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Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Being human, we all
have that ability to hurt,
harm and ****
Life and death are powers
in all our tongues
and you don't seem to
get that what you say
has weight
Once you think your
words, know what
to day and don't
You never know what
demons each person
Yes, they may smile
but your cruel words
adds to their pain
adds to them corroding
on the inside
They may be dancing
near the edge with
death talking in
their ear and you
may be the give
them that final push
They will take death
by the hand with
their faith in human
kindness crushed
People want to live
but many just survive
Don't make anyone
feel numb or more
dead inside
I'm feeling really reflective this morning.
People don't seem to get that words have weight and can destroy a life.
Be careful what you say and who you say it to.
Depression, anxiety, loneliness, suicidal
These feelings are no joke.
I felt like I had to write this.
I'm not an angel, I'm a sinner like everyone else. I have said things I should not have said. I have done things I should not have done. I'm no better than anyone else. But I've learned. Who I was at 13 or 18 is not the same person I am at 23. As I age physically, I age mentally.
Please to anyone who feels low, know you are loved. Please get help. People will strike you down but never let it destroy you.
Never ever underestimate the power of human kindness.
Be back soon.
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
Let eternity dance on the soul of our lips
Let two become one in a star-studded
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Sitting on the window sill of my Chamber,
in a state of dwam.

Zephyrs dance; opened letters on my cherry-wood
gilt-of-gold desk.

News of new Kings and Queens reach my ears;
and I smile, so grateful.
Oh my fricking gosh! 163 FOLLOWERS!
Thank you so so much!
Really, I'm grateful!
Man, this is so insane!
My kingdom's growing by the day! ^-^
This is a dream come true!
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
the case of
being between the
Devil and the deep blue sea
I'd rather see red than have
a blackened
How colours speak their own language...
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
Upon an oak

I float on the sea
like a petal

swilling down
sun-kissed liquor

the gentle waves
rocking the boat

cleaning my
hanging feet

the kind winds
so cooling

The fingers of
light caress me

seemingly flirting
with my skin

The skies dawn
into a shade of blue

bright, clear and true
With closed eyes

I hear the whispers
of the sea's secrets

as my oak and I
wash up on shore

my feet meet the
sand first and then

my buttocks
the water strokes the

stones and the
belly of the oak

crashing back to make
sand angels with

the firewater in hand
I sigh close my

eyes and open my
mind to the magic

that is under the
golden sun
A poem based on a lucid dream I just had.
With so much chaos around, I wish I had the luxury to sail away and forget all my troubles.

Be back soon!
Lyn x
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
~ °•° ~

See that no day is absent of grace
with many hands making
a burden light

How many of the world's issues could be solved if we all worked together to make it a better place, instead of a rotten one?

Be back soon!
Lyn x
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
Your life is a diary.
Each day is a page.
Memory is the pen.
So write your
own story.
I've been surfing the nostalgic wave lately.
I forgot how beautiful 'Diary' is by Alicia Keys.
That was my jam, and it still is!
When music still had beauty and meaning, man.
The feels are real!
Be back soon!
Lyn x
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Christians who inflict pain on
their fellow believers...
For them in that time,
God does not exist.

The inflicted has had enough,
cuts ties and moves on,
so-called 'Christians' try to
come back because
they're blood.

Those so-called Christians
NOW remember that God

Where was the thought of God when you threw knives at me?
Where was the thought of blood when you laughed at my pain?
Where was the thought of God when you abused your family?
Where was the thought of blood when you decided to cheat?

Where was it, huh?

Oh, now that YOU'RE the one's suffering,
God is real.

Oh, now that YOU'RE the one's suffering,
you remember your age as well as
your blood.

I'm in no way saying in a perfect Christian
because I am not a perfect being.
And for every mistake I've made
or yet to make, I know that
God will deal with me

Who are you to manipulate
the words of our maker
just to get what you
want from me?

