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Hello Poetry raises money by advertising to passing readers like yourself.
If you're into poetry and people who're into poetry, join the community to remove ads and share your poetry. It's totally free.
ChrisE 4h
I guess I'm a sore winner
I lose everything but win the lessons I take with me after every sad, sad encounter
In the fractured passages
of passivity, you watched
the grain filter so deep
into the evening's arid
loom, that your sigh
was filled with hollow
heat—fanned by all
that remains cupped
behind the gray day's back.

Let's suppose you chose
the wrong hand again—
so I guess we're here
again—where the night
is cloaked in static wears,
and all the yellow eyes
flicker on—humming
along to the electric lines.
Where cars never stop
cruising down the block,
and you wonder how long
until the droning days end—
drowning out all your vain
attempts to mask your settled

But we’ve all got our ends—
it’s just a matter of taking
the weight to rip it out.
A poem from my chapbook that I hope to be releasing in late fall.
MaxiM May 30
Innovate or Dissipate
MaxiM8: Growth
Arima 18h
I was the Iron Maiden,
alchemized flesh
Only knowing hardness
and pain.
I've been the thorns,
spikes  that did nothing
but drew blood
from gentle touches.
The waves were my hair
dragging you into the undertow
of my tumultuous thoughts.
all waves recede
leaving a blueprint
for growth to follow
close behind.
The brain prompt is well-being and growth.
Decorate your sadness with flowers
And make your wellbeing a beautiful garden.
Don't be afraid to blossom in his comfort.
you look like everything i've been searching for
complete with a scruff on your cheeks
and a thick accent that makes every word you say
sound sweeter.

you look like home.

and i feel more heat in my body
and more love in my heart than i have ever felt
for anyone else,

i crave your touch
around my waist
your lips on my neck.

part of me wants to live in the glory of these feelings,
and part of me wants to crush them with my fist.

i don't want to feel too much for you.
you don't know it now,
but my downfall in the past has been just that.

i know i already have though
i know the feelings have already dug themselves
deep inside my bones and planted seeds
that will bloom a soft yellow in the spring

whether you stay or not.

The thoughts of morrow
have me feeling fearful,
The beginning of a new
day and chapter of my life.
Instead of plucking petals,
I hold onto each one, for they
protect the stem of my heart.
Let them burn alive with all
of your blessings and keep
me strong.
For I am fighting and facing
my demons.
It is time that I accept that I have
all the tools I need...
I will fight.

Tomorrow's the first day of my 10 week course.
Wish me luck and keep me strong guys!
Love you so much!
Thank you for 227 followers,
You are all stars!
Stay blessed!
I wish you all a good night!
Lyn xxx
Sarah 2d
stop lights change color
no matter who is watching
or if nobody is watching
so don’t you think for a second
that i need you
to tell me when to i’ve changed
Prithvi 4d
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,
Are you a star or an Illusion Bizarre ?
Large clouds filled with cold Gas,
Like a being wandering Aimless,
Seeking to outgrow its own Mass,
Shall I strive to be better than Nameless ?
Fighting against tension and Compression,
Ignorant towards the power of Energies,
Persistent to hold on to every Possession,
Can my purpose transcend my Memories ?
Collapsing against gravity kindling a fire Within,
A fusion separating the sky from Darkness,
Awakening of consciousness must Begin,
Rousing wisdom from its Inertness.
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,
Nothing can shine without a Scar.

Stars are simply balls of very hot gas (plasma) formed due to the gravitational collapse of large clouds of cold gas. The tremendous compression of this cold gas causes it to heat up and transform into plasma, causing a nuclear fusion to generate light.

In our lives we face tremendous pressures and various obstacles that shape our lives. Let's not surrender to these hurdles, but instead accept them with grace in order to continue exceeding our own limitations.

It takes tremendous heat to illuminate a star.
How much heat do you have within you to illuminate your life ?
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