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When will you realize that I am no longer who I used to be.

You rid me of the hope I had and the beauty I used to see in this cutthroat world.

Every word and hit you landed on me made sure of that.

You did not let me grow up and instead pushed me into the shallow looking waters thinking I would survive.

And you're right I did.

But at what cost?

Only my humanity of course.

How ironic it is that you wanted me to thrive and pour gold out of my waking life.

When I came out burning from sulfur and ashes.

No warning and no mercy, no.

You never taught me what that was.

All the expectations and dreams set into my very being with no thought of what it would take.

I am not your saving grace nor your chance for another life.

I am not made for your salvation, to make up for what you could not have.

I have always been so much more than that.

You birthed me from fuel and soot.

I was never meant to be what you predicted.

So do not come to me with your expectations of obedience I will never yield to your maltreatment.

I will never be molded into what you want of me.

thanks mom and dad :)))
Elon Musk
Musk dear
Congrats for
SpaceX feat
143 in orbits
Defeat India's
104 past record
You're a gem of a person
10 Starlink satellites
Rest Sun Synchronous
Polar Satellites
Future of space technology
Under your stewardship
Seems bright
With a few concerns
Thousands of dead satellites
Millions pieces of debris
Flying in space
Have you thought of removing
This space junk
Potential danger for space travel
52 millions $ for a space trip
Orbiting once or twice round the earth
Beyond the capacity of a poet
Who would write poems  on board an orbiter
Have you ever thought
Book a seat for free ride
For a poet of repute
Consider me the first candidate!
karly codr Dec 2020
what is the price
of true happiness?
because at this point
i'd give my life
to be truly happy
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2020
Target on my back
Wishing my pockets
Were happy pharmacies
And not sad reminders
Of long expenditures
And indiscretions
At night
Here now
In debt
I'm in your sights
Madam Cashier
Take the first shot
Bill me later
We'll call it even
Equal compensation
Or a semblance thereof
I spent freely
Allow me please
To die the same way
Anemone Nov 2020
Can I offer you a drink
What'll it cost me
How bout a thought to think
What if it's lost on me

What do you want to do tonight?
I see myself in a bathrobe
With a tall glass of wine
And whiskey til the daylight
Looking for you
What else can I do
My heart is still lost
But its paid the cost
Of trusting your cover
And until I discover
More pain to numb this
I'll hold on to fake bliss
Caitlin Faykus Oct 2020
"You can have
A wonderful night
For the right price"
I told him
I just didn't know
It would cost me too
Elena Mustafa Sep 2020
a nice muslim girl
Was the victim of her
Lovers ghost
The ghost of a Saudi
Whom loved her
And her the same
He committed suicide after
His beloved accused
Him of unspeakable acts
When ever
The girl slept
Her late lover
Would come from the
Darkest recesses of her mind
And appear in her nightmares
****** from the neck down
As he slit his own throat
Asking her why
She betrayed him
After the shared something special
He would haunt her in her nightmares as
****** Faisal
Or the arabian ghost
If you say ****** faisal
3 times
He will show up
In your nightmares
A tormented soul in the earth
And the hearafter
Isaac Spencer Aug 2020
How much does a life cost?
If you were kidnapped,
Sackcloth bag over your head,
Thrown in a cell-
Barely more than a pit in the ground,
How much should be charged?

How much does a life cost?
If you flip burgers,
No air conditioning,
Grease bubbling on a hot stovetop,
Rent from two months past a-haunting,
How much should they pay?

How much does a life cost?
The nurse advised a second opinion,
Dark circles under her eyes, under yours,
Anarchy inside and outside,
Is it just a bump?
How good is your insurance?

How much does a life cost?
A muzzle flash in an alley-
Yesterday it made your nose wrinkle,
Today you'll smell the alley one last time,
Oh god, oh god, you would miss it,
How much did they take?
Jewel Aug 2020
you are
capable of so much more
than just some being


you are deserving of so much more
than what you are receiving
to witness the worst
is the worst
but continuing to inhabit
is robbing the
of life.
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