You used manipulation
and you fell into
your own

You blanked me when you saw my tears.
You blanked me when I tried to speak.
You blanked me when I shouted.
You blanked me when you struck me.

So what are YOUR croc tears
about, huh?

Now, leave me be.
Just to clarify, I'm not hating Christians themselves. I myself have Christian beliefs and attitudes. What I hate the most is the hypocrisy. They do bad things to their fellow man. In my case, they do wicked things to their own blood.
And when that same person who they've hurt decides to just cut them off and move on, they wanna come back and pull the 'religion' card - saying that the person they've hurt is unchristian-like and all that crap.
All I want is to be left alone by these people.
If anything, they've just added to my trust issues, and I don't blame people sometimes for how they perceive us either!
Many Christians give ACTUAL Christians a bad name!

Right now, I'm a little too ******* and agitated so I'll go,
cool off and come back later.

Be back soon.
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
Let my heart become
your crown.
Treasure your other half's heart, always.
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
A deep wish of mine
                           is to thrive and grow in a world
                                                           ­       where the sky bends and walks the earth
                                                           ­        Where the sea turns to foam from a
                                   harp made of clouds

                                                         ­   To have all of you in me and all of me in you
                                                             ­          Our synced hearts beating loud and proud

And most of all                              

A deep wish that I do have in my heart.
A wish I fear may never come true...

Days upon months and
months upon years
I keep to false smiles while on
the palms of sadness
Bathing in remorse,
I wish to be cleansed
and raise with integrity,
climb with dedication
and smile with compassion


Here I am, my love
How I long for you...
My heart may break from constant yearning as the memories of our love
sweeten the air like petals in flight
My hopes lay adrift upon the pools below
For I know with the rise of first light, the sun in your smile will embraced me yet again
The whisper of your name calls a kismet
forged by the hands of Heaven
I pray it is never broken
Your face is carved on my very beating heart
Rainfall in my heart, is soft and sweet yet misted by strife
Please find me and guide me
Never leave me,

I apologise for any typos, still as sick as a dog...(curse my weak immune system)
But despite it, I wanted to write something.
I suppose an upside me being unwell is that I really get in touch with my emotions, haha!
I dont know why but the myth of Kaguya came into mind here...
So in a way, I am continually the women of myth series! Ill defo get back to writing more once I recover.
Thank you so so much for 364 followers!
If I havent seen you message, I apologise, please give me some time.
Be back soon with more.
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Lyn-Purcell Jun 14

I stir as the sun grazes the lines of my face
The heart beats fast, a wardrum in its cage
The song of
doom boom doom echoes,
the pain spins on its lace
But I know that I'll move forward,
For I'll flower, not stay the same


I woke up, still lost in a state of introspection I was in yesterday. Its really easy for me to be lost in my own head but despite it, I try to keep on focusing on the positive.
Much love, light and blessings,
Stay safe everyone
Lyn 💜🙏
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2017
Practice your craft as if your life depends on it.
Persist to overcome all that comes your way.
Passion will be your fuel. Don't let the flame die from life's water.
And when it's your time to shine,
perform like failure is non-existant
Keep your eye on the ball. Always.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
In the shade of green
Past orchids and blossoms
are roses in bloom

Duties getting hard
But I know I will succeed
My mind remains calm

Studies nearly done
I have learned and overcome
No longer a bud

A bright horizon
Though feeling stressed, I'm smiling
My Kingdom will grow

In the shade of green
Hushing winds bring me birdsongs
As I pick the rose

My diadem glitters
New knowledge now grows in mind
A bud no longer
Influenced by Edmund's poem, 'just like a rose.'
Editing is stresssssssss! But we are nearly done! So excited!
Then the Queen can come back and her Kingdom will thrive!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxxx
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
There will never be any bad blood
between those who're marred
by the same
Another one for Vicki.
Those who've been through similar pain have a bond.
Lyn x
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
How easy it is for one's mind to change
from jumps and joy
to a hollow


just a place I go
in mind where I walk in and
turn the **** to block noise with noise
The noise of my mind conquers the noise of my body

