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Merlie T Jul 26
I see a lion
through the rose petals
in the bushes
his mane forms and rests
The wind blows
and I can hear
his roar
revealing a pink tongue
The gold of his body
blends into the gold of the grass
It glistens and it shines
I see his power
It is mine.
TheBlackBird Mar 2013
She came in like a lion. Long wild hair everywhere, loud and outlandish. She was outspoken and shameless, so settled in her own skin.  You couldn’t not see her, not hear her, not want a part of her to be inside of you. Vibrant and never ending. There were memories jam packed behind her eyes, things you knew that she was dying to forget. But she was stronger for them, better for them. She grew from every tragedy. If you were lucky she might whisper them to you alone in the safety of darkness, but in the light of day she would never show weakness. No, she was all over the room, opinions, and laughter, hand motions and impressions, spinning like the Tasmanian Devil of Human Emotion. Everywhere, and spreading like wildfire. There was no stopping her, no controlling the wildcat inside of her. She came in like a lion. She roared and everyone listened.
Diesel Jun 24
A fire lion lays on the rich hue grass,
Sitting there by the bough of tree:
And sun shine falls for her flaméd tress
And wears each flame on her skin-seam:

While tempted I am to approach this beast,
Who sits there smelting shades o' skin,
The eyes of hers are like the very leaf -
So swift and keen and fell within:

And so I watch from a great distant height,
And so she be a star in grass not red,
With mane that on her lion could light
A spark or flame of emberness.
As I stood
Alongside a lake
I contemplated
At the holy fish
Fearlessly they swimed
Fearlessly they jumped
It was a holy lake
Fishing wasn't allowed
Fearlessly they dived
Fearlessly they survived
For there was a curse
Anyone fishing a fish
As a ***** they would finish
As I contemplated
A beauty appeared
Hi, you're a star
In the galaxy?
I enquired
No, she said
In my eyes
The lion roared
In the nearby safari
The lion roared
In my heart
I was so powerful
I was so smart
I said, OK, try!
Neither she was holy fish
Nor I was holy fish
We fished and fished!
Hamna Apr 13
I'm no less than a lion-hearted soul
Who lives by high heroic skills,
Courageously fights off jackals,
And rescues victims with flawless charisma

But I ain't less than a dignified warrior
The most Blessed Teacher, an exemplary
Has taught me
About a weapon
Which has been the answer to infinite sorrows
dreamy desires and unthinkable perils
I've used it to cheer up saddened souls
And to relieve the unrelieved

It is my light
It is the weapon to divert from hapless ends
it is the key to unlock the gates of Mercy
It is otherwise known as Dua
Shall reborn
A lion king goes to the crowd alone.
He needs a friend to live together.
But they don't want to be his friend because they are afraid of his hair and his knowledge.
Indonesia, 22th March 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
J Mar 20
my hair will not spit sparks if you brush it
it will cling onto your hands
the brush
your shirt and shorts
the ones that ride up against your thigh
my hair will not curl lovingly around your fingers
it will grab onto anything put through it
it will keep you here
a part of me forever, the way it should be
my hair will not remind you of flames
but maybe of a lion
though easily tamed is it when
it's sprawled across your lap
your nails gingerly scratching my scalp
my hair will not cascade down my back
ever so gracefully masking the scars from my past
teasing you in its waves
it will claw against my spine, it will dare you to draw near
my hair will not remind you of an ocean
spread out so perfectly as I run,
molding against a perfect sunset
it will be a beast, sneering at you
luring you closer, begging to be chased
it will make you its prey
my hair will not be brushed out
my favorite knot will be entertainment,
lack of motivation in its calligraphy,
you see it as a cry for help,
it is my declaration of power.
my hair will not spit sparks when you brush it.
it will be the forest and flames all in one,
and when you're choking on the smoke,
you'll remember that hair is power.
to touch it is to drain it.
I empty all
into your talons
because my hair will remind you of a monster
and your breath will be its leash.
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