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Pinal 2d
my dearest friend,
bravest man i knew
please, don't forgive me
for it is my fault your soul flew.
they won't allow me to bring you back,
they won't heal my broken heart
so i'll paint your portrait in my home,
your body a work of art
for every mortal to see
they will gaze upon you in wonder
"who was that man, how strong was he?"
i will tell them, orion
i will tell them you were an old friend
how you never backed from a fight
i'll narrate the story of your tragic end.
don't forgive me,
i know i am not worthy
but may you rest peacefully in the skies
and continue your incomplete journey.
a wise
of glaze
made the
haze these
reels the
weather that
douse the
sphere still
reek the
notion of
lemonade with
the whir
of midnight
which a
breath was
here about
their demise
misha 3d
"what power would
you want to have?
it's pretty easy
as most people
would choose,
strength, knowledge or
even invisibility

but if i got
to choose
i'd choose to be
noticed by you,
i'd want to reverse
this spell
of a curtain that's
on me,
stopping you from
looking at me or
talking to me

i'd choose courage to
walk up to you
and actually get
past two words
a sentence

i'd look at you in
the eye but
hopefully not
with red laser eyes
because i wan't to
make you see
how much
you mean to me
to me

i'd want flight
to show you
a world
with me."

and when
i finished my poem
to the class
you laughed
whole hardheartedly
like i told a joke
but in reality i told
how i felt,
what i wanted to do
what i wanted to say
to you

your menacing,
heart stopping
laugh used to be
something that made me
all soft and giddy
but now it disgusts me
more than it scares me

if only one
day i'll be struck
with power so strong
and then even you're
not worthy of me

the heaven will
fill my blood with
ichor so thick and
so pure,
golden like your hair
but priceless
like your smile
but endless
deadly like your laugh
but a blessing
is to be alive like
your soul

i don't need a
mortal to be with me,
when instead
i have my
whole life
with myself
Kemy Sep 6
In Greek Mythology, Terpsichore “delight in dancing” was one of the nine Muses and goddess of dance and chorus. She is usually shown dancing and sometimes holding a lyre, accompanying the ballerinas’ choirs with her music

Close your eyes, relax the spaces of your mind
Delight in Dancing I give to you, practiced from the beginning of time
Terpsichore, the Greek Mythology Muse of dance and chores as I hold my lyre
Passion, lust, desire, graceful movements for the mind to inspire
Enticing the man’s loin flames of fire
No rhythm to engage, only your body, the essence of this muse, no cloth or Greek attire
The body enticement found in a wanton dance
The sum of ninety-three, the Thelema spiritual philosophy for a man to understand
Ancient dances to make the skies shed rain
Dancing in glee to escape life’s stinging pain
The muse within me guides your mind to move like the smooth flow of sand
A beautiful crusade to be shared between woman and man
Lucid, rumbustious, daring, as feet moves to the beat
As you hark unto the dance, as my lyre sets the energy of your soul free
Medicine, ceremonial, rituals, and entertainment dances to amuse
Terpsichore, the Greek Mythology Muse of sensual dances, no man could refuse
Under the silken covers time we reclaim
Two bodies seeking the carnal feast of its weakening fame
A private dance made for two lovers, my lyre discreet to be
Instilled passion under the moonlit, giving and receiving, the commencement of you and me
From the taste of my honey dripped lips
The dance of grace, elegance, seduction, the heart it eclipses
Clench me tighter and feel the alluring sway of my hips
The balance of my soft hands roaming over you, your body basking in the abyss of a wet slip
Linking my arms around your neck as we attune to this emotional dance
The lyre, my chorus backdrop, as the enticing moves heightens of this sultry romance
Allow the rhythm once inside as the elixir of love floats from you
Dip me slowly, worshipping my soul, losing your mind in the addictive moves
Body to body, feast of love found in the magnetic inviting grooves
Spinning me around, taking my mind pass the stars
Come into me as you taste Venus, dancing found under the planet Mars
I’m dizzy from the twirling thrill
Pull me closer, sinking deeper and deeper of your own free will
The rapture with the chorus of my tuneful lyre surrounding us, as time stands still
Feel the essence of my erratic heartbeat as it’s matching yours
Blissful finale of dancing bodies, sedated, perspiration seeps from pores
Breathless and content, as allowed me to take your mind for a sequestered tour  
Heart to heart
My lyre, when dancing with a love one, is a masterpiece work of art
I’ve danced in times of old with my lyre, the chorus played in sync on Mt. Olympics, to the Roman towers  
A woman’s greatest asset as she cajoles in a passionate dance, entrenched by the slow dancing power
Love comes in droves while whirling in the soft mist of a rain shower
Bedazzled under the once seductive poetic words of Horace
Terpsichore, the Greek Mythology Muse of dance heard with my lyre, and chorus
This poem is dedicated to anyone who has a love for Greek Mythology Muses, Gods or, Goddesses such as myself. I will post every now and then a Greek Mythology Muse, God, or Goddess.
pluviophile Sep 4
you are like the sun
i might be flying too high
wanting you
you are further than i can reach
but close enough to hurt me
i can feel you melting my wax as
i come closer longingly
ignorant of my own doom
because i only realized
how little i knew you
so as i make a last attempt
my own wings tear apart
and i'm left
falling alone
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2
A lily given and adorns my hair;
my lucky charm.
Short and sweet! ^-^
Lyn xxx
Lyn-Purcell Aug 30
Forgiveness does not mean stupidity.
I forgive people for me ONLY because I won't let people
have that power over me.
Trust me, I know it's HARD to forgive, but it's worth it
because you will have a sense of peace.
Lyn xxx
Lyn-Purcell Aug 24
The tools that created you
are capable of destroying you.
Working on the Gala free-verse! ^-^
Lyn xxx
i have been burning my whole life.
encased in immaculate flames,
flying too close to the sun
on these fragile wax wings.

— an image of icarus
Lyn-Purcell Aug 22
Sugar, butter, eggs cream smooth
Wisp of vanilla
Grated orange zest, kneaded
swirls, braids, round twist, "S"
Gloss with beat-egg wash
Bake gold brown
Twenty-third Epulaeryu! ^-^
These cookies are THE BOMB! Firm, fluffy, soft, sweet with
vanilla and orange perfectly blended!
They say these are usually for Easter, but the Greek lady
said that she makes them for any and all  occasions!
I was led by my nose, and saw them with sesame seeds on them.
They were all in pretty shapes, too! So I had to get a few.
What fascinates me more is that apparently, these can be dated back to the Minoan civilisation of the Bronze Age - another thing the lady told me.
A society that has had my interest for a while now.
Learn something new everyday!
Lyn xxx
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