Disappointment travels in and out my ears
Never to stop or dock
If I let it dock,
then my bubble pops
And just like that, my mood has changed.
Great (!) And I was real excited and amped.
I'll block out noise with noise. My inner noise that is. One people underestimate and tell me to 'get over'.
When I feel hollow, I kinda shut down physically. Everything goes blank. There's not tears only blankness and a quiet bubble for the noisy thoughts I have.
Oh well, tomorrow is another day. And the day after is my birthday.
Things will get better, hopefully.
Anyway. More Sijo and Lantern poems will be uploaded soon enough.
Have a good night everyone!
Be back soon!
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
This is a game called life,
a game I never asked to play
a game that I felt like I would always lose
because so much has happened
more bad than good
which left me feeling weary
A young body with an old mind
Though it does come from my depression
though it does come from my anxiety
though it does comes from my fears
I have to say, I've always felt different
in how I see the world.
It truly is in the palm of the wicked
Something I've always known
But unlike most games,
there is no map,
there is no cheat code
Once you go forward,
you can't go back
Life is a game we can't restart
And I feel like a failure
The one who laments on her mistakes
The one who wishes that she could begin again
And though she knows she can't, the one who
wishes not to die but fade away...
But then it hit me one day,
for me to play, I need to love my
own reflection.
I need to know who I am at my core
I need to remember that any change I
want to come in my life
the stability I yearn for
the career I dream of
the happiness I want to feel
the love the little girl in me believes in
All of that I want to come
I know starts with my first step
I search and search but I do
the true reflection
that shines within me
A reflective poem on how I feel...
I know the first step of love is to love yourself and I struggle with that.
I know if  I am ever to amount to anything in life,
The first step is to embrace who I am, all of who I am.
Thanks everyone!
Love you!
Be back soon!
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Nov 2017
Imagine seeing a silvery blade dancing to the music of death.
Marred by the poetry of blood
A trumpet to the cries of war
But it also reflects the wielder.
When looking at it, you can see yourself.
But in my eyes, I can see the steel's heart.
As it's in your hand, preparing to protect, it's polished until it shines like luna wildfire.
In the end, I believe the true beauty of a katana comes not from the hilt or engravings, but from the steel.
How many songs has it sang in our battles, can you imagine...?
A katana's beauty comes from the polished steel as it's shines so brightly
with victorious prayers.
This poem is dedicated to several katana that I saw in a museum near me.
(I'm a nerd for these things and I'm not shamed)
Lyn-Purcell Jan 2018
As I reflect on my life
at such a tender age
I realise one reason why
I have always been
unhappy with who I am.

I have not been honest with myself.
I have been telling myself no truth -
just sweet lies to make me blind
and silence by ears.

In this world, we tend to craft an
image. One of our own dreams
and insecurities.
One of perfection that becomes
our own tragedy.
One to wear like armour but
there are chinks in the armour
of our souls.'s all society needs to
tear us apart.

I spend so much time crafting
this image of who I want to be.
What I want you to see and only see.
What I want you to hear and only hear.
The image of a somebody who I know
will leave a mark in the sands of time...
But I never want to be myself...

It's the same with all of us, I guess...
To walk in a human world that loses humanity
every second of every **** day.
Forcing us to be someone who isn't us
just to be seen...

I've spent so long feeling invisible
when, in truth, I should feel invincible.
I am a human.
I have been labelled as having no humanity.
I acknowledge that I want to be somebody,
but not myself.
I know that now...

