pale lips

Tis' witch season  
swaying red drops of shame smudge this peel as old paper shards

The nights
howling demonic lurches beside my pillow
something cold undressing my skin’s façade from within

Splitting aside the white scars
Tearing fade wounds sway
Igniting the shooting comets under my skin
Burning this soul into them pretty stars in lover's kin

Some people fight their demons, I on the other hand became mine.

And you cannot run away from yourself

Most Demons
Hide in an
Angel's body

tory Sep 18

Wring out your heart dry
Before coming to us
Paint your lips black
Before coming to us
And darken your smile

what is this poem telling you?

my body suddenly jolts to an awoken state,
hands balling, head throbbing,
chest frantically rising and falling.
my eyes creep to the side of my face
to read "3:26AM"
remaining within a flashing, red state.
i fearfully gaze into my ceiling,
blazing into my chest is a
terror-like feeling.
my body trembling in discomfort,
over myself i have no power,
it's the time between three and four
known as the Devil's Hour.

Demy Molentor Sep 16

Hit it big
Hit it strong
Back to life
Back to cold

Dance alone
Laugh when dark
Be the raven
And the shark

And forget
Who forgot you.
Back to skies,
Why won't you.

Back to dark,
Or bight the dust
Let lose your demons
And feel the heart burst.

Just forget.
And after midnight don't you cry.
Back to lonely.
Back to dry.

I don't miss them anymore. No that crazy at least
Ari Sep 14

The seductive siren
Swimming in the angry seas of my life
Singing softly of the sweet peace
My tormented soul prays for.

I did not know I was in danger
Of drowning until I was close enough
To see the demons dancing
In the darkened depths of her eyes.

She caught me.


rose Sep 10

my demon is anger.
it rises and erupts in me;
i’m no longer a quiet, cool ocean,
but a fiery, angry volcano.
my demon escapes when i am weakest.
it wants me to be strong,
to dominate.
to destroy.
to be the best.
my demon is my curse.
it’s a part of me.
it makes me, me,
but i think it’s ugly.
it’s hideous.
i want to put an end to the anger,
but with two small hands
i can’t possibly stop a volcano.

i really wanted to see what people though of this. :/ it truly came from the bottom of my heart and i honestly don't know if it is quality poetry.

Hearts in hands we divide then we break down and we take flight.

No cause for fight the blind we lead, we shine the way, the sky we need.

No wings we crave it's faith instead, to take that leap is it in you're head?

Can you wake the dead? Can you lead the fallen?, Raise some hell the devil's callin.

Sorry I've been inactive uni has been keeping me busy :)

Somewhere in the deep ocean
there is a tremor, a shake,
the initiation of something
intensely destructive and cruel.
The waves move away from him in giant
ripples from where the underwater plates
crash and collide with his dark body,
sparking up and exploding
away from him, from each other.
He holds the earth together
until the shaking strain
corrupts his limbs
and he shudders, sending jagged
shockwaves through the earth
and into the inky water
surrounding him, out
towards the unexpecting land.

~~ Tsunami, 1/4 ~~
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