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A disaster, written in
old English script,
flourished with dreams
and colorful ink
when all that's needed
was pencil and paper to think,

"all that was wished for
was a lover, or maybe
just another drink."

Drowning in words,
senseless and pale pink
on a glass table of dust
and faculties on the brink
of breaking to shards
pieces - this disaster of a being
is me, needing more than sleep -

Vanilla lingering, scenting the bed,
fairy lights enchant dreary nights
dancing and still the dreamer sleepless,
restless - dream catcher by the door
guarding, keeping wily dreams in
little does the little dreamer know
resentment and nightmares are what
he is keeping, and demons
in the shadows, born of his mind
loud secretly living in his abode.

A demon who remembers
how white wings once felt,
how heavenly light caressed once,
how angelic song sounded,
in silent rebellion of
what this demon is now -
a war waged against himself
for a chance to find light,
and fly feathers once again.

A disaster,
A dreamer,
A demon,
all in one,
all from
one life -
Monsters still roam these streets,
Their names written in every sunset,
Pronounced like wind whispering through barren trees,

They rake their claws through your hair,
Dripping ichor-venom,
Long, wicked and dirt-caked,

And they dip tentacles in your pockets,
Taking a cent here, a dollar there,
Bleeding you dry, starving you out,

These horrors call you ****, lonely,
Give you poisons as glamours,
And name themselves friend,

These beasts steal into your soul,
Become closer than your heart,
And tell you who you are.
Dani 3d
Oh my sweet demon how I adore you so
We have ridden together many years
Your whispers comfort me when I’m low
You create and extinguish all my fears

You bring me the anxiety that’s grown closely
To my racing heart and dark mind
You bring me the shadows I love so dearly
Why do you have to be so sweet and kind?

I have grown up with you by my side
At first my enemy now ...  best friend
My heart is dark from where you reside
Leave! I ask, but this rule you will not bend

My sweet demon you are in my head
Taunting me and speaking sweet terrors
I cannot **** you for you sleep in my bed
You live in me because of all my errors

Demon, you bring familiarity in the night
The shadows that follow us I know too well
They are our friends too, of that I’m right
Spinning me forever, a never ending carousel
We all have our demons, those things we call baggage, or flaws. We carry them, we hold them, we fight them. Yet, they never truly leave us do they? They taunt us for all our lives.
Milan 4d
it isn't some fairy fiction or a dark verbal snipe,

it is a tribute to an explorer and his atypical psychic hype.

Not long ago, this lost explorer met a new friend,

But he was already scarred, he was afraid to even shake hand,

this new friend of his, was full of ebullience and light,

whereas he was just a desolate soul known as the pall knight,

She wanted to create a bond, forged from love and care,

but he was chained with all the hate and isolation, he had to bear,

she gave him a source of light, she guided him out of this maze,

she annihilated the viscous demons, pacified his obnoxious rage,

its like she was sent for him, to fill his blank page,

to color his dark canvas of life, to end his forlorn stage.

he then felt a warmth in his frozen soul, he felt more alive and restored.

there was no limit to how much grateful he was,

for she freed him from a deception.

there was no limit how tranquil his soul was,

for it was guided to a superior inception.

Then when he was just ready to say hi,

to this new friend, with whom he wanted to fly,

and all these new feelings, he wanted to try,

he ran all the way to her place, he searched for his angel,

instead he found a note that inscribed,

" I'm glad you found yourself, now stay the same until you die,

maybe we'll cross our paths here or maybe in the paradise,

but you will always find me within you, if you try,

take care my friend, for now its a goodbye."
I'm still looking out for her, following my instincts....
Looking back through one’s life, we see evil shadows hiding.
Hiding behind every possible excuse to lay dormant,
being covered over by every illustrious expression,
lest they be exposed to the truth,
rendering the soul ruthlessly in pain
while blowing apart our mind again!
Bailey 5d
Mirrors ahead
In my eyes
Blood runs red
As I cry
Please go home
Smile white as he said
I'm your demon
From your head
Had a conversation
with my own personal demon
he said he misses his ****

I told him to stay
Whose grave do i go visit when i miss you?
D Letwixt Oct 2
Enter forest green and black
wherein treetops shade pathways leading back
the wind malevolent grins with mirthful eyes
a playful ill-will as cats before their mice.

It is not the fear of bitter cold
nor of darkness stories old
it is something moving in these aged trees
that brings shivers down to-- What trav'lers these?

Who walk with downcast eyes below the hidden sky
and bowing step forth unto demise.

When moon does show it's drowsy eye
and once red is blue as the night
what lurks between boughs of green and gold
has blackened heart from lies once told
saunters 'fore the wooden place
where young men end their race.

What trav'lers these who call before the fight
They- with no weapon- shout with might
To live and die in mighty storm
and one day take on heaven's form

The feared one raises head and claws
perching soundless to cause their painful fall
"Let me hear your ending call, that *** or devil
may not forsake you all."

"We have no gods nor demons, no angels nor devils for us to call
for we are men of faithless earthly hall
who come to bear the earthly yoke
of life short lived and death's unrighteous ******;"

"we walk to death and nothing after
as is custom of those with little faith
hear our cry oh merciful wraith
that we might pass under your yellow eye
as those who live and ask nought but time from life
that we may eat and drink our fill of what might be had
and drunken die before mad-ness take
and for other lives and worlds we save our fate
and we praise heavens and gods contrived in faithful tirade!"

Scrutinizing these travelers with delicate stare
the wraith had never seen such men that would enter the forest lair
With a laugh he let them pass
gods be with them and send them fast.

This last humor bore them along
to lands and drinks where their song is still sung
and the lives they lived were none too long.
Amor Fati
Wyatt Oct 1
A demon bathing in flames,
his horns are ever-evident.
Hear him roar, hear him howl
as he terrorizes the residents.
The giant was feared
across the countryside.
Out of control, out of mind.
The war generals march on
and prepare to tranquilize,
yet they cannot succeed.
In search of tranquility
the demon destroys again,
looking for kindness
but he’s misunderstood.
It’s a cycle repeating again,
he’s forced to retreat
as the people overwhelm him.
In a darkened cave,
his visual grimace
draws the attention of a
beautiful girl draped in white,
with a smile so kind
she comforts a demon
who’s ran out of flames.
He pleads with the girl
to leave him as he is,
for he knows that
he will destroy her.
As he finishes sobbing
and he’s brought to a calm,
the girl reveals
what’s under her hood.
There sits two small horns
perched on top of her head.
She, as well
was avoided like the plague.
She hummed a song
that was hauntingly familiar,
it’s the same song
the demon used to
lull himself to sleep
in the cold nights.
She was an angel
who was cursed
just as he was.
He always angrily searched
for his tranquility, yet he
never knew what to do
once he had found her.

She was Tranquility
and he was Demon,
together they
soared new skies.
Ms Noma Sep 30
My personality might appear
                                                                    and disjointed
                  Two jigsaw pieces that don’t    

                   But trust me when I say

                                       They are all equally me

You might not recognize the                                                  **** bits

Because I try so hard to keep them hidden

Like that ***** pencil
         at the bottom of your bag

That your mind has absolutely forbidden
        another soul to steal a glance
                                                                at your evil demon.
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