I've been telling myself all but one truth...
Feeling really reflective today. 2018 is making me see myself differently. If I want to make a change, I have to do it myself.
One step at a time...
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2017
I like to read alone. I always move to the far
back of the bus to do so.
I like to listen to music alone. When I leave
home to go somewhere or when I am on my
way back.
I like to draw alone. I find it easier to be lost
in my fantasy world than deal with reality,
which seriously *****.
Where I go, I always find some tree to look at.
One that stands strong, proud and single.
It stands, away from other trees and it's
Even when lovers pass me, young and old.
Or laughing children from preschool.
Or obnoxious teens, in and out of highschool
Or the elderly with their grandchildren.
My gaze is on the tree still.
Facing the sky, I often wonder why that is.
A benefit to being alone is that you're happy
with your own peace. There's no drama.
You get comfortable with who you are and
you can find yourself.
I like being alone. It doesn't mean I'm lonely.
I couldn't bare being lonely...
I often take long walks to clear my head. People say that I'm lonely. I'm not. I have good friends, its just I'm content with my own company. Have you ever been asked why you're alone 24\7?
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
I''ll keep this short and brief.
Like Sue, I am being trolled.
I just want to let those who
take the time to leave kind
comments and support, I
am very grateful for all you
have given me here.

Please don't think that I am
the one giving your comments
any thumbs down. On my heart
and everything that I have, I am
not. I value anyone and everyone
who is positive, and that is what
makes you true Kings and Queens
in my eyes.

This will not stop my ink flowing,
on that I promise.
This page has given me so much
and I want to give much love and
light back in return. I just wanted
to clear the air.

Thank you.
Lyn ***
I pay no mind nor heed to trolls.
My eyes is on my quill, my craft and my true supporters always.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 20
Flawed by creation
I am very much human
Please world, accept it
My mind is a riot...
So much I'm thinking about...
So much to make sense of...
I hope the world can be accepting of that fact that we're human and that no one is perfect
Let's embrace it...
Much love
Lyn 💜
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
The dahlian air
rich with colourful blossoms
Each playing a melody
Sitting in my gazebo
Sipping warm floral dreamtime

My body is soothed
As I sip long, deep and calm
The flavours blossom
Apricot tarts, honey drips
and classic vanilla kiss
Another Tanka for the night!
Just finishing a cup of herbal tea called 'Dreamtime' before bed.
First time trying it and it's super delicious.
Night guys,
Queen Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Who am I not to know the truth
about the words they say?
If I don't know the history,
all I am doing is making
the battle inconsequential.
Ive always been an avid lover of history.
So much hatred in this world makes me sad.
But if I don't learn the truth, I'm undermining the past.

This morning wasnt a great one so I'm feeling a little off but very reflective.

Be back soon
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2017
Perhaps if time could speak,
one would not feel so alone in
the depth of their mind.
For time is an endless sea
one that just ebbs and flows.
And we are never sure of the
course our lives will take.

So we lose ourselves in the Fields,
heart, soul and mind locked away
as we wander.
And wander.
And wander.

Time and tide are never still.
Time and tide will never wait.
And as time slips away,
it can never be found again.
But we wander.
And wander.
And wander.

Unrushed for those who wait,
Soaring for those who fear.
As we wander.
And wander .
and wander.

Lasting for those who grieve.
Binding for those who love.
And we wander.
And wander.
And wander.
I'm in somewhat of a grey mood. More and more these days.
Especially when I think about time.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Sitting on the edge
Angel water fountain flow
A sweet wish per coin
Been a while since I did a simple haiku!
Got more poems on the way! Got something really special planned too! ^-^
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
Full wings or broken
An angel is an angel
with shining beauty
This one is dedicated to Sue.
Take all the time you need to heal.
We'll always be here.
Your friend,
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2017
A tongue needs no bones
Mine is lemon and honey
Prickly by nature

I have what you don't
A balanced filter for two
For sour and sweet

A tongue needs no bones
To cut in and wound someone
So, wield your sword well
Based on an incident that happened today. There is a time and a place to say things but some things should not be said, let alone thought.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018
Fears melted away
This queen grins with utter joy
A new door opens
I'M IN!!!! I GOT IN!!!
*powering up like a Saiyan and happy dancing like a lunatic*
Lyn-Purcell Jun 28

Milk and honeyed pearl
Pushed onto the craftsman lamed
Her eyes thirst for war

A haiku based on one of the most renown of Goddesses,
one of the most iconic women of myths, Aphrodite
Hope you guys enjoyed it! Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back soon with more!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2017
Be sure of one thing
Use that tongue and taste your words
Before you loose it
Easier said than done sometimes and not everyone has a filter. This is dedicated to people I once knew...
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2018

Tempted by the seductive whispers
of power, I took a big bite of the
forbidden fruit.
My eyes and ears open.
So now I understand the
glee and grief that comes
with knowledge.

