See the sun shining and the hillsides so green
The meadows reflecting the faint morning light
The lilies they blossom in nature's wide screen
While the air feels Fresh after the clear pristine night

I love the dewdrops on my bare feet
Anticipating the summer heat
But I have to leave this sweet landscape behind
The blue sky has taken my peace of mind

This beauty was all I have known for years
Since I left you, steadfast but torn and in tears
You gave me freedom to follow my heart
I missed you every second we were apart

I told you I had a promise to keep
A lifetime ago and a love so deep
We will close the circle in a perfect agreement
Keeping my word I knocked out my Demon

I made a vow to come back to you
If you ever only still wanted me to
One last loving look back to the greenfields afar
Don't wipe off the tear as I walk to my car

Memories of past years come to my mind
Distant dreams of a life left behind
Piercing through my heart like cut glass
I smile through my tears while I step on the gas

The road takes me down to our favourite place
Where I told you good-bye through a dolorous haze
Parked the car, I walk down the street
Anxious to see you, I'm stumbling on my feet

Now I am standing on this holy ground
Waiting for you to come around
The sun shines in my face, so gently and warm
I blink and I smile as I wake up in your arms

Closing the circle by using some black magic to vanquish the Demon you created from a singularity. In the circle the two lines will cross in the middle while the outer curves will be the farthest away from each other. For justification the two have to be unified again. Take the deal willingly for a greater good and you will stay righteous. The Devil will give you redemption.

What do you call someone so free,
Someone whom I'm pretending to be

What do you call someone who doubts,
who's insecurities rise and inner fears shouts

Call me what you like
Not too sure on this one but I thought I'd post it :D

A bed, a simple place to rest my head, a frame to lay and practice death.

Practice makes perfect
May add more to this later

House collapsing around me, fragile foundations surrounding.

Worries revolving
Walls dissolving

DIY russian roulette, take a shot, pull the trigger, it's not as if you're worries can get any bigger.

Follow the pipes, plug the leak, watch out for mice, fear the squeak.

Nests in the attic, hungry chicks craving all, but if this rot continues, both our houses shall fall.

Risk, a pipe burst in my friends house and know they need to rip out an entire wall as it's rotted, it gave me inspiration to write this

Something igniting within me
constantly pulls them in,
a solar flare
drawing creatures of the dark
into my body. I am hollow,
skin worn
by the bodies of moths
to shelter themselves
from the darkness. I am a haven
of addiction, hooking
you on my light and drowning
you with my power. I switch
on in a heartbeat
and stay lit, eyes burning
with desire, hands shaking
with sacrifice.
Thistles embedded
in the palms, stabbing me,
clenching my fists into them
to embrace a darkness
I am unable to possess
within. Blood reminders
of what it once felt like
to be afraid and in the dark,

~~ Phobias #4: Mottophobia, the fear of moths. ~~

I wish that I could cry for you,
But those days have long since passed and my eyes have shed their last

I wish I wouldn't lie to you,
But from my lips it slips and from my forked tounge, venom drips

May add more to this later :)

Everything has history, take this table, it's legs worn and chipped, it's face stained and ripped, it's fragile frame is shaking, from woodworm now it's breaking

Take this girl, her smile worn and chipped, her face tear stained and stripped, her fragile frame is shaking for her heart is slowly breaking

Closer, just a few skribbles I've been working on :D

These poems are just words I write to help pass sleepless nights, for when you're hearts not close and the sky has lost its lights.

Nocturnal yearning
Hiya guys I'm so sorry I've been so inactive I'm gonna try my best to catch up with everything I've missed!

Let's sing a song
Cause the demons cry
While the angels die
Cause they were lovers of us

Let's sing a song
Colour pinkies blue
Just for me and you
Cause it's the colour of us...

When I was a kid I was afraid of death...
Now I'm afraid of death for the angels...
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