i’ve welded words like knives.
they say to build your walls up high
but levis break and dams fail
because to build up obvious defenses
means showing you have weakness to hide.

in brute strength
in cold precise strokes
in disinterest and neutrality
do not show anger
such humanity is a lofty goal
and you are a monster.

aspire to be less
to feel less
to hold yourself to less
you are worthless
(there is worth in worthlessness
for when you are gone
all that remains are your words like knives
but even those wounds eventually heal)
life  and                                              
truth to words                                              
Let   your    poems                                                

               write  these
                 poems          to    
                    to    touch   the  hearts    

my mind                    
poems      are                  
        true   emblems   of                            

                                                 are  meant  to
                                                  be    my   way    to

are  meant  to                              
be    my   way   to                            

                                                    are meant to
                                                     be  my  way  to

are  meant to            
be   my  way   to              

                                                are meant to
                                                 be   my way   to

most of                                
all, Lanterns                                
will always share                              

Words have so much power that they can change your and others loves for the better. Short Lanterns, I know, but man, they're really addictive! ^-^
Thanks everyone!
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Bry 10h
One day you’re there
And the next you’re not
But it wouldn’t be honest to say
You’ve broken my heart
I wanted you here to heal
What was already broken
To listen to my thoughts I have left unspoken
I wanted you to be my hero
And I was disappointed when you couldn’t be
But this was so much to ask of you
So I suppose the selfish one is
Mindful of the tongue
It's important to speak life
into your own life

There's power in words
As well as in your actions
And now, I will stand

My heart burns with hope
The pain scattered to the winds
I am free of thorns

I walk to the light
I know my work is not done
I need to go on

See sacred treasures
that is not from this dark Earth
And it's fufilling

Keep moving forward
I will keep moving upward
My eyes on the Gates
Keep looking and going up.
Focus solely on the up. Believe and one day, you will achieve.
And reach the heights that surpass your greatest dreams.
I wish this upon everyone here on HP and beyond!
Love you guys, thank you so much!
Lyn xxx
(just in time for summer reading...
recounting emotionally disastrous campy turbulence)

Amidst a raft of fellow (Brandywine Valley
     Y.M.C.A) resident campers
     who, didst excitedly quiver
donning a "NON FAKE" lifejacket

     coursing down swiftly
     moving Youghiogheny river
(evidenced by small hairs along spine),
     that caused me animatedly to shiver

this predisposition prevailed despite
punishing revenge didst stamp excite
me inducing suppressed
     giddiness to take flight

against self toward parents,
     who did light,
a conspiratorial idea
     countered meek self spite

compared to their hefty might
forced me to attend ("dumb")
     sleep away camp
     for about a fortnight

whereupon, being dropped off "bright"
brainchild idea awoke around edge,
of my consciousness,
     where figurative hatchet cleft a wedge
vis a vis, an immediate

     avowed personal pledge
sworn against experiencing even
     one iota of fun (a ha...so there) ledge
er domain mental prestidigitation
     could not dredge

countervailing loathsomeness naysaying fun
in any weigh, shape or form
     pertaining to this sole son
but, matter of fact

     adventuresome giddiness gave run
     for metaphorical psychological money,
     and much to my chagrin
     gleefulness didst stun

into silence malevolent
     anti yippee surge
crept into the noggin of this
     chaim yankel and could not purge

this meta static Grinch,
     who could not steal away
     euphoria that inevitably didst emerge
unable to root out,

     and suppress nemesis foe
men ting misery, but an inescapable glow
manifested when father
     and mother end of Jeff session

     came back, and said "hello"
when, and I immediately replied with emphatic "NO"
in regard to having a good time oh
mitt ting like a lump pin pro

let tarry yet exerting will
     power to asphyxiate
a faint bubbling of attraction
     toward a darker skinned

     slender cute teen age girl
though at that stage
     oblivious how to create
friendship, thus aye

     vividly recall to this date
hop scotched potential summer romance
     which induces regret to emanate
cursing forsaken ill fate

now, feel deplorable
     for stifling relationship
     slid into behavioral sink (of this got
     ham) fore'r tortured
     within iron barred gate.
One thing I know about life is that
                                when people are treated lesser than
                                  what they are continuously, they will
believe it.              
And I know how much worse it is
                                             for those who struggle with their mental    
                                          health. Bad treatment is enough to push
     them over the edge.

