Mike D 2d
Everyone has secrets
We keep them to ourselves

It's the magnitude that dictates
who among us goes to Hell
With the mindset of course of strictly secrets deemed negative/evil/bad and the scale they would be on.

Written: February 22, 2018

All rights reserved
the pale blue avieli come and greet me,
my toes dipped far past the skim of the surface.
my ankles, small and knobbed,
gently sway, nodding left to right.

the lovat seagrass spindles and knots with passing aquatics,
smoothly unraveling once through.

the demon, who seems to skirt around this area
of deep greens and violet hues,
lightly takes hold of the flesh of my human legs,
gripping the bone between darkened talons.

it beckons, “what a delicate creature.”

the zephyr of summer leads to misjudgment.
warm, honey-soaked humidity drenches my mother’s linen.
bowls of pomegranate left on granite countertops.

i pull myself in deeper
sulked with an internal despondence.

my eyes seem to catch the reflection of light
of the glistening fangs of a predator.
yet still, i let myself sink into him.

he grasps onto my shoulders, flushed and olive,
dappling the swimming pool with red puddles- a sweet nectar.
holes filling the side of my bovine face.
spurious cinematic comfort.

the shadowy figure proceeds to engulf
my carameled view with the bitter fruit of
knowing the end of a story
before it has had the chance to begin.
Vyscern 4d
I see these demons with my eyes,
Hear the demons in my mind
And I'm left wondering if true comfort
Could ever leave the skies

The only angels I ever knew,
Existed in my world
Fated to dance with a devils hand,
Tumble, twist, spin and twirl

There is one that's rescued me,
From my path she set me free
And it would be a crime to commit
The acceptance of defeat

The chains of her love,
Fit around me like a hug
When she hasn't seen me in a while,
I'm the crow and she's the dove

Two opposites who seem the same
Species at least with neither tamed
Unless we're in each others arms
Such memories are pictures framed

Her love is strong where I am not,
I'm beaten down, blind and lost
The only light that guides me fair
Hell or heaven, fire or frost

It hurts to know that I'm infected
Malicious mind, I keep rejected
While virus-like it spreads in me
She's safe right here, she's now protected

Heart may stumble, words may fumble
The world could crash and burn and crumble
But as long as my love lives by my failing heart
For her, I'd forever tumble
I love you Beth. It's a pity I can never love myself the way you love me....
Demonatachick Feb 11
You are mine I am yours
Lets ignore our flaws
Let's ignore the facts
That you're not me and I'm not you
But opposites attracts.
Magnetism-Not 100% on this one but I'd thought I'd share :D hope everyone is having a good weekend
ApoetIsonly Feb 8
I’m like standing water on a broken road
Seeping into the cracks and holes
Filled with dirt and debris

Pleasing to the eye
It’s inevitable to get jumped in
Once again spread too thin

Whatever the case may be
There are no complaints to be made
Caution: when frozen I become a slippery icecapade
Gretchen Feb 6
gnashing teeth and broken wings
spilt blood reflecting heavens glow
a chilled sweat in the summer sun
golden ichor mixed with pitch tar
gleaming light and scarred horns
iridescence floating on acrid gasoline

you were the closest thing to holy i'd seen outside of church paintings
i was almost afraid to touch you with my dirtied hands
how was it that while i soiled you, you greeted me like a friend
I don't believe in angels or demons, but if we're not the closest thing i've ever seen

By: Gretchen
Vyscern Feb 6
Time to start talking about all the dirt
Yknow, the kind of words that can rack up the hurt
The fading heartbeats and the anxious hands as well huh
I'm half the reason y'all be goin' to Hell

You left me out, let me down, and kicked me right in the ribs
Tellin' everybody that it's all just for gigs
Havin' a laugh while i suffer, and so i suffered so
All the light in my eyes gone, showing no hope

Til i met this one girl, as i was parting my ways
Her beauty and her caring kinda left me amazed
Here was a girl that I love and will always hold onto
A keeper, no cheater, I'll love her coz i want to

Can't help but think about her night and day
She's the reason why I'm always up so late
And if anybody dare to try and take her away
You won't see the Sun again, no matter how you pray

But although she's a happy light in my life
She's not the reason all you fucks got me thinking suicide
Not because I'm scared, nor because I'm weak
But because you're all fucked and I'm not allowed to be me

So you see, I'm quite caught up in all the drama
Can't trust my father, can't tell my mama
Speaking to my family is worse than my friends
And some of you friends have a blade in your hands

Ready to stab me in the back if i talk
So while I'm saying these words, I'm also walking the walk
Only three know, and those i keep close
The rest of you would kill me if you ever got to know

And its this pain and this struggle, this secret that i keep
It's like my stomach is a demon and this acid likes to eat
Working at my guts, my heart and my mind
Making me convinced that this world should just die

Let the ground be the kindling and let me be the lighter
An evasive arsonist who is kept from reaching higher
So the only thing going up is everyone in smoke
Hope you're fucking happy now, stand up and fucking gloat

Another one down with some metal for a crown
A headcase for a waste of space always locked into a frown
So I'll keep sitting here and telling you that everything is shit
If you don't like the truth well you can fucking deal with it
swearing, swearing, cuss-words are fun. stuff the censorship, these notes are dumb
Never neverland upon a twilight sky,
where children play forever
whilst forgotten parents cry.
Fairytale amnesia
mythie Jan 31
What's the difference between an angel and a devil?

Both have powers and are worshipped.
Both have powers unthinkable to mankind.

Both can look illegally beautiful.
Both can have wings.

When you think about it,
Lucifer was just a fallen angel.

Perhaps every "demon" or every "devil."
Is just an angel in disguise.

They didn't want to live constricted.
They lived in a cage that God had built.

Even the scariest demons have some light.
So look inside yourself.

Find redemption.
mythie Jan 31
Isn't it funny how a lot of fears.
Have never been seen in reality?

They fear clowns.
But have never seen one in person.

They fear the ocean.
But have never drowned.

They fear heights.
But have never fallen.

I think it's funny.
Because a lot of people fear demons.

You've never seen a demon.
Yet, I have.

Demons aren't that scary.
They're just like you or me.

They long to be loved.
To be appreciated.

They want to feel valued.
They want to feel worthy.

At the end of the day.
Don't we all want that?

So put down your pitchforks.
Put down your torches.

Grab your closest demon.
And give them affection.
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