Knowledge is power as well as a burden.
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Jun 27
Golden, flaky, butter crust
Peeled bramley apples
Cored, sliced, sprinkle sugar, salt
Kiss of cinnamon
Flour and lemon
Flute edges
Twenty-fifth Epulaeryu! ^-^
Yes, my sweet tooth returns with a vengeance! ;)
Been a while since I did one of these!
The Pâtisserie collection continues!
Much love,
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2017
Two becoming one by golden rings,
The man in a suit, and the wife demure
in white.
During the art of making love,
the ardour of man is firewater,
and sweet liquor.
The woman's wistful gaze is aflame
with a wish of vestal silk.
The firewater may chill, and the sweetness
of liquor fade, but the wistful woman's wish
is as lasting as time.
A poem from my journal based on a picture of a married couple that I saw in a magazine.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2017
It's better to be struck down

Your will, your thoughts,
your mind are the
materials of
your armor.

Your perseverance
and life form your

You've no need for a shield
For what makes you whole
is the loving furnace that
burns in you
Lyn-Purcell Jun 30

Daughter of the moon
Ride swift winds with a taut bow
Fierce upon the hunt

This haiku is dedicated to Artemis, Goddess of the Moon.
Again, another Goddess whom I adore, haha!
Here's the link for the growing collection:
A heavy poem will be dropping soon, just making the final touches!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
Open your eyes, your true eyes,
and look deep down inside.
See your life and ask yourself,
"am I satisfied?"

Can you grasp at the threads,
see the weave that is your life,
change from black to red
and change anything from tonight?
I've been reflecting alot lately...on my life.
I'm not particularly happy, to be honest with you.
I always find a thousand reasons to doubt who I can be.
22 going on 23, and I can admit, no, I'm not satisfied with my life.

I need - no, I have to change...
I really do...
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2017
Your song ends but your melody plays.
Your body crumbles but the feelings stays.
Minutes, hours, days, you were at my side.
You will never be forgotten in my lifetime.
Can you return to me? As a shadow, or a dream?
Because life without you is so much harder than it seems...
So much tears I've shed, my heart cannot bear.
Your touch is still upon me as they become stairs.
If I could go to Heaven, and ask for one thing,
I'd ask for you again and the blessings you bring.
I didn't shower you enough with affection and praise
Just know that
you will forever be my always...
A poem I write from my journey to the park, with fresh tears in my eyes at seeing people with their loved ones. We all hurt someone we love...
It's apart of being human.
You only live once.
Treasure all those you hold dear.
From your blood family, to the family YOU get to choose.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2017
The Sun is the Father, strictly ablaze.
The Moon is the Mother, serenely benevolent.
Mercury is the Child, innocently babbling.
Venus is the Sister, beautifully affectionate.
Mars is the Brother, stubbornly resilient.
Jupiter is an Elder Man, wizenedly kind.
Saturn is Elder Woman,  knitting wisdom.
Uranus wields the Hammer of Change.
Neptune plays the Harp of Dreams.
Pluto swings the Blade of Strife.

All Nodes have a written destiny...
© Lyn-Purcell
I just had a lucid dream of flying through the galaxy and within the planets. I wrote down what I saw...
Lyn-Purcell Jun 29

On Athens' chessboard
Olive tree bests spring water
Owl hoots victorious

This haiku is dedicated the Goddess, Athena.
Now I have a bit of a love hate relationship with her, some myths I find her awesome and some make me really dislike her.
But even so, now that Im older and reading more about her, I can say that Ive somewhat love hate relationship I have is fully balanced now.
I'm really enjoying this series, my list grows by the day!
Be back soon with more!
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
Everyone is entitled to live
and just survive.
Everyone deserves the world
but not at the cost of his soul.
Everyone should be happy with themselves,
not change to please the masses.
Everyone should be proud to stand out
feeling no need to fall in line of conformity.

