I hope you wern't planning on recinding or otherwise negating
Any sort of promise or promises you may have made
It would be a shame if you came out all this way
Just to find that I take great pains in the protection of my name

Or more likely you'll be the one in pain

Offered to hell as an infant I was born admist flame
Knocking down doors with each new refrain
Quick wit and free form thought
Fought off devil after monster every cut or wound a stain

You've no idea just how much I stand to gain

Tempt fate
Take that jump
You'll need a name change, and multiple states
Later I'll still find out
Treck though death itself, and
I'll teach you what my lifes about

Make your call, and make it now

I'm getting really fucking bored

Donna S Jones Apr 20

Wings of darkness unfold against the night.
To banish the comfort from the rays of light
The stars flicker and the moon dimly shines,
And the specter echoes a hungry whine.

The stalking beast hunts greedily
A battle for souls waiting patiently
Sovereign on a throne secured by demons
Dominion formed with pride’s own semen

The law is clear, it must be a choice
A soul forfeited by one’s own voice
With a laugh of mirth so many are lost
A covenant forged despite the cost

Lucifer consumes and wickedly schemes
Profiting from evil and possessive dreams
Blatantly he plots to win
And thus he profits from a sin

Once you decline your soul
He forever has a hold
You succeed to uphold his reign of evil and insanity
In a place where he reigns with reverence to his vanity

Across a sea of blood and tears
Condemned to stay for all the years
By his side to where he fell
Banished to a place called hell

He looks normal to you
But not to me
I have seen
Standing behind him
Unfurling huge rotten black wings
He has a Daemon on him

Now I smell his charnel house smell
I see the unholy fire in his furnace eyes
He will stalk your every move
Blot out the sun
Blacken your skies

All rights reserved
Demonatachick Apr 13

My future and my heart, I'll share them both with you, you're happyness my goal in life, nothing i wouldn't do.

To live amongst the countryside where we both enjoy the view, where birdsong greets the rising sun and the day begins anew.

We'd lay amoungst the scented grass and watch the sky change hue, as there's nowhere else I'd rather be than in the arms of you.

Chamomile kisses- chamomile is my favorite fragrance and i am lucky enough to have it growing on my lawn, summer has just begun here and when i lay outside i am enveloped by the scent of chamomile, hence the phrase "scented grass"

Sorry I haven't been posting in awhile , life has been playing it's hand,

I've had a chat before
In a large, silver cell,
With two different men
Who both belonged to hell.
They'd forced a woman's body
To bend to their own will
They'd both done so with a grin,
And that gave me a chill.
I asked the two men, Why?
They both spoke easily.
The first said Lustful pleasure
The other said Love you see
I turned around and left the room,
His face I could no longer bear.
To think he'd rape in the name of love
Honestly gave me a scare.

I might be a guy, but that doesn't mean I'm not affected by the horrors of molestation and rape. I have a sister who I hope never goes through that. Don't joke about rape, ever. It's not funny. Whether your a guy or girl, it's not funny to mess with.

I have tasted darkness,
and oh how bitter-sweet it was on my tongue.
It electrified my taste buds
and sent my body numb.
I had never felt a rush vibrate my bones
from the eruption of tears
escaping from eye to cheek.
what an odd sensation
to smile for being weak.
i'm victim to my demons
and their persuasive way of speech.
hanging by my fingertips,
fascinated by how they bleed.
one slight movement and my spirit will soar.
tempting to not only try,
but succeed the evil deed.

Demonatachick Mar 27

Wastes of space, we the scapegrace, blank expressions, poker face.

You're my ace, ahead in the race, they're second place, a futile chase.

Stakes growing higher like an untamed fire, their inevitable pyre, situations dire.

Those who were bold, i watched their hands fold, those who seemed braver, i watched as they waivered, as they fretted and regretted, i watched their faces fall, like a delicate house of cards, gingerly balanced, standing tall.

But i have nout to fear, for my secret ace is here, hidden up my sleeve, to which i dearly cleave, they all want to believe, as losing's what they fear, but losing's all they'll get, while my secret ace is near.

Scapegrace- a mischievous or wayward person, especially a young person or child; a rascal.
Afiqah Mar 24

I try not to resent over  
the failure of
unpeeling the little layers of myself
the sightly, delicate wicked ones
that you’ve kept so guarded  
to salve the belongings
among all the other broken things
before you took off your skin that settles
in your room closet
sounds rather sufficing enough
than to let this almost heart slip backward
wrapped in the demon’s breath


Demonatachick Mar 23

Beneath this stone there is a heart, it does not beat when we're apart, it does not move, to you I'd prove, my heart remove, its yours to take, but for my sake, to dull this ache, to fill this space that i did make, exchange me yours, there is no clause, there is no test, in me invest, you're heart bequest, our souls coalesce, our love confessed,

                      Forever blessed.

christiaan barnard was the first person to successfully perform the first human to human heart transplant on December 3rd 1967

Don't ask me how I got here, kid.
unless every time your College head hears the 20th century definition of "Awesome" or "Adventure"
You can hear "sandstorm" instead
wrap the lust in caution tape.
don't want you finding out
Our feet
are the same size.
you're anxious

can't you sit still?

you afraid of bein' caught?

Let me tell you a secret.
nobody is watching you.

If you really wanna learn how to get here

live by that.

I assumed you wanted something?
Follow me.
don't be afraid of that cloud Over there
He just plays guitar
for cigarettes
So he can smoke 'em
Simple man, that Smokey
Not in the kiddy selling business,
Or a mercenary, or part of the
in and out
and in and out and in
and out
Of jail crew
he just plays guitar
and smokes cigarettes.
marlboro reds.
how many did you want?
Would you stop talkin' so fast?

remember not to take more than two.

And you're eating?

I take care of you...

how about a kiss?

Oh, ho
ho And you were scared of the clouds.

Light it.

put your clothes on kid.
good luck on your finals.

remember to eat.

remember who takes care of you.

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