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Black sky with pale light compared to your beauty
Your smile looks so bright on this starry night
Tints of blues, wondering how are you?

She begins to stare and laugh into the air
Will my chances be forever there?

Her sparkling eyes as beautiful as a diamond up high
Why oh' why is your smile so close yet, so dry.

Your smile goes up towards the moonlight,
Your heart goes towards the sun
My thought go towards my ***'
I drift back to sleep in the deep
I awake fully in my seat.
I found a girl in class with an interesting bright smile. I wonder how she can smile like that? Should I ask? (I hope for her sake its reality.)
Silence, Silence.
No air blowing in the room,
just silence, silence.
Closed space, heavy breathing, sleeping giant.
The cuddling teddy, sleeping with no blankets, just silence.
Demon comes, demon comes, demon comes!!
Door opens, the squeak of the door,
The handle of the door ****, a break in silence.
‘Holds the teddy, lifts it up, puts it up on his neck.
This is just too silent!
The crying birds, the barking dogs,
‘Must be a break of silence.
The waking teddy, the waking giant.
Tall figure, the ground is far to reach.
‘Holds its neck, its squishy, soft.
Breaks its neck,
The end to my silence, the end to the demons silence, the end to all silence.
A Short Poem About A Demon That's Inside And  Around
I’m a sinner

I loved
I lived
I ******
I kissed
I cried
I lied
I prayed
I died

Still got no demons in my mind...
first, close your eyes.
imagine that a daemon haunts
your feebly mind.

second, realize that all you know is false.
your senses failed you
closing doors in the brain's halls.

next, further scepticism.
the grounds of your knowledge
fall into absurdism

what can i know of then
that must be true?
surely, my experience cannot be my friend

now think of all this,
and it might just whisper
like a snake's hiss

you are thinking all along
it is definite
your thoughts are your thoughts, after all.

the reality you live in might be full of sham,
but remember this:
i think, therefore, i am.
A poetic take on Descartes' Demon.
RBWhite Dec 2
Stars and tears lead the sky,
In a Moonless night deprived of yellow light,
Stock White remains bright,contrasting  heavily when the Demon decides to arrive,
So soon,such a shame,
When Angels started to lead her cruel way,
And now she said and did everything she was meant to be,
Shedding blood from Earths and Skies,
As if nothing else was going to mend her own wounds,
But she sure saw the Demon crawl,
The second her smile brought back the Yellow Light.
Everything we sacrifice will form an important part of who we are.
Demonatachick Nov 30
I take a pebble and cast it to the mountain of that which I wish to forget

It stops the pain for awhile

But sometimes they roll back and find themselves at my feet

And I know I must embrace the truth but in honesty my mountain looms and I would sooner leap from it then have it topple upon me
gotta love that seasonal depression  :D
The feeling when I relapse
As though I have to start over again
Right back to the beginning
When I was so much closer to the end
Depression is like fighting a demon
That regenerates every time
Sometimes it takes longer
I start to think everything is fine
As I get stronger, it also gets stronger
But then I fail to catch up
So then when it gets stronger
Whatever I do doesn't seem enough
The demon then consumes me
So I submit to gather my strength
Through tears and mental perseverance
I escape to battle it again
Lenchen Nov 24
I have been burnt at stake
like a witch on trial.
The cloying smoke would always cut off my cries for help.

I have been dragged through ****
like a sinner brought to justice.
The demons know me by name.

I have been thrown into the earth’s core
like a ****** sacrificed.
The heat of the beast below whipping at my back.

And in all my fiery encounters,
I always knew with certainty,
that the flames will see me die.

But when I sit at your fireplace,
it’s like I’ve never known fire at all.
Johnny walker Nov 23
When I was a kid I used to
hear voices, nobody In my
family ever believed me, to
this very day, I say they were voices of my Guardian
During child abuse when locked In the dark alone by my mother, I would hear the voices of In the distance gradually becoming
I would hear them gathered around they were talking about my mother how they could stop her abusing me telling me to be strong that I would survive this abuse
And that I needed to carry on for life had a purpose and would have meaning In the coming years, I believe they were telling me of a the
I'd be married and have a son but would be years to come and go before this to happen and I'd suffer but would be rewarded If
I was patient
I was only 3 years old at the time but at the age 45 I heard the voices again having not heard them In over 42 years
And that's when the voices told me to write a letter to my wife to be, or regret not doing so for the rest of my
And I believe that's what my Guardian Angel was telling all those years
ago survive the
For one day you'll be
happy and reap the rewards, the moral of my
story don't always fear the voices heard In your head they be me your Guardian Angels come to rescue
Don't always fear your voices In your head for they may be the voices of Guardian Angel come to rescue you from your demons
Demonatachick Nov 21
To say goodbye; that dreaded word, is one I'd rather left unheard.
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