How is it that when I try live my life
Try to love my life
I always end up saving others
at the cost
of losing myself...?
A poem that's near to how I've feeling for the last few days.
At the cost of all i want, I fear losing who I am.
I've spent most of it trying to make everyone happy.
Now I've learned that I need to be more selfish and focus on me and me alone.

Be back soon
Lyn x
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2017
There is a beauty
The colours change and leaves fall
Beautiful autumn

Trees and plant of green
The leaves turn orange and brown
And wilting flowers

There is a beauty
Only seen in autumn wind
And beauty in death
Haikus from my journal. There is a beauty that all seasons have. Autumn's beauty is in the colours of death
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Raise the crack of dawn
Autumn rain falls hypnotic
Hearts now pure and clean
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018

'How humid the air is,' she murmurs
with her eyes closed. With her fair back
resting her bare back on a tree of eld,
she listens to the sounds of nature
The winds blowing
The flapping wings of geese
The songs of the birds around
The sound of falling leaves
Exhaling through her nose, she opens
her wet russet eyes, soaking in the
myriad of tumbling leaves from
orange to brown. She rises to her
feet, the sunlight kisses her straight
fiery hair. With each step she takes,
the wind blows and the branches
'Winter's howling call,' she chuckles
weakly as she walked down the cold
pathway. Acorns fall in front of her
which she picks up. Seeing the squirrels
scrabbling around, she opens her palm,
'Here,' she strokes the squirrel's tail as
it takes the nuts and scurries away.
Here, in the heart of the forest,
the leaves fall golden as she sits
next to a pumpkin patch, each ripening
with their mistress near.
'The days grow short, the nights grow long,'
she places a hand on a pumpkin, 'I hear
your call, Sister.'
The cold winds twirl around in response
Let all prepare for the harvest is fruitful,
and the wolves will howl for the Frost

Last freeverse, enjoy!
They'll be in a collection called 'Season Queens'
Thank you so much for all the support!
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
╰⊰✿´ℒ♡ⓥℯ '✿⊱╮
Golden, flaky, and so crisp
Layers of flavour
Lemon, honey, cinnamon,
tangy syrup drips
chopped walnuts, almonds,
whipped cream crown
Sixth Epulaeryu! ^-^
Hope y'all ain't getting cavities from my poems lool.
I love baklava! Especially when it's made fresh!
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
Bathing in the sun
Body has a tearful glow
The duties of a Queen
A poetic way of day, 'I'm so fricking hot and sweaty, but I got obligations.'
Today is the last day of editing for my media course. Fingers crossed!
Wish me luck! ^-^
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
Be moved, be touched, be enamoured
by words that have to power to calm
your storms, hear the noise, and
speak the truth
I have never felt so exhausted in a long time.
Not only that but the Queen Mother of my Kingdom isn't feeling so great.
I have to publish the poems tomorrow and get an early night,
so I won't be able to respond to any messages.
But long in short - my first day of this course was a blast.
I'm so excited for the rest of the week, and it's really doing
wonders on my self-belief and my confidence!
Thank you, fellow Kings and Queens of HP!
I wish you all a good night, and I will see you all on the morrow!
Love you guys!
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Dec 2017
What makes a monster and what makes a man...?
Well, it's our potential
For both great good and
great evil.
No man is a paragon in this world.
For we are all flawed
by nature.
Face the truth, there is a beast
in every man.
While many try to hide it,
There are those who unleash it.
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2018

The music of my life,
harmony and discord,
differs from yours

I dance, solely and
purely, to the beat
of mine own drum

Feeling so queasy today....
Lyn ***
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