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Carmen Jane Oct 3
You shoved with your own bare hand
You shoved your hopes in the mouth of the lion
The grin of clouds above your head
You were rough, unchiseled diamond

You planted your own bare feet
You planted them fearlessly in the mud
Twas where the good and evil meet
Where some shed tears and others blood

You raise your hands towards the skies
You want a change that lights your mind
You pray too loud to shed the lies
And felt the rain 'twas warm and kind
Joanna Aug 21
Touch! What a tool in the Father's hands, firm yet gentle it speaks to me. There is more to a relationship than what I see. 

Encompassing my spirit with holy fire, it goes beyond all I can imagine or desire. 

Releasing me to understand, real love is more than what I see think or feel. Its beauty is unique and very real.

And at the same time having the courage of a lion and the heart of a lamb. And an attitude of forgiveness that says this is who I am.
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You are my furry hedgehog.
You are my wild bunny.
You are my hand lion.
you made me feel immortal
and in return
i broke your heart
perhaps it is not that simple
but isnt it?

the heart of a lion
resides in my chest.
the heart of a lamb,
within yours.
they are identical.
this was in my drafts from april, i really like it.
Heidi Franke Aug 18
Tiny lion laid so low
Who cut your mane
Your glow
The brain-land took, synapses struck
lost you
and it your-self and soul

The savanna called home
smacked of a foreign land
we found you hidden and weaving
your paw-full feet
your way through the
streets of castaways, vines, and fists
Catching you then in its
paltry honeycomb

What are those points of neurons
fabricating in your mind
feeding fears
with gesturing claws
devising and fantasizing
luring my felis Leo, oh sick cat
take our love
struggling to bridge the gaps

Companions you lost
drifting through the dust
of the city cement
and ****** watered drugs
in veins
used by demons
who take the souls of lions
are now in their own generation, generating
their continued demise
away from you in your living trust

Your crown of tresses matted in tassels,
we searched the grass and pavements
we feared you were lost.
missing and gone.
Years past,
treatments were tried
you emerged
the clearing did rise
you could now greet the day
to the love songs you hear
sing them for you,
you are the love
     whose worth is waiting
Lead on

Your Highness, watching upon your hill
breathe slow
linger a bit
recognize the worth of time
know there is a strength
in delay
anticipate dear one
the sun rises
Standy by,
for the afterglow

Master through life
do not succumb
your homeland,
as new companions take shape
As long as there are
plenty of tomorrows  
upon tomorrows
to a pick a friend,
a quarrel,
a dandelion.
accept hope,
A day for Lions will come.
A poem, revised today, which I wrote 5 years ago after my teenage son entered into a serious mental illness and use of drugs. He was homeless. He attempted suicide. He is now, at age 24, finding safe spaces in his life and mind, and no longer homeless. He is alive. He is happy, but as we all do, still struggles from time to time.
You've found me in my den,
Too bad I can't harm my guests,
Come meet me at the seashore,
I'll show you the lion you didn't see.
It's about a person who wants to show their badass self but can't because of the circumstances around them. Here you refers to another person who thinks less of you. It's about awakening a lion in ourselves
ALesiach Jul 27
All the animals have come to play,
before you gently rest your head.
They have been waiting all day,
to see you before you to go to bed.

The bunny excitedly jumps around,
wiggling his nose, not making a sound.
The teddy bear, a faithful friend,
hopes the friendship will never end.

The lion awakens from his slumber,
his growl as loud as thunder.
The panda eats his bamboo,
thinking he is lucky to have found you.

The frog with his body of green,
jumps on the bed with dangling feet.
Do not forget the elephant with floppy ears
for drying up your tiny tears.

ALesiach © 11/6/2014
dig at your heart i find a photo
it was like a ghost coming from absent
talking in whisper, saying one word
making your heart refluxing with red
and your face changing its white

i feared i said that is your love
that you can become a knight
and changing your kind into wild
you can carry the weapon to fight
you can not stop until you see your love
safe and live in happy and great fare

you said with low sound
,''stupid that man is you
and your love making me as lion
facing the dangerous with open chest
fighting the enemies and chasing them at fast

because i find a fresh air touching my heart
when i collected your photo to my chest"
the lover can be so strong and fights all the world
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