Is there room for context at this table?
We can move some dishes and shuffle chairs.
I’ve checked all four legs and they seem stable,
but choosing a placemat is like splitting hairs.
I notice the candle’s flame is getting dim,
and my fingers pirouette in the puddles of wax,
my hair needs a cut but I settled for a trim,
and I’m donating my salary and spending my tax.

I’ve told you every thought in my head,
except the ones that matter the most,
the facts that scald my cheeks to red,
now they’re burning up like charred toast.
I’d promise you whatever you ask for,
and I’d drag myself to deliver each time,
but I’m ignoring the truth at my core,
and I’m confessing to you in mime.

Sit across from me with crossed legs,
see magnets becomes our eyes,
“come closer together” both begs,
but we’re determined and polarized.
There’s no world existing around us,
and there certainly is no group,
you listen while I ramble and make a fuss,
over the death of Lipton’s Alligator Soup.

We turned Heaven into a ****,
we took a skeleton and made a shell,
We dragged our nails down the walls
scribbled ephamies on bathroom stalls,
and silenced a story we could never tell.

And all the things that have driven us apart,
in truth have only made us stronger.
and my love you are actually my heart,
I won’t question it’s beating any longer.

If you’re stuck with a choice
you should flip a coin in the air,
then listen to your mind’s voice,
‘cause your answer will be there.
When it comes to heads or tails,
you already know your favourite side,
you’ll pray for it as the coin sails,
ignore the outcome but absorb the ride.
Arianna Jan 2
And the lion shall
Lie down with the unicorn,
Led as one by Love.
A short tribute to one of my favorite works of art, not only for the beauty and craftsmanship of the tapestries, but for the labyrinth of imagery and symbolism contained in each piece. :-)
Dark Feign Dec 2018
fear has no place in
your heart my little
lion for you are so
brave and strong.
i know the blame
from others was
so wrong and fast
but i also do know
that you were built
to last throughout
the storm and you
are so loving and
warm whilst trying
to ignore serpents
and sharp scorn.
but the serpents and
their words should
really not be heard
for they are ants
compared to the
elephants of ideas
in your head and
the gentle strength
and wisdom you
so delicately possess.
so my lovely little lion
with a heart of gold
and a wonderful tale
to be told some day...
stand up and be bold
enough to blow the
sour serpents away
with a new roar they
haven’t heard before!
you are so much more.
Katelyn Billat Dec 2018
Deep in the forest
In the dead of night,
The breeze howls.
"Hoo, hoo" echos through the trees.
A low roar is heard after.
Followed by another hoo.
A call of love perhaps?
How odd.
The owl has fallen in love
With a lion.
How odd.
The lion has fallen in love
With an owl.
Wisdom and courage.
What a team
That could destroy each other so easily.
For desire runs deep
In both set of bones.
The odd pair,
So off balance.
Owl longs to fix it,
Lion longs to give it to the breeze.
Let it flow gently,
So that it may fix itself.
Lion knows of the potential danger.
Lion does not run from a broken heart.
Owl, impatient
Longing for perfection.
Lion, careless
Longing for thrill.
Perhaps they could learn a lot
From each other.
Not so odd at all.
Latifah Dec 2018
She’s a leo,
Her strongest element is fire,
Everything she touches, turns into ashes,
Sometimes even herself, she burns.

Earth is her home,
But she lives on the moon,
Where no one else does,
At least now she knows,
She cannot hurt another soul.
Alyssa Herndon Dec 2018
Like a lion with no mane
I have lost my pride.
Loneliness is driving me insane.
Still you're not by my side. . . .

A rock in the middle of the ocean
That waves continue to erode and ride,
I'm stuck, I have no motion.
Still, you're not by my side. . . .

I exist, I do not live.
You lied and I cried,
When all I ever did was give.
Still, you're not by my side. . . .

I have no pride,
I'm here for the wild waves to ride,
You lied, I cried.
You don't want to be by my side. . . .

. . . .And yet I persist,
Never wanting to give up.
You were never here, you will never be here.
Life is empty!
Be a lion with a name (unlike me)...
Autumn Dec 2018
You look at a person
A stranger, a loved one, a partner
And you think;
How can one person be so beautiful?
Inside and out you see an aura of unimaginable beauty
A friendly face
An intoxicating laugh
A smile that makes you smile without even realizing it

And then you look at yourself
You hate the way you smile, all crooked and mouthy
The way your cheeks are too pudgy
Your glasses too big for your face
Your voice too soft to break through the chatter of others

But you
You are a lion whose voice is booming thunder
With claws that can tear through the veil
The one you’ve kept yourself shrouded in for too long
You should be proud
Proud of your wild and unruly mane
Proud of your scars earned from battles with many others
Not to mention the battles you wage on yourself
You could move mountains and uproot trees if you tried

But you don’t
You look at yourself
Your cheeks too pudgy
Glasses too big
Voice kept under lock and key
Vocal chords dusty with disuse
Your heart is so big and so beautiful
You see so much in everyone else
But can’t bear to see anything in yourself

You are a wild flower sprouting through the cracks in the sidewalk
You could move mountains and uproot trees if you tried
please be gentle on me i haven't written anything in so long
Danila Mokhonko Dec 2018
no matter
how dizzy with love
the smallest creatures

under the right
the puppy
will always
the lion,

and win.
Lion you are,
All dressed in
sheep's garbs
fooling no one
but your own,
Mirror, mirror,
In woolen comb
a bleating roar
Trying to blend
when you were
made to hunt -
as the pride is
out waiting for
It's Tsar, to rule.
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