Large cumulus clouds
How they shrink, sacrificed for
Favorable winds
I'd rather drown in the deep blue sea,
than let you shed a tear for me

I'd rather burn to ashes at the stake,
than be without you when I wake

Yet,like Tantalus I reach out for the sweet fruit of your affections
Only to realise it's beyond my grasp and above my apprehension
For my darling,your love is an elusive mystery,not an open book

I'd rather crumble into a heap of rubble,
than let you suffer alone when you're in trouble

I'd rather lose every once of my breath and suffocate,
than let my love for you dissipate

Yet,Like Sisyphus I'll bear this brunt on my own for all eternity
And tirelessly, continue the uphill battle of conquering your heart
From start to finish and finish to start
But I'll do it with a smile on my face
For my darling, your love is a slow passionate torture,not a race

I'd rather sip on some hemlockian potion,
than withhold my time and my devotion
But my sweet...would you do the same?
You emitt a sense of dignity
You display beauty and excitement
Your appearance is a sight that can heal any brokenness
Your spine holds together all the stories of your innermost being.

Your structure aids your courtesy
A flip-style lid that uncovers all your experiences
A passageway to your inner workings.

Your appearance is mostly a façade;
One that enlightens and softens the viewer
When the lid is flipped and your inner self uncovered, everything seems different.

Your inside displays short bursts of anger
Punctuation is used all over
Complexities in understanding display uncertainty
A sense of broken and relentless suffering;
One that is nothing less than negative.

The shell around this inside is solid, rigid and safe.
Without opening the lid up, the inside would not be exposed.

These two entities are completely different and independent from each other.

You are like a book:
The outside - the lie
The inside - the truth.
if I could                     forever                  be turned to
      art                              immortalize            ­                    me in
   ceramic.                                my story                                       have it
  submerged                      at the bottom                          of the sea.
    forever                       eroding                   ­         waiting
to be discovered and studied. Forever capturing the minds
of the historians the poets the dreamers and the ones
filled with curiosity. Have my painted life chipped
away shielded by salt and grime. Leave them
questioning and wondering filling in
the missing specks of my life.
Let them display me on
a pedestal left
to inspire.
Formatting on this one breaks on a small mobile screen
Simra Sadaf Jun 9
Embrace her the way
the sea embraces the shore,

Seek for her the way
Rumi sought for Shams,

Crave for her the way
night sky craves for the moon,

Be in want of her the way
the human body needs blood,

Sing for her the way
Orpheus sang in the
memory of Eurydice,

Yearn for her the way
darkness yearns for light,

Dream of her the way
she dreams of
diamonds and stars,

Love her the way
Augustus loved Hazel.
Lou May 28
I wake up in the East as the Morningstar
To freeze in Pluto's arms in my bed
To be Sisyphus's rock in the afternoon to dusk
I am a hell fire chariot in the coliseum of Mars.
Then I calm down in the evening with Jupiter;
On a nimbus cloud of lighting
Successfully revolving back to Venus.
Settling rains onto Gaia's green.
As I Dionysus, hold my wine glass out the window finally getting the rest I sought from the West's lunacy.
Lady Narnia May 24
Stranded for years upon this tormenting land
My heart yearns to leave the forsaken sand
With new wings spread, I will freely fly
And touch the sun, the beautiful sky

Determined to escape, I diligently build
Using every last brainpower I've willed
Day by day, feather by feather
This will be my greatest creation ever

Finally, after so many dreadful years
And all the painstaking tears
My wings are complete, I'm ready to soar
Standing before a cliff, I see the new door

Taking flight, I battle the wind
Reaching the sky, it's more than I imagined
Watching the world below me disappear
I'm suddenly embraced by immense fear

The distance increases ever so morosely
and danger lurking, more and more closely
Doubt enters my mind, I quiver and cower
Will I reach my goal or lose my power?

My wings are melting, the sun is near
Flashes of memories of all I hold dear
This must be the end, I'm holding my breath
But all is blurry, this must be my death

I find myself upon cool, green grass
The sun is gone, what was to pass?
Underneath the moonlight, upon new land
I notice something different about my hand

A black imprint on the tip of my finger
Inspired by the story of Daedalus and Icarus with a mixture of a overcoming my personal, overwhelming challenge.
Maja W J May 7
Icarus flew too close to the sun
not because he was
or reckless

it was because he had talked to the sun
and the sun to him
promises of joy, of light for forever
but the sun didn’t need to keep his promise
for the sun is a god
and gods are above the rules
and so Icarus
into the ocean
I was (obviously) inspired by the myth of Icarus and by all the beautiful ones on here :)
Ebony Apr 18
Erato, music woman, sings through me.
Before her viol vibrated,
A distant memory.

Yes, all my life, shown clearly in my palms,
Thoughts free of lust and ambition
Are long forgotten psalms.

Passion burns up, Erato laughs so free.
I'm given to pursuit of love;
As they say, Q.E.D.
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