Each of us is special
Each a unique strand of data
Each owning an original self-image
Developed through experience and environment
An eternal evolution that is our personality

You will find nothing in likeness
It's the ideal that gives life to a shell
Birth to the persona of a human being
A great blessing nonetheless
However, a formidable curse when underestimated

This ideal is shaped through personal experience, as well as personal tragedy and loss

Giving a new light to a hidden darkness
Names you and I know well
Well known to humanity and the minds greatest of enemies

This a burden we all live with
For those of us too young to grasp this evil
Inevitably you will encounter it
Come face to face with it
Demon, monster, Devil if you see fit to give it a name

I know my own demons
I know my own devil it comes in a form that is unexpected
Loneliness is what I call it
Despite the difference in our ideal
Introverts and extroverts
We all need at least one companion
After all as a species we are social creatures

I seek it out the most with the least bit of success
Fate tempts me with inexplicable games
Once I grasp something it slowly but surely leaves my side

This thing killed someone very close to me
I will do anything to get away from it
However, my personality leaves little to be desired by others

If I continue down this road
Follow this path
I will die
Then let it be known
It wasn't a monster that killed me
No, being who I am killed me

Nothing hurts more then being forgotten...
Sometimes caring isn't the best thing in the world
You care and put effort only for it to be ripped away in a bloody gory mess...
Honestly I need to stop because its killing me and the loneliness is starting to creep in

Be gone!  Be gone!  Foul evil beast;
This is not my place of reckoning.
The guardians of light stand at my side
And death is not yet beckoning.

In foulest stench, I see you drenched,
In blood; I see you dripping.
But I am not for the taking yet;
I am still for the living.

Come back in time, of a dying future.
The time is not now; we are alive in this state.
In time you can take me to meet your master;
But now is my time to live, so leave this place!

Do not hover nearby hoping for easy pickings;
This body still stands and is not for the giving.
You are misguided, mistimed and mislead;
Off with your head, if you expect to take me away from this blessing.

The darkness does not haunt me, as you would wish;
So be gone foul beast!  Back to your bottomless pit.
My soul is still mine and you are out of your mind,
If you think I will stop suddenly;
Sooner than my time.

You are not my eclipse.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

A man walks into a bar, with his face covered in scars.
His eyes full of death, with horns on his head,
He is going to decide who to kill; his eyes are blood red.

The blood pours down from his fangs;
The blood pours down from his hands.
The demon is here to scare you all to tears.
The Devil is walking through the room taking your years.

Hold on, I’ve been waiting to say,
To the girl in flames who is now fading away.
You set me on fire with your loving desire.

Sitting here with Mr. Madness;
He is watching me express my sadness.
You cannot take her from me;
She gave me her soul to hold and to keep.

Her sins are not for sale, to you inside this bar;
She is good, she is pure, she is more than you could imagine.
She is going to become a shooting star;
You cannot turn this romance into a tragedy.

I will fight for her heart and you cannot take her body;
You are pure evil and I will go in her place.

“You are not the one I came here for,
But I do like the look of fear, upon your face.
It is here that I stand and I stand here a man;
I’m crossing bridges and burning them behind me.
The fire within burns inside of me and I need my release…
So she must become deceased.”

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Gnarled around
Your rotten core
Flesh and blood
Disintegrating gore

Shambling along
A decaying corpse
Eyes closed tight
Now they no longer work

Each tread endured
Drains your dirty soul
Never once worthy
Never once whole

Your thoughts run so filthy
For that you've always been guilty

So chant along
To the darkness that is night
The darkness that permeates
This stagnant life

Your on a desolate road
To your own destruction
Never able to exist
Without deaths seduction

Stripped of flesh
With every person you encounter
No sense of self worth
So your soul they devour
Your surrender to their torture
Gives them all of your power

