This is worrisome
Troubling even
The more I grow, the more I change
So does he.

I sense him every moment now, the cold that froze hell, the descendant of hyde, my twin, my brother, my darkness

Out of everything I fear him the most, he represents the devil within me, my potential for destruction and darkness

He haunts my nightmares, prophecies my fall , the moment I become him.
The end of my humanity
The end of Tony

The numb feeling of his presence
The curse of the personification of hatred and greed
I can't run fore he lives within

Good vs evil
Let's see who wins.....

"Staring back at my reflection thinkin'
'Bout the hand of cards I've been holdin'
When I'm upset it's hard to control it
Soon as I'm fully charged, I unload it......
Heart is frozen with some vengeance......
There's a grinch inside that tells me to write offensive lines
If the shit I do doesn't make sense in your head
fuck you cause it makes sense in mine"
-Marcus Jamal Hopson
I am this monster
This monster of rhyme
I hide in the shadows touched by no-one but time
From the deep we have risen and still we do climb
Myself and my conscious this monster of mine
Hamsa- used to ward off evil spirits.
angels and demons perch on my soul,
who will win today?

angels sing sweet praises of righteousnesses,
demons whisper temptations to the soul.

both stronger than any human's will,
let them fight for control over mortals.

somedays the angel wins others the demon does,
each day I grow stronger to banish them away.
CJ 4d
I want to scream
I want to cry
I just want to put a blade into my thigh

I want to buy a weapon
I wan to buy a gun
I just want to shoot the demon inside of everyone

I want to suicide
I want to feel pain
I just want to shoot the bullet right through my brain

Its a race
loneliness and depression
Who will get me
Hell or heaven
Anshara 4d
Pure and true; wings of innocence
Everything new and no clue
Different paths; right and wrong
Fall, get up and fall again.

Tainted wings; sins reveal
Chaste and veracious; demon's mate
Sins of the past uncover themselves
Guitly freed and angelic punished.

Pride, envy, greed, wrath, gluttony and lust
Distract the youth; the devil conquers
Deadly as they sound, but easy to follow
Contract signed? Sacrifice is yours.

"I'm sorry, forgive me" shouldn't be heard
Every string is now with someone else
Don't run away, don't hide; face and cope
All's too bad, but it's too sweet;
It's too EVIL...
Hey guys here I am with another of my poems.. Hope you all like it.
It's inspired from BTS's album Wings..
Listen to it if you guys are interested in Kpop! It's beautiful.. Don't forget to read some of the theories too... It will make you think about it all the time!

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Thank you.

Life surrounds me, theres no escape, theres no recluse in this bustling landscape.

Suffocating in green as the leafy trees lean, they're arms embrace as lovers bringing shade to endless summers.

But truly they are one to admire when all I do is rebuff and respire.
May change the ending later I hope everyone is having a great summer
Call me
C r a z y
For talking to
M y s e l f
It's better than my
T h o u g h t s
talking to me

Telling me to go to the
D a r k n e s s
Where my
D e m o n s
But it's only in my
H e a d

They're in my head.
Dark thoughts and whispers of voices
Aa Harvey Jun 8
The Flibbertigibbet

Such a ludicrous name, unto you may never have been heard;
But The Flibbertigibbet Demon lives in the land of words.
They hide there in The Thesaurus, in front of our eyes,
Like The Devils spies in paradise.

The bookworm with tapeworm, failed to see The Flibbertigibbet;
But then one day The Bookworm, just happened to come across it.
It stood out from the rest, because it didn’t sound human;
Then I read the description and it simply said Demon.

The demonic disguise, lead to the corruption of the mind.
It is now forever entwined, with the Flibbertigibbet inside.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
KAE Jun 8
He told me once: “I would like to enter your mind”.
Darling, you don’t know what you’re saying.
The first time you enter, you will never be able to leave again. It’s a labyrinth with no way out.
Also, you are going to be afraid about all of my darkest secrets.
You will want to run away but you can not.
The Dybbuk Jun 7
You will always be my angel.
When I see the right path, it will be your words that guide me.
I just wish, pray, want, need...
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