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Empire Mar 6
i can't possibly be
                               the only one out there        g             h     
             chasing a       h     i
or two
or four...
and i don't often care
what it does to me
so i drink strong coffee
until my hands qquuaakkee
and twitch
and that buzzzzzing starts
xo     a sweet     xo
to s    p       r          e                 a                         d
from my chest
a loud
of my pulse
i think
while i lay in bed
>>> WIDE AWAKE <<<
i dwell in all my pain
ripping my wounds
tearing them open
until they scar over
so i can try again
i.                   just.             love.         things.
that make me FEEL...
at all
no matter
Madison Feb 15
Every one has barbed wire.
It pulls away but you only grip it tighter.
It cuts into your hands.
But you refuse to let it go.
No matter the pain.
No matter the cost.
Comment your barbed wire. Mine is not being alone
How are you?
If anyone asks

For once
Looking at their eyes, reply
50% Off

They will be
Genre: Observational
Theme: Obsessed with shopping || Strategy
Steve Page Jan 24
Only 24 easy payments.
Well, actually
- 1 easy.
23 increasingly ****** difficult.
Memories of Kays Catalogue - always around when I was a kid.
Crystal Freda Jan 14
She has hope
even when seemed lost.
She wanted to be happy
no matter the cost.

Her thoughts were dark
even in the brightest of times.
She tried to look and feel okay,
but her heart just couldn't shine.

She still has hope
but she will find it in her own way.
She doesn't have to find just anything
to brighten up her day.
Poetress2 Dec 2018
He gives me comfort,
His love is unique;
And when I thirst,
He gives me Drink.
He holds my hand,
He gives me peace;
And from my storms,
He shelters me.
He helps me stand,
His arms outreached;
And when I cry,
He cradles me.
He helps me walk,
He lifts me up;
And for my Soul,
He drank His cup.
He died for me,
upon a Cross;
His death for me,
was worth the cost.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
There in 1932
A semi poor mountaineer
Charles Nigel
From Britain
Came to climb
The tallest.
But ended up falling in love with a beautiful local girl
A Sherpani
Who’s name meant Poppy
He callled her Poppy
Though Poppy was ment for another
For the first while
They had to keep love a secret
Until she told her parents
Who disowned her
He even though he was a drinking man
He always loved and loyal to
When he couldn’t find her
On night
He flew into a rage
When she came back
He slapped her
And they fought
He became more controlling
And abusive
Leaving the poor girl
As he went to drink.
One night he found his love
Poisoned her self
To death
While carrying their love child.
Only then that he felt remorse
And love again.
Justyn Huang Nov 2018
I poured some time
into a well. just to see
how much the water'd

Another day
Another down
Another pour

But never filled, never flowed.
Why then am I doing this for?
Micah Gerdes Nov 2018
A leaf in the wind
Free from the tree that bound it
But carried by hard winds
What is freedom to you? At what cost does it come?
Steve Page Nov 2018
Fa-la, la-la, *******-la!
Deck your halls, don't skimp on the holly.
It's the season to be jolly -
Shelve you woes, wrap up your ills,
use your credit, put off the bills.
Follow us for merry pleasure,
you know we're all in this together.
It's just started, it's one long trial,
but we'll get through it, just fix that smile.
Not an easy season for many, but still the expectation to be jolly.
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