                  Yet I'm still here, and I ask for what              
                                        and why. I'm emotional, naive, and tend
                                    to over-apologise. I do and don't trust,
                                         I can be wise and stupid. I live, I want to

live but I'm scared to really live.
                                      And now I'm here, on the bench, feeling so
                                   hopeless. Like I can't be who I want to be.
                                        That I'm not worthy of doing what I want to
                                      do. And I go through that train wreck of      
                                       emotions - feeling depressed and anxious    
                                     and fearful and angry and emotional and  
                                         crazy and judgemental and nonsensical            
Just hopeless, just hopeless, JUST HOPELESS!

                            ...I won't lie, there are days where I lie on            
                                         my bed or sit on the bench thinking why I
                                      was placed here. There are days where I
                                        want to end it all, that I was only hurting
                                   myself by breathing but I realised two

                              Ending my own life would be a                      
                             permanent answer to a temporary
                                   problem. Just like the good times, the
                                          bad won't last forever, even if there are    
                                times where it feels like it's endless.

                                 Could I really go over to that edge,                  
                                           not knowing what life would have been
                                           like if I had just pushed through? If I had
                                         stood strong with my sword and shield?
                                            That's a question that I know the answer  
                                             to, hence why I never had the will to see it through.              
And I know that I never will.

          Truly I am my own worst enemy...
                                           But I hope that You will heal and complete
                                          me. I can feel it, the hope, growing, burning
                                         in me. Hotter and truer than ever, burning
                                        away all the seeds of sin, the thorns of hate
                                        that hold me down. I can feel, I see you sit
                                         by my side.  I am not alone, nor will I ever be.

And I thank you for the flame of true Hope that burns in me.
Ok, this is another poem close to home. This was excruciatingly hard to write but I wanted to share this. Writing this made me really sit down and look at myself so the fact that it's ranty and kinda jumbled is intentional. It was me showing you my mindset. It's weird. I watched a few videos that seem to speak down to my very soul. I've been crying for no reason in-particular, been really reflective and frustrated. But through it all, I feel a little different. I feel a fire in my heart (as cliche as it sounds) and I feel like, I'm finally awake. I dunno why but I'm feeling really really hopeful now.
My mood is not as low, thank God, and I'm grateful.
Now it's just about putting the fire to good use.
Hope, The Mer in Me and Phoenix especially have been great releases emotionally speaking (I'm not neglecting my other poems)
I'm glad I got it out of my system, most of it anyway.
To Pagan Paul, thank you for your support and all your messages, they were very helpf
See the stars that dreams
of a life of true meaning
And full of wonders
Though hurting, I'm still dreaming!
Tolani 2d
I surprise myself. Everyday.

I’ve overcome obstacles and emotions and grief that I never thought would leave.
I’ve dried tears I didn’t think would stop falling.

I’ve learnt to forgive despite never getting an apology.
I’ve learnt to keep loving despite getting my heart bruised time and time again.

I’ve learnt that there’s beauty in having a big heart,
And liberation in letting go of a love that doesn’t fill it.
I am a little worker bee,
Who fumbles while she works,
And bears the weight of her duty,
Until her wings are hurt.

Her house thinks her a stranger,
Her uniforms a smile,
She doesn’t see the danger,
While she walks the extra mile.

Her eyes are purple ivory,
As her night knows little sleep,
Though her stomach may be empty,
She cannot seem to eat.

She knows that she is dying,
But still she carries on,
And her wings will keep on flying,
Long after she is gone.
Met you back in two thousand fifteen,
had this feeling with you that
you were just unique.

Could feel it in my bones,
there was no point in denying it,
that you were just as real
as the snow that falls on winter,
or the sun that shines in summer.

And there is no point in denying it,
you grew on me really fast,
crawling under my skin,
tearing down all my walls,
in little to no time, you made your way inside my heart.

Met you back in two thousand fifteen,
been four years since you came to me,
I've learned more with you in these years
than what I've learned alone in seventeen.

You taught me to be brave,
you taught me to smile through the hate,
you taught me that life is more
than what we see on the internet.

You taught me to be better,
you taught me to be nice,
you taught me that "love and kindness are never wasted"
and most important,
you taught me that I'm enough.

Today, on July the twelveth,
I'm giving this poem to you,
because you're my daily inspiration,
because you've encouraged me to follow my dreams,
because writing is my way of loving,
and with this poem, I'm loving you.
Birthday poem for one of my favourite humans on earth, Bryana Holly.
She's my role model, I've been looking up to her for four years now. She makes me happy, and I hope to make her happy too.
She has inspired me to be better, helped me grow as a person and as a soul. She's one of the most important humans in my life and with her words has encouraged me to do what I love and feel right.
So today I wrote this for her.
Hopefully, you'll enjoy it too.
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