Hang your head and take what's due
You know you deserve it
And know it's for you

Savouring the pain
That's stripping you bare
It's all you understand
A demonic affair
Demons possess you
In this unholy lair
Always together
As your life they snared.
Can it be?
Those selfish eyes still hold my desire.
They capture my need, and quench my thirst.
How can that be?
As I linger in the shadows,
I capture the sense of her presence, taunting me.
She's beside me.
Knowing I can't escape her longing stare.
I flinch as I sense a tug.
I notice I'm moving away from those deep, dark eyes.
I reach for her, knowing what she holds is the key to my Pandora's box.
I'm awake.
I see nothing more than my own heart upon my sleeve.
I feel no more, as I get up and look in the mirror.
She's right there, looking right at me.
Her crooked smile gives it away, and I realize what is real.
The true demon... Is me.
Umi Apr 14
What I am,
Is not what you are,
Because unlike you, I never was human.
Never was able to really feel emotions, which you all adore,
Been called a demon for that reason, a monster which was deserted,
Emptiness, calm and drenched in the sorrow of never fitting in is what embellishes me, an ornament of true, cruel sadness, undetected.
And yes, I don't understand you, perhaps I don't even want to, knowing what humans are like, I accepted my fate of being alone,
I let my fingernails grow long and sharp to at least fit into the picture of a monster you have put me, because what else do I have left ?
A heart, perhaps which desires to take those under its wing whom suffered the same tragity, orphans with no place or rejected, abused.
And a body, carrying a thousand marks done by a knife, or these nails, in a cold desperate wishing to be normal at least for a day, to not be alone and deserted, with no one left to talk but a silly pen, a pocket watch which is about to stop ticking calmly, gently very soon.
An ember of light, triggers some emotions at rare occasions, which fade into nothingness as the day begins to face it's end, ah, phantoms
So, what I am,
Is not what you are,
Because I am...
A demon.

~ Umi
Living with the asperger syndrome is sure a pain, at least for me.
Aa Harvey Apr 14
A scarlet beast.

A scarlet beast is hunting me, as I run through the shadows.
It will not cease its pursuit of me;
I wish for peace in dandelion meadows,
But night has fallen, the beast is unleashed!
The panic awoken; the light I seek.

In rain-dropped puddles, I plant my feet;
In rain-dropped puddles, I hear the beast.
Still I run and still the beast runs;
I only see darkness, when I am crying out for a sun!

Like the barrel of a gun, I am trapped in this tunnel;
At the end is my death, the bullet brings my funeral.
Above and beyond!  I am shot through the clouds;
I fall and I land safe in angel arms, peace has taken over me now.

Safe in this haven, secure this place is the cure;
For my fear evaporates into a memory.
I was ripped apart and torn from the world;
My body may be in ruins, but my soul is concrete.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
FreeMind Apr 13
A tempting desire arises when I look inside your eyes,
Such history and mystery concealed by just one smile.

To rob me of my conscious and free me of distress,
Makes you the best of demons that I have ever met.

Now take me away, down the empty hidden hole,
And promise me to cure all of my broken soul...
Umi Apr 12
Ah, you see bad dreams,
If you shut your eyes, then go to sleep, alone, terrified of the landscape of the built fantasies within the realm of wonderful dreams
But not even when you're awake you can be save, the nightmares are departing, becoming your reality, if you'd never wake up once you go to bed at night, of course you'd concider it to be more than alright...
The innocence of an angel, is a given once you have passed out,
Because this world feels so unreal, that the imaginated landscape has more truth to it than the wandering amongst an earth with falsities,
Just make sure I wouldn't die, I murmured to my darling as I was swept away, by the wonderous embrace of a soft blanket covering me
With spring dreams blooming eternally, you could fly through space
But a dream may always behold, a world of nightmares never seen before, hidden in a wonderland where they crawl into bloody despair
Once you have closed your eyes, it is called a good night, but remember, your demon, your otherside awaits you in a place with no end, yet no beginning, once you become exhausted as if it was hell,
But even the embrace of such bad dreams seems better than the depression, monsters and cruelty of reality you're escaping from...
So you keep visiting this world more often longer each passing day
What are you seeing in my reddish eyes ? Can I say good morning now, Darling ?
For now, let's say have a good  sleep.

